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Chapter 105 -

"Well, this was unexpected," Harry sarcastically commented as he and Tonks walked into the room that Fudge had set up for them to have a private conversation.

"Mr Potter!" Fudge quickly got up from his seat when he saw Harry walk in followed by Tonks, Fudge stared at Tonks for a second and looked like he was about to protest her being here, but fortunately for him, he wisely decided against it. Harry stared at Fudge and saw that the man was not looking particularly good right now, the stress that the man was suffering from made it look like he had aged quite a bit since the last time Harry had seen him. "It's good to see you here, I..."

"I can't say the same." Harry cut him off, noticing that Percy had not entered and had actually closed the door behind him.

"Um, I was hoping to have this be a conversation between the two of us," Fudge said, sending Tonks an apologetic look before turning his attention back to Harry. "If you don't mind, that is."

"I do mind, very much, I need a witness here," Harry replied.

"A witness? Whatever for?" Fudge asked with plenty of confusion in his voice.

"So that should something happen during this meeting, I'll have proof of my claim when you inevitably go running around the government and trying to claim the opposite." Harry stated in an 'it's so obvious, even a first-year would be able to get it.' voice.

"I...well," Fudge couldn't help but wince slightly at that. "I think that..."

"Sit," Harry ordered much the same way one would order a dog. Fudge paused and stared at him for a couple of moments before doing as Harry commanded and sitting back in his chair. "Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks." Harry hummed as he sat down opposite Fudge with Tonks sitting next to him. "So, you couldn't live with your failures, and where has that brought you?" Harry asked as he sat on the chair like it was a throne. "Back to me."

"Mr Potter, please, I need your help." Fudge begged.

"My help?" Harry asked in amusement. "Tonks, be a dear and express to Mr Fudge here the probability of him getting my help." Fudge looked towards Tonks who very helpfully blew out a raspberry while giving Fudge the finger. "I couldn't have summed it up better myself."

"Please, I could lose my job over this and..."

"Lose your job?" Harry repeated. "Hey, I know somebody who lost their job, who was it? Oh right, this beautiful pink-haired human being next to me. Tonks, you lost your job, did you not?"

"I believe I did," Tonks gave Fudge a cold look.

"I..." Fudge began but was interrupted by Tonks.

"My dream job," She said, her hair turning slightly red.

"I don't think that..."

"The job that I had wanted to have for as long as I can remember."

"I know that I might have been a bit of a hindrance to..."

"The job that I dedicated myself to getting!" Tonks hissed, cutting him off as her hair turned completely red. "I had broken bones and have literally shed blood, sweat and tears in the hopes of getting that job. And why did I lose that job?" She asked, she continued to speak before Fudge could open his mouth to answer "Oh, I know, it was because of false bullshit excuses of me abusing my power, and then I was offered the chance to keep my job, but only if I was willing to spy on my adopted brother!"

"And I am terribly sorry about that, truly," Fudge spoke quickly. "But with all the respect in the world, there is a world of difference between losing a job as an auror and losing the position of Minister of Magic."

"Keep digging that hole, buddy." Jet hissed. "It's fun to watch."

"How the hell did someone like you get a position as the leader of this country?!" Tonks glared at him.

"Bribery and the fact that he's easy enough to manipulate would be my guess," Harry replied.

"Please, we have better things to do than insult each other," Fudge said, trying to regain control of the situation.

"Do we?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow. "Because I'm pretty sure that's just a tiny bit of what you wanted to do to me when I went out and claimed that Voldemort was alive. What else did you want? Oh yes, I recall, you wanted to make the whole of the magical world think that I'm a crazy lunatic, which I am but I don't appreciate it being spread around."

"And I am terribly sorry about that," Fudge quickly said. "But if you don't help me then I'll lose my job and..."

"Your job?! You could lose your life, you blithering idiot!" Harry snapped. "The worst dark lord of all time is back and will kill anyone he wants! Do you really want to put a target on your head by being the minister that stands against him? Or do you plan to support him and have me be the one who kills you?" Harry asked narrowing his eyes.

