AN: It has been nicely pointed out to me that my original ending was a cop out.'re not wrong. So here is take 2. I'm getting rid of the first epilogue entirely for something frivolous that better fits the tone of the rest of the story, I hope. Still short, but hopefully better. LMK what y'all think!

Two weeks later

Dean rounded the corner so fast that his feet slid in the gravel and he had to grab the edge of the building to redirect his momentum. But he couldn't afford to lose any speed, because his pursuer was both far faster than he looked and wily.

However, Dean had already nailed him once, which should slow him down a little. Hopefully, it would also enrage him enough to make him sloppy, but Dean wasn't going to count on it.

But it was Dean who was distracted. He'd been working so hard to maintain his footing and watch his pursuer that he didn't notice a second enemy in front of him.

"Rosebud! Rosebud!" he yelled, giving the signal to Sam.Only then did he see his own peril. It was a combination of natural agility and sheer luck that allowed him to avoid a collision with an even larger creature than the one that already chasing him. The newest threat simply watched, bemused, as Dean ran by.

And that is how the giant homemade water balloon (garbage bag, waterproof tape and a whole lot of water dyed blue with knock off Kool aid mix) rolled off the roof and landed on both Bobby Singer and a newly returned John Winchester.

Bobby had already been nailed by the first missile, the water in that one a lovely forest green. So he was dripping wet and his cap, clothes, and beard were faintly green.

Dean burst into hysterical laughter even as he grabbed and turned his gaping brother. He supposed neither of the older men would appreciate the amount of work and ingenuity that had gone into the traps. No, now was time to save his brother's life.

Sam and Dean Winchester had faced harpies, poltergeists, vengeful spirits, chupacabra, death omens, and banshees without flinching. But nothing was scarier than the wet, bluish men after them now.

Bobby's beard took a month to return to its normal color. Even John had a hard time looking at him without laughing when it was teal.

Dean hand washed every running vehicle at Singer Salvage and painted the porch. Sam, still not allowed to do too much physical work, painstakingly translated four entire books into English and did the dishes after every meal. Dean wasn't allowed to drive the Impala and neither boy was allowed to go into town for the entire month.

But if pressed, Sam and Dean would both admit it was completely worth it!