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Chapter 109 -

"My faithful death eaters," Voldemort hissed lowly.

The death eaters were all tense as they stood in the dark, tense room before their lord and master. Lord Voldemort, looking quite different from before, was sitting lazily in his chair. All of them stood awkwardly, shifting nervously, unsure how to act. Lord Voldemort at the best of times was not someone to get on the wrong side of, they had just gotten used to him after his return. It was quite awkward for them, believers in the purity of blood, to follow someone who was unnaturally pale and clearly not a normal wizard. But they were able to get used to it, allowing themselves to believe that it was part of some ritual, perhaps it had to do with the method of his return, many of the more experienced death eaters recalled what he used to look like before his defeat at the hands of baby Potter and thought it could be possible that his method of coming back had messed up his appearance.

But now...he had changed himself again. Why? He did not even look human anymore, what was going on with their dark lord?

"I...find myself...disappointed, for too long we've sat idly by, lurking in the shadows." Voldemort sighed, only to lean forward and start coughing violently. Murky brown blood spat out of his mouth and onto the floor, causing a most horrible odour to start rising up, making many of the nearest death eaters grimace in disgust.

" lord...I..." The nearest death eater started to speak when Voldemort suddenly looked up, no longer coughing.

"You dare to interrupt me?" He asked furiously.

" my lord, but I just wanted to... argh!" The unfortunate death eater collapsed to the floor, his head rolling across the room before Nagini pounced on it, instantly wrapping her jaws around it by dislocating the muscles in her mouth so the head could fit.

"Where was I?" Voldemort asked confusedly, staring blankly ahead for a long minute in which the death eaters didn't dare move a muscle. "My faithful death eaters, I find myself...disappointed." He sighed. "For too long we've sat idly by, lurking in the shadows. We as half-blood wizards were designed to rule, where we not?" The death eaters remained quiet, some scaredly nodding, all of them a bit confused by the 'half-blood' comment but none of them willing to mention it. "And yet, we've been held back, kept away from our greatness, our birth rights, our time! All of what we are owed has been kept away from us, not by the government that claims to rule us! But by a naive, optimistic old headmaster and an arrogant little son of a mudblood bitch! No more! People doubt me, they doubt my rule, they doubt my power! They doubt what I can do! No more!" He said, standing up suddenly, pieces of walls were ripped off and one ended up slamming into the head of an unfortunate death eater.

"The headmaster, defeated of Grindelwald." Voldemort hissed softly. "I remember him easily. I remember him threatening me, trying to intimidate me with fire. I remember his constant meddling, his pitiful attempts to bring us mudbloods and halfbloods to equal standing as purebloods!" Looking down, he wasn't able to see the shared looks between death eaters. "He was once my greatest enemy, my biggest threat, the only one able to stand against me. Now...and now...what now? My greatest enemy, my biggest threat and the one that most actively stands in my way is nothing more than a child! A half-blood son of a redheaded mudblood! No more! I've had enough! We will not be ruled by them any longer! WE WILL BRING THE FIGHT TO THEM!"

Harry smiled as he sat at the Slytherin table during the sorting feast, Daphne and Tracey each leaning into either side of him. Jet was curled on the table, digesting a bit of delicious meat. He looked around, knowing that the majority of students here were part of the Silver Wolves and those that were part of the group were actively trying to recruit those that weren't. Looking up at the teacher's table he was unable to prevent himself from smirking as he saw Angela sitting at the teacher's table, sending him a seemingly innocent wink that he could tell promised many late after class sessions.

As he watched the first years be sorted he couldn't help but wish that the whole of his school career could simply have just been, nothing more than girls and school. Unfortunately, Lord Voldemort was still out and about, but still...he liked to imagine what would happen if he wasn't. Hopefully, it wouldn't stay a dream for too long.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome all of you to Hogwarts," Dumbledore said with a smile, he looked over all of them as if trying to memorise all of their faces. "For those of you returning, welcome back, and for those of you who are new, welcome to what is hopefully good enough for you to call home. Now that we have all eaten, I hope you'll be willing to allow me a few moments of your time. To start with, I'd like to introduce you all to a returning member of staff and an old friend of mine, Mr Horace Slughorn who will be taking over the potions class." The room erupted into cheers, the vast majority of people were less cheering for the new professor as they were cheering for the fact that Snape was no longer teaching potions, the Gryffindors were especially happy about that. "Yes, yes, and taking over for defence against the dark arts is none other than our own Professor Snape," The cheers died faster than one could possibly imagine as many suddenly realised/remembered that Snape was still sitting at the teacher's table. The dour-faced man sneered at everyone, one student tried to start a clap - likely out of pity - but nobody really felt like joining in so it died a miserable death.

