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Slumber Party

1.The Plan


Mokuba Kaiba, the brother of the multi-millinaire Seto Kaiba, was sitting on his bed doing

his homework. It was saturday night and he was bored and didn't want to do homework

anymore. (a/n: don't ask why mokuba is doing homework on a saturday! I know I wouldn't

be!) He got up placing his homework on his desk.

"I wonder what Yugi and the others are doing? I know! I'll call them!" He picked up the

phone and dialed Yugi's number.


"Hey Yugi! What are you and your friends doing tonight?" he asked happily.

"Oh...I don't know what the others are doing but I'm not doing anything. Why?"

"I wanted to know if you wanted to spend the night tonight! It's soooooooo boring over here

and it would be nice to have some company, and some fun!!!"

"Ok! I'll come over with Yami. And I'll call the others and ask them if they wanna go too.


"You're the best Yugi!" He hung up the phone and went to get things ready. 'Seto is

probably going to be mad that I invited people to sleep over without asking.' He gathered

up blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. 'Ohe well, he'll just have to get used to it.'


Yugi picked up the phone for the fifth time. The only person left to call was Joey. He saved

him for last considering it was Joey's rival's house they were spending the night at.


"Hey Joey!"

"Oh, hey yug'! What's up?"

"Nothing, hey do you wanna come spend the night with me, Yami, Malik, Marik, Ryou,

Bakura, Otogi, and Tristen at Kaiba's?(A/N: God that must be a mouthfull to say...and

NOOO, Tea is not in this....I can't stand her and her friendship speaches.*cringe*)

Mokuba invited us all over for a slumber party!"

Joey was silent on the other end for a while. "Um...Joey? Are you still there?"

"Heh....yeah Yug', I'm still here. Um....I guess I'll come if you really want me to." He was

hoping he didn't want him to, but we all know how Yugi is. A friend to the end.

"Of coarse I do! You're my friend! I wouldn't want to leave you alone at you house on a

saturday night with nothing to do!"

Joey sighed. "Ok Yugi. I'll go. But don't expect me 'ta get allong with Kaiba if he's there."

"Yay! Thanks Joey!" He hung up the phone. "So that's everybody! Let's go to Kaiba's

now Yami!"

"Yugi....do you always have to be so cheerful? It's just a slumber party."

"But I like slumber parties.." Yugi gave Yami the cutest puppy dog eyes and Yami just had

to melt. (A/N: Kawaii!!! Cuteness!!!)

Yami sighed. "OK. I'm sorry abiou, let's just go."

"Yay!! I love you Yami!" He glomped Yami.

"I love you too abiou..." Yami said sighing.

"Let's go!!" They walked out to the car, got in and headed for the Kaiba mansion. At the

same time, the rest of the group left for Kaiba's.