So this isn't the MHA chapter but I had a real sudden burst of inspiration after seeing an NSFW image of Pyrrha as a cow faunus and...this was made! I actually want to make a sequel to this so that will be added soon, I also plan on many other faunus Pyrrha and Jaune oneshots in the future. So the MHA chapter will by put on hold because I need to make an among us chapter that is long overdue so I'll be cracking on that soon.

"Not again." Pyrrha groaned staring down at the damp circles that plagued her shirt. The champion unbuttoned her blouse letting her massive G-cup breasts spill outward, her nipples lactating, slowly leaking out of the puffy protrusions. She made her way to the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror and slowly started to knead her breasts, making more milk start to flow out of her nipples.

"Ngh!" Pyrrha bit her lower lip doing her best to stifle the moan that nearly escaped. She picked up the pace, squeezing tighter before finally milk started pouring full force out of her breasts nearly filling the sink. She let out a satisfied sigh pulling up her bra covering her breasts once more leaning against the marble staring into the mirror.

'I...I can't keep doing this. It's bad enough that my breast pump broke on my flight here but even then, it still wouldn't be able to handle the pure volume of milk I'm producing...I'll have to contact mom, she'll hopefully be able to help.' Being a cow faunus had its advantages, a much more powerful body than the average human or faunus, extremely curvaceous proportions, and her adorable cow ears. But as a female cow faunus, she constantly excretes milk no matter what and that leads to...extreme cases of swollen breasts and large amounts of milk being produced. Pyrrha was different from her fellow faunus, the pure volume of her milk production was already unnatural but her larger than usual cow faunus breasts.

"Pyrrha? Are you ok in there? Do you need me to do anything?"

Jaune Arc, bless his soul, easily the nicest person in Beacon that was too dense for his own good, her first true friend and current love interest.

"N-no Jaune! I'm fine in here! Nothing to worry about!" She hastily fiddled with the buttons on her blouse doing her best to get them back together.

"Son of a...!" The final button finally slid through its hole making her sigh in relief, only for that button to pop apart spurring a chain reaction.

"No!" Pyrrha squealed trying to salvage her ruined blouse before it completely popped apart.

"Pyrrha?! I'm coming in!" He yelled in worry for his partner.

"Jaune no!"

He didn't catch her warning and in he went busting in the door only to catch sight of a furiously blushing Pyrrha attempting to cover her bountiful cleavage. Jaune stared dumbly at the sight his gorgeous partner was in, not taking his eyes off her for a solid five seconds before going red and being pelted on the forehead by a salvo of the remaining buttons stumbling out the door in a hurry smashing his head into the side of the wall.

"I-I'm so sorry Pyrrha!" Jaune groaned from the ground. Pyrrha sighed again but smiled taking off her shirt covering herself crouching down to his level.

"Oh Jaune, what am I gonna do with you..." She helped him up even though he refused to open his eyes squinting them shut and covering them with his hands.

Pyrrha pulled out an extra large blouse buttoning them over her breasts with a slight struggle but not as horrible as it was with her earlier shirt. She looked over at Jaune who was still covering his eyes before she thought of an idea.

"Jaune you can look now." He uncovered his eyes swallowing at how even this extra-large blouse clung so tightly to her chest starting to make his mind wander.

'No! No lewd thoughts of your partner and best friend!'

"So did you need to stay behind? was it your blouse not buttoning?" Pyrrha went crimson averting her gaze from him tapping her fingers together.

"Um...well it's erm...complicated." She sat down still red in embarrassment with Jaune sitting down next to her.

"Pyrrha, if you have problems you can tell me. I mean, what are partners for? Also, I seem to recall a certain someone berating me for not coming to her when I needed help earlier in the year hm?" He bopped her nose with a finger making Pyrrha recoil back in surprise before smiling.

"You''re right. Well...Jaune, how much do you know about faunus anatomy and traits?"

"Um, not very much. I know that depending on what animal you take after those traits are highlighted, like how Velvet is extremely agile and quick like a rabbit, has excellent hearing, and how you have cow ears, are really fricking strong even without aura active. But other than that no not really Pyr." She stared at him nodding giving Jaune a smile.

