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Chapter Eight: The Approaching Storm

Toshinori Yagi would never admit it, but the support course wing of the school was impossible for him to navigate. He would forever swear Power-Loader to secrecy for the number of times he'd had to call him to get out. But it's not like one could blame him! The ridiculously shaped work rooms and random turns made it hard to remember when he needed to go left, turn right, keep walking straight, or even go back since he'd already missed where he needed to go. So one could forgive him for feeling so accomplished in finally memorizing how to get to his favorite Niece's station after so long and throwing the door open without knocking and shouting "I AM HERE!"

What was arguably less forgivable was his reaction to seeing a very surprised Melissa and his Successor hugging each other like their lives depended on it, and from their kneeling positions on the floor, it was pretty obvious they'd been hugging for a while. To put it simply, he reacted like any good godfather/uncle would… he attempted to punch Young Midoriya to the moon. Thankfully, Midoriya dodged the initial hit and Melissa grabbed onto him before it could go further.

"Uncle Might, calm down. Don't punch Izuku, please."
"IZUKU?!" First name basis already? If this weren't his niece, All Might would be impressed. Young Midoriya moved fast! Wait, no, that is a bad thing in this case.

"All Might, hold on, there is more than what you are seeing, I promise." Midoriya held his hands up wide, trying to display himself as non-threatening. The reminder that this was his successor reminded Yagi that this was in fact the future symbol of peace he was trying to put into orbit and could quite honestly probably put up a pretty good fight if he so chose to. Closing the door he shrunk down from his large form and took in a deep breath.

"I apologize for the reaction. That was a bit much, even for me. Now, I would greatly appreciate it if I could get an explanation as to what is going on here." Slowly, the two teens nodded and the three sat down on the chairs around the central workbench. Rather than start speaking immediately, Izuku and Melissa seemed to have a silent conversation with each other before, after a raised eyebrow from Midoriya, Melissa appeared to relent and nod in agreement to… something.

"So, to avoid beating around the proverbial bush," Midoriya said, taking a moment to suck in a deep breath, "Melissa was in hell with me."

It took longer than it should have for those words to process. But when they did, it felt like a train was laying on his chest in his less muscular form.


"Melissa was another red soul with me in Hell. She was my eyes and ears navigating the demon-infested world. Think Oracle for the Bat-fam."

Toshinori found himself nodding to what was being told to him, despite his mind not wanting to grasp the concept. His niece, this beautiful little girl that he'd seen grow up and treasured so much, had gone to hell? The oppressing weight of emotions that settled in the pit of his stomach was painful. Is this what Izuku's mother felt after she'd learned about Izuku's past? It was hard to process. He leaned back further into his chair and stiffly motioned for Izuku to continue.

"A year after I had really come out of my mindless rage, I ended up cleaning up an old space base for a base of operations. While scrounging up materials needed to fix it, I stumbled across Melissa doing her best to keep the Demons from eating her. After clearing them out, she offered to help me with the base and to help me out in my ventures into hell or onto the ruined pieces of Earth. I accepted and for maybe five or six years we worked together to defeat hell. Until one day, we did."

Melissa seemed to take over from there. "After defeating many of the larger powers of Hell, including the God of Hell himself, Davoth, I located an odd source of Argent energy in an unexplored section of the region that seemed to be abandoned. During the search, we found an orb that contained the largest amount of Argent energy we'd ever seen before. It was the core of hell, the nucleus that kept the entire place from falling apart." Melissa took a deep breath before continuing. "So, after a moment, we decided to break it. With us inside. Believing that we'd die in the process, we thought it'd be worth it. That maybe… maybe we'd save this earth from the pain they'd been suffering for so long."

All Might's mind was pulled from the words his niece was telling him and instead recreated a scene all too familiar to him. Nana, standing before him, beaten, dying, knowing she would die… and yet she told him to run and that she'd take care of the rest. The image of young Midoriya and Melissa flickered over the outline of his teacher, his predecessor… his surrogate mother. The weight of that moment for the two of them was not lost on him.

"Our final promise to each other was that when we reached the other side, I would buy drinks." Melissa smiled at the memory fondly while the verdanette chuckled. After that, silence reigned for nearly a minute before Izuku broke the still air with a question.

