The restaurant was one that never left a person's memory- partly because of the unusual atmosphere, and

partly because of the unusual experiences one would always have. There was a bar with several black leather stools

drilled into the floor with an upper level behind it filled with matching black booths. Glowing skyscraper miniatures

shadowed the walls with their fluorescent purple, pink, and blue colors.

Plants hung from the ceiling and sat on the tables between to two arm chairs in the lounge area. Rock music

barred through unseen speakers. Thomas Anderson slid into a booth and Caitlin slid in across from him. She

beckoned to the waitress and ordered a drink.

"Would you like anything sir?" The waitress in the low-cut top bent down to ask him.

"No thanks," he declined, "I'm fine."

She went off to prepare Caitlin's drink and Thomas focused his attention on the woman in front of him. He

cleared his throat, "Caitlin?"

"Mmm?" She asked, rummaging through her purse in search of her lipstick.

"I, uh, think we need to talk."

"What?" she asked over the music.

"I SAID I THINK WE NEED TO-" the music stopped momentarily to play a new song and a few people

stared at him. "I think we need to talk."

"Sure sweetie- what about?" She rolled the red stick across her luscious lips and didn't look up from her

small compacts mirror.

"I think- we should stop seeing each other." Thomas winced. He wish he could tell her something other than

the speech he'd prepared. He wish he could explain why he'd rather spend the nights with his computer than with

her; why he'd spent more time trying to hook up with strangers than with his girlfriend; or why his second life was

about to take a turn for the best and he had to take the risk and leave the life that included her behind.

"What?" Caitlin stared at him, dumbfound.


"I heard you just fine, Thomas!" She stood up as the waitress put her drink on the table. "But I know you

don't mean it," she forced the words to sound calm, though inside, she was fuming.

"I think I know what I mean, Caitlin! I have a mind of my own!"

"Fine!" She snatched her purse from the table and picked up her drink. "But let me tell you this," she lifted

her glass above his head and tipped her drink, pouring it onto him. "This is the worst mistake of your life."

Thomas sighed and folded his hands, allowing the water to pour down his face and onto his clothing. Let

her have her moment. Caitlin slammed the empty glass on the table and stormed off as the rest of the restaurant

stared at Thomas Anderson thinking he was a real jackass. He sighed and watched Caitlin walk out of his life

forever....or so he thought.


Two Years Later...

Caitlin rubbed her eyes and stared at the computer screen as the instant message popped up.

*Hey grl, still spendin those nitez alone?*

Caitlin sighed and typed her response into the message box, *get a life Daemon*

*hey, ur the 1 whos been sittin @ her puter 4 the last 2yrs*

*and what have u been up 2?*

*livin life gr!*

Caitlin looked at the screen groggily. Sure, ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, her social life had

taken a severe downfall, but she'd been on her computer every night because she was onto something...

Suddenly, the IM chat disappeared and a new message came onto the screen:

~The Matrix has you...~

"What the hell?" Caitlin hammered on the escape button with no luck.

~Go with him, and find the answers...~

The IM chat suddenly reappeared with a new message from her friend Daemon:

*hey, baby, im goin downtown to the club, wanna come wit?* Caitlin felt shivers running up her spine.

*sure, y not?*

A few minutes later, she was at a dance club downtown in a black leather miniskirt and a pink tube top, with

her long blonde hair let down for the first time in months, swinging her hips to the rhythm of the music. Daemon was

in front of her, rubbing her body against his, both were lost in the sounds of the heavy metal music coming from the

huge amps in the corners of the wide room. The dance floor was a crazy mass of bodies, all moving and twisting in

awkward positions. The noise vibrated through Caitlin's stomach, churning her insides.

"You wanna get outta here and head back to my place?" Daemon shouted over the music. Caitlin pushed

away from him, excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

She pushed open the door to the ladies room and leaned against the sink. She dreaded the rest of the night,

knowing that some fun wasn't the only thing Daemon wanted form her. The closed her eyes and waited for the room

to stop spinning. All her questions were supposed to be answered tonight, at this club. But where? She looked up and

saw the reflection of a young woman dressed in black in the mirror.

"Hello Cat."

Caitlin spun around, "Who are you and how do you know that name?" she demanded.

The woman smiled, "I'm Trinity and there isn't much that I don't know about you."

Cat looked past her, remembering the message on the computer, "This is about the Matrix. All my questions

will be answered."

"Not now, Cat. Not here."


Trinity pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, "Are you ready?" There was a pause... "Good, we're

coming." She grabbed Cat's wrist and pulled her out of the bathroom. Cat stumbled in her black high heels and

nearly fell.

They were nearing the club's exit when Daemon appeared. "Where are you going?" he asked her.

"I'm sorry Daemon, but I have to go-"

Daemon grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and she could smell whiskey on his breath, "The only place

you're going is back to my apartment!"

Trinity, who had released her wrist, leapt into the air and hung there momentarily, suspended above the

crowd, before raising her leg and sending Daemon across the room. "Come on!" she shouted to Cat, who stared in

disbelief at what she'd just done.

Trinity pulled her out the door and onto the street. A sleek black car pulled up to the front and Trinity

jumped in and held open the door. Two security guards came running out, Daemon behind them. He pointed at Cat,

who suddenly noticed that the car was pulling away.

"Wait!" she shouted, chasing after it.

Trinity was leaning out the door, extending her arm, "Hurry!"

Cat stumbled in her high shoes, busting a heel and falling on her face in the street.


"Neo! You weren't supposed to go yet!" Trinity shouted.

Neo spun the wheel and turned the car around, "You said not to cause a scene and those guys were

coming!" he shouted. He floored it and the car lunged forward, leaving skid marks on the pavement.

He pulled up to the fallen woman in the streets and Trinity yanked her into the car and closed the door on

the men who were beating on the car. "Drive!" Trinity shouted as Cat tried to sit up. Blood trickled down her chin

and she wiped it away. "What the hell just happened?" she asked.

"We're taking you to see him."



This is my third fic and im still getting used to this so go easy on me please!