"Well you got the rough things down, but there are other things that affect faunus more than you would be able to see upon first glance. Velvet for example has extremely hormonal mating periods where she will jump any male if she were to be single. If she and Yatsuhashi weren't together Velvet would possibly be lurking around Beacon pouncing any guy she finds attractive."

"Oh ok...I'm getting it now soooo...what underlying traits do you have Pyrrha?"

This was the tipping point, Pyrrha swallowed gulping hard letting out a shaky breath before rapidly speaking.

"MyboobsexcretebreastmilkconstantlyandIhavetomilkthem!" Jaune blinked clearly not hearing what she said in full.

"Uh, I'll I caught from that was milk and them." The champion shut her eyes tight in embarrassment letting out a breath finally gaining the confidence she needed.

"My boobs excrete breast milk constantly and I have to milk them so they stop hurting. The breast milk pump I used broke so...I've been having to hand knead my breasts and it's been utterly exhausting."

Jaune blinked a couple of times glancing down at Pyrrha's chest then back into her eyes holding up a finger then instantly brought it back down utterly speechless. The Spartan immediately became downcast, how could she tell him something so completely out of left field?! She was about to raise her head to apologize only to stop when she heard Jaune whisper something.

"What did you say Jaune?"

"I...I said that...if you'll allow me...I can milk...your breasts. I...grew up on a farm and know how to...milk cows so..." Jaune tugged at his collar sweating so embarrassed that he couldn't meet her eyes. Pyrrha internally was cheering up a storm, this was the next step in her relationship with Jaune! Sure it was purely to help her but if she used this to her advantage...she'd be bent over a bed with her adorable partner taking her in any way he desired. Pyrrha completely undid her blouse making Jaune freeze slack-jawed at the sight, she went to remove her bra only for her partner to grab ahold of her wrists.

"P-P-Pyrrha?! N-now?! I...I don't..." Pyrrha smiled at him once more unclasping her bra, breasts exposed fully to the air. Jaune looked at the pair of bountiful boobs in awe, their sheer size dwarfing even Yang who was an easy double D cup.

"I want you to...milk me Jaune. Please? To help me?" Jaune's hands were shaking and his face was dripping with sweat. He unbuttoned his blazer using it as a makeshift towel, even slapping himself in the face to reaffirm himself. Pyrrha nearly gasped but kept her composure nodding reaching under her bed producing a gallon pitcher positioning it below herself as Jaune sat across from her, he was blushing furiously but didn't show an ounce of hesitation.

Jaune rose his hands to her chest gently resting his palms upon the beautiful bosom giving them a small squeeze eliciting a small moan from Pyrrha.

'Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! This is not like cows at home! This is Pyrrha! My partner! My friend! My beautiful, amazing, drop-dead gorgeous teammate who is so fucking stunning the entire male student body stops what they're doing just to look at her walk by and I am fondling her breasts!' Jaune's mind was going overload, almost making it look like there was steam coming out of his ears.

"K-keep going Jaune...P-please!" Pyrrha pleaded and he nodded pressing his fingers harder into her mounds already noticing how much milk was flowing down the back of his hands dripping into the bucket. He picked up his pace rolling her bosom in a rhythmic circle, pressing his thumbs into her nipples making them harden nigh instantaneously. Pyrrha squeaked biting her lip, eyes closed shivering from his touch.

Jaune picked up his pace squeezing hard forcing Pyrrha to her breaking point spilling milk outward flowing freely into the bucket. The champion let out a trembling moan still quivering now having her hands wrapped around Jaune's wrists keeping him firmly planted on her chest. They sat like that for a few moments in silence, Jaune still reddening furiously in awe at what he just did and Pyrrha was panting still feeling the high combined from the pleasure and relief in her chest.

"T-thank you so much Jaune. Can I...Can I come to you from now on if I" She asked innocently and Jaune blinked rapidly as if he was in a daze nodding like crazy.

"Y-yeah! Of course Pyrrha!"

They had some interesting moments, one of them being after a milking session only a week after they started.

"*huff* T-thank you Jaune." Pyrrha buttoned up her blouse again trying to get her breathing under control while Jaune was wiping sweat away reaching down to pick up the pitcher of milk to dispose of it only to hear a bang on the door.

"Hey! Who's locking doors?! I am the queen of this dorm and I demand you open it, fearless leader!"

"Nora, Jaune's probably asleep. Give him a moment."

