The Past

EMIYA twitched as he woke up.

He woke up as an eight year old princess who was scorned for being a waste, due to being unable to cultivate despite being born to her mother who was a renowned, respected warrior. She died after eating poisoned sweets given to her by Concubine Xue to 'cheer her up after her mother's passing'. Yeah, by sending her daughter to her death, too?!

In regards to the young girl's mind, she was the daughter of Princess Royal and Xiao Yuancheng. The Third daughter out of four sisters. Ling, Yun, and Rou were the other sisters. Oldest to youngest in that order.

The father has four wives, with Princess Royal being the madam of the family.

The other wives were Concubine Fang, the first woman Yuancheng married into concubinage because he got her pregnant, thus Senior Master forced him to take responsibility. Then Princess Royal was bestowed on him by the Grandqueen thus married her as a furen in the palace. HOWEVER, idiot man flirted with the younger daughter of the Chief Counselor and got caught by a Eunuch. So that's no Holy Matrimony. It was a Royal Wedding Scandal.

It was wartime back then and the final concubine was Xue, Princess Royal's maid who seduced her way to concubinage.

Each women bore Yuancheng a child or two.

Fang, the most morally-upright one, has a spoiled, ill-tempered, haughty and arrogant chit for a daughter, Ling. 16 this year.

Qin has two: 14 in Zhongqi, and 8 years old in Rou who was a couple months younger than Beiyue.

Xue also has two children: 11 years old Yun and 10 years old Zhonglei.

Yuancheng likes his Concubines more than his furen. It was because Princess Royal spent her marriage at the battlefield during war he hardly knew her. Then she was annoyed that he cheats behind her back, yet forced to have a child with him. Beiyue. After that, had nothing to do with him.

That could have been why the man was cold and uncaring to his trueborn daughter, even turning a blind eye in bullying...and to think she's of higher status than even him. Overstepping his boundaries in such a manner and should this get out, all hell will break loose.

In Kaerta Continent, it was a world of might makes right. The strong can run amok anywhere.

And there were four respected professions.

Summoner, the cream of the crop for their great power as they share life and power with their spirit beasts, and can afford to do jobs with high-risk high-return rewards that they're insanely wealthy.

Alchemists who can refine magical pills that can do many wonders to the body and spirit, as well as refine magical metals and ingredients. One requirement to step onto this profession, is that you MUST be born with an Earth Element. That, is what makes this occupation the thinnest out of the top four, but any country will damn do anything to have one in their country! Having an alchemist means you can cultivate, have access to a stronger body, or kill without detection. This is why if you're born with the'll be SO in demand, that you're wealthier than a Summoner.

Enchanter...basically put, the magus version of this world. Nuff said. Sorcery and creation of magical items. If they wish to craft magical items, they need an Alchemist first, so most enchanters are sorcerers.

Finally, the Warrior. Still respectable and powerful, but pales in comparison to the other three.

And instead of Magic Circuits, it's Meridians linking to the Dantian.

The reason for bullying?

Beiyue was a waste. She could not cultivate. Doesn't help that she's a timid, weak-willed coward. Ling, Yun, Zhonglei and Rou also cannot cultivate, but what differed between these others is that Beiyue's dantian was useless. The others just can't afford it. Xiao Yuancheng isn't rich. Its his Summoner father Qiyuan who's independently wealthy. It was him footing his son and grandson's cultivation, plus Princess Royal and Concubine Qin's marriage dowries.

And unlike the other children, she doesn't exert master/mistress mentality which was why servants got uppity.

However, with Avalon in his soul, he was able to quickly determine why his new identity was a foundational waste, as it formed a barrier immediately. Not only that, this world was rife in a unique form of mana. The kind that can power up Avalon when it usually needs Saber, its true master, and power of its creator, Vivian should Saber not be around.

He can supply Avalon with ki to stay active and he can finally cultivate.

This girl died straightaway, defenseless due to lack of ki without anyone but the poisoner the wiser if she expects this result.

