Chapter 110:

"Fuckin..fuckity fuck!" Harry hissed as he dodged a killing curse and defended against a bone breaker, one that had actually ended up pushing Harry a foot back. It didn't take long for Harry to realise that Voldemort's already impressive magical power had increased. "I can't help but feel like you're trying to kill me," Harry snarked, sending a piercing curse at Voldemort's forehead.

"I am trying to kill you!" Voldemort hissed, moving his head to the side. The curse took off a piece of his ear, he snarled and shot a torture curse at Harry just as his ear grew back. Harry barely ducked under it before shooting off several spells of his own that Voldemort quickly blocked. "Stay still and accept your fate, Potter! It'll be easier for you in the end. No matter what you do, you can't change the fact that by the end of the day, you will end up just like your filthy mudblood father! Dead and alone in a grave!"

"My mother was the muggleborn, idiot!" Harry snapped, with a wave of his wand he sent an arc of black fire straight at Voldemort, the fire consumed his blood-boiling spell and headed straight towards the dark lord.

"What did you call me?!" Voldemort demanded, he took a deep breath in and the fire was pulled straight up his nose just like what one would see in a cartoon. He glared balefully at Harry before opening his mouth and sending a large burst of bright blue flames straight towards Harry. Harry slammed the tip of his wand downwards into the ground, it penetrated through the concrete floor beneath him like it was made of water. A big earth wall shot up and covered Harry, forming a protective dome. "You will look me in the eyes when you die!" Voldemort roared, sending a spell at the dome that caused it to explode outward into many pieces. "Where the fuck did he go?!"

"Language!" A mocking voice called from behind just before a piercing curse hit him in the back of his spine. Voldemort let out a loud yell, his spine barely repaired itself in time to stop him from falling to the floor. He turned and was met with a spell that crashed into him like an angry bull, sending him several meters closer to the Dursley's house.

"Die!" Voldemort roared hatefully, he aimed his wand at Harry and fiendfyre erupted from it, taking the form of snakes and dragons. Harry quickly raised his wand and waved it, causing the ground to erupt into a large curved wall, the fiendfyre smashed against it before returning back to Voldemort. With a snarl and wave of his wand, Voldemort got rid of the fiendfyre before turning around and blocking the blood-boiling spell that Harry had shot at him. "You can't trick me! I learn from my mistakes, Dumbledore!"

"Yet you still keep performing those fucking rituals," Harry muttered before casting a shield to block Voldemort's latest spell, the shield shattered and Harry found himself flying towards the Dursley's old house.

A moment before impact, he turned his body to smoke and landed in the house in his normal form, finding it looking much like it had before he had left, though with different furniture. The most glaring difference was the the old muggle couple that were slaughtered and stacked up on top of the kitchen table. A large cracking sound had him turn to smoke once more just before a piercing spell hit what would have been his lower back, he reformed so that he was facing Voldemort and ducked a steel-grey spell that shattered the TV behind him.

Harry flicked his wand and cast a spell that went wide of Voldemort and crashed into the nearest sofa, he followed up by casting several more spells at Voldemort who blocked them all with ease, not noticing the sofa transforming behind him.

"You can't beat me if this is your best, Potter!" Voldemort snarled.

"At least you got my name right, and this isn't my best," Harry told him, sidestepping a killing curse before responding with a fire blast that Voldemort dispelled with a backhanded slap.

"What is it then?" Voldemort asked mockingly.

"I'm distracting you, you big turd-blossom!" Harry said just before Voldemort let out a pained gasp. The feared dark lord looked down and saw hundreds of scorpions swarming towards him, it wasn't long before he was covered head to toe in scorpions. "Oh, those will hurt,"

"They do!" Voldemort shouted in a pained voice before fire erupted from him.

"Shit!" Harry apparated upstairs and landed in the hallway just before the entire living room became covered in flames, he had barely a second to catch his breath before Voldemort appeared and blasted him into the nearest room, Harry's old spare bedroom. Harry looked up and saw him walking forward with malicious intent. Harry quickly animated the door to slam shut, right in Voldemort's face. He apparated out and back into the back garden when a portion of the roof was blown off.

