Yami is Life

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A/N: Stuffles… Shounen-ai/yaoi. Yami/Yugi, Bakura/Ryou and possibly Seto/Joey. AU, OOC-ness, will be using mostly American-type names, cause tis be the version I get. Some swearing!

I have no idea if the experiments can exist in real life. I doubt it.



            "Mr. Pegasus, welcome to Sennen Lab level 5, Biological Weapons," the scientist spoke. "Do you wish to proceed with your inspection?"

            The President of SennenCorp smirked, pushing a lock of silver hair behind his ear. "Yes, I do."

            The scientist turned, moving down a stark white hall reeking of disinfectant, discreetly casting a glance over his shoulder at the man who paid him. Bubbles of disgust welled up within him as he took in the aristocrat, decked out in his expensive red suit and black shoes, strutting about as if he owned the place.

            …So technically he did own the place. But that didn't mean the bastard should just pop in whenever he felt like it with no notice! The scientist was grateful that he headed the fifth level, and not the first. Oh how he loathed the rich and how they thought they could do whatever they pleased… If it weren't for his husband, he'd have left this job long ago.

            "If you'll just stop here, I'll show you the first project," the scientist spoke. He stood by a large window in the wall, covered by a thick sheet of metal. Activating a keypad next to the window, the metal slid aside revealing a large chamber, as bleak and white as the hallway.

            "Project #563, codename: Hive Mind. A community of genetically engineered microorganisms that work together to act as a single entity, much like the cells of our body. Each organism can exist and operate separately, allowing them to either separate into a virtually undetectable cloud or they can form into a single being with mass."

            Pegasus watched with mild interest as a dark blob began to appear in midair within the test chamber, eventually forming a sphere, which then proceeded to shift into a cube, and finally a sharp-edged blade shape before once again dissipating.

            "We're still perfecting the process by which we control them," the scientist spoke, the metal sheet sliding back into place. "But once completed, these organisms would be the perfect tool for espionage and sabotage. Shall we continue?"


            The scientist's eyes narrowed slightly, but he managed to keep the annoyed look off his face. It wouldn't do any good to irritate his employer. "The next project is #565, codename: Bl-"

            "Come now," Pegasus spoke suddenly. "I didn't come here to bother with these insignificant projects. You know what I'm really here for."

            "Sir?" the scientist questioned, playing dumb. "I don't know what you're talking about."

            He knew very well what the man was talking about. It was the pride and joy of Sennen Labs, a combined effort of the Biological Weapons and Psychological Departments. The most sophisticated genetic prototype he knew to have been created, and the most expensive and extensive project the Lab had ever undertaken. The simple process of creating it had taken decades, the experiment having started long before he had been hired as Head Scientist of Level 5.

            The President of SennenCorp smirked, "I believe you call it project #4-580?"

            "Ah yes, that experiment," the scientist acknowledged, nodding curtly. He once again led the way down the hallway, turning left at a fork. Their destination was reached in the form of a reinforced metal door. He quickly inputted a password into the keypad and the door opened with a whoosh.

            They entered upon a room filled with humming of computers and the low drone of conversation, the chamber dominated by a larger viewing window that filled an entire wall. Six other scientists occupied the room, four at computers and two monitoring the window. All of them snapped to attention as they caught site of their Level Head and President.

            "Welcome, sir!" a woman greeted.

            The newcomers moved to the window, to look upon the chamber beyond. It was fairly small and sparsely furnished holding only a futon, a holographic game board and a toilet. But it was the room's sole occupant that drew the attention of all.

            "Project 4-580," the Head Scientists spoke. "Codename: Game King."

            Large, violet eyes lifted from a game of chess to peer almost directly at the viewers, as though seeing through the barrier. Impossible, as the glass was one-way. It was a boy, rather small, with pale skin having been touched only by those lights that shone from the ceiling. He was completely exposed, wearing nothing and completely devoid of all hair.

            "It is one of the most perfect weapons ever created," one of the scientists spoke. "Highly intelligent with the capacity to learn rapidly and develop. Stronger, faster and more resilient than any human, with magnified senses of touch, hearing, sight, scent and taste to the point it can maneuver just as well in pitch blackness as in light. Highly accelerated healing abilities and a phenomenally high pain threshold. It can survive for an hour without breathing, thirty-one days without drinking water and reaching two and a half months without food. If giving the proper information it can calculate possibilities to an accuracy bordering on pre-cognition. It has the potential to develop strong telekinetic abilities. It is trained in most known forms of combat, more than a thousand forms of combat and the use of any weapon or vehicle known to man.

            "After creating it, we strictly regulated the information that was passed to the Game King, isolating it from any human contact, our only contact with it through speakers. As it has the ability to develop connections and adopt and create morals, we have kept it from receiving any of the socialization a regular human child would. Currently it knows nothing of humans, gender, culture or the existence of a world beyond this portion of the lab."

            The Head Scientist took up the explanation, "There are only four rules by which it lives its life and understands the world. Need Air, Need Water, Need Food."

            "And the fourth?" Pegasus inquired.

            "Is what allows us to control what it does completely," the scientist answered. "The Doctors are Life."