"I..." Fudge paused, clearly having not thought about that particular point.

"You're a yellow-bellied coward," Continued Harry. "Most definitely not the sort of person I want in any single branch of the government, and I'd sooner push my snake for the position than even consider voting for you."

"I reckon I'd do a good job." Jet commented.

"Let's make it clear, Fudge, you're done," Harry told him before he and Tonks stood up. "And so is this conversation, you've made your bed, now lie in it. You're a gormless little numpty prat and I don't want you in charge of caring for a bathroom, forget the whole country. May we never meet again." Harry finished by giving him a mocking half-bow before he turned and walked to the door, his hand grabbed the handle when he stopped and saw that Tonks hadn't moved from her spot and was in fact staring at Fudge who had now stood up. "Tonks, are we going or what?" Harry asked.

"Fuck it," Tonks muttered under her breath before pulling out her wand and aiming it at Fudge.

"What the f..." Whatever Fudge was about to say was cut off when a spell shot out from Tonk's wand and struck him right in between his legs, causing him to let out a large squeak when he was lifted off his feet and landed face-first on the floor. Fudge quickly curled into a ball and let out a large groan.

"Wow!" Harry laughed. "That was awesome, but you know that he's going to try and sue you for that."

"No, he's not going to," Tonks said calmly with all of the confidence in the world as she knelt down and stared at Fudge, her violet eyes locking with his watery and pain-filled eyes. "You're not going to do anything Fudge, you know why? Because I'm the sister of the guy who just went one on one with the most feared dark lord of all time, the guy who would easily make you piss your pants with just his name. The guy whose return you had denied. So go ahead and try and charge me, Fudge, between my family and friends I could probably be able to kill you right now and get away with it. Try and charge me with something, anything, please, I double dare you." Tonks finished and gave Fudge a hard stare. Fudge, never the bravest of men, looked away from her. "That's what I thought." Tonks sniffed as she stood up and kicked him hard in the gut, causing him to groan out loud and roll around on the floor. "Alright, now we're going, I can't stand staying in a room with this idiot."

"As the lady commands," Harry grinned before giving Tonks a proper bow and opening the door. Tonks sent Fudge one last glare before walking calmly out of the room with Harry following after her. Once they were outside, Harry closed the door behind him and spotted Percy Weasley approaching him. "Ah, Weasley," Harry said once Percy was close enough. "If I was you, I'd wait a good five minutes before walking in there," Harry told him before he and Tonks walked off, not letting Percy have a chance to respond. "So, what was that merry band of madness about?" Harry asked Tonks.

"The guy cost me my dream job, targets my family and basically helped out the dark lord, he's lucky that that was all I did," Tonks replied. "Anyway, what are we going to do now?" She asked.

"Well, I for one am going to go back to Hogwarts, I have an army and then a headmaster to deal with," Harry answered. "I would then like it if you could go back home and inform your mother about what happened."

"You just want to get out of telling her yourself!" Tonks accused.

"Yeah," Harry openly admitted. "I'm crazy enough to take on Voldemort, but your mother? No, thank you. Besides, I seriously do need someone to have a talk with her until I have time, she did just lose her sister."

Tonks couldn't help but frown at that, her Aunt Bellatrix might have been an absolutely insane and crazy, evil bitch but she was still family as far as Andromeda was concerned and that woman did value her family. Despite everything that Bellatrix had done, Andromeda would still be upset by her death.

Eventually, Harry managed to find himself back in the room of requirement, just as he entered he heard a loud yell and his wand had instinctively snapped into his hand, though he realised quickly that that was unnecessary as the rest of the room apparently hadn't even realised that he was here. The Silver Wolves were all currently staring at Angela who was standing upon a stage that the room had made for her while she was in the middle of a clearly effective speech, one that caused the people in the room to cheer along.

"And we will defeat that pale, red-eyed fucker!" Angela yelled, earning cheers from the whole room. "Harry has stood up against him for us and now we will stand up against him! Not just for Harry, not just for ourselves but also for every single person in our lives that we care about! Every single person that we lost and every single person that we're going to save!"