"Yes," Dumbledore coughed. "And I'd also like to introduce a new addition to our staff, apparently the ministry had not yet removed the position of 'High Inquisitor', the last one being the now deceased Madam Umbridge." A great many students cheered, some spat on the floor when he mentioned her name, and some even chanted Harry's name. "Yes, yes, however, the position is still active, at least for this year. So, I'd like to introduce you all to the lovely woman who will be taking that position this year, Miss Angela Zabini!"

Angela stood up as many students, noticeably the males, cheered for her. She found Harry in the crowd and sent him a quick wink before sitting back down.

"Did you know about this?" Tracey whispered to Harry.

"I knew the position was still up but I didn't think anyone was going to fill it in," Harry whispered back. "She never told me she was going to do it."

"Shouldn't she have?" Daphne asked with a small frown.

"I won't get angry if she shows initiative," Harry shrugged. "Her in that position benefits me and gives her a stepping stone for future careers, what's not to like about it?"

"How do you think she got that position? She's still fresh out of school,"

"My name was probably mentioned somewhere," Harry said knowingly.

"And now, before I send you off," Dumbledore continued, his tone much more serious than before, the crowd became quiet, sensing that they were going to be told something important. "I feel I should warn you all. For those who are new to the wizarding world, we are currently in the midst of a war, a war between us and one of the darkest wizards of all time. We are in danger, that is undeniable, however, we are fighting the danger to the best of our abilities. It is my hope that soon this war will end and we can go back to living peaceful lives, but until that happens we must remain vigilant. I will ask you all to -"

"Hear me now." A voice interrupted.

Harry shot up to a standing position as Dumbledore stiffened, both of them recognising the voice in an instant, just like a few others in the hall. The voice was that of Voldemort, it echoed deeply into everyone's ears.

"For those who don't know who I am," He rasped. "I am Lord Voldemort, the strongest wizard alive since Salazar Slytherin himself. I am your ruler, I am your lord. I am a benevolent and generous lord for my followers. I am a destructive and cruel lord for my enemies. In this castle, there are two big irritating obstacles in my path to victory. One Albus Dumbledore, an old man who will have his skull crushed under my foot. And then there is Harry Potter, the young half-blood son of an upstart mudblood. He's caused many of you to doubt me, to doubt my power. He's gotten lucky in the past, able to survive with cheap tricks and luck. This will not stand.

I challenge you, Harry Potter, to a duel to the death. You and me, one on one. No death eaters, no wolves, no pets. No interference from anyone, if anyone does interfere in this duel then I will burn the wizarding world to the ground. Let the might of Lord Voldemort, the greatest wizard of our time, face off against the boy who lived. You and me, Potter, just as it always has been. Nobody shall interfere, if anyone does then I shall have my death eaters rain fire down on wizards and muggles alike. One week from now, at the place of your birth." Harry growled before placing the tip of his wand against his neck.

"I accept," His voice was loud enough that the people in the hall wouldn't be surprised if the whole country could hear it.

" this normal?" A new first-year Gryffindor couldn't help but ask.

"You get used to it," Neville told him.

"Draco, Theo, follow me," Harry told the pair before walking out of the common room.

"What...what do you think he wants?" Draco whispered to Nott as they followed him out.

"The Dark Lord just challenged him," Theo gulped. "Either he's got some good news for us or..." He didn't finish the sentence and Draco didn't need him to, it was entirely possible that this was the part where Harry found out about them and punished them for their betrayal, they could only hope that he'd be merciful or at least quick.

