Yami is Life

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Goose Chase:

Joey poked fiercely at the fire with a stick, then watched the charred wood crackle and break. He shot a glance at the tent where Yami's little 'acquisition' was currently sleeping. He didn't like this one bit, something about the situation smelled funny... You didn't just find hairless, naked boys in the middle of the woods.

Tristan was watching his blonde friend's brooding with a questioning look, absentmindedly roasting a marshmallow. He turned slightly as he heard the tent flap behind him unzip, his short companion exiting.

"I've bandaged him up as well I can," the reddish-eyed youth spoke. "He didn't wake up through any of it. But we really need to get him to a hospital as soon as possible, his hands and feet are a mess. The little first aid training I have is little help, especially with what we have to work with..."

Glancing up at the quickly darkening sky, the tall brunette said: "We'll have to wait until tomorrow. No way we're gonna be able to carry everything and a knocked-out kid back to the truck in the dark."

"You think we should actually bring that back?" Joey asked, glaring up at his friends.

"What the hell, Joey?" Yami responded. "You wanna leave some kid poor kid in the forest to die?"

"All I'm saying is that it's awfully weird to just find some naked kid in the middle of the mountains!" the blonde put in. "I mean... and he doesn't have a single hair on him! Not even eyelashes. It isn't natural!"

"Yeah well, maybe he's a victim of hazing gone too far or something," the short teen retorted. "But... Hell Joey! How could you think of leaving him?!"

"Hazing, right. And what about the tattoo on the back of his neck?"

"Eh?" Yami stared at his friend in confusion. "Tattoo?"

"Didn't ya see it? It's one of those Egyptian eyes, like SennenCorp's logo." Joey gestured wildly with his slightly burnt stick. "I bet he's some creepy cyborg or something built to take over the world. They probably want us to take it back!"

Tristan and Yami stared at the blonde, speechless.

"...Alright," the tall brunette said. "You are never watching the Terminator movies again."

"Ever," agreed the shortest of the trio.

"I'm serious, guys! Everyone knows that SennenCorp is involved in a bunch of creepy stuff. They'd be shut down if anyone could get enough solid evidence!"

"Yeah, sure. Maybe like six-legged chickens and laser guns." Yami glanced over his shoulder at the tent. "But you don't create people."

It awoke to the sound of voices and a strange crackling sound. Blinking its eyes open it found itself staring up at a strange orangey material only a few meters up. Sitting up carefully it glanced around, trying to figure out where it was.

It was a strange little room, all made of that orange material. Perhaps the human, its new Life, had taken it here?

Well, wherever this new here was, at least it had a ceiling like any proper place should. It shuddered in remembrance of the horrible blue emptiness that had stretched on forever. Now that it had that train of thought over with, it could move on to more important things.

The ache in its head and nose that all the new smells had subsided, though there were no less smells, its body having become accustomed while it was unconscious. But there was still that odd numbness in its hands and feet... Upon inspecting its appendages it found them to be covered in some sort of cloth. The cloth was tied tight enough that it couldn't bend its fingers, perhaps it was cutting off the circulation and that was causing the numbness? But no... concentrating on the limbs it suddenly became aware that its body was active... knitting together bone...? It had broken its feet and fingers?

Well, that would account for the cracks it had been aware of during its fit. No worries there, it could feel the bones healing and they'd be well soon enough.

Next order of business was, what exactly was on it? Staring down itself it found itself draped in fabric. Well... perhaps not draped, the article appeared to be fabricated to fit something with an anatomy like itself, possessing holes for a head, two arms and a space for the legs or waist to exit. It must have been created for humans, though why they would wear something like this... it was loose and restricted a full range of movement, the thing would have reached its mid-thigh had it been standing.

It was struggling to pull the large fabric-thing over its head when it heard a strange almost buzzing noise. It dropped the thing and looked to see a hole appearing in the side of the room! A figure entered and through the new opening, and though it had only seen this human once it had already memorized its scent and knew those red-purple eyes.

"Life!" It shouted.

When Yami had opened the tent and gone in, the last thing he had expected was to be yelled at and then have a small boy attach himself to his waist. But that was exactly what had happened. He didn't even think what the boy had yelled was English.

Just as suddenly as the boy had, well, glomped him, he let go and sat back, legs spread wide. Averting his reddish eyes, the teenager wished they had thought to put more than one of Tristan's spare t-shirts on the kid. Though the kid didn't seem to be aware of what he was showing off.

He was about to introduce himself when the boy started babbling away. The only words he made out were 'what' and 'here'. The rest was complete nonsense to him. Though... he was quite sure that he had heard some French and German, maybe Japanese in there... What the hell was the boy speaking?

"Hey, whoa, wait a minute!" Yami said. "Slow down for a second."

The kid stopped and stared at him with those oh-so-violet eyes, waiting.

"Okay, that's better." Talking slowly, he asked, "Do you speak English?"

The boy tilted his head. "English?"

"Yeah, Eng-lish."

"What type of English?" the boy asked, speaking with a British accent. "European? Australian? Canadian? American?"

Yami blinked stupidly. The boy had adopted a different accent to match each of the cultures he had named. "Er... the same way I speak...?"

"Hey Yami!" Tristan poked his head in, causing the kid to squeak and back against the wall of the tent. "Whoa! The kid is awake?"

"No, you asstard," the short teen said sarcastically, "He's still out cold."

He received a light cuff to the head in answer, to which the tri-color haired teen retaliated with a swift elbow to the ribs.

