Hello guys, this is my first fic writing it so I am not experience, my way of writing may not be good but please try to have some patients with me since english is my third language. Not first, not second but third. So my writing may not be good.

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There's blood everywhere

On the furniture, floor, wall.

The eight years old boy couldn't understand what happen.

One moment he and his family were together, his mother cooking dinner and his father watching TV with him.

Then there was a noise of something collapsing and then he lost his consciousness.

When he woke up he felt pain all over his body and saw that he was covered in blood. He tried to look around for his family, but he was scared and was in a panic.

He saw that the roof of his house was missing, thus letting the moonlight enter the house.

He saw his father cover in blood and laying on his own pool of blood next to him. The boy tried to wake him up, but his father wouldn't wake up, he was tired he just wanted to sleep and think of all this as a dream.

And that was when he saw him, in the moonlight. The man came, shrouded in darkness, his whole body covered in black from toe to head, literally. The man wore black hood that covers his hair and eyes. The man came to him and nelt down.

"He is not going to wake up, I'm sorry but he is dead."The man said to the boy. It was when the boy look closely did he saw the brown eyes of the man. His eyes filled with sadness towards him.

" ". The boy tried to speak but no voice came from his mouth he could barely move his fingers.

"Dont worry everything will be fine, from now on I will take care of you, so for now sleep and forget this as a nightmare". The man said as he layed his hand on the boy's head and whispered a single word. The boy suddenly felt tired and slowly closed his eyes but not before seeing a strange glow, feeling a strange warm rushing through his body, a warmness that promises that everything would be alright, his world blacked out.

The man saw that the boy has fallen asleep. Seeing that the work is done the strange glow radiating from his hand disappeared. He pick him up and carried him in a bridal style, as the man started to walk away from the house he pulled his hood down showing his Orange hair shining in the light of the full moon.

He look at the boy sleeping in his arms and said."Sleep and dream forget your pain, I will take your pain, I will take your fear away and I shall take care of you and protect you as your guardian because that's what my name means 'he who Protect's".

And as the man said his words he looked one last time towards the house and disappeared in the wind.

welp, there u go the prologue chapter. I hope you guys like it. Do tell me how my writing is and how I can improve it more.