The walk was long, awkward and dreadfully silent, none of them said a word. The atmosphere was not helped when the two Slytherin boys saw Jet slither out of Harry's clothes and wrap around his neck with familial ease. Draco considered hitting Harry in the back with a spell or two and then making a run for it, but ultimately he decided against it. Even if he managed to surprise Harry - and he did not consider that to be an easy thing - he still had to deal with Jet who Draco knew was faster than one would expect from a snake. Not to mention that if Draco didn't end up killing Jet then Harry would almost certainly find him and that would simply just have meant that all Draco would have accomplished was delaying the inevitable and pissing Harry off even more.

Besides...a part of Draco couldn't help but feel bad, they had pretty much betrayed Harry and actively trying to hurt him would make things worse. Especially, now since everything was coming to an end soon, the dark lord had just upped and challenged Harry. Draco had heard that the man that Draco had once worshipped was now utterly insane and was now killing his own men at random for the smallest of reasons. Killing purebloods as easily as he would muggle-borns. Draco didn't hold blood purity with the same importance as he did before, and neither did Theo. They both knew Harry was the son of a muggleborn and he was arguably one of the toughest wizards on the planet and he still hadn't graduated from school yet!

"Here," Harry said, walking into a nearby classroom. Draco and Theo exchanged one more look before walking into the classroom, it was as empty as they expected, they doubted there was even an insect in there. Harry was waiting for them patiently, having turned around to face them. The door behind them closed, seemingly by itself, Harry didn't look remotely surprised by it. Jet hissed something into Harry's ear and an amused expression briefly appeared on Harry's face before he hissed back and Jet went silent.

"Harry," Draco spoke up. "Before you say anything, we need to come clean."

"Yeah," Theo said with a tired sigh. "It's about time I reckon."

"We know that this is probably too late and won't change much now, but we need to tell you," Draco took a deep breath before he looked Harry dead in the eye. "After we're done, you can do whatever you want to us."

"Not like we could stop him," Theo couldn't help but point out.

"Shut it!" Draco hissed before turning back to Harry. "Basically, we've been in contact with your sworn enemy, the dark lord."

"He's currently hiding in Draco's house," Theo added quickly. "He's...he's not normal, Harry. The last time we talked with our fathers, they told us that he's changed, even worse than before."

"We don't know much info that's helpful to you," Draco reluctantly admitted. "But we're willing to tell you everything we know."

"And we'll take whatever punishment you decide without complaints, though we do reserve the right to scream and cry," Theo said quietly.

"Cool, so let's start talking about our game plan," Harry decided. "I'll need a map of Malfoy Manor, its defences and however many death eaters you think Voldemort has over there." He told the two confused boys.

"Umm...Harry?" Theo spoke up. "Are...Are you alright?"

"Just dandy," Harry replied dryly.

"It's just...well...we did kind of drop a bombshell here." Draco pointed out.

"Not the time for games, Draco," Harry said impatiently. "In case you don't remember, old no-nose has just challenged me, there's not much time to waste. I need the plans and defences. You've both seen him and interacted with him, what's the story here?"

" knew?" Theo asked quietly. "You knew about us interacting with him?"

"Yeah, I knew, for a while actually."

"But...but you didn't say anything!" Draco blurted out.

"Neither did you, dumbass," Jet hissed.

"What Jet said," Harry agreed.

"You know damn well that we can't understand him!" Draco said hotly. "And how the bloody hell did you find out anyway?"

"Do you know who the fuck you're talking to?" Harry stared at him like he was insane. "I'm Harry Potter!"

"That's not an answer!"

"Harry, you're not mad at us?" Theo cut in. "'re not going to torture us to death or have Jet kill us or something?"

"Don't give him ideas!" Draco glared at Theo.

"Tempting as those options may sound right now, no, I am not going to harm either of you," Harry replied in a calm voice.

"While I am very glad that you're not going to, I got to know, why?" Draco asked, staring right at Harry. "Why are you being so nice to us?"

"First of all, the two of you will be repaying me back for this," Harry told them bluntly. "I'll decide if that will be through political favours, money or even just plain old chores. But you will be paying me back for this, don't doubt that."

"That's fair, I suppose," Theo mumbled.

"Secondly, because you pair of idiots are my friends, if you remember." Harry continued. "I know that you and your families are in danger, I know that that's why you kept quiet. Trust me, if I thought you betrayed me for a stupid reason then we wouldn't be having this complication."