He'll have to do something, as he wrote a letter to the Emperor and snuck out at night, and snuck it into his office, for him to see the next morning.

He grinned.

He didn't watch those chinese drama shows about this culture for nothing before he got betrayed by his own dumbass ideals!


Four years later...Princess Royal Mansion...

EMIYA, now Princess Huang Beiyue had lots of time to adjust to her new situation.

Since she had convinced the Emperor to manage her fiefs for her as 'her family has no ability nor skill to do so that she cannot trust them', as well as 'fear of theft due to possible concubine rivalry'. He had indeed managed it for her and she was personally-given a Lam Card where her revenues go into, courtesy of the Bugi'er Clan.

Miyang earns 170 million gold in ingots, while Qinghe earns 200.

1 ingot = 50 coins.

So to sum it up, she's insanely rich. Tohsaka would choke BLOOD for sure and want to be in her shoes as Jewelcraft. Is. Expensive.

To make herself richer, she had gone to said counties to see where she can improve on after studying every ingredient in the world using Structural Analysis, thus knows how to make use of them in cooking, or herbal medicine.

She knows when to harvest at most ideal conditions, creating condiments and sweets, as well as introducing flour for the making of wholewheat and white bread and where to mine for more resources...and made four cookbooks, based on average monthly income of a family.

Copper Cookbook, Silver Cookbook and Gold Cookbook.

First page alone, is a list of ingredients one can afford with corresponding price, and each book was separated into soup, meat, vegetables, dimsum and noodle recipes as well as baked sweets, and cost to make for one person with the assumption that the cook has still some supply of condiments. However, she counted how many families are in her counties, and only allowed them to have the books as 'it's a cultural thing unique to us all'. She also wrote books about physical training for men and women, and weight loss technique, in favor of a strong body with quality muscle.

It soon led to a battle for promotion within two counties just to taste what's in the silver and gold cookbooks. As for families who have silver incomes, they were fighting for promotion to taste gold cookbooks. With recipes cooked in healthiest ways possible, it showed its effect on teenagers of two counties who got bigger, taller and a lot healthier in puberty, unlike their parents who just got the health, but not the height as puberty was long over for them.

They got extremely industrialistic, that the income of her two counties went up by 20%, making her richer. She could afford complete cultivation for herself and Dongling to reach War God Status as Warriors in regards to cultivation only. Not yet in skill.

After Beiyue's tutoring for her education, the girls would often leave for the forests, as its easier to cultivate there, than deal with competition of loads of cultivators in the city where all cultivators are to cultivate with little results after several hours!

'Oh miss, it's loads easier out here!' Dongling cried, astonished in delight.

'See? Told you so!' Beiyue grinned. 'If we do this for three years, we can try our shot at Summoning.'

'Summoning...erm, you don't have an elemental foundation...'

'Welp, we won't know until we try and sometimes, blank slates are the best. Its also good to verify what we can and can't do anyway than linger on maybe and what if.' granted, EMIYA's not optimistic, but the magus in him wants to try everything. He errr she must know everything. What she can't, and cannot do. And Dongling the maid, sweet, loyal girl she may be, would be used against her in the future thus cannot afford dead weight. Its why Beiyue was willing to spend money on Dongling.

She taught Dongling Structural Analysis and Reinforcement sorcery. A Boon to her future as a Pharmacist once she turns 12 and she would fund the loyal maid who stayed with her despite all scorn on her lady.

Come age 10, they began learning swordsmanship and sword arts from a tutor, which was kept secret from the Xiao Clan of course. They also started physical training to forge a powerful, but beautiful body for young girls.

And once the tutor was done...Beiyue would train Dongling in how Magi fight. The people of this world, are irritatingly slow! So slow that back in earth, such slowness will get you killed ten times over!

And when Dongling turned 12...

'This should be enjoyable.' said Dongling as she is now twelve years old.