"You're pissing me off!" Voldemort announced as he apparated into the garden. Aiming his wand at the house behind him, the house shattered into hundreds and hundreds of pieces before spiralling up in the air, twisting like a snake and then charging straight down towards Harry. A wave of Harry's wand created a light blue shield and the house parts that crashed into it transformed into sand. Once there was no more house left for Voldemort to throw, Harry transfigured the sand pile he had behind him into dozens of tiny needles that he animated to fly towards the ugly, dark lord. "You're still doing it!" Voldemort shouted, banishing the needles and sending several dangerous spells at Harry.

"Everyone's got their talents," Harry shot several of his own spells back before animating the garden tree to rip itself out of the ground and charge towards Voldemort. "Hope the others are having better luck than I am," He frowned.

"Are you sure that your information is right?"

"If you ask me one more time if I know what the layout of my own house is then I swear to Merlin himself, I'm going to polish and then shove my finest and most expensive boots so far up your ass that you'd need the world's best niffler to get them out!" Draco snapped at Zacharias Smith. "And then I'm going to charge you the cleaning bill too, you fucking puff-pastry."

"Enough," Angela said firmly, looking all around. The Silver Wolves were all currently formed a short distance away from Malfoy Manor, ready to begin their assault on the Death Eater hideout. "It's time for battle, Harry gave us our plan and we're going to go through with it now. Now, do you all remember the plan?"

"Malfoy and I will go in with Crabbe and Goyle," Theo nodded. "We'll create some chaos, destroy the ward-stone of the house and give you a signal to attack, hopefully, these lot will have been able to get their families out."

"What about your dad?" Draco couldn't help but ask.

"I'm still thinking about it," Theo admitted honestly, not as fond of his father as Draco was of his own.

"Anyway," Angela cut in. "Then, I will lead a frontal assault to get their attention. Daphne will lead her group and attack from the rear, while she does that Tracey will sneak in from the basement entrance."

"Are you sure that it's safe?" Tracey asked Draco.

"Just pat the snake statue twice on the head, you'll be alright." He assured her.

"Blaise leads the broom flyers for an aerial assault." Angela continued.

"You're welcome," He said graciously with a dramatic bow.

"I must admit, this is quite exciting for me," Dumbledore spoke up with a small smile as he walked up to the front, everyone turned to look at the man who appeared to have not noticed as he talked to Angela. "It's not often that I'm not leading these sort of things. It's quite refreshing to be the one taking orders. Would I be correct in guessing that Harry has put you in charge of this little operation?" He asked, being the only other adult here besides Angela as he had tasked the order members with positioning themselves at locations most likely for a death eater attack.

"He has," Angela nodded just as Daphne stepped forward, holding Jet in her hands.

"Harry said that he was to stay with you," She said, handing him to Dumbledore who ignored Jet's rather loud hissing as he placed the irritated snake on his shoulders.

"I shall do my best not to irritate you," He told Jet who hissed back several things that Daphne was not going to translate for him or anyone.

"Let's get to it." She added just before Thor flew in and landed on a nearby perch. Harry had told her that he would be vital in the upcoming attack.

'Get the snake, call Thor, he'll know what to do.' Harry had said, she didn't know what exactly his plan was

"Crucio!" Voldemort yelled, Harry dodged before throwing several spells towards Voldemort, one of which blew a hole in Voldemort's leg, not that he seemed to care much as it repaired itself mere seconds later. Voldemort spun his wand and sent several mini-tornados towards Harry who dispelled them before sending a curse at Voldemort, only to find that he was no longer there. He quickly discovered where he was when he felt a heavy hand slap itself onto his shoulder, knocking it out of place, and causing Harry to drop to his knees in pain. "I'm getting bored here," He hissed before the two disappeared from view.

A few moments later Harry found himself landing face first onto the street of Diagon Alley, he had barely had time to cough before he was grabbed by the back of his neck and hoisted up into the air by Voldemort who was aiming his wand at Harry's neck, meanwhile, several people around him screamed, all freezer in terror at the sight of Voldemort. There were not many here, just the few that were brave enough to come out after Voldemort's announcement plus two order members in the form of Mad-Eye Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt, both had drawn their wands but neither of them had interfered, despite how much they wished to.

"People of the wizarding world!" Voldemort roared, his voice echoing loudly, especially in the tense silence. "Look at your saviour!" He yelled victoriously. "Harry Potter will soon be dead before me! He will die at my feet! By my hand!"