"Ignoring you implying our deaths, you're...really not mad at us."

"Like I said, you're my friends and I get it, you'll pay me back later anyway." Harry shrugged. "Now, you going to give me those plans or what?" He asked impatiently.

"Harry," Draco said, staring at Harry with a sort of fond irritation. "With no offence intended to either of your parents, you are one crazy son of a bitch."

"You wanted to see me?" Harry asked, stepping into Dumbledore's office. As soon as he entered, Thor had leapt off of his shoulder and flew towards the stand where Fawkes was and perched right next to him, greeting the phoenix with a bright chirp.

"Ah yes, good to see you, Harry, might I ask how you've been?" Dumbledore asked politely as Harry sat opposite him with Jet wrapped around his arm.

"Meh, just a regular week," Harry said dryly.

"I'm sure," Dumbledore replied, just as dryly. "You'll be pleased to know that Professor Slughorn has stepped up and divulged the information I needed from him, apparently Tom's challenge had given him a burst of courage, or at least made him realise he had nothing to lose."

"And what have you learned?" Harry asked curiously.

"Tom has spent some time making 'Horcruxes', a horcrux is a horrible piece of dark magic," Dumbledore said, unable to keep the disgust out of his voice. "It is - in the simplest manner - a soul container. The wizard or witch, through the horrible act of murder, splits their soul and then places it in a container of sorts."

"What sort of container?" Harry frowned thoughtfully.

"It could be anything," Dumbledore shrugged. "It could be a picture, a coin, a plate, a coffin, a bit of clothing, maybe even a book."

"The diary in my second year!" Harry realised.

"Exactly," Dumbledore smiled, looking quite proud of Harry for working that out. "Take twenty points to Slytherin. Now, so long as a horcrux exists, a wizard won't truly die."

"So, you're trying to say that Voldemort's immortal?"

"I'm sure he believes he is," Dumbledore nodded. "But truthfully he is not, he just simply can't be killed while the horcrux exists. And it is possible for him to be killed, just ask 'Herpo the Foul', the first to ever create one. He's not alive now, is he?"

"Not as far as I know, so, what you're saying is, we have to kill him by destroying his soul containers first?" Harry questioned.

"Precisely, if we don't then he may simply end up possessing another body and coming back repeatedly until we do."

"There's a simple way around that," Harry responded, surprising Dumbledore.

"What's that?"

"Destroy his body, gather the soul containers whilst he's weak and then destroy them," Harry said simply.

"Yes, I suppose that'll work as well," Dumbledore said thoughtfully. "I have a theory that I'd like to test out if you wouldn't mind, Mr Potter." He pulled out his wand. "Stay still please," He instructed before waving his wand several times whilst chanting something under his breath. Harry paused and after Dumbledore was done he waited, and waited...and waited.

"Nothing happened," Harry couldn't help but point out.

"Thank Merlin," Dumbledore let a heavy sigh of relief as he slumped back in his seat.

"Dumbledore, you're going to want to start explaining before I punch you in the face again," Harry sent him a mild glare. Dumbledore, instead of acting appropriately to Harry's minor threat, laughed loudly.

"I must say, Mr Potter, you are a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else I usually meet. Most either hate me completely or simply worship the very ground I walk on," He admitted with a bright smile.

"I don't hate you much, I just think you're a cunt," Harry admitted honestly. "Now, start explaining."

"The spell I just did was one that would detect horcruxes, it showed that there was not one in you," Dumbledore explained.

"And you suspected that there would be one in me? Why?"

"When you were taken from the wreckage of your parent's house, I had you looked over and noticed a strange sort of magic that I had never been able to identify coming from your scar, back when it was a small lightning bolt. Then you came to Hogwarts with a significantly bigger scar, but I was unable to find the same signature coming from you. But gave me the diary, a diary with a similar signature to the one that you originally possessed. I had spent a great deal of time trying to work out what it was, I had suspected Horcruxes amongst other things but wasn't totally sure until Professor Slughorn confirmed it for me. He and I both suspect that Tom had made a grand total of seven, it's my belief that his soul had become so unstable that he created another unintentionally, one that he accidentally placed in you."