She spent years training other than doing her jobs. With the healthy food cooked in Princess Royal's Estate, she was taller and more developed than a 13 year old. She also has jade bone skin that made her terracotta-pink hair, amber eyes and pink lips stand out, along with access to pills that made her femininely-beautiful, the beauty her genetics can afford her. They reinforce certain pills, before consuming them for multiplied effects as to not buy more pills.

When she tested in the Freshman Admission Exams, she has 88 percent in Admissions Written Exams. Her ki strength caused quite a stir, as her cultivation was way too high for her age. Her level was that of a War God when tested, shocking the faculty and students present. However, she didn't enter the Warrior Course, but Alchemist Course.

She would enter the Alchemist Course as its ahem, ONLY student. Alchemy is more on Master-Apprenticeship these days.

She would have been mistaken for a noble, if not for her short hair and her cotton-fabric clothes that's in pink, reds and whites in a cute way. You will not find Beiyue and Dongling's clothes in stores, as Beiyue designs their wardrobe and have the royal tailoring division make it for them!

Her hair was only up to her waist, a hair length commoner men and women are allowed to keep.

So at first, Dongling went unnoticed in her first year, until she started making waves by the middle of the school year wherein she has such talent in refining pills and ingredients that she was no longer a first year beginner apprentice, and can be promoted to Yellow status, Rank 1. In just half a year. That was one hell of a jump so soon!

There are four levels each in the tiers Yellow, Mystic, Earth and Heaven. Heaven Rank 1, the toughest status to obtain, obtained by Prince Xiaoyao.

When people got curious over the young, new talent...

'Oh, who am I?' Dongling looked as innocent as possible. 'I'm Princess Beiyue's only maid.'

'WHAAAAT?!' the pharmacist teachers squawked, wide-eyed. She's a royal maid!


Word spread that a maid is a Yellow Rank 1 Alchemist in Lingyang School.

Said maid, is none other than Huang Beiyue's maid who was sponsored with her backing. Sponsored into the Alchemist Course with cultivation equal to that of a War God!

The teachers praised her ability to refine beautiful, flawless pills while still delivering promised effects, as well as refining metals and gemstones for use for Enchanters to forge magical items with.

Her level of refinement made her Yellow Rank 1. However, in regards to knowledge, she has to study everything she can.

Starting with the basic Muscle-Growing Elixir. A pill popular among mercenaries and adventurers. Melt it in water, then apply on injury. This will stop bleeding and begin wound-recovering process, and depending on quality(since some pills are sold with various degrees of burned surfaces that affects its effects and potency negatively), speeds up healing. What will take days or weeks, will take less time. A perfect Muscle-Growing Elixir, will make the taker recover from a deep wound or severe burns take a week to heal with daily application, scar-free!

A pill that costs 200 gold coins a pop.

Making this basic and simple recipe is also a test to a trainee's patience and capability. A single mistake, will lead to failure!

Dongling never failed in her half a year in the course. She could proceed to next recipes in a matter of hours until school day ended.

Certain pills take skill level and rank to make. Even regular pharmacists have trouble getting promoted past Yellow Rank 4! And it takes ten years to reach Yellow Rank 1.

And that's why in just half a year, she's now a known Yellow Rank 1. What more if she finished the whole school year?

The bonus part is that Dongling can sell right away the pills she just made to the teachers, thus has her own pocket money and Beiyue told her to do as she pleased with her money.

'You know, you can make a career out of this, if you retire one day to get married.' said Beiyue, looking at a pill Dongling just made, before melting it into a large bowl. 'Your rise is astronomical you're the talk of town.

'It's so easy, why do most people find refining pills difficult?' Dongling wondered, while doing medicinal work with a pout.