"You talk too much," Harry hissed before transforming into his sabertooth form, freeing himself from Voldemort's grip. He turned and body-slammed him away and through the window of the shop behind him, a place that sold glasses. Transforming back into human form, he jabbed his wand at his own shoulder and fixed it with barely a wince. Turning around he spotted Voldemort getting to his feet, the monstrous dark lord flicked his wand, shattering every piece of glass in the store. All the pieces rose up into the air and shot towards Harry who waved his wand and brought all of the pieces together into a giant ball that he shot at Voldemort who turned into smoke and allowed it to pass harmlessly through him. Acting quickly, Harry shot a spell that caused all of the smoke to light up in flames, quickly burning into nothing. "Hey," Harry called to the people around him. "He's not dead, all of you had better get out of here quick!" He warned before his wand started singing, Harry quickly moved his head to the side in time for a red bolt to barely miss his head whilst his own wand automatically shot a spell behind him. 'Thank you, badass wand cores.' He thought to himself before turning around and meeting the pissed-off Voldemort.

"I hate you," Voldemort stated bluntly.

"Right back at you," Harry told him before sending an eye-liquefier at him, Voldemort dodged and flew towards Harry who ascended up into the air, casting several spells at him, though none hit as Voldemort swiftly dodged and blocked all of them before he was able to reach Harry. Voldemort grabbed his foot and the two apparated away.

"The wards are fucked!" One Death eater yelled just before a blue beam blasted him through a window.

Once the wards were down the attack had begun and the battle had begun, Angela's frontal assault had begun with her blasting apart the doors of Malfoy Manor, doors that had stood in the same place for hundreds of years. She had charged in with Dumbledore and her group and had quickly engaged the enemy. The death eaters, experts in surprise attacking people when they least expected, were not great at dealing with surprise attacks when they least expected it.

Angela ducked under a cutting curse before firing a blood-boiling spell that knocked her attacker off of his feet, she blocked several more spells before Dumbledore waved his wand and several death eaters found themselves flung at the nearest wall. Jet had lept off of Dumbledore's shoulders and sunk his fangs into a death eater that had gotten too close.

"I dare say," Dumbledore blocked a killing curse by summoning what appeared to be a very expensive vase to intercept the attack, a second later his attacker was hogtied and suspended in the air. "Harry has chosen some good friends to keep by his side,"

"Thanks," Angela replied before beheading a death eater and then hitting a second with a body bind and then a heart exploder. Dumbledore grimaced but wisely did not comment and instead animated a nearby table to charge at a group of death eaters. Several large booms along with a slight shaking of the building alerted her to the fact that the others had probably begun their own attacks.

"It seems like the end is near," Dumbledore announced suddenly, Angela turned her gaze to where Dumbledore was looking. Jet had sunk his fangs right into the neck of Voldemort's snake, Nagini. A loud shriek filled the air, shocking everyone nearby, especially when the snake's body disintegrated into black ashes, releasing a wispy black smoke. "That'll be my cue," Dumbledore said, waving his wand in a complex movement, catching the smoke in a large golden sphere.

"Fuck around and find out!" Jet gloated over Nagini's ashes.

"I'll just be taking upstairs, I think," He told Angela in a conversational matter before walking off calmly as if a giant battle had not just stopped in front of them.

"What the..." One death eater trailed off as Dumbledore left the room.

"Why the fuck have we stopped?!" Blaise demanded, flying in through a window.

"Oh right," Angela cast a piercing curse at the nearest death eater before addressing the Silver Wolves. "As you were,"

"You're going to die, Potter!"

"At least my corpse will have a nose, fuck-face!" Harry shot back, dodging a killing curse whilst sending a cruciatus curse in reply as the two flew through the air, Harry's curse hit Voldemort and sent pain throughout his body, knocking him out of the sky. Though Harry knew it was only a temporary setback for the crazed dark lord.

Harry was not quite sure where Voldemort had apparated the pair of them and hadn't waited to find out, before taking off in flight. Looking around he saw a pair of trees and a familiar sight in the distance, it did not take more than a second to recognise where they were, Voldemort had landed them outside of the Hogwarts wards.

"Idea," Harry grinned before increasing his speed, his wand sang and he instinctively rolled to the side to avoid a cutting curse that would have taken off half of his head.

"You can't hide from me, Father! I will hunt you down!" Voldemort roared, flying after him.

"Catch me if you can, Tommy boy!" Harry yelled before curving towards the forbidden forest. Soon he was zipping through trees and bushes, barely avoiding several creatures that popped out of nowhere mid-flight. Spotting the acromantula colony, he headed straight towards them and landed right in the middle. "Hey! Anyone want a basilisk?" He shouted, causing many spiders to hiss loudly.

