I'm in a room. It's dark with several floating screens casting the only light to fight the darkness. There were hazy shapes within those screens discussing something about a weapon that would make the Justice League see the light. I then turn around and see the Justice League on their knees. Whom they were bowing to, I do not know. As I was whirling around again to see who it was, I received a fist in the face and was knocked unconscious.

I gasped sharply as I shot out of bed with a dagger in my hand, ready to attack. It took me a moment to calm myself, realizing it was just a dream. It has been recurring for the last month, and I cannot understand why. I stare out my window and to the moonlit shores of Themyscira, and beyond that towards the open ocean where Diana went many years ago. The Amazons are the guardians of the gates of Tartarus and the protectors of man's world. Diana was called there to stop a horrible calamity. She and her comrades formed a team of heroes to protect man's world.

We were no longer needed there. So why am I having this dream? What could it mean? Before I could think on it further, the door to my chambers opened. "Alaina, Lady Hippolyta wishes to speak with you in her chambers." I quickly straightened myself out and hurried to Lady Hippolyta's chambers. The guards outside allowed me to enter, announcing my presence before shutting the door.

Lady Hippolyta quickly got to the point of her summoning me. "The last month has been troubling you, Alaina. You have been staring towards the horizon, as if something greater is calling to you." She was standing by the window her blonde hair and white garments flowing in the gentle breeze, never looking away from the window. "You are as perceptive as ever, my lady. For many nights now, I have been having a dream that is of possible danger for Diana and her friends, and in turn, man's world. I know this is a sign from the gods. But who am I, not even a full-fledged Amazon, to answer such a call?"

Hippolyta turned away from the window and laid a gentle hand on my shoulder. "Little one, even the lowliest of servants, can rise to become the greatest of masters. The gods have chosen you for a reason. And it is time that you follow your calling." She then turned towards a chest at the foot of her bed. "Diana is seeking a protégé to join her in man's world. She has asked that I choose a candidate that I deemed worthy. With this request and your recurring dream, you are meant to go there and defend the innocent." She then opened the chest to reveal a silver tiara with an olive tree on the front and owl's wings on either side of it. "This was given to me the day you came to Themyscira, as a gift from your mother. You will find the answers to that when you find Diana."

I gently took the tiara from her and studied the engraving. I knew it was of Athena, but why of her? I did not have much time to contemplate it. "Diana is awaiting your arrival in Athens in three days. You shall leave immediately, considering that you are unable to sleep once that dream chooses to plague you at night." I bow to her as she softly places her hand on my head. "May Hera give you strength, Athena grants you wisdom, and Artemis gives you courage." I straighten up and salute her. "And may the gods watch over you and our sisters, farewell my lady." I quickly gathered my few possessions and changed into a flowing tunic that went down halfway across my thighs, thin silver chest plate and matching bracelets and heeled boots that went to my knees. I then grabbed my sword and mounted my pegasus and flew towards a world that may fall into chaos if I cannot stop it.