'It's greed, Dongling.' Beiyue smiled darkly. 'They cannot concentrate, because of greed.' she said with a sneer. 'Instead of emptying their minds in order to focus like I taught you, their minds have distractions causing erratic ki flow. They end up wasting ki, time and expensive ingredients because they focus more on how money will come.' she explained. 'Ironically, such distractions and delusions cause them financial loss instead.' she snarked in amusement. 'To be a capable alchemist, empty your mind of any worldly thoughts that will cause distractions in ki control during refinement process and voila. Such greed is why there's hardly any Alchemist worth a damn around, that Prince Xiaoyao is swamped with requests for refining as lets face it, who else can do it indeed.' she purred.


Xiao Residence...

'I can't believe this!'

Concubine Qin cried angrily. 'All that money going to a maid?! She's now a Yellow Rank 1 Pharmacist in Lingyang School!'

All is not well in Xiao Household.

The mothers were upset, and their children brimming in jealousy that a maid is sponsored instead of their own child by their own relative no less. Zhongqi was vexed that he, a Silver Class A, is outdone by a 13 year old maid in cultivation who was War God Class and Warrior Cultivation is all they can afford!

Fang was utter deadpan.

"After how you treated her its natural." she thought with a sweatdrop.

She listened to her sister-wives bicker with a deadpan, flat look on her face while Master was just as annoyed. Because this was a slap to their faces as Beiyue chose a maid over family to aid.

Not only that, the servants were in discontent too and extremely jealous of Dongling. They wished they sucked up to the princess to get such an opportunity! What if they too, have potential they don't know about? Would they know now, now that they have no backer? Education and cultivation is forever beyond their reach!

How easy they were to read.

'Mother...' Ling glanced at Fang as they left the master's residence.

'No matter how they cry or scream, its their fault why they never have princess' support.' said Fang. 'They all bullied and mistreated her when Princess Royal wasn't around and you're no different. And master was never a good father to her.' Ling sputtered at her mother. 'The reason we get some kindness from her is because I was truly kind to her that I was able to appeal to her. Its our sole advantage even if you can never practice martial arts. At least you'll appeal as a bride in the future.' she said. 'Always know battles you can win in a world like ours, Ling'er...their greed and ambition is high stakes risks that if it fails, they will fall and be destroyed.'

'But can I really afford to settle for less than I deserve?' Ling pouted.

'Its all we have.' said Fang. 'At least, you have a future and that's what counts. Soon its time for your marriage arrangement. We prepared in all these years. With our status, you can marry an official in court, or a military man with a handsome salary. I taught you dos and don'ts as husbands can certainly throw you out the street with nothing if you damage their reputation. And how to watch out for sabotages if the husband took in a concubine.'

Ling pursed her lips.

That was the future she has, as she has no martial arts ability, so her mother had her focus on bridal skills sending her to a freaking brothel to learn them!

She can control herself and her temper after STRICT manners and etiquette lessons as she is quick to lose her temper, play the zither, erhu, flute and drums, skilled with words in poetry, knows quotes from literature and their meanings as well as sayings and how to apply it in life, dance, calligraphy, and at home, she learns cooking from her mother(who learned from Beiyue on the sly) as well as household management, entertaining guests, being a good host and organizing events that won't fail or embarrass your family and husband...and they have to hire a Math Teacher for her because accounting is an essential housewife skill for budgeting. Oh, and medicine skills as poisoning rivals is sadly, a common thing.

Indeed, the most she can do, she thought glumly, is marry a commoner that earns high. She who is of Imperial Status, has to marry down, and not up as when they advertised her last year, no noble wanted anything to do with her, yet she appealed to commoners somehow.

Hah, not like Xiao Yun and Xiao Rou will be any different as their family hasn't much money to know martial arts! What noble would have them? Xiao Yun is one of the family waste as she has ability, but can never be a summoner anyway! However, mother told her that grandfather is gathering money to make it happen anyway.

Good luck with that. Raising Summoners are expensive as all money went to eldest brother as he is future family head, he cannot lose face! Well, he had better not, not while she is still a Xiao! A stigma on the family affects EVERYONE!

In the Departments in court, there are Three Departments and Six Ministries. Earnings are in silver and gold.