"Yeah!" The Silver Wolves cheered, many of them pumping their fists into the air.

"Well, this is impressive." Harry clapped, causing everyone to turn around and face him.

"Harry?!" Many people blurted out.

"And Jet!" Jet couldn't help but add.

"Nice speech, Angela, quite beautiful." Complimented Harry as he walked forwards, the students all parting so that he could make his way to the front.

"Harry, I'm glad you're here." Angela smiled at him with teary eyes.

"Thanks," Harry gave her a small smile before Daphne and Tracey rushed forwards and pulled him into a three-way hug.

"Thank Merlin, you're alive." Daphne blurted out as the two let go of him, Tracey immediately pulled out her wand so that she could start casting a few diagnostic spells on him while Daphne looked him up and down to try and see if she could find any injuries.

"I already visited a healer," Harry smiled, waving them off before he walked past them and up onto the stage. "Thanks, Angela," Harry said in an appreciative voice before he gave her a quick peck on the lips. "We'll talk later, okay?" He whispered.

"Definitely." She nodded to him before taking a step back. Harry turned to address the other students.

"You guys what to know what happened?" Harry asked. "I'll tell you exactly what happened, Voldemort and me fought, but right now Voldemort is either dead or very close to being so."

"You beat him?!" A voice that Harry recognised as Hermione Granger's asked as the students began whispering to each other.

"That I did," Harry confirmed with a nod, causing everyone to be quiet as they didn't want to miss a single word of what he had said. "However, I don't know if he's dead. If it was anyone else, probably, with him...not sure to be honest. But I wouldn't bet on it, I'll try and see what I can find out but for now, we need to remain vigilant. 'Constant vigilance!' as Mad-Eye Moody would say."

"What are we going to do now?" One student asked.

"Keep practising," Harry replied. "Improve your skills, grow as powerful witches and wizards, make yourselves into threats against Voldemort's death eaters! And when we leave school I want us to do our best to keep in communication with each other as well, until I get confirmation that Voldemort's dead then we are going to act like he's alive. Shortly before arriving here, Minister Fudge came to me and basically begged me to help him keep his job."

"I sincerely hope you told him to fuck off." Daphne huffed, crossing her arms.

"Pretty much," Harry nodded just as a wide smile appeared on his face. "Right before Tonks decided to teach him a lesson."

"What happened?" Tracey asked, not entirely sure if she wanted to know.

"I'll show you guys a memory of it later," Harry told everyone. "Anyway, Fudge is not going to stay in his position for much longer, I imagine, so eventually someone's going to take his position. We'll need to do our best to avoid having it be taken by someone on Voldemort's side or anybody else that's as incompetent as Fudge. If anyone here has family or any other connections in the Wizengemot then make a note of them and all you know about them and deliver that info to me as soon s possible."

"Besides actively trying to run the government before you've graduated school, is there anything else we need to do?" Angela asked.

"We'll need regular meetups for training," Harry replied. "Obviously we can't all meet up at the same place every time, that's just asking to get caught."

"What about the trace?" A Ravenclaw girl asked.

"We'll find a way around it," Harry said dismissively as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do.

"Curses!" Voldemort gritted his teeth as he slowly limped down the hallway, Nagini dutifully following after him.

"Your body is getting worse," Nagini hissed. "You won't be able to hold off the venom for much longer."

"I know!" Voldemort hissed in parseltongue, having to stop moving in order to place a hand against a wall in order to keep himself upright. 'But I will last long enough,' He said stubbornly. 'I have not sacrificed and accomplished so much to lose against a teenager. It doesn't matter if this body perishes, I still have my safeguards. I will recover from this, make no mistake about that."

"I know you will, but what then?" Nagini asked. "What will we do of the Potter boy? I am well aware of your desire to have him join us, but he seems to be almost as stubborn as you."

"Indeed," Voldemort softly replied, he couldn't help but agree with his faithful companion, Harry Potter was quite a stubborn boy and every interaction he had with the boy continued to prove that.

