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Second Epilogue


Some people say that the world was once a garden, a paradise in which man lived peacefully before he was destroyed through the mechanisms of a serpent. Some say that tale is just that - a story; a meaningless yarn spun for security in lieu of scientific discovery. Others say that there is a seed of truth in every myth.

All are correct.

The Gardener smiles down at his creation, pleased with his work. Almost everything has gone exactly the way he so carefully planned. He could not have asked for a better result.

Beneath him is stretched a holographic projection of the world, spherical and perfect in every detail. Currently it is focussed in on one tiny area - a beautiful patch of lush green in a desolate wasteland.

The land of the fallen Goddess.

The Gardener fingers something in his hand, and then brings it up to his face. He studies it, observing it's every detail. There is a thoughtful expression in his cold, black eyes.

It is a figurine, every feature and every facet made perfect by diligent attention to detail. Intricately carved from blue Lapis Lazuli, its tiny eyes are specks of gold leaf. The misshaped hands and digigrade legs making it look almost demonic in appearance.

"How far you have come, Kurt Wagner," the Gardener murmurs, turning the figurine over with bloodless fingers. "From the electro-magnetic pulse I used to break your holowatch, to the virus I helped create, to the cure I dispersed in the atmosphere; how very, very far you have come."

He carefully places the figurine down besides its companions, a large group of delicate statuettes, all carved out of different materials, all perfect to the tiniest detail. Laid out so, they almost resemble a chess set.

"How far you have all come," the Gardener says again. "But now... you are weary. You are tired of the long journey, of the endless tests. Do not worry, my children. This time of hardship is over. I have tilled the soil, rooted out the weeds, sown the seeds and watered them well. Now there is little more for me to do but wait. Wait and watch you grow. So grow, my children."

He reaches into the drawer of a table beside him and brings out five more figurines. Pressing a button on a nearby computer console, he adjusts the holographic image until it shows a space station carved into a gigantic asteroid. With the touch of another button he looks within it, into the many corridors of iron and steel, the many rooms and echoing chambers.

He places the five new figurines in front of those already standing. They are equally beautiful, equally faultless.

A girl with hair sculpted from ruby.

A boy with no hair.

A child with chips of ruby quartz for eyes.

A girl with hair carved of onyx.

A boy fashioned from jade, long limbs almost frog-like in appearance.

"Grow," he repeats. "Grow strong by the light of the sun and the moon. Grow tall and well. Grow for me, so that my work and toil might come to fruition. Grow, so that when you finally bloom..." his black lips twist into a dark grin, "I may reap the fruits of my long labours."

The road has been hard, but for now he is content to watch his garden grow. He knows full well that it will be many years before he can revisit this part of his garden, but this does not worry him. Mr. Sinister is nothing if not a patient man.

And so he sits back, waiting for the inevitable harvest.

Waiting for Judgment Day.