Jaune went pale, looking over at Pyrrha who was equally as sheen. She waved her arms making a clueless face and Jaune could only dart his head around thinking of a solution only to reach down, grab the pitcher of milk and press it to his lips demonstrating an amazing chugging ability downing the pitcher in seconds.

"NO LOCKED DOORS!" Nora smashed the door in making Jaune fall forward in surprise hitting facefirst groaning.

"WHY IS PYRRHA ALL TIRED LOOKING?! AND WHY ARE YOU SWEATING?!" Nora preened looking at them both with a curious gaze.

"Nora, they just finished training. Look at the time." He pointed at his scroll and Nora spun back around giving Jaune the universal always watching you sign.

From then on, every time Pyrrha needed relief Jaune was there at her beckon call. This went on for the rest of the week, then another, and eventually an entire month right around the corner to the Beacon dance.

"Nggh! Yes right there!" Pyrrha echoed out another splitting moan this time, draining her milk into the pitcher below. This time, however, Jaune's head was nestled between her breasts while he methodically massaged them, pulling on Pyrrha's nipples, squeezing inward and releasing her flesh slowly with his calloused hands that had grown stronger in the past month. After the first week of milking her, Pyrrha revealed to Jaune that her breast milk and that of other cow faunus increases a person's power but her milk was extra-special having belonged to the Nikos bloodline anyone whom Pyrrha deeply cared about romantically would have the effects doubled and if he loved her in return the effects would be further enhanced, her mother dubbed it the Nikos love milk. Though she didn't reveal the romantic effect tidbit and since he started drinking her milk his strength had skyrocketed, now able to best anyone of team CRDN as well as any opponent outside of RWBY and JNPR.

Jaune dislodged himself from Pyrrha's cleavage swallowing and panting as he normally did.

"Thank you...thank you so much Jaune. A-Amazing help as always." Jaune nodded smiling at his partner giving her a brief hug before walking over to his closet taking out his dress outfit for the dance. He peeled off his shirt revealing his now much more of a muscled physique he had obtained donning a bulkier and more powerful build that had surprising speed behind it. She shook her head from ogling Jaune any further turning around to put on her dress.

"Hey Pyrrha?" She turned to face him and beamed.

"Yes Jaune?"

"I um...I wanted to ask if you had a date to the dance..." Pyrrha had to fight with all her power not to gasp, was he?...

"I...I do not. No one ever asked me." Jaune nodded slamming a fist to his chest before breathing out.

"Then...may I...may I have the privilege to take you to the dance?" She felt her heart ache with want and happiness as his words rushed over her.

"Of course Jaune, I'd be delighted for you to take me." Pyrrha finished putting on her dress barely able to contain the excitement that rushed inside.

'YESSS!' She gave out a silent cheer to herself sliding on her gloves to accentuate the dress's sexiness spinning around with a hand rested on her hip.

"How do I look Jaune?" He turned around eyes bulging at her dress that perfectly matched her hair, the gloves she wore truly accentuating how captivating her beauty was.

"A-amazing...breathtaking Pyrrha." That was all he was able to get out without hitting an octave higher. She took in his form, the tuxedo he wore clinging tightly against his shoulders and being taught around his arms. He had truly attained the form of an Adonis after so much training with her and drinking her milk. He held out his arm which she gladly looped hers around leaning against his shoulder. The duo walked in and all eyes were on them, Yang whistled as they came up to her looking them both up and down.

"Well hot damn! Aren't you two the sexiest looking couple to have walked in! Gotta say vomit boy, surprised you mustered up the courage to ask her!" Jaune scratched his cheek chuckling nervously and Pyrrha simply smiled gripping his arm tighter. They entered after Yang checked them in, taking time to drink punch, do a bit of dancing and take in one another company.

"I know I've already said this're amazing Pyrrha." Jaune held a hand at Pyrrha's waist with his other melded in hers slowly spinning around the floor.

"Thank you Jaune, you''re words...they're...they're everything I need to hear." She leaned herself deeper into Jaune's embrace and he held her tighter.

"Pyrrha, this is hard to say without being cheesy!" Pyrrha rose a hand up to his face rubbing her thumb slowly across his cheek.

