Ch.10: Love Will Thaw

"So, about my friends...well, I say friends, they're more like family," Kristoff explained. "Anyway, when I was a kid, it was just me and Sven. Until they, you know, kinda took us in. I don't want to scare anyone. They can be a little inappropriate and loud," he warned them and started listing a bit more about his family.

"Kristoff, they sound wonderful," Anna stated interrupting him as they reached a clearing with rocks everywhere.

"Okay, meet my family," Kristoff said gesturing to all the rocks. "Hey, guys," he greeted the rocks and started talking to them all.

"They', right," Hiccup asked as it seemed even Toothless is confused as he was sniffing one of the rocks.

"Yeah, they're rocks," Anna confirms to him.

"He's crazy," Olaf whispered to them as Kristoff kept talking to the rocks. "I'll distract him while you run," He told them the plan and went happily to the rocks.

"Hi, Sven's family! It's nice to meet you," Olaf said while petting the rocks. "Because I love you guys, I insist that you run," he whispered to them. "I understand you're love experts," he goes back to happily speaking. "Why aren't you running," Olaf asked, seeing they're not leaving.

"Okay, you keep doing that. We're gonna start walking away," Anna said as Hiccup agreed and began walking away when all of the rocks started rolling towards Kristoff and Toothless followed them.

"Kristoff's home," one of the trolls said and they all began cheering.

"Kristoff's home," Olaf also cheered when he realizes he's been calling him Sven this whole time. "Wait, Kristoff," he asked the trolls.

"Let me look at you," one troll said and pulled Kristoff down to their level.

"Take off your clothes, I wash them," another troll said.

"What? No, I'm going to keep my clothes on," Kristoff informs her. "Look, it's great to see you all, but where's grandpabbie," he asks them.

"He's napping," one of the children trolls informed Kristoff.

"Okay, just so were clear, they're trolls, right?" Anna asked Hiccup.

"Oh, good, you see them, too. I thought I was seeing things," Hiccup said, trying to stay calm at the fact that trolls actually exist.

"You sound calm from all of this," Anna told Hiccup as she gestured the trolls.

"My life's been crazy ever since I met Toothless that I started to accept even the strangest the things as normal," Hiccups informed his girlfriend and Anna nodded.

"He's brought friends," one of the trolls exclaimed.

"Hi, I'm Anna and these are my boyfriend, Hiccup, and his best friend, Toothless," said Anna as she gestured to the Viking and the dragon.

"Yeah and we were hoping for one of you to help us. She got hit by some ice magic," Hiccup informed them, and a not a second later, an older troll rolled over to them.

"There is strange magic here," Grandpabbie stated. "Come, bring her here to me," he told Hiccup and he held Anna's hand. "Your live is in danger. There is ice in your heart put there by Elsa. If not removed, the solid ice will freeze you, forever," he informed them.

"What," Hiccup and Anna asked at the same time.

"But you can remove it, right," Kristoff asked grandpabbie.

"I cannot," he regretfully replied to Kristoff. "I'm sorry, if it were her head, that would be easy. But only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart," he explained to them.

"An act of true love," Hiccup asks, confused. "Really?"

"A true love's kiss, perhaps," one of the trolls offered and they all kissed their partner.

Anna looked at Hiccup as another wave of pain consumed her and her hair started turning completely white.

"What do we have to lose," Anna questioned and pulled Hiccup into a kiss and her body suddenly started warming back up and her hair turning back from white to raven black.

"Have I mentioned how much I love you," Hiccup asked as he looked over her and saw that it actually worked.

"Not that many, but I know how much you mean to me," said Anna as they shared another kiss which would've lasted forever if a curtain reptile hadn't come between them.

"I guess we can get a little overboard sometimes," Anna said with a chuckle.

"You got that right," said Hiccup with a nod.

Everyone stared at the couple when a wing flap was heard. They looked up and saw a dragon descending the ground.

"Flameheart," exclaimed Anna as she hugged her dragon. "What are you doing here?"

The Monstrous Nightmare remembered why she was here and repeatedly started to gesture at the mountain where Elsa's castle was.

The humans and trolls didn't understand a thing what the dragon was trying to tell them, but Toothless did.

The Night Fury picked up a small branch and started to write in the dirt, much to everyone's astonishment, including Hiccup's. When he was done, Hiccup went up to him to see what the Night Fury has written and gasped at what he read.

"Hans has gone after Elsa. We have to go to the castle," Hiccup informed everyone and Anna gasped in fear. "Kristoff, go to Arendelle and inform everyone that we'll be back soon. Anna and I will go to the ice castle and hope that we're not too late to save Elsa."

"You got it, Hiccup," said Kristoff as he mounted Sven, followed by Olaf, and went towards the town.

Hiccup and Anna got on their dragons and flew back to Elsa to inform her of what's going on. That is if they arrive on time.

To be continued…

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the delay, but I had some family issues to deal with. So, Hiccup, Anna and Toothless meet the trolls, Anna is healed and now Hans is causing trouble. I hope you liked this chapter and I'll try to upload the next one soon. In case you're wondering, there're one or two chapters left of the Frozen arc and then it'll be time for the Red Death to appear. That's all from me for now and I'll see you all next time. Until then, have a nice day.