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Okay. I know everyone expected to update the Familiar Faces. But NCIS and the way the SRs treated Ziva's return to the World of living made me to lessen my enthusiasm from TIVA. Don't worry I will finish Familiar Faces but for now the story is on Hiatus. However, the not so recent re-watch of Lois and Clark; The New Adventures of Superman along with my surrogate sister Teresa made me realized how I missed the amazing chemistry between Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain as the most famous comic book couple and of course the love I had for that particular show. I hope you also enjoy Final Countdown like my other stories.

The story is focusing on the relationship between Lois and Clark. The story is most of all written from Lois's prospective because, well, the character of Lois was developed most of all on the show and I found it more challenging.

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To folc4evernaday: who let me use some of her ideas on my story.

And all the Lois and Clark fan fiction writers who inspired me

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He couldn't believe what was happening; as if God was giving him something for all him good karma... Lois Lane, his partner the two last years, the woman he fell in love at the first sight, was there, in his arms kissing him. Yet, it all seemed unreal, a sort of dreaming while awake that she was there. That she had chosen him, Clark over the Mel Gibson wannabe, Scardino. She had chosen him, Clark, over his alter ego Superman. Lois Lane had chosen him; Clark Kent. The Farmboy. The Hack from Nowheresville.

'Clark, if you're going to run away from this, tell me now.'

Lois had told him moments ago when she had given him the choice to step back. 'I'm not going to run, Lois. I'm ready to take the next step…if you are.' He wanted to take the next step. He wanted to tell Lois the truth. To tell her that he was Superman. But how in the world would begin to tell her what he wanted to tell her? Clark had tried to come up with the right words to tell Lois the truth but he couldn't find any. And the way she melted against him, well…it didn't help either.

"Clark." Lois whispered after broke off the kiss momentarily. Her mouth stayed inches from Clark's before she kissed him once more. What had begun as a simply of declaration of her feelings toward him, had almost immediately turned into a raging bonfire ... as soon as she had kissed she had touched him. She had been lost in a sensual fog, only aware of the feel of him against her. She hadn't been kissed this well since ... she hadn't ever been kissed from a man like she had been kissed by Clark. Never. Not even close. It was simply amazing. Words didn't describe the true feeling. Lois felt an involuntary shiver down her spine recalling the kisses they'd exchanged. The kiss on the aircraft to distract Trask's men, the kiss that Clark gave her when he resigned the Planet during the heat wave, the kiss he gave her to distract the Maid while they were undercover at Lexor Hotel. And the kiss they exchanged after Lucky Leon's and his associate's arrest as they walked from the Planet to the Court House, it was… beyond well…it was hopeless to describe the way she felt with that kiss. No matter how hard had she tried, words would have never done it. If only Mayson's car hadn't exploded in front of Clark's eyes. If only Mayson hadn't died in his arms that night. So much time wasted. However, Lois pushed those thoughts quickly and focused on the moment. This time her kisses with Clark weren't for distraction, they weren't to say goodbye. They weren't bittersweet memories. They were gentle, intense, romantic, more pure, more honest, more sexual, or more passionate-all lips, teeth and tongues. She could see stars behind her eyelids and an incredible feeling of completeness as Clark's tongue danced- swiping against hers. Like he was her puzzle piece; everything just fitted together.

They simultaneously moved towards Clark's couch with Lois pressing him back against it. She positioned her body that she was hovering above his lap, supporting herself on her knees as she kissed him.

Clark started to stir as she ran her hand down his chest. "Lois?" he mumbled. "What are you doing?"

Lois moaned as tingles spread down her body to right between her legs. It took her aback how much she wanted this. It had been so long since she last…And with Clark well…

'I said nine. I thought you'd be …naked…um, ready,'

She recalled seeing him in nothing but a towel when she'd picked him up from the Apollo during their first assignment. Even back then she was attracted to him despite her denial. If only had she not suffered irreparable damage when she'd gotten involved with Claude. She would have jumped on Clark without a second thought. But then why should she have those feelings back then when she only had known him for a couple of days? While had she felt flattered by Lex's flirt and had a crush on Superman for all this time? Why should she have turned him down that day and the park and had to admit to herself her real feelings for him few minutes before she walked down the aisle with Lex? Those questions along the reason that kept her so long from telling Clark how she felt about him kept coming in her mind. However, nothing mattered anymore. She was now with him, catching him just in time before he ran away. Few moments later, and he would have slipped through her fingers, and knowing Clark very well, probably forever. Lois pushed those unpleasant thoughts aside and groaned when she felt the cotton from Clark's black shirt beneath her touch. She reached down and unfastened the buttons, in the feeling of Clark's skin and muscle beneath her fingertips.

Clark's muscles tensed and flexed at Lois's every touch. He felt like he was losing his mind. He had to put a stop on what they were doing before it was too late, before Lois would do something that would regret afterwards. But for a strange reason he couldn't stop her. Her touch, her kisses on his were so appealing that he felt a shudder under her touch.

Clark looked Lois in the eyes not blinking, as Lois pushed the shirt off his shoulder. He began to stir as she kissed his responsive lips, his cheek, and trailed kisses down his neck and chest. She felt hot on his skin. He could feel her body where they touched. Her kisses were like thousands of needles that poked in his body. He wanted to stay like this forever, but all too soon, a thought intruded. Superman. Lois was still in the dark about his other identity.

'You have to tell her…' his conscience chided him, reminding him of the dilemma at hand. Clark watched Lois suddenly reach for the button of his jeans. Reluctantly, Clark moved his hands and wrapped around Lois' wrists, stopping her. There was no way he could let that happen. "I can't do this." he said with a sigh of defeat and pushed Lois away, sitting on the couch. He rubbed his face in desperation. He couldn't do this not like that, not before they talked. Clark raised his head and looked at Lois.

"Clark?" Lois looked at him in disappointed puzzlement as she stood from the couch. "You are not having second thoughts are you?"

"No." His denial was intense and sincere as he buried his face into his hands once more

"Then why-" Lois paused. "I thought you wanted us to take the next what-"

"God, no!" Clark exclaimed and then realized what he'd just said. He closed his eyes and cursed himself. "Wait, that's not what I meant. That came out entirely wrong", he immediately apologized. "I do want to be with you, Lois, and I do want to take the next step with you but…" he trailed off.

"But what?" Lois questioned. "What is it? I don't understand." she whispered sitting next to him.

Clark brushed a strand of hair from Lois' face and tucked it behind her ear. "But if we are going to do this, to take next step, I mean." he paused feeling his heartbeat pick up. Wow, this was embarrassing. Why did he always feel insecure around her? "If we are going to be together-there is something you should know."

Lois rested her hand on Clark's on his knee, her thumb stroking the back of his hand. "You can tell me." she encouraged giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

Clark took a deep breath. "You know how you're always complaining that...that I seem to run off every time we start talking about something important?"

"I recall mentioning it once or twice." Lois responded and flashed Clark a weak smile interlacing her fingers with his.

"Well, I think I should just tell you this as straightforward and as honestly as I can, then." Clark said simply. "Lois." he paused for a moment and let out a heavy sigh. "Lois, I'm Superman."

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