"What happened after that?"

Melissa paused for a moment as if trying to recall all of the details. "Well, I returned to the moment when I'd disappeared, working in my lab trying to complete some class work for I-Island. Despite that, I had a realization that it wasn't enough for me to just be a techie on an island anymore. So I looked to transfer to UA, willing to restart classes altogether if necessary. I wanted to take on the role I once had with Izuku, and be the hero's eye in the sky. So, after a lot of convincing my father, I transferred here for the new year."
Izuku smiled at hearing all this. It was entirely a coincidence that they'd met again. It was entirely chance that she'd been the one assigned to get his gear and help in changing it or at minimum storing it. It was pure luck they both came from the same reality, as they'd thought that red souls were doomed to be the only ones from their reality to ever appear. But… here they were. Reunited once again.
"Well, that's all well and good," All Might interrupted the moment quickly before he could feel any more like he was invading, "But I do believe we should address the reason you came here today at all, Midoriya."

That caused the Doom Slayer to sigh internally. Right… making his weaponry 'safe.' He despised the concept of making his arsenal weaker in any way, shape, or form, but if this is what it took to even keep them for future use in any shape or form till he was further along in his time here at UA, so be it. And Melissa was the only person who could do it right if it had to happen (which the teachers had made very clear that it was required to happen).

"Right," Melissa nodded, pulling up a data pad. "Let's start with the guns first. Do you simply want to store them for now?"

"As much as I hate to do so, yes." Izuku grimaced as he pulled out the rest of his guns. "I would rather not make them less likely to do what they intended to do."

"I expected as much." Melissa nodded and pressed a couple of points on her data pad before the table opened up in the center. As it unfolded to reveal a gun rack, All Might stared in awe while Izuku raised an eyebrow.

"That is useful."

"Yep." Melissa looked far too pleased with herself about the reveal, despite Izuku's lack of reaction. Slowly, and with care, All Might watched the two almost reverently place the weapons in the rack before a few more buttons were pressed and the armory lowered into the ground again and became the central table.

"What about your armor? It doesn't seem like it's able to maintain itself as easily as it should without Argent energy." Melissa commented and Izuku groaned at that.

"I'm well aware. I should have been nearly perfectly untouched during that fight against the Nomu with my armor, and yet it dented, cracked, and fell apart as if it were regular UAC armor." Melissa giggled at the joke with All Might and just looked confused. Melissa tried to explain the joke, but gave up halfway through when her godfather's eyes glazed over.

"Right, so, we need a way to generate artificial Argent energy or some other surrogate to help the armor maintain its indestructible state and do so without actually tapping into real argent energy or requiring demon blood." Melissa began to scour a slew of notes littered across the area.

"Are there any alternate sources of energy that might be viable?" Izuku asked.

"Potentially. They're all hard to come by though, so it may be a few weeks to get them. I'd need to do some more in-depth testing to get it to work and find something self-sustaining."

"I'm afraid you two have lost me at this point. What is your plan exactly?" The two teens paused their discussion to look back at the befuddled pro before remembering he was there to supervise them and what they were doing with the Doom Slayer Arsenal and Armor.

"Basically, the armor Izuku wears is normally nye invincible as long as it has a constant source of energy to keep its presence in reality from fading. Normally, this was achieved through absorbing the latent energy that came from hell and the demons that lived within it, Argent energy. However, since that's not really an option here, we need to find a different way to power it." Melissa turned back to a computer to begin reviewing materials and start her research as she finished her explanation.

Izuku stood silently as All Might continued to ask Melissa questions about the armor, the BFG, and all of Midoriya's other demon-slaying tools. Something was eating at the back of his mind. He felt like there was a solution staring them right in the face and he was forgetting it and it was bothering him. He began to reflect on possibilities as he tried to work out what it could be that was bothering him. The Ripatorium wasn't an option, the Tower wasn't here in this reality. Argent energy as a whole was a big no-no for both him and Melissa if it was even possible at this point with the dimension itself having imploded.

As he sat there, he felt a familiar tingle in his chest. Looking down, he saw the brief sparks of red lightning, reminding him of another avenue he had available to him. A seemingly-bottomless pit of energy that grew with him.