"Say it Jaune." He swallowed again and shook his head suddenly dropping his hands to her waist pulling Pyrrha in for a deep kiss. Her eyes were wide open, blinking a few times to see he was still latched to her lips and she fell into the kiss locking her hands around his neck. Time slowed to a stop, the two lovers falling into one another's embrace finally breaking away for air. Pyrrha licked her lips, already missing Jaune's warm mouth against hers. She leaped into his arms, her mouth descending on his neck kissing him all over fervently with Jaune doing much of the same except being more flustered.


"DORM!" He didn't need to hear anymore, exiting the ballroom beelining it to the dorms. Pyrrha was tugging at his collar before getting fed up with the fabric and ripping it apart letting his skin free. Jaune shoulder-checked their dorm room door just as Pyrrha had his dress shirt torn to shreds leaving him in only a bowtie and dress pants. He reached to take off the bow only for Pyrrha to grab his hands.

"K-Keep the bow''s really sexy." Pyrrha's chest rose rapidly reaching down to roll up her dress only to be tackled onto the bed by jaune. He gripped the top of her dress tearing it to shreds letting her breasts spill outwards. Jaune descended upon the two bountiful mounds sucking on one and fondling the other.

"O-Oh Gods Jaune!" She watched as he greedily suckled on her boobs, gulping down streaks of milk that was leaking out. He let go of her left breast and clamped down on the other letting his teeth graze slightly against Pyrrha's nipple making her squirm letting out panting moans.

"J-just like that Jaune! Keep sucking on my...on my fucking tits!" She swore in a rare moment but the champion didn't care, the object of all her desires was devouring every inch of her as she laid on her back brimming with pleasure.

"I want you!" Jaune snarled ripping off Pyrrha's panties showing her dripping sex prime and ready for his throbbing cock. He pulled off his pants, letting his eight-inch cock slap onto her stomach slowly grinding up and down before lowering it down to her entrance. Jaune looked at Pyrrha for permission and she slowly nodded smiling away.

"Do it Jaune, take me!" She ordered and he followed, gliding his cock into her virgin folds. Blood soon leaked out of her and Jaune stopped once he was fully sheathed inside looking down into her eyes as she blearily stared back.

"F-fuck me Jaune! Fuck me haARRDD!" She squealed out as Jaune started to slide in and out of her snatch, her warmth enveloping him in its entirety. His hips smacked against hers with resounding slaps, he didn't have a rhythm or a specific pace only focused on slamming into Pyrrha with everything he had. She dug her nails into his back watching as he leaned down roughly sucking on her breasts once again thrusting with abandon. Pyrrha's walls were clenching securely around his cock like a vice grip, making his member start to pulse as his limit was reached.

"P-Pyrrha! I'm...I'm about to-!"

"I-Inside! Spray your seed inside Jaune! D-Don't worry! I won't get pregnant!" He took her word, pumping hard a few more times before finally releasing his load inside her quivering cunt, feeling her folds tighten around his shaft while his seed filled her womb. They stayed like that for a few minutes, enjoying the raw feeling of each other's sex melded together.

" you want to go out with me Pyrrha?" Jaune joked and Pyrrha lightly smacked his head giggling at the joke.

"Yes, I would. And from now on we will be incorporating sex into our workouts every day!" Jaune blinked in response.

"Uh, every day? Pyrrha, I really don't want you to get pregnant so we'll have to wear protection."

"No worries my love, I can't get pregnant unless my mating period occurs which isn't for three months. So that means..." She swirled her finger around his chest making Jaune gulp at her sudden dominating attitude flipping their positions in the blink of an eye taking top.

"I can show you what cowgirl really means!"

After finally becoming a couple, Pyrrha wanted to make up for lost time taking every moment to drain Jaune of every drop of sperm he could produce.

"Pyrrha! Ren and Nora could come back at any moment!" Jaune squirmed underneath of her as she willed her semblance around his belt buckle forcing the Arcs pants off of him in a single motion.

"Then we'll have to be snappy! Now shove that cock in me!" She yanked off her panties slamming herself down on his cock instantly, her eyes rolling towards the back of her head. Jaune growled violently bringing his hands down on her beautifully proportioned ass, with enough squish to squeeze but having the muscle to keep it firm.

"YOU! *SMACK* ARE *SMACK* A HORNY *SMACK* BITCH!" Jaune finally broke out of his usual attitude losing himself in the raw pleasure. Pyrrha smiled, loving when he talked dirty relishing every thrust he rammed into her unbelievably tight cunt.