1 gold coin is equal to 10 silver coins or 100 copper coins or 1000 iron coins.

That means 1 silver = 10 copper.

Cheapest products are in iron coins.

So for a comfortable life by commoner standards, her future husband must at least, earn 800 gold coins a month! To comfortably pay taxes without financial burden, pay off repairs, food, clothes and medicine with medicine being the most expensive in say, a family of four?

And maybe she can appeal to marry into a wealthy merchant family! She deserves that much, at least, even if there's a risk of her husband having concubines if she's not a furen! Then she'll have to appeal to be the best damn wife among his arm candies!

As for Beiyue the despised daughter, she was secretly of a high-level herself.

She travels around Nanyi, leaving the house for mines to harvest top quality materials.

She IS very good at manufacturing. Heck, she can refine pills and materials too. She just wondered who gave these people the idea that only Earth Elements can be alchemists. However, she was far better at weapons than other things best left to Dongling.

She forged swords. She made Dongling a very cute sword fit for a girl she can use for life. Cute and feminine-styled, but extremely-high quality it'd sell for millions of bucks. A sword worthy of war goddesses.

She also recreated Kanshou and Bakuya, and applied her sorcery into it, plus more that Beiyue is FINALLY capable of sorcery when before, UBW is all she truly had, that one single spell.

She can finally study, and master all she knows in her old life, as well as arts here.

How she wanted to be a magus so badly, but stuck with what she only got. Now, she has free reign with all her abilities.


Winter Banquet...

Its the first social debut of nobles and royals who have turned twelve late in the year.

Friggin' cold and sitting in the middle of all that snow...or maybe not.

'Wow cousin~ what a mundane way to use Kirin~' Beiyue giggled as she stayed over at the palace because she and Yingye must use a specific entrance as royals. And she was watching Zhanye who used Kirin to melt all the show in Xia Guang Hall grounds.

Zhanye sighed.

His cousin became a changed person and not in a good way since royal aunt's death.

She became contradictory, cynical and nihilistic. Sure she's still capable of caring for others and smiling, but her smiles are often accompanied by a cold look in her eyes. She also talks coldly as of late. One has to be a good reader of a person to discern her intentions. The only one she was truly kind to, was her maid because she valued loyalty and honesty. And how she rewarded Dongling so, that now, the 13 year old girl is a Mystic Rank 2. At this rate, she'll graduate early, even if one doesn't count the fact that she'll have to cultivate some more to be capable of refining Earth-Class Pills that take hours or days to refine!

She also has a tall, strong body for her age with jade-bone skin and a really tiny waist. And in winter, she wore white! She looks like a fairy!

And she refuses to let it be known in public, not even to her own family how strong she is now. It was because she wants to see how they truly think of her, before dropping them left and right. She doesn't care for politics nor making allies, interested in only her own growth as a martial artist, and giving a damn to only people who genuinely cares for her without a catch. The rest of the world, aren't in her eyes hence.

The other who benefits from this, was Lord Geng. If Dongling is now a budding Pharmacist, Lord Geng is now at a War God stage himself when before, he was at Sword Sage levels, as far as his money can get him.

And the funny part?

Yingye who was two years older than her, Beiyue acts as if SHE is the younger. Doesn't help that Yingye is childish...Yingye's sword skills improved by a lot. But left cultivating and sword art mastery to her. Yingye's movement, reaction time, reflexes, evasion and parrying skills, speed in wielding were the ones upgraded by Beiyue. Yingye's skills have gotten good! Too bad with mother's overprotectiveness, she was forced to skip a lot of school, or made to stay in Imperial College...part-time! Yingye thus follows Beiyue like a puppy, and there was this one time when Xiao Yun, Beiyue's sister sat at HER seat in her first banquet, Yingye called her out on it as she's not even a trueborn, making the girl lose face for her presumptuousness when it was Yingye's first banquet and Xiao Yun's second. Does Imperial Uncle know not how to educate his children?