A great part of Voldemort wanted to continue as they were, hoping that eventually, he'd be able to bring the boy to his side. It would be a great strike against Albus Dumbledore to have the boy who lived join the 'dark side' as his group was often called. Not only that, but the boy would undoubtedly be his right-hand man if Voldemort was able to secure his allegiance. But another part of Voldemort wanted to just end things now. After all, everyone else was only ever given one chance to join Lord Voldemort and the winning side, Harry Potter had already had more than enough chances. Not to mention that the boy was growing to be more and more of a problem.

All reports Voldemort managed to get told him that Potter was continuously growing stronger every day, and if that was not enough, then add in the fact that the boy had already amassed an army of Hogwarts students. Dumbledore had no control over Harry Potter, that much was obvious to the dark lord, if Dumbledore was in charge then Potter would be shooting out stunners and body bind spells. Potter did use those spells, of course, but he also used a fair amount of dangerous and lethal spells as well.

"What do you suggest?" Voldemort whispered to Nagini.

"If you can't control the boy then end him," Nagini hissed softly. "You're confident that you can survive the basilisk venom coursing through your veins, fine, but what next? The boy must be controlled or killed!"

"You're right," Voldemort hissed, his eyes narrowing slightly as he pushed himself off the wall and continued walking, Nagini following after him, he stopped in front of Lucius's office. With barely a gesture, the door opened and he walked in, Lucius was behind his desk and immediately stood up upon seeing the dark lord enter.

"My lord, I..." Lucius began but found himself cut off by an impatient Lord Voldemort.

"Have you completed the task that I have assigned you?" Lord Voldemort asked, staring at him with narrowed eyes that promised intense pain if he did not like Lucius's answer.

"It's almost done, Master." Lucius nodded, resisting the urge to gulp.

"Almost?" Voldemort repeated slowly.

"There are just a couple of items left," Lucius spoke up quickly, sensing his master's temper getting worse. "I do not have them in my possession yet, admittedly, but I will soon! It should be delivered to us within the next two hours."

"And if it is not?" Voldemort asked dangerously while Nagini hissed quite loudly.

"The person we are getting it from is a man I've conducted business with countless times in Knockturn alley, he's a supporter of our cause," Lucius spoke nervously, fearing that the torture or even killing curse might be sent his way soon. "I made it quite clear to him what might possibly befall me if the ingredients I requested are not delivered on time. And then I proceeded to make sure he completely understood what would definitely happen to him if you did not get those ingredients along with what would happen to his business and family."

"Hmm," Voldemort hummed. "Tell me, Lucius, what do you know of 'Vlad The Impaler'?"

"I...I beg your pardon?" Lucius blinked.

"Ah, I've sensed that you've heard of him at least," Voldemort smiled, not pleasantly. "Well, Lucius, I've heard a few things about him, like how he supposedly drank blood and had impaled thousands of people on spikes. Quite chilling, don't you think so? If I don't get those ingredients on time, then I will start setting examples in a way that will make him look like nothing more than a child. And the first example will be you, followed by your family, is that understood?"

"Y...yes, yes, my lord." Lucius quickly nodded, gulping heavily as he did so.

"Good, good," Voldemort smiled at him. "Now, is there anything else you wish to report to me?" He asked.

"O...only that Lestrange arrived a few minutes ago," Lucius answered, doing his best to keep his voice steady. "He has the item that you ordered him to bring."

"Hmm, good, good." Voldemort licked his now dry lips before turning and walking out of the room with Nagini following behind him. "Now, what to do with you, Potter?" Voldemort wondered.

Omake (requested by DZ2):

"You heard Miss Tonks!" Barked Fudge, desperate to keep his job. "Circumcise yourself!" He yelled, tossing Percy a knife.

"But I don't want to!" Protested Percy.

"Well...I'm ordering you to," Fudge replied.

"Crap." Percy hissed before bringing the knife closer to his crotch. "I don't want to...but orders...but I don't want to...but orders...but I don't want to...but orders..."

"He's in a loop," Tonks whispered.

"I know, I want to see how long it takes him to break it." Harry grinned, pulling out a bit of popcorn.

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