"FUCK YES! DRINK MY TITTY MILK BABY!" She bent over stuffing her swollen tits right into Jaune's open maw, the sound of him gurgling on her breast milk being music to Pyrrha's ears as he reached his limit bursting inside without care while she clamped down onto his cock making for damned sure every drop was sucked into her womb. Pyrrha rode the wave of pleasure grinding back and forth with his dick still sheathed inside before slowly pulling herself up letting his cock go with a satisfying pop. The champion frowned at his still hardened state poking it a bit but still wouldn't go down.

' about we try something else~' Pyrrha schemed deviously inserting two fingers into her snatch pulling out globs of Jaune's cum and proceeded to smear it all over his already slick cock. He looked down at what she was doing with a curious gaze still numb from the raw ecstasy he was still experiencing. Pyrrha spun around grinding his still stiff dick against the perfect crack of her asscheeks making it twitch from her supple ass.

"You're a naughty boy Jaune, still hard even after cumming in your girlfriend's pussy? Well if you're so insatiable let's see how you handle this!" She lifted her ass above his cock, putting the head of his dick right onto the entrance to her asshole. Jaune let out a small gasp before she pushed herself farther down his cock, clenching her teeth shut and closing her eyes as he penetrated her virgin ass before finally getting down to the base of his shaft. She sat for a moment taking in the feeling of her asshole being so filled before slowly moving up and down pumping his member clinching her ass tight to increase the pressure much to Jaune's pleasure as he let out louder moans than he had before.

She twerked up and down on his cock, getting used to the feeling of fullness he gave her.

"Oh my Gods! Pyrrha your ass is so tight it hurts!" He panted out and she relished his moans increasing her tempo slamming down harder, faster and more ferociously on Jaune's cock feeling his balls slap her ass cheeks with each thrust. He grabbed ahold of her waste getting in the rhythm of her bouncing reaching around her stomach fingering her still soaking and cum-dripping pussy.

"You want me to bust a nut in your ass, don't you? You want me to knock up your asshole huh?!" He swiped a hand swiftly across her ass whistling at how it undulated like a wave in water.

"YES! BREED MY ASSHOLE JAUNE!" He did as she asked letting out a final guttural moan before exploding once again filling her pucker to the brim in baby batter seeing some leak down his cock due to the sheer volume while Pyrrha cummed simultaneously. Pyrrha pulled out of him again collapsing on top of him with a dopey smile pressing her lips softly into his.

"Now that, was amazing."

"Amazing is shortchanging it Pyr, I'd say fucking divine!" Jaune chuckled wrapping his arms around her snuggling his face into her hair tickling her cute cow ears with his breath.

The door clicked and Jaune swiftly tore the covers on his bed around them masking their naked bodies. Nora and Ren came trudging in drenched head to toe in sweat while the Valkyrie was buttoning up her blouse and Ren had a large purple mark on his neck. The two couples stared at one another frozen in place, Ren could smell the sex in their dorm but the Arkos duo could see the sex on Renora.

"...So it looks like we both had fun huh?!" Nora chuckled showing off a toothy grin and Ren only facepalmed shaking his head.

(One week before the Vytal Festival)

"This...This can't be possible.'s not even my mating period!" Pyrrha whispered audibly, shaking her head looking down at the positive pregnancy test. The champion had been feeling off for the last couple of weeks but she waved it off as pre-festival jitters but when she missed her period Pyrrha knew that something was up and purchased a pregnancy test and to her utter bafflement the test confirmed that she was indeed with child.

'How could this have happened?! Mother always said only mating periods is when faunus can become pregnant!' She grabbed her scroll dialing her mom's number hearing the phone ring before finally hearing it pick up.

"Oh sweetie, what a pleasant surprise!" Athena Nikos smiled at her daughter but did a double-take blinking at Pyrrha's distressed face.

"Honey, I can already tell something is wrong now what is it?"

"M-mom, is it possible to become pregnant when not in mating season?" Athena blinked tapping her chin and shook her head.

"No it shouldn't be. Although, it is possible if you're constantly engaging in sex that will then trigger an early mating period in your body tricking it into thinking that your time to become pregnant has come. Oh my little champion, have you and Jaune been" Pyrrha shrunk drawing her mouth in a thin line.