Turning his attention back to the boy he put his hand to his chest and said, "I'm Yami and this is Tristan. What's you're name."

The pale child looked back and forth between the two, then pointed at the reddish-eyed teen, then seemed to consider his words. "You... are called Yami? And... the other is called Tristan?"

"Uh, yeah. Yami and Tristan. And you are?" The short teen couldn't help but notice that the boy now spoke in a near-perfect imitation of his own accent.

"I am... myself," the kid said, confusion lacing his voice, though it didn't seem to show on his face.

"Well, yes. But I mean what it your name?"

"I do not have a name," the boy said.

"What?" Tristan asked, "But everyone has a name. What did your parents call you?"

"Parents? These are... the organism or organisms from which you were created yes? I do not believe I have parents."

The two teenagers stared at the hairless boy before them, before the taller of the duo leaned over and whispered, "I think this kid is retarded or something."

"I am not," the child said, not sounding particularly offended. "My brain is working at maximum capacity."

"Um... right," Yami said, "We'll just be... outside for a bit. 'Kay? If you need anything, just call."


The two humans had left the room, closing up the room again. It assumed this meant that it should just stay here and so after wrestling out of the fabric-thing it lay down to think. The thing it was lying on was similar to its futon and very comfortable.

It was quite content with itself. It had learned that its new Life was called 'Yami'.

"Yami," it said happily, loving the feeling of the word on its tongue. The word meant 'Dark' in Japanese, it was quite sure. How interesting. "Yaaamiii..."

The presence of the other human had unnerved it at first. It had never encountered one organism, let alone two. But there had been more than one doctor after all – though only one had been its doctor – and as long as its Life, no, Yami, was around, it could handle more than one person.

It was also annoyed that it hadn't done what its doctor had told it and asked questions. It had been a bit overwhelmed at the time and it would make sure that the next chance it got it would ask plenty of questions, which would be easy, seeing how many it had.

There was little in the orange tent, and though it didn't need any more sleep it decided it might as well sleep as much as it could, seeing as it couldn't be sure when the next time it would sleep would be. And besides, while asleep, its body could concentrate more on making its bones better again.

As it drifted off into slumber it whispered out loud, "Yami is Life."

Joey poured water on the dying fire, mixed the ashes around, then dumped the rest of the bucket into the mess. The others had gone off to the outhouse to relieve themselves before bed, and he was alone with that... whatever-it-was. His lip curled at the thought of sharing a tent with the strange thing. It would probably murder them in their sleep.

His convictions that it wasn't human were only amplified when his friends had related the strange conversation with the 'boy', though they had only worried that he might be brain damaged or something. Right, it said it had no name and no parents... it obviously meant that it was made in a lab.

He picked up his charred stick and stared at its pointed end thoughtfully. Maybe he could... The blonde bit his lip. Maybe.

Making his way to the tent he slowly unzipped the door and raised the neon lamp he held in his other hand. The light fell across the pale figure of the thing.

"What the hell...?" It had removed Tristan's shirt and was curled naked on one of the foam mattresses. Why the hell had it done that?

It appeared to be asleep though, so he stepped carefully into the tent trying to make as little noise as possible. He kneeled down next to it, placing the lamp on the ground and grabbed the stick with both hands, gripping it tightly. Taking a deep breath he raised the stick and...

And looked down at its sleeping face. The breath caught in his throat, and he couldn't help but stare at it. It was so... innocent looking. All pale and smooth, eyes closed lightly and full lips in a light pout. Somehow it reminded him of the first time he had seen his little sister.

He flopped back onto the mattress and let out a breath. This was no killer robot, no creepy monster, and there was absolutely no way he could kill it. His hands began to tremble as he thought about what he had been about to do. Suddenly he flung the stick out the door, hoping never to see the thing again.

"Well, kid," the blonde said, "whoever or whatever you are, you're safe from me." He laughed slightly. "One heck of a self defence mechanism they gave ya."

"Hey Joey!" Tristan yelled from outside. "We're back!"

"Yeah, I'm in here," he answered. "Get in here, and let's all get some sleep like Yami's little buddy here."

"Sounds like a plan."

Men in dark suits combed the blast site, swarming the devastated area. They had had to wait for the authorities to leave, the rangers and police having been attracted by such a large explosion. No doubt the area would be invaded by the military next morning. So they had to search the entire site and nearby surrounding area before then. And that was a lot of ground cover.

Gabe Winston cursed loudly as he tripped over a bit of rubble. He could've been back home with his wife, but no, he had been called out to go on a wild goose chase in the middle of the fucking night. He swung his high-powered flash to look at what he stumbled over. It was probably a piece of one of those fucking 'indestructible' tanks they had been working.

"Indestructible my ass," he muttered, then shouted, "Oi Harper, what the hell are they expecting us to find? There ain't nothing on Earth that could've survived an explosion like this!"

The man a few meters to his right merely shrugged.

"Buncha bastards," snarled Gabe. "Fucking goose chase is what it is..."

Something glittered in the dark of his peripheral version and he swung around shining the flashlight into the gloom. A cloud of dark spots hovered above the ground, swarming off into the air as the light hit it.

"You see somethin' Winston?" Harper called.

"Nah, just a bunch of fucking bugs."

"Kinda late in the year for bugs ain't it?"

"If it isn't snowing and there's no frost it's never too late for the little fuckers. Nothing we need to report to the mini-bosses."


Turning back around, Gabe continued on the futile search. The sooner it was done the sooner he could get home to Lila.