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Bryan sat up rubbing the sleep from his eyes and stretching his arms out releasing a loud yawn. He heard moaning coming from the living room and the sound of crunching.

Tossing his legs over the side of the bed and walking over to the edge of the door and pearing out he saw the man sprawled out on the couch with a bag of chips on his chest.

A trail of drool escaped is mouth sliding down his chin and dripping into the bags of chips. Bryan turned his gaze to the sound of moaning and saw it was coming from the TV.

Bryan raised his eyebrows seeing that the man was watching some hard core porn. It didn't bother him though and he seemed to actually enjoy it. Bryan heard the sound of loud snoring and smirked tip toeing to the living room and sitting in the chair.

He grabbed an un-opened bag of chips and watched the porn happily.

~on another note~

Mr.Dickenson turned his gaze to the door as it opened and a couple walked in with a teenage girk soon following looking bored.

The women pulled out a tissue blowing her nose. "Your son as you must know by now has been kidnapped." The father nodded.

"The man has demanded a large sum of money. He had been very abusive to your son."

"Oh, how so?" said the father looking interested. There daughter who had been looking at her nails bordly also looked up interested.

"Well your son was raped for one."

"Raped," gasped the mother lookinh horrified. She grabbed the front of her husbands shirt and shaked him. "See this? Our son was raped! See we are cursed!" she cried sobbing uncontrollably.

"Vera get a grip on yourself." He said placing his hands on her shoulders. Mr.Dickenson looked at the teenage girl who yawned widely then smiled at Mr.Dickenson.

"Nice wheather were having," she said looking out the window. Raindrops were falling hevilly from the skies splattering onto the on the ground.

Mr.Dickenson looked at her again but she had lost interest in him and was now fiddling with a strand of her hair.

Vera(the mother) and the father sat down. The mother let out a few sniffles but held back her sobs. "Please go on."

"He was beaten," Vera let silent tears fall from her eyes. "He was whipped. um. that's it."

"Well yes. I think we should leave now. Vera," the father said.

"Wait you must see these tapes," said Mr.Dickenson said handing them some tapes.

"What are these?"

"Tapes of what happened to your son."

"You mean you have our son being raped on tape and you expect us to watch it?"

"Well. yes," said Mr.Dickenson uneasily.

"OK, but before I leave I think you're a very sick man to watch this kind of stuff."

The couple left and the teenage girl walked up to Mr.Dickenson kissing him on the cheek then left winking on the way out.

"It seems Bryan isn't the only one in the family to have problems."

Ray looked over to see a girl with violet hair walking toward him. She wore a white shirt with the words geek written on it with a picture on a geek over the words. A blue baseball hat was on her head turned side ways with the words 'Fifty and Nifty' written on it.

She had blue baggy jeans. She stopped in front of him gazing at him intently then flicking him in the forehead bursting into fits of laughter.

Ray gave her an odd look. He had been heading to see Mr.Dickenson to question Mr.Dickenson about Bryan when he ran into the odd girl.

"Your that guy that my brother nearly killed," she said smiling.

"Um. you mean Bryan," ray said looking a little confused. "Yeah that's my insane brother's name you know he was raped and stuff. Mom really mad at that man."

"Your Bryan's sister?" Ray's said looking astounded. "No, I'm his cross dressing brother," she said sarcastically.

"You know you're almost as cute as Bob," she said giving him a sly smile. "Bob? Who's Bob?"

"My eighty five year old boy friend." "Your what?"

"I invented blading you know?"

"You what? No you didn't that's impossible!" She folded her arms under her chest and gave him a sure look.

"I did to and I painted that," she said poiting to a picture of a swan. "With my eyes closed," she added.

Ray walked over to the painting examinging it. "Your name is Mike Guy?"

"That's my painters name. You see I don't like fame that much so I put a different name. What's your name but head?"

"But head? Uh. my name is Ray what's yours?"

"Ellan, and I invented her," she said and pointed to a pink haired girl. "Wait she's ugly."

"Hey Mariah!" shouted Ray waving insanely.

"Who's she?" Mariah said angrily to Ray.

"Her? Oh she's Ella-" but Ray was interrupted by Ellan who wacked Mariah hard in her forehead. "What was that for?" Mariah hissed angrily.

"There was a bug on your fore head," she said. "I invented you!" she said to a complete stranger walking by.

"Do you blade?" said Mariah smiling insanely. "Yeah," she said bordly.

"Then I challenge you to a battle!" Mariah said. "Okay and if I win I get to do your hair and if you win then I'll give you my lucky umbrella."

"Fine," said Mariah then blinked in confusion. Lucky umbrella? Mariah thought stupidly.

~five minutes later~

"Go Galex!"

"Go spinning top of doom!"

the two beyblades circled the dish. "Go rock!" shouted Ellan and threw a rock hitting Mariahs blade stopping it from spinning.

"You cheated!" cried Mariah. "Don't be such a poor sport. Just because I'm a better blader doesn't mean you have to get all huffy."

"But you threw a rock!"

"What rock?" said Ellan and picked up the rock shoving it in her pocket.

"The one in your pocket!" she yelled and attempted to get in her hand in Ellan's pocket only yo get whacked in the head.

"Just because you're a perverted lesbian who steal money from pockets doesn't mean you have to harass me and try and steal my money," said Ellan calmly.

"Nani?! Lesbian!? Let me at her! Let me at her!" screamed Mariah being held back by Ray.

"Your very odd Mariah and I think you should seek help in an insane thingy. Cause I hate to break it to yeah but your clearlly insane and in denial about being a porn attic lesbian."

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," roared Mariah. Ellan took one last glance at them then left.

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