"W-well...I...yes we've...we've had a lot of sex lately I won't lie b-but I would've never imagined that it'd trigger my hormones!" Athena smiled shaking her head taking a breath.

"Don't worry honey, I know you're young and terrified but it's ok. From what you've told me about Jaune, he will be with you every step of the way and will not leave you behind. Now, don't let this information stew and be upfront with him he'll understand I promise." Pyrrha nodded nervously reaching to end the call.

"No need to tell me Pyr, I heard everything." Jaune poked through the door and Pyrrha gasped.

"J-Jaune! I-I didn''s..."

"Pyrrha, it's ok. I'm not going anywhere. You're going to be the mother to my child and I couldn't be happier. Though I'd have liked to ask you to marry me first so I guess I'll do that now." He got down on one knee reaching inside his shirt producing a necklace adorned with both her family symbol and the Arc family symbol.

"Pyrrha Artemis Nikos, you are my world. Though we've only been together a few months I feel as though I've known you my entire life. You're my goddess, my love and I will always stay by your side no matter what obstacle blocks my path. Will you marry me?" Pyrrha was at a lost of words tears streaming down her face nodding and throwing herself into his arms sobbing.

"I love much Jaune..." He reached his arms around to the back of her neck connecting the necklace watching as it rested between her bosom.

"When did you get this?"

"I...actually made it. My grandfather on my mother's side was a blacksmith and he taught me how to forge a bit before passing away. I was going to give you this after the festival but now is as good a time as any so here it is." He gently grasped her hand putting the necklace closing Pyrrha's fingers around it.

"This is a promise to you and our unborn child. We'll go through this together and when I get enough money I'll forge you a proper ring with a diamond."

"Jaune, I have the money you don't-"

"I do. I'm not making you pay for your own ring, I'll make it with my own hands and buy the perfect diamond. We should go tell Ozpin about this, I don't think it's a good idea for you to compete since your pregnant." Pyrrha nodded nuzzling herself into the crook of his neck. They went to Ozpin and told him of Pyrrha's unexpected pregnancy which he understood fully, internally cursing that he had now lost his prime candidate for the power of the maiden.

"Ms. Nikos, since you are now pregnant it is in your best interest to take a leave of absence from the school. I'd suggest returning to your home so you may be in comfort while you reach the different stages of pregnancy. Even after you give birth you may return and finish your training Ms. Nikos, we accommodate students that have children and can prepare a larger dorm for your eventual return."

The Arkos couple nodded leaving the old wizard alone. Pyrrha called her mother and shortly afterward an air shuttle was there to pick her up. After a teary goodbye and promise of visiting Argus as often as he could Jaune kissed Pyrrha watching as she boarded the shuttle leaving him alone. He told Nora and Ren what happened which they understood completely already talking of how they'd perform in the first round of the festival without their teammate.

Unfortunately, other plans were set in motion and Beacon was attacked. Pyrrha watched in horror as she looked at the holoprojector with her mother seeing the place she was at only a couple of weeks ago now set ablaze and overrun with Grimm praying that her friends and fiancee had come out unscathed. Unknown to her, Jaune barely survived by the skin of his teeth having faced off against Cinder Fall on the top of Beacon tower. After a vicious fight and being able to slice out one of Cinder's eyes and even wound her, Jaune Arc laid out on the ground beaten with blood dribbling down his mouth looking up at the livid woman who glared down at him with her only eye producing a glass blade slowly dragging it across the ground.

But fate was on Jaune's side that night and his best friend Ruby Rose arrived in the nick of time exploding with an unknown power at the sight of her horribly injured friend driving away the fallen maiden and freezing the Grimm Wyvern on the top of the tower. Pyrrha wouldn't know if Jaune survived for over seven months until she heard a knock on her house door, now having an extremely large belly being eight months pregnant. When she opened it she audibly gasped, staring back at her was Jaune who now had his hair a bit shaggier and new armor strapped across his body along with a larger sword stowed on his back. He had a nasty scar now running down the side of his face and his eyes looked as though he'd been through so much.

"JAUNE!" Pyrrha threw herself into his arms and he was already streaming with tears nuzzling his face into her beautiful crimson hair.

