You should have killed me

Disclaimer: The movie, its characters and the inspiring song don't belong to me. They belong to their rightful owners and I'm just borrowing them for this story.

A/N: Okay... So this is a songfiction inspired by the song "You should've killed me when you had the chance" by A Day to Remember. The whole idea came to me when Solomon Lane said this phrase (You should have killed me) in "Mission Impossible Fallout".

SPOILERS für "Rogue Nation" und "Fallout" included.

{You should have killed me}

~ I walked into your house this morning. I brought the gun from our end table. Your blood was strewn across the walls, they'll find you on your bathroom floor when I'm done. [...] You should have killed me, when you had the chance.~ (You should've killed me; A Day to Remember)

He stared at the huge mansion in front of him. It seemed like the government had started to respect the IMF's work after they had saved the world - at least that's what they called it - once again. They would never understand. They would never understand that their egocentricity and moral would ruin this world. If the Syndicate's or the Apostle's plan had worked the world would have been a better place. But people like Ethan Hunt or his ridiculous team would never understand that.

Just a few steps more and he would finally get his long awaited revenge.

He had waited for Hunt to leave on purpose. The agent had left the building early in the morning to take Ilsa and Stickell home from their night watch in the city. Just one person stayed at the residence.

Benjamin Dunn.

How often had Hunt's team mate and friend escaped death? This time he would ensure that the man would not leave the house alive.

He took his gun which he had placed in the holster carried at his belt and carefully walked around the house, finally standing in front of the back door. No guards, no cameras in sight. It seemed like the team should stay undercover in that building out of town.

'A smaller building would have been a better choice if you try to hide.'

Even though it didn't make a difference to him. He had easily found the team. Just in case he activated the little gadget, which was able to deactivate any camera or security system via microwave signal. Then he slowly started to work a the door's keyhole. A silent sound told him that the lock was broken.

Solomon Lane entered the floor which was lying behind the door and took a look around. Soon he would reach his goal.

Benji Dunn sighed. Actually he had wanted to go with Ethan but this one had wanted him to stay so he could secure the house. They couldn't leave their base out of sight. Normally Benji would agree to that but the agent just felt uncomfortable being alone in this huge mansion. He just had a bad feeling about it.

The hope that a hot shower would wash this feeling away had actually worked a bit. He had decided that his worry was probably caused by the fact that he hadn't been alone fod quite a while. There had always been a team mate with him, most of the time they were even together as whole team working on their newest mission.

Find the rest of the Apostles.

It was a time robbing and exhausting job but the price was worth it. Especially since they had captured Solomon Lane once again it was more important than ever before to find the rest of his crazy followers to prevent more catastrophes from happening. And they would do that... as a team. Even if Benjis task was simply to watch their base.

He had just buttoned up his shirt when he heard a silent sound echoing in the hallway. Were these steps? Benji wasn't sure but he hurried to the little cabinet standing in the corner of the bathroom where his gun was lying. He grabbed it... and froze when he heard a voice from behind him.

"Hello, Mr. Dunn."

This voice. It made Benji's blood run cold. Immediately the rope seemed to sling around his neck again and he felt pressure on his chest. He relived the same fear of dying that he had experienced twice before because of that man. How was it possible? How could he be here?

Slowly, Benji turned around... to face his worst nightmare once again.


It should have sounded like a tough comment, but it was not more than a whisper. Confusion was written all over Benji's face. His opponent just smiled in a superior way, aiming a gun at Benji's chest. Slowly the man came closer and the agent instinctively took a step backwards, lifting his gun too.

'Stop shaking', he tried to control his hands but they weren't listening. No matter how hard he tried to be courageous, the fear seemed to control his muscles.

"I told you that you should consider it unfinished business, my friend-", Lane started but Benji interrupted him: "One more step and I'll shoot."

And for one second the man actually stopped, but he just laughed out and started to move closer again.

"We both know that's not gonna happen. The IMF has no clearance to kill me."

Lane was right. Benji couldn't just shoot him. The information this guy had were way to important for the world. Which meant he had to beat him without taking his life.


"It was easy to break out. My people are everywhere. Even in the highly appreciated rows of the British", Lane explained as though he had read Benji's thoughts.

"But... we should have been informed about an outbreak."

Lane just grinned.

"Indeed... If someone knew about it."

When he saw the confusion in Benji's face he continued his explanation.

"This technique with the face masks... it's really efficient. Nobody will ever know that an Apostle is sitting in my cell, being interrogated day by day."

Benji opened his mouth to reply something but he didn't know what. This plan... it was, even if he didn't like to admit it, so clever. Why the heck had they fallen for it? Why hadn't they checked the secret services' workers enough?

"Of course they will know. I will inform them about it."

Another pathetic try to sound tough. The trembling of his hands had already reached his voice.

"Nobody will know it because their won't be any witnesses."

Lane was standing right in front of Benji, gun against his chest. He looked into the fearful eyes and couldn't help but release the safety catch of the gun. Immediately the eyes widened even more.

"Tell me, Mr. Dunn... How would you've preferred to die in the end? That nice jacket in that restaurant... or the rope in that cabin?"

Benji gulped, obviously in panic. His chest was moving way too fast and he could feel drops of sweat running down his forehead. And still... As if adrenaline rushed into his veins he suddenly hit Lane's arm and attacked the man.

He wouldn't die here. He would fight. Lane would see that Benji was a field agent for a reason. And not just him. Luther, Ilsa... and Ethan. He would show them that he was able to fight! Because that was what he had been trained for.

A fight over the gun started and both men pushed and hit each other.

This time Benji wouldn't lose. He would beat this guy up. Not just for himself. For his team... and for the whole world. Solomon Lane was not allowed to be a free man in this world. Because he would destroy it. And Benji had to stop him at all costs.

He silently cursed himself because he had dropped his own gun because of his trembling hands. Now it was all about Lane's gun. And Benji would do anything to get it.

A shot echoed through the air, louder than Benji's angry yells which suddenly stopped. Pain shot through his whole body but it hurt worst in his stomach. Benji stumbled backwards and put one hand at the aching part of his body. When he looked at it he saw that it was covered in blood. He fell to his knees as he felt his legs no longer holding him, nausea and a blurred vision taking over him.

So much blood. Where did all this blood come from? It gathered on the floor, build a puddle as big as water did after a great thunderstorm during autumn.

Benji looked from his hands up to the blood sprinkled shirt of his opponent and into the man's face.

Lane smiled silently while he aimed the gun at Benji once again. This time it was pointed at his head which the agent just shook slowly.

No... this couldn't be happening. He had failed. Yet again. He had disappointed everyone. The government, the team... Ethan. The man's image appeared in front of his inner eye.

'I'm so sorry, Ethan. Forgive me, I didn't make it.'

Just like a movie all the memories of him and his friend passed him. Every dangerous mission, every laugh, every tear... They had gone through so much together. Would... Ethan miss him, even after he hadn't been able to beat Lane once again? Well... at least he could hope.

"You should have killed me when you had the chance."

Lane's words echoed through his head while Benji closed his eyes. It was too late now. Tears filled his eyes and he waited for the final sound.

A shot echoed through the air.

A/N: I'll leave an open end. Did Lane really shoot? Or did Ethan or another member of the team got there in time? It's your decision. Thanks for reading!