Beiyue's cultivation is at equal levels to her maid, a master archer and mounted archer, has skills in both Warrior and Enchanter as she specialized in forging weapons and tools other than sorcery...and her current knowledge of Warrior Skill is that of Silver Classes. She will surely be put in the advanced classes and graduate in Warrior Course early, and then apply to Enchanter Course after...maybe?

'Well, I have to, for tonight's party.' Zhanye sighed. 'We're buried neck-deep in snow and tradition cannot be halted nor cut.' he said. He has to clean the whole palace of snow. 'Today will be your first social debut...'

He worried about that as she was a known useless waste. The reality was far different. She would earn scorn and derision.

'I know you worry about my reputation, Zhanye, but I don't really care.' said Beiyue with a snort. 'It just shows me who I should truly associate with worth my time. I am fully-aware of that guy mother paired me up with but its about time to drop him anyway.'

Zhanye frowned at that.

Beiyue found papers engaging her to Anguo Gongzi, Xue Che. However, he clearly doesn't care for her based on her reputation as she never saw even his shadow and has no idea what he even looks like! She is only knowledgeable that his family is worth 130 million in annual income with experts at his beck and call.

Beiyue was also raising her own experts. How she does it, is anyone's guess now...


Winter Banquet came...

The trends for Winter Banquet, were dark purple and blue.

Beiyue took it a step higher in choosing her winter outfit.

She wore something that's highly-eccentric for the event.

She wore a dark blue haori over her clothes that looks like a starry night sky, over a kimono top, an orange waist brocade with white flower prints and a red cord to hold it together, and a flower petal cut outer skirt, with a white pleated skirt underneath.

Her hairstyle was in three buns above her head with white flower hairpins of white lilies and leaves, but the rest of her hair worn into ringlet curls like that of Luvia's, tipped with corkscrew curls. Yingye wore purple and the latest trends but she was the weird one out, even if her outfit was gorgeous and curiosity was on her hair.

Sadly, she has to sit with her family, the Xiao and sat on her seat, but carefully patted it over for sabotage attempts before sitting on it. Her sisters looked ready to puke blood because of how beautiful she was, compared to them. And she carried herself like the princess she should be, with a cold, refined, high-minded gaze.

Indeed, her beauty stunned a lot of young masters, but what prevented them from speaking up was that they're in a danger zone.

Useless Princess Beiyue may be, but they weren't stupid.

They're in front of a great power behind her back. Not only that, she was very wealthy, a girl worth 444 million. She may have resources at her disposal ready to strike at who offends her. She must be very business-savvy if she can earn THAT much in a year! Maybe instead of martial arts, she turned to painting and business? Maybe she's not so useless after all.

While the nobles have maids serving them, Dongling served just Beiyue, dressed in a royal palace maid outfit. Considering the girls knows what's on the menu, they cooked at home Beiyue's personal stock, and served them using diningware used by the palace, to protect her from poisoning.

Not only that, her version, was a lot more delicious and smelled more savory-aromatic.

The banquet proceeded as normal and after that, socializing time!

Yingye eagerly pulled Beiyue to her.

'How did you do that hair? It looks really cute!' Yingye gushed out, finding Beiyue's hairstyle cute.

'Its out of sorcery so its just temporary.' Beiyue told her. 'I want to try many things out.'

'Well it certainly worked!'

From afar, Xue Che observed his fiancee.

Princess Royal engaged her daughter to him when she was a newborn baby and he, 4 years old at the time so he was curious, but got turned off by her reputation as a useless waste when she was six to his ten, and became a timid coward.

But now, she's a businesswoman and painter! Her money can be of use for his cultivation!

He'll use her, then dump her!

A lot of ladies fall for his good looks, so surely she's no different!

So he approached her when the princesses were done chatting.

'Good day Princess...'

She turned her cold gaze on him.

'You are...?'

'It is Xue Che, Anguo Gongzi.' he introduced himself properly.