"I'm sorry Pyrrha. I'm so so sorry that it's taken me this long to finally see you again." He squeezed her tighter feeling Pyrrha's tears dampen his shoulder. She pulled him inside still bawling cradling his face staring at him as if he would disappear at any moment.

He told her of the adventure he had been on with Ruby, Nora, and Ren. How they'd faced down a Knuckeleeve, prevented Haven from falling and secured an ancient relic that would be used to defeat someone named Salem.

"But none of that matters right now Pyrrha. I'm staying with you until our child is born and nothing will stop me from sharing that moment with you. I already told everyone that I'd catch up with them later since they'll be heading to Atlas here soon." She clutched his hand leaning into Jaune's chest letting out a sigh.

"Thank you Jaune. This day...I couldn't ask for a better one. Your back with me after so long..." She choked holding him as close as she could. He did the same staying in her embrace for as long as he could.

"Pyrrha, did you ever find out if our child is a boy or girl?" She shook her head wiping away some tears.

"I haven't but I've chosen a name for if it's a boy. I'd like to name him, Atreus Luna Arc. His first name coming after my father who passed away in the line of duty as a huntsman and Luna from your middle name, Jaune.

"I love it. If it's a girl, why not Athena? Or maybe Jeanne Athena Arc?"

"While I'm sure my mother would love it if we named our child after her, I think the second one is better. We'll know soon enough my love, I'm due in about two weeks." And so they waited. Jaune got to meet Athena and she bawled her eyes out meeting him ecstatic that Pyrrha had found such an amazing husband. Pyrrha got to meet Jaune's sister and her wife as well telling them that she'd like them to be there for her pregnancy which they said they'd love to. The day arrived and after an agonizing twelve hours of labor while nearly breaking all the bones in Jaune's hand, Atreus Luna Arc was delivered.

Pyrrha held her son while Jaune sat next to her looking down at the life they created. She nuzzled him and Jaune wrapped them both in a massive hug cradling them close. After a few weeks of helping Pyrrha with buying baby supplies and nursing Atreus, the sad day came for him to leave and head back to the fight.

"I don't want to go Pyr. I want to stay here and make sure Atreus and you aren't alone." Pyrrha shook her head clasping his hands.

"You have a duty Jaune and so do I. I've been training even while pregnant and a few local huntsmen and huntresses have agreed to help me train as if I was a student. Now, go save Remnant, I know you won't be gone too long. Write if you could?" Jaune nodded before reaching into his back pocket producing a small black box. He opened it to reveal a beautifully crafted golden and crimson-colored ring with a large emerald diamond resting on top of it.

"Oh my Gods Jaune!" She gasped as he slipped it on for her marveling at how well it fit.

"I was able to get the money and forge your ring. I even was able to mix the gold with some red metal to better fit your colors. The diamond was expensive but nothing is too much for you my goddess. Whenever you feel alone, know that this ring and your necklace were made by me and are my sworn promise to come back home. I love you, Pyrrha Nikos." He kissed her deeply and she kissed back breaking away with a tear running down her cheek.

"And I love you Jaune Arc. Now, make that bitch pay for what she did to Beacon."

Weeks went by, months and nearly a year. She had received a few letters from Jaune updating her on what happened, how Atlas fell and Nora nearly died but luckily with the intervention of his semblance he prevented her death. In his final letter, he told her they had a plan to kill Salem and that it was their only shot. If all went well he'd be back with her by the end of the year near Atreus's birthday. She counted down the days, waiting to hear the knock at her door like so long ago.

And a knock she heard, holding Atreus she walked to the door smiling opening it revealing Jaune who once more changed more physically, sporting a new prosthetic right hand, a ruined eye and hair in a ponytail.

"I told you I'd be back, and I'm never leaving you alone again my love." He grasped her and his child crying silent tears that he was finally home.

"Welcome home Jaune...I have one thing I'd like from you if that's ok."

"Anything my love. Tell me you want the moon and I'll bring it down to Remnant."

"I WANT ANOTHER BABY!" Pyrrha squealed with glee pulling down her shirt letting her chest spill out. Jaune stood still for a moment before smiling and nodding.

"Of course my dear goddess. ATHENA! Could you watch Atreus for a few hours?!"

