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The Last Man Standing.

As he stood outside the office, smoking a fag, Gerry was just thankful the police station was something that wouldn't hightail it to bleeding Europe. No. He was being unfair; Sandra deserved that job, and she had spent 10 years at the forefront of UCOS. He just wished…. He just wished it wasn't so bloody sudden, especially since her departure came so soon after Brian had left, and a year before Jack had left so suddenly. When Brian had come clean, shortly after Jacks' death…. Gerry had thought a large part of him had died. He had worked with Jack a long time before UCOS was even founded by that useless tosser Bevan, and Jack was vastly different from the majority of bosses he'd had in the past.

He was certainly nothing like Ackroyd.

Gerry instantly stamped those memories down, those unpleasant, hellish memories where he had witnessed his entire squad openly taking cash from the Chapmans, and how he had felt so helpless and threatened, especially since Caitlin had been a little baby, and as Tommy Nailer had stated correctly, the bastard family didn't observe the boundaries, and he had no allies except for Tommy.

Gerry exhaled slowly as he tried, really hard, to exorcise the memories of that mess so he could focus on the present. A part of him had thought UCOS with the original team would last forever, but he knew that would never have worked out; as Brian and Jack had pointed out, they couldn't have remained in UCOS forever. Jack's death had made it clear; while Gerry hated the fact his old friend had just kept his liver cancer a secret, he could understand it, and he could understand why Jack had sworn Brian to secrecy until the end, and he could even appreciate Jack's desire to go without a fuss, and to spend his last remaining days reliving the memories he'd shared with his beloved wife Mary.

The thing was, ever since Jack had left, UCOS had been changing. Brian hadn't liked it, not one little bit when Steve had turned up, and it had taken his brainy friend a while to get used to the new dynamic.

But now, with Brian gone although he had finally proven his long-held belief in a conspiracy which had been concocted to make him leave the Force, although it had created a major mess for UCOS, the police, and for Witness Protection, replacing him with Danny and now Gerry could see where Brian was coming from when it had come to Steve; the idea of interlopers showing up was appalling, but this time it was different since Brian had been the one who recommended him.

That made sense; only Brian could ever recommend someone like himself. Except for Danny… who was cooler in his manner than Brian. It was like having a Cyberman in Brian's old chair.

But now, with Sandra gone, Gerry felt more alone than ever although he was friendly with Steve. It was weird, Gerry had been used to moving around. He had three ex-wives, daughters, he had moved from one nick and department after another, and now he felt alone now Jack, Brian and Sandra had left UCOS.

I guess that makes sense, I've gotten so used to the old team dynamic over ten years, Gerry thought to himself as he drew on the fag.

There was little doubt in his mind that Strickland (God, he hoped the man didn't leave now; while Strickland may have been a politician, Gerry deep down liked the bloke) would find somebody else to replace Sandra, but in his mind that was impossible. Sandra Pullman had been one of the best bosses he'd ever had, and it wasn't just 'cause she was hot. It was 'cause she had given him a chance.

Now he would miss her now she was gone.

He truly was the last member of the original UCOS team still around, the true last man Standing.