"Where's Bryan?" snarled Boris to Tala. "I don't know, I never saw him in the showers this morning so I imagine he slept in" replied Tala.

"SLEEPING!" roared Boris, "After losing to that third class beyblader he's sleeping?" Boris turned and went to go wake up Bryan.

He entered the corridor that contained Bryan's cell. He found Bryan's bed empty. "Where is he?" he shouted angrily.

He stomped down the corridor down to the showers and entered. Bryan was not here either.

After an hour of searching he started to get desperate. Maybe he should check Bryan's cell one last time before going to report to Voltaire that Bryan was missing. He crept into the room and lifted Bryan's cover.

There wasn't Bryan but there was a tape. "What?" said Boris shocked. He took the tape into his office and placed the tape in the VCR.

A skinny man with jet-black hair and a long crooked nose appeared on the screen. "Hello, by now you have probably noticed that your student Bryan is missing" Boris stared at the screen shock clear on his face.

"Well look no more, I have Bryan safe and sound. Isn't that right Bryan" he heard a cry and then saw Bryan. A look a fear clear on his face. Boris noticed he was being lifted by his hair.

"Please someone help me!" he said tears streaming down the sides of his pale cheeks.

"Hmmm" drawled the man, "Now they just can't help you now can they? They need to give me something I want," he said looking at Bryan. "Now listen up! I want forty million dallars pronto or cutie here gets it" he took Bryan lifting Bryan higher by his feet.

Bryan squinting his eyes in pain.

"Now just to show this is no joke" he took Bryan's head and slammed it into the cement walls. He cried out and then fell to the ground unconciose.

"Bryan" shouted Boris. The man smirked at the camera and then gave Bryan a swift kick in the ribs. The man smiled evilly, "You have one month to get my money" and with that the screen went black.

Boris looked down. What should he do? They didn't have that sort of money, all their money had gone towards the bit beast and the bladers themselves. Not to mention the heavy fee they had to pay to rebuild the abbey when it had blown up.

He decided to go see Voltaire. He would no what to do. He entered Voltaire's large office. "What do you want Boris?" growled Voltaire.

"I noticed Bryan was missing" Boris said shakingly.


"Well, I found this under his bed covers" he said handing the tape to Boris.

"What's this?" asked Voltaire looking at the tape. "Just watch it sometime today" Boris pleaded. "Alright. Now go do some work" Boris left.

He hoped that Voltaire would come up with something and that Bryan was all right. He still had the picture in his mind. Bryan's face so filled with fear. The tears streaming down his cheeks and the thud his head made as it was smashed into the wall.

That man would pay he thought. He entered where his three of his best bladers were practicing. "Where's Bryan?" asked Tala.

Boris shook his head and started to the lab. Once he entered however, one of the guards came rushing in. "Votaire wants to see you, immediately" said the guard. Boris rushed down to Voltaire's office.

He opened the door without knocked and saw Voltaire rubbing his forehead in frustration. "Please tell me this is just a joke," Voltaire said in a sort of whiney voice, "just some sick joke."

"I'm afraid it's not sur. Now I must know do you have a plan?" Boris asked.

"Well of coarse I have a bloody plan, but it would ruin the Biovolt name for sure."

"What's your plan sur?"

"To ask the BBA for help." Voltaire said.

"The BBA?"

"Yes Boris, the BBA. They are richer then us at the moment and I'm sure they would understand." Voltaire shook his head. "Let's give it a week and see what happens," said Voltaire.

"But Voltaire, you saw what that man did to Bryan. Bryan was trained to be emotionless and yet that man got tears out of him. Plus that man is abusive and he slammed-" Boris was interrupted be Voltairs voice. "Boris, I know what that man did do Bryan but we can't rush into things to quickly. We don't want to look stupid infront of the BBA."

Boris sighed knowing that Boris would not change his mind.

It had been four days since the man had sent the warning video. And still he had no response. For the past few days, Bryan had only eaten bits of pieces of the man's leftovers.

Bryan opened his eyes slowly. His vision blurry at first, but it cleared once he blinked a few times. He then felt his aching head. He lifted his hand and held his head.

"Well, well, well look who's up" Bryan heard a voice say. He turned his head slightly and saw his kidnapper sitting in an old chair eating an apple.

It was then Bryan realized how hungry he was. He held his empty stomach. "Um.sur, can I have something to eat?" The man looked at him. A smile appeared on his lips.

"Here you go," he said throwing the remains of the apple at Bryan. It fell to the ground about a meter away from him.

He shuddered at the half eaten fruit. "Can I have a new apple?" he asked.

The man looked at him angrily. "You ungrateful little kid" he got up from where he had been sitting and walked over to the Bryan.

Bryan closed his eyes in fear. The man lifted the boy by his collar. Bryan began to cry, afraid of what might happen to him.

"Stop crying" the man yelled. Bryan tried but the tears kept flowing. "I'll show you something to cry about," the man said bringing Bryan to his bed.

Bryan widened his eyes as he realized what was about to happen, the man took out his video camera and pressed the record button.

Boris ran to Voltaire's office. "We got another video!" said Boris slamming the video on Voltaire's desk.

"Did you watch it?" Boris shook his head no. "well then lets watch it" Voltaire said indicating the VCR.

Boris popped the video in and the screen came on. It showed Bryan lying on the bed whimpering. The man came into view and started to remove Bryan's clothing.

He first through off his vest, then his blue shirt. He then ripped the sobbing boy's pants. Leaving him only in his black boxer shorts.

The man licked his lips. He started to remove his boxers. Bryan's sobbing increased. The man removed his own clothes and then began to prepare Bryan.

Bryan's screams filled Boris's office as the man entered him. When the man finished he simply got up and left leaving Bryan sobbing on the bed. The screen went black.

Both Voltaire and Boris's jaw hung wide open. "It's time," said Voltaire rising from his chair, "to contact the BBA."