"Sure thing dear! I'm glad you're home! Now go make me another grandkid!" Athena walked down the stairs taking Atreus watching as the two quickly ran up the stairs to Pyrrha's room slamming the door behind them.

'Thank you Jaune, for loving my daughter so much.' Athena looked down at her grandson smiling, eager to see her next grandchild.

Jaune descended upon Pyrrha like he had done so many times before. Tracing his lips up and down her body taking in every inch while Pyrrha trembled in anticipation.

"J-Jaune! Before we start, I...I have something special for you. Just wait here.." She cooed as he let go of her, quickly darting into the closet closing the door behind her.

'Gods, Pyrrha has become even more beautiful after giving birth. Her breasts are a cup size bigger, hips wider and alluring as ever and that ass of Gods it's so fucking big. She better be ready, I'm going to fill her til I'm shooting blanks!'

"Ok Jaune, take a look~." Pyrrha purred stepping out of the closet and Jaune turned instantly dumbfound unable to say a word. His wife was clad in a latex cow print micro bikini paired with latex gloves and stockings of the same print and finally a choker with a cowbell attached to it that was jingling with every step.

"G-good evening master. Your faunus breeding whore is ready and primed for your seed." Pyrrha swallowed staring on as Jaune slowly took in her scantily clad form. He stood up, languidly walking over to her and clamping a hand down tightly on one of her latex-clad breasts. The champion sucked in a breath at his calloused hands casually kneading her covered tit.

"Hmmm...Good. Your master approves of this attire now, lay on your back heifer I'm going to make sure you get knocked up." Pyrrha shivered at his words laying down onto her back spreading her legs holding them open with her hands rested underneath each adjacent thigh. Jaune threw his pants off, cock already fully erect positioning it over Pyrrha's dripping pussy suddenly slamming himself violently into her cunt making the champion breeding slut arch her back.

"YESS-MPPH!" Pyrrha's moans were muffled as Jaune's hand covered her mouth giving her a wicked smile.

"Quiet slut, I'm the one who's in control and if you try to moan again I'll bust all of my valuable cum in your ass instead." He let go and Pyrrha immediately bit her lip, aura flaring around her mouth from how tightly she was biting down on it. Jaune rammed himself in and out of her cunt in the mating press position allowing him maximum penetration steadily pounding away at his wife doing his best to not finish too soon.

"M-master!" Pyrrha echoed and Jaune snarled pushing his thumb into her mouth roughly gripping the side of her face.

"You want me to burst in you now don't you?! You want me to make you a mother right?!"

"YES! BREED ME!" He didn't need any more words using his aura to amplify his final thrusts flooding Pyrrha's womb with his sticky spunk with such force a good amount leaked out. Jaune let out a panted breath pulling out and narrowing his eyes at Pyrrha's twitching form. He grabbed her waist flipping Pyrrha over onto her front head down and ass up pushing his head into her ass roughly embedding his cock inside.


"FUCK YES!" He yelled and slammed his metal hand onto her right cheek making Pyrrha yelp with more pain than before making Jaune break character.

"Oh Pyrrha I'm so sorry I-"

"NO! KEEP GOING! SLAP MY FAT ASS AS HARD AS YOU CAN!" Pyrrha looked back at him with hearts in her eyes raggedly panting. Jaune regained his persona rapping his hand back down on Pyrrha's plump buttocks creating a deep red welt on her ass. He stuffed her ass so fully, Pyrrha couldn't move only able to moan and mewl as Jaune continued to pound her slutty hole

"I'M GONNA CUM IN YOUR ASS SO HARD, YOUR ASSHOLE IS GONNA GET PREGNANT!" Jaune grabbed a fistful of Pyrrha's hair pulling her head back clapping the champion's asscheeks hard, his heavy balls thumping the entrance to her cunt. She squirted for the second time feeling his warm gooey cum fill her once again leaving Pyrrha in a twitching mess. Jaune fell on top of her, running his hands across her latex-covered chest relishing the smooth material against his skin.

"That...was fucking amazing honey. We need to do more to make sure you get pregnant." Jaune chuckled pulling out of her ass with a nice plap, cuddling up next to Pyrrha holding her hand as she laced her fingers with his.

"Oh absolutely my dear hubby. Now let's take a nice little nap, I'm worn out and need a break." They fell asleep, deeply embraced soundly going to bed.