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Chapter 19


"She hit me!"

"You ran."

"But....she hit me!"

Cat's complaints were obviously falling on deaf ears, but she was grateful that Neo could at least look at her when she spoke to him, even if he was looking at her like she was stupid. Cat still hadn't gotten out of her seat, where she sat subconsciously massaging her neck, and Neo had respectfully taken the chair beside her.

"You're supposed to at least ~try~ to jump. That's the whole point."

"I could never make that," she argued, shaking her head slowly.

"I know- nobody can make the first jump. But that's not why you're there."

"Really? I suppose that makes some sort of sense, cause it sure looked like Trinity was happy, and if the point of the whole jump is to fall, than I guess that's why."

Neo gave a faint smile, "No, she just..." he looked down at his feet and tried to come up with some meaningful speech that could convince Cat that Trinity was just being Trinity, but no words came.

Cat leaned forward expectantly, "She just...?"

"She wants to see you try-"

"She wants to see me fall to my death."

Neo stopped smiling, "No she doesn't. She wants to see you try, because you sure as hell weren't trying in the dojo," he voice rose with his anger. Cat had no idea what Trinity wanted or felt, she was just guessing at emotions that Trinity would never feel, and it was really making Neo angry.

"I did too try! Besides, come on Thomas, you know Trinity doesn't like me. She probably only took me to the jump to see me fall,"Cat bit her lower lip and tried out her best pout. Way back when, she used to get Thomas to bend like a tree in a hurricane with that "sad puppy" face, but judging by the glare she received in return, things had obviously changed.

"I had to make that same jump and so did Trinity," Neo replied sharply, annoyed and thoroughly pissed off that Cat had the nerve to accuse Trinity, "Neither of us made it, but at least we had the courage to try."

"Are you calling me a coward?"

"It certainly seems that way,"Neo retorted.

"Just because I wasn't brave enough to leap off a billion story building- that makes me a coward? Just because I didn't trust the woman who hates me with my life?"Cat was purposely rubbing Neo the wrong way, seeing how defensive he got when it came to Trinity.

"You ran away!" Neo yelled, "You ran from your problems just like you always do!"

Cat jumped to her feet, more than eager to defend herself, "How dare you accuse me of running from my problems! YOU'RE the one who runs from what you're too scared to face!"

And now it was Neo's turn to rise, "What are you talking about, Caitlin?! I FACE my problems, just like I faced YOU! I didn't run away because I thought I couldn't do it!"

Cat glowered, "Do what," she asked, her voice becoming deadly low, "Break up with me?"


"No, Cat, that's not what I was talking-"

"Do you think I'm stupid?" she retaliated, her voice quivering with rage but still maintaining a monotonous tone she'd picked up from Trinity, "You said you face your problems like you faced me.


"So that's what I am, then. A problem. A problem for this ship like I was a problem for you."

"No, that's not what I meant!"

"Oh? Well, Thomas, I think its ~exactly~ what you meant." With those hate-filled words, Cat gave one final scowl and strut out of the room, slamming the heavy metal door behind her and sending vibrations through the control room floor.

The One glared, "My name is Neo..."