"All Might." Izuku's interruption caused both blondes to turn to him. "What if we were to use One-For-All?"

All Might's face went through a few expressions very rapidly. Surprised at the question, a look of nervousness directed at Melissa's own questioning face, before genuine thought and concern.

"One-for-all?" The female artificer's eyes raised at the name. She hadn't heard of one-for-all before. She'd never heard either Uncle Might or Izuku mention it in the past. And judging from her uncle's expression, that may have been on purpose.

"While I see merit to the idea, I wish you hadn't outed it so easily to Melissa without consulting me ahead of time."

"With all due respect All Might, whatever reasons you may have for keeping her out of the loop feel pretty moot point from my perspective. She's already been through hell, literally. I trust her more than anyone else on this planet."

Melissa smiled fondly at the trust and offered a small fist bump to the virdinette, which he easily returned. All Might sighed, chuckling softly at the interaction.

"A fair point, my boy. A fair point, Midoriya."

"So can I please get an explanation of what one-for-all is?"

The two males glanced at each other before nodding at began to explain. How they met, Izuku's training before entering hell, what All Might had given him, and the goal of giving Izuku the quirk he did. With all of this, Melissa began to run calculations on the computer.

"I'd have to take some time to figure out how much power your quick can output over a given amount of time, but that seems plausible. If we can find a proper quirk-energy converter and retrofit it to just dump that energy directly into the suit's mainframe, it should be able to repair itself and maintain itself in the physical world better."
"So we just have to start figuring out what my power output is, then?" Izuku confirmed.


All Might and Izuku looked at each other before grinning. "Well, this is gonna be fun."

All Might began to swell up and posed before the two teens. "Indeed it is! Let us go to the Testing site Gamma to begin measuring, shall we? Why not do so with a spar?"

"Sounds perfect," Midoriya said, while Melissa groaned. The two took off out of the Support Studio and towards the training city for their spar, leaving the young blond behind.

"Boys…" She sighed as she gathered every piece of equipment she had that could measure energy and quirk levels before beginning to follow them. Hopefully, she could get there to get accurate measurements before they started.

Aizawa didn't know whether to ignore what he saw rushing toward one of the testing sites on the UA campus or strangle the two obviously over-eager duo getting ready for what was obviously going to be a training bout that was going to leave poor Cementoss with hours of work to do. Instead, he simply chose to alert Nezu, who alerted the rest of the staff to come and watch. Because of course, he wouldn't stop this… Days like this made the underground pro really wish he could get his hands on the annoying rat, but he knew it wouldn't do anything but hurt his chances of surviving Nezu's overthrow of the government in the future. Whether or not the chimera would actually go through with those plans was up for debate, but he wasn't about to take chances if he was being honest.

So now, here he was, gathered with the rest of the staff around a series of cameras littered about the Gamma as a blonde girl, Melissa Shield from what Nezu said, placed a series of devices all around Midoriya's body. Some kind of measuring devices of some sort. Other devices were placed on drones and shot into the sky before the girl finally gathered everything up and headed back to the viewing tower near the front gates.

As the two combatants stretched in preparation, the teachers that were there began to discuss the oncoming brawl amongst themselves.

"So, how long do you think it'll take before Midoriya gets knocked out?" Present Mic asked.

"A fine idea, Hizashi. A bet would be a wonderful way to raise the stakes on viewing such an event." Nezu grinned, clapping his hands together softly before picking up his cup of tea.

"Oh, give All Might more credit than that." Midnight smirked, "There's no way he'd go all out from the get-go. Besides, I want to see the two of them show off those muscles a bit longer."

"Isn't Midoriya fifteen years younger than you?" Cementoss asked nervously.

"Oh shush, let me appreciate fine muscles where I can. I'm not going to do anything unbecoming." The R-rated hero grinned at Izuku's shirtless body.

"Well, I imagine it'd be about five minutes befor' Midoriya gets knocked cold."

"I give him two." Present Mic said, grinning.

"Given what that kid's done in the past, I'd say they go for a solid ten minutes." Power Loader said.