'Hmm. Good timing.' Beiyue spoke, as she took out a brown envelope, and a jade pendant...that was his?


'I know many things, Anguo Gongzi. And I certainly know certain things about you as well.' Beiyue smiled coldly as Xue Che got nervous at this. Does she know what he's up to?! 'Its best to see to that...immediately, if you want a face to keep.' and she walked away, snubbing him to his shock.

It was perfect that she was near the Princes because Yingye dragged her over to talk safely nearby. This shocked the others who saw as well.

'Princess, what was that about?' Prince Jing quickly approached her, anxious.

'Its exactly as you see, Royal Cousin Jing.' said Beiyue in an icy smile. 'What's inside, should be pretty obvious and he should know why full well. Good night.'

Stunned, returning a pendant along with what's clearly documents...Jing wasn't stupid, as Beiyue faded from appearance using sorcery, revealing that she is a cultivator.

His mother who was just as shocked, was once friends with Princess Royal which led to the pairing of Xue Che to Huang Beiyue. Xue-Yifei wondered what did her nephew do, to be repudiated with royal witnesses?! Her son, Princess Yingye and Third Prince saw, as did Princes Xiaoyao and Lianyi! Not only that, the Xiao Clan saw as well.

How will Xue Che get out of this now?!


'Father, did she do what I think she just did?' Xiao Ling squeaked, wide-eyed as their royal sister dumped Xue Che, the son of a Duke! In an engagement pair between nobility, the son will give their Jade Pendant to their fiancee who will keep it as a symbol of their incoming marriage. It also serves as protection and devotion from the man.

Having it given back, however...says another story.

'Its not just you.' said Zhongqi, just as stunned. 'Something big must have happened?'

'We'll see what's going on in the sidelines, its best not to get involved.' said Yuancheng darkly. Getting involved in such matters is not worth it!


A bit far away from the party...

'Xue Che what have you done!' Xue-yifei cried in dismay. 'Why did she repudiate you?!'

'I-I don't know...'

'Cut the crap cousin, she said you clearly know why she dumped you!' Jing fumed as he snatched the envelope from his stunned cousin to take out documentation of repudiation in duplicate, signed and stamped on by Beiyue, plus there was a letter.

When he read why...

'Oh my god, Xue Che!' he cried in aghast. 'She got wind that you'll use her for money and drop her after neglecting her for years?! Moron of all morons! No wonder she dumped you!' Prince Jing was livid and furious as his mother looked ready to faint. 'If you wanna live longer, sign that document because if its not submitted as soon as possible, if father gets wind of this, see that your family will get in loads of trouble for what you've done! She has evidence on her so you can't play the denial card! Royal Cousin Beiyue is a very kind girl with honor and generosity like royal aunt, any man will be lucky to have her and you just lost a good opportunity!'

As the royals poured their anger on Xue Che, Prince Xiaoyao and Prince Lianyi were eavesdropping.

'Well, isn't this interesting~' the two princes sported a cold smile in their hiding places.

'Safe to say she's single again.' Lianyi chuckled. 'She played the world for fools while actually capable. She's not an easy person.' and they left.


At home...

'Phew, we're home at long last! Winter Parties are freezing cold!'

The girls quickly prepared a hot bath to soak into using a large fire crystal to rapidly heat up water after gathering it using a water crystal. Their skins are so cold and clothes strewn on the bathroom floor.


Its a relief.

'Princess, these parties are insane.' Dongling croaked as they shared the tub together. 'Spring and Winter Banquets in the freezing cold nights! Seriously?!'

'They're dead serious, but nobody has a choice.' Beiyue snarked. 'Obey or else unless you're sick.' she scoffed. 'Have you have dinner yet?'

'Ehhh not yet...'

'After a bath, go get dinner. I already have mine anyway, I'll dump our laundry in the bin.' Beiyue told her.

'Yes miss.'

Thus, Beiyue gave the first strike in her first social debut.