"What?!" Harry blurted out. "You're trying to say that I have a piece of Voldemort's soul inside of me?"

"No, I'm saying you had a piece of Voldemort's soul inside you," Dumbledore corrected. "Which is quite odd, the only known way to destroy a horcrux is to destroy the vessel, the only known ways of doing that are fiendfyre or basilisk venom, though I imagine that the killing curse would work equally as well. That leads me to wonder, just how exactly did you destroy the one in your scar?"

"Hmm," Harry sat back in his seat, looking quite thoughtful, a moment later a wicked smirk appeared on his face as he looked towards Thor.

"Yes, the relative of Jet shall lead us to victory!" Jet hissed proudly, easily picking up on what Harry was thinking.

"Summon Angela," Harry told Dumbledore.

"You have an idea?" Dumbledore raised an eyebrow.

"No, I have several,"

Voldemort stood patiently, swaying gently whilst his feet never moved from their spot on the solid concrete ground beneath him. The robes he wore scratched at his skin which seemed to alter between hard as rock and sensitive as a newborn. He lightly breathed in, able to recognise the smell of corpses filling his brain. He had personally killed every single muggle that lived in this street, even their pets and children, and he had enjoyed it, immensely.

"I was hoping to never come back here," A voice called, he stiffened before a smile appeared on his face as he turned around to face one Harry James Potter who stood a small distance away. "Wow, you've gotten uglier than before," Harry said before he looked to his left, staring once more at Number Four Privet Drive, the house where the Dursleys had tormented him.

"It's funny, isn't it, Harry?" Voldemort breathed out slowly. "People...they are heading over to St Mungos and Godric's Hollow, hoping to catch glimpses of us both. But we both know that that's not where you were born, it might be where you were physically brought into this world but it's not you, it's not what made you what you are. This...your torment...this is the true birthplace of Harry James Potter, the boy who became a cautionary tale to all those who would challenge the might of the great, Lord Voldemort."

"Are you Voldemort?" Harry asked innocently. "You don't look it, not anymore. What happened to you, Tommy? One ritual too many?"

"I will perform as many as is needed, as many as I can, as many as I want!" Voldemort snapped, glaring viciously at him. "I am Lord Voldemort! Heir to Gryffindor!"

"Heir to Gryffindor?" Harry repeated questioningly.

"What?!" Voldemort blurted out, looking quite lost.

"Tom, Tom, Thomas," Harry chuckled deeply. "There's a reason that people don't perform many rituals, you've increased your power but you've lost your most valuable asset, you've lost your mind."

"My mind is as strong as ever!" Voldemort snarled at him.

"Look at you, you're barely human, even you can't go around and pretend you're pureblood anymore, nobody with half a brain buys it. You're what you always have been, a pathetic little monster who is too scared to do the world a favour and die, only now you have the looks to match."

"I will enjoy killing you, Dumbledore. Potter! I will enjoy killing you, Potter!" Voldemort raised his wand, a forked tongue licked his lips before retreating back into his mouth. "From now on, Lord Voldemort will go unchallenged, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, Father."

"You're ten different levels more fucked up than I could have possibly thought, Voldy," Harry said, raising his own wand. "I'm giving you one last chance, Tom, you have the power to stop this, to stop what you're doing."

"You're right, I do have all the power, I have all the power in the world!" Voldemort reared his head back and a ten-foot fire snake erupted from his mouth before charging towards Harry. Harry got rid of it with a simple flick of his wand before firing off a bone-breaker at Voldemort's neck, Voldemort made no move to dodge and was hit with it instantly, his bones snapped and his head dangled off to the side, handing from a longer than normal neck. Harry had barely processed what he was seeing when he heard a large snap, Voldemort's head was pulled back to its normal position as his neck fixed itself. Harry blinked several times, trying hard to once more process what he saw. "Nice try, Potter!"

"If at first you don't succeed, then try again until you do!" Harry roared before firing off another spell, Voldemort swatted it away with the back of his free hand before firing his own spells. Harry blocked, dodged, ducked, and fired back.

"That's the spirit, Harry!" Voldemort cheered. "Yes, fight me! This will be glorious! The final showdown! The might of Lord Voldemort vs Harry Potter!"

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