Eraserhead stayed silent as the others bantered back and for about how long Midoriya would last and why they were right.

"What about you, Shota?" The tired pro looked back at Nezu, who was grinning at him expectantly. "Surely as his main teacher and as someone who watched him fight the Nomu, you have some interesting insights to add?"

He scoffed. Of course, the rat would make him say it. Here he'd been trying to stay silent and avoid this illogical conversation but here he was being dragged into it. He could feel the expectant eyes of his co-workers as they waited for him to agree with one of their opinions.

"The fight won't end till All Might runs out of time to maintain his quirk."

There was a pregnant pause before a collective "HUH?"

"Shota, not to bash on you, my guy, but you sure you ain't buttering up your student's skills there? Bit of rose-shaded glasses there?" Present Mic asked confused.

"That would be illogical and unnecessary. Midoriya at the USJ fought a monster designed with multiple quirks, specifically chosen to fight All Might. You all saw the data found from the corpse we discovered floating off the coast. It was designed to take a beating and keep on going. And Midoriya not only beat it, he killed it."

"Wasn't that All Might's doing though? Didn't he get the finishing blow?" Aizawa could see many of his other pros agree with Midnight's reasoning.

"No, he didn't. He stopped the remaining villains from attacking Midoriya while he was drained of energy. It was problem-child who fought and defeated the nomu."

Every other teacher was silent at this revelation while Nezu began to laugh hysterically.

"Well then, this will be mightly interesting, don't you all agree? Besides, this is the perfect opportunity to observe what a hero of hundreds of years is capable of, no?"

Without another word, Aizawa turned back to the screens and watched as the number one hero settled into a battle stance across from Midoriya, who simply loosened himself and leaned forward, his fists clenched tightly at his side. No words were spoken between the two as the very air began to electrify around them in anticipation of what was to come. Neither moved as the world seemed to wait with bated breath.

One second…

Two seconds…


The world exploded with wind and light.

(Cue "You Say Run" CloudJumper remix)

Izuku could feel one-for-all coursing throughout his body at a rapid pace. He could feel the electricity surging through his veins, his entire form moving at paces he'd never felt previously. His awakened body and mind easily keeping up with new power coursing through his veins kept him in the moment as he clashed for the very first time in his life, fist-to-fist, against All Might. The sheer power of the initial blows between the two destroyed many of the walls of the buildings surrounding them.

"Oh come now, Izuku, you can do better than that!" All Might shouted out, a smile wide across his face as he followed up with a jab at Izuku's chest. The Doom slayer ducked the blow and moved to land an uppercut to All Might's stomach. The pro blocked the blow and grabbed Midoriya's wrist.

"Oklahoma Smash!" The attack's name ripped through the air as Izuku was sent hurtling toward one of the buildings. Before he could make an impact, Izuku used his innate Argent energy to jump higher into the air before dashing forward faster than he ever had before, stopping himself from impacting the building.

As he approached the pro, All Might leaped into the air and pulled back his arm, the name of his attack beginning to reach his lips before Midoriya somersaulted and moved to axe kick mid-air. Adjusting course, he blocked the kick, only to be sent to the ground from the force of the blow. All Might dodged back from the ground to avoid Izuku as the teen kicked against the air to rocket himself into the ground at insane speeds. The two began a dance of sheer power, speed, and experience no one alive could rival. Heroes beyond the standards of their peers, dueling to prove their ability.

Izuku could feel his body burning but in the best way possible. The sheer amount of power shivering in his core, screaming to be unleashed, filling him with an unquenchable determination to fight as hard as he could against his hero… it was unlike anything he'd felt before. Rage had given him the strength and stamina to defeat all of hell, that was undeniable. But this was different. The source, the reasoning, and even the degree were different. Before, he felt like a sword, perfectly honed to cut down his foes. Now… now he felt like the embodiment of the Titans he'd only ever battled using his weapons and the crucible in the past. It was exhilarating.

The earth cracked around the two as neither could land a solid blow. The buildings around them were demolished by the sheer wind force of any of their attacks that were missed entirely. All Might grinned at his successor. Midoriya was pushing him to his limit. If he were in his prime, he could've won much sooner. Now though? It was likely he would run out of gas before either could trounce the other. And while it might temporarily hurt his pride, it made him beyond hopeful for the future.

