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5:30 a.m. in the morning.

One teenage boy can be seen asleep in a deep slumber, dreaming peacefully. But the quiet and stillness of the room is broken by the sound of footsteps coming closer to the boy's room. With a shout an orange hair man entered the room.

"Gooood moooorniiing issei" Ichigo enters the room with a shout and proceeds to attact the unsuspecting teen with a drop kick aim right at his head. But just at the nick of time the boy wakes up and moved towards the other side of bed, saving himself by an inch from the kick. " aha, I see you manage to dodge my ultimate drop kick" Ichigo declares a loud.

Getting up from the bed, issei finally came to the full sense of the situation. "niisan, ugh, do you have to do this every weekend. This is so childish now, stop it and let me sleep". Issei said in annoyance, slowly moving away from the bed. Honestly, the only reason he manage to dodge that kick was due to instinct alone. This has been going on for a few years now, ever since he turn 13, his brother would ambush him sometimes, but it was mostly in the weekends morning. And today just happens to be that day.

"Don't be glad just because you dodge my ultimate drop kick, kid (imagine it said as 'kozo' which sound more cooler). There's more to where it came from".Ichigo said aloud and with a cry he attacks again, this time jumping from the bed with a flying side kick, but unfortunately the teen manages to dodge the kick in frantic, again. Sending Ichigo straight into the wall behind the teenager.

Issei couldn't help but sigh at seeing his older brother flying straight into the wall. According to his brother, these morning attacks and the sneak attacks is supposs to hone his instinct, so that some thugs wouldn't be able to sneak up to him. At first it he thought his older brother might have gone crazy, then he kept doing it and now it was downright annoying, coming close to almost being silly. Especially since this is happening 5:30 o'clock in the morning. He groans looking at the clock.

"Ichi nii, are you okay". Issei ask, a little worried since he was not moving. Going closer to the older man he calls out again."oi, nii san".

He should have seen it coming. In a burst of quick move the older man had the teen in his mercy. Using a special technique Ichigo had the teen in a vice grip, locking his arm and neck so he couldn't move."haha, got you. Now say uncle"

"uncle uncle". having his neck in a Chockhold issei could only groan out.

Releasing the teen Ichigo got up "how many times do i have to tell you, never let your guard down in front of your enemy".

" what enemy, have you gone senile old man. you almost kill me now. " issei shout out in annoyance."you have been doing this for almost three years now, stop it already".

"Stop it.., ha, listen to me undeflowered brother of mine, these days, knowing how to fight is what girls look up to. Being smart or popular in class is for middle school kids now. You are in high school now, don't you want a girlfriend, don't you want to get laid, huh? ". Explained and interrogated ichigo, in a tone as if sharing some kind of great wisdom.

" No, I don't, and I don't want this kind of advice, least of all from you". Retorted issei, a bit embarrassed at the getting laid part. It's not like he doesn't want to but he surely doesn't want to learn tips from his brother, who is kind of a fatherly figure in his life.'and was that comment about his virginity really necessary'.

"haa, what does that mean, is this about me, are you looking down on me or something". Exclaimed ichigo, pretending as if he was insulted.

" What, no. I just don't need any kind of advice about 'that'. "

"hm, fine, anyway get yourself ready, we are going for a run." said ichigo and proceeded to leave the room.

'seriously is this why he came here' thought issei with a sweatdrop.

If one who is not familiar with his brother, they would just assume he is a strict and a no-nonsence guy, from his usual outer behavior but for someone like him who has been living together for so long now, eventually comes to see his other behaviours as well. Like the one just a few minutes ago, he becomes so free and crack jokes or insult or is scary in a funny way. Considering his more strict and scary behavior most of the time. With that final thought he started to get ready for the run.

Later that afternoon

With issei. Now that he finally was free he decided to see around kuoh town. Ever since he came to this town he was busy with school or settling in their new home. And now that he finally got the time, he's gonna use it properly. Also with some few extra cash, courtesy of hinoe nee San, he could check out some restaurants as well. Who knows when you might need a good one, right.

Same time with ichigo and hinoe.

"oi, hinoe where did that little brat go". Asked ichigo seeing hinoe reading a book in the living room.

"he went out, said he wanted to see around". replied hinoe, looking up from the book she was reading.

" is that so".

"I think it's good for him since we moved here he haven't got time for himself. From school life to helping us settle the house, it's just been too hectic. I just think it would be good for him to spend his own time". said hinoe back, looking towards Ichigo hoping that issei might really enjoy from the school break.

"hmm". It was the only reply she got.

Seeing Ichigo looking towards a certain direction with a focus caused her to worry a bit. So she ask. "what is it, is it issei? ".

" Yes". He replied. "it seems the kid have manage

to attract certain people who seems to have their own hidden agenda".

" People, like the devils living here or the fallen angels hiding in the shadows". She ask with a bit of worry. Well, whichever group issei might have attract, whether good one or the bad one, she still didn't like anything about this. For her both of them were bad in her eyes. Since it will the turning point in issei normal and peaceful life.

"Well, in this case, both it seems". replied back Ichigo.

" So they felt it" said hinoe in almost a whisper.

"The bat people most likely felt something in him already when he was in school but this, the other annoying group of people seems to have notice him just a few minutes ago. What are the chances that the kid crossed their path on the one day he is suppose to be free from any worry, not that he knows anything about it". remarks Ichigo looking at the situation.

"is he gonna be okay. They won't attack him right? ". She Inquired. 'I might sound like a mother hen but I have every right for it'.

" No they won't, they are just keeping an eye on him, it's too soon to make a move. They are mostly likely trying to assess the source of his power or if he might become a potential threat to them". Ichigo explained the situation.

"I don't like this, sitting here when we know there are people looking to harm him". Said hinoe.

" Me too, but there is nothing we can do but wait and watch from the shadows. This way we can know all the parties and their hidden agenda involved for our little brat of a boy and be able to protect him better by not alerting our presence to any of them". Said Ichigo.

"But it doesn't mean I have to like any of these". Hinoe voiced out softly.

" Trust me when I say this, there is no one other than me who hates the idea of putting the kid in the harms way". said Ichigo with a bit of a darkness in his voice. 'i'd more to gut them all alive for even thinking of harming my brother but this is his journey to walk and trust me hinoe, there is nothing I will do in the future to keep him safe'. thought Ichigo inside.

Knowing no harm will come to his brother today he decided to change the topic. "so, what book are you reading about? ". To which hinoe reaction was, first to look up startled and second to hide her book behind her in a frantic way.

Her answer, almost rambling, being. " Nothing interesting, just about how to decorate a house". To which Ichigo only reaction was to smile and say only one word.


And in another side of town we see (well you don't but I do, sort of, in my mind, just go with the flow okay) a mysterious female from the annoying group, is looking over an area full of people but her sole focus being on just one teenage boy. With a smile on her face she flap open her dark wings (nothing weird about that) and took to flight. with uttering just a word.


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