"DETROIT SMASH!" All Might finally landed a solid blow into Izuku's side, sending him end over end through a few buildings before he regained his stance and charged back toward the pro. Just because he had a feeling it'd end before he won didn't mean wasn't going to give it his plus ultra to remind his successor of the word humility.

Izuku grinned as he ran forward, using his argent energy to dodge around another Detroit smash and return the favor with a high-powered roundhouse to the back. All Might caught himself fairly quickly as the energy from the attack was forcefully dissipated by a punch from All Might to stop his momentum. And it began again in earnest. Izuku could feel the sting of bruises forming, his body was growing sore and All Might hit hard. But he could keep up with the hits. For every blow he took, he dealt one back. It was even standing ground for the most part, with All Might getting the occasional hit extra on him. But that's where he had a bead over All Might. His body was in perfect condition, and with one-for-all powering it, he could take a lot more punishment.

Steam began to erupt around the area as the fight continued, and the surrounding fake city was demolished. The fight had lasted for nearly ten minutes, the never-ending stamina of the two had kept them going almost infinitely. Key word being almost. Izuku was hurting, and steam was flowing off All Might in waves. As they slid back from each other after a particularly powerful traded blows, All Might laughed.

"Midoriya, any worries I have about the future have been shattered." All Might grinned as he gulped down oxygen. "You've proved many times over that even with a quirk you haven't fully mastered and only begun to learn to use, you can hold your own."

"Of course. What kind of successor would I be if I didn't?" Izuku asked, popping his shoulders and stretching his arms in a way that relieved the tension just a bit.

"How about we settle this with one final blow? Truly put our backs into it?"

Midoriya, rather than respond, simply pulled his arm back and let One-for-all begin to gather in his body, winding up. All Might grinned as he did the same. They only remained still for a brief second, but they crossed the distance in what seemed like the blink of an eye, circling around each other, jabbing violently with their non-dominant arms as they prepared to finish their spar. As the winds began to encompass them, a miniature tornado flowing around them as they tried to break the other's concentration on the blow to come, All Might spoke.

"Do you remember what I told you when I first gave you one-for-all?"

"I do now. Took a while to find the journal on what little I'd written about that."

"Then you should know what I'm going to say to you now. Clench your butt cheeks and yell this from thE DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART!" All Might's arm surged forward at the same time Izuku's did. As the very air around them superheated and expanded at a rapid rate, only one thing could be heard above the crashing winds.

"TEXAS SMASH!" The world erupted as debris, air, and even light were scattered around, rattling every camera, drone, and piece of tech within the area, destroying almost anything within the vicinity of the entire testing site. As the energy died down, All Might stood there in his depowered form before sweating, bruised Izuku, both their fists to the other's chest. They stood there silently, breathing heavily for a moment before Izuku collapsed into All Might's arms, too tired, sore, and bruised to even move. But he was still conscious.

"Oh. My. Goodness, young Midoriya." All Might grinned at his successor who just smiled back widely.

"Took everything I have for right now, but I'd say I held my own." He said, gulping down oxygen like there was no tomorrow.

"Indeed. I do hope my niece got what she needed out of this." He said, looking at the (thankfully still intact) observation tower.

"Oh, yeah, I got it." Melissa's voice erupted from a drone that descended down in front of them. "Needless to say, after everything you just displayed, Izuku, I can make it work, and then some. I'll be able to do a lot more than make the suit keeps its original function." Izuku could hear the science nerd in her screaming in joy. Whatever the results were, they were good.

"Perfect." He said, struggling to stand. "Now, I need to make a visit to the recovery girl. This shiner on my face is not exactly doing me any favors and I don't want my mom to panic."

All Might felt his heart stop at the mention of Recovery Girl. Oh, there'd be hell to pay when they got there, he had no doubt she was not pleased with their impromptu brawl. He could already feel the can beat him over the head.

"You half-witted, irresponsible, no-good, excuse of a hero!" Nope, he was just actually getting beat with her cane. Both All Might and Midoriya learned that day that when she wanted to, Recovery girl could move very quickly. For better or for worse…