"You dare?!" One yelled.

"I brought the guy who unleashed it last time, he's on the way here now," Harry announced before turning around just as Voldemort came into view.

"Potter!" Voldemort screeched before sending a swarm of flaming arrows at Harry who flew up into the air to avoid them, the arrows landed in several spiders, causing the whole colony to hiss and screech in outrage.

"Got to go!" Harry shot a blue spell at Voldemort before turning into smoke and flying away. Voldemort batted the spell away with a sneer and was about to fire off a spell of his own when a spider leapt off one of the trees and tackled him to the ground.

"That'll buy me a few minutes," Harry said, reverting back to normal a short distance away. He flew towards a small pile of rocks, waving his wand, causing the rocks to scatter away, revealing a metallic gate, locked with a metal snake that had circled all around it. A few hisses later, the door opened, revealing a dark tunnel.

"NAGINI! MY SNAKE!" Voldemort's voice shot throughout the air.

"Huh," Harry blinked. "Guess the guys are doing well," He said before hopping into the tunnel.

"Professor Dumbledore," Angela said, staring around. The entire roof of Malfoy Manor was missing, exposing them all to the elements and the sky above, she was going to assume it was Blaise's work but wouldn't be totally surprised if Dumbledore had simply decided to remove the entire thing. She stepped into what she guessed was Lucius Malfoy's bedroom along with Tracey plus Daphne who now had Jet wrapped around her shoulders. "What are you doing?" She asked, seeing the Professor simultaneously keep the sphere in the air whilst also waving his wand and creating what appeared to be a ritual circle on the floor.

"A rather complex ritual, my dear," Dumbledore said, sounding slightly strained. "I'm not quite sure how young Harry has access to such knowledge, perhaps the Black family library, I shall have to ask him."

"Sir, what are you doing?" Daphne repeated, knowing that the headmaster had a habit of rambling.

"Forgive me, dears," Dumbledore said, eyes focused on the magic in front of him. "What I am performing is a rather complex modified ritual, Harry has undoubtedly informed the three of you of Voldemort's anchors, this ritual will send out a rather strong pulse to Voldemort's very soul. It's an old ritual, designed to punish an individual, typically it would simply cause extremely horrible pain. However, with how unstable Voldemort is now-"

"You think that the ritual will destroy his horcruxes?" Tracey guessed, an excited look on her face.

"That's mine and Harry's guess," Dumbledore confirmed. "Like I said, the ritual is designed to punish a human, if performed by a powerful enough individual then it could potentially split a person's soul, and given how many times he has already split it, he can't take another. And that's without the other rituals he has performed, there is a reason we only can perform so many. I suspect however that this will not kill him, at the very least it will leave him able to be killed. And that's when we leave matters into Harry's hands."

"He can do it," Daphne said confidently.

"Right, so that's our job done. Lunch?" Jet asked.

"Are we really leaving this to chance?" Angela asked with a frown. "What if it doesn't go the way you plan? What guarantee do we have that it will split his soul."

"You girls are indeed smart," Dumbledore nodded approvingly. "There is no guarantee if I perform the ritual exactly as intended,"

"As intended?"

"The ritual is designed to harm a single full soul," Dumbledore explained. "There were many calculations needed to see if it would work on a soul that was divided into more than one, whilst working that out Harry and I considered what would happen if we tried to destroy one of the pieces."

"You already destroyed its container," Daphne pointed out.

"Actually, Jet did," Dumbledore pointed out, Jet naturally nodded at that. "To answer your question, that's what this cage is for, keeping it contained long enough for me to perform the ritual. I need one final thing, Harry said that you had a way," Dumbledore looked questioningly at the girls.

"Huh?" Tracey blinked, casting a confused look to Daphne who simply shrugged her shoulders.

"I know what he meant," Angela smirked. "Thor!" She called, the clouds above them darkened as a familiar bird flew into view. Lightning started flashing through the sky, gradually getting bigger and bigger.

"I'd advise stepping back!" Dumbledore yelled, the girls quickly did as he suggested. Dumbledore raised the sphere high into the air and opened the top of it in time for a giant lightning blast to strike down from the sky.

"Potter!" Voldemort roared, having followed Potter down the tunnel.

Voldemort was angry, as angry as he had ever been, angrier than he had ever felt. He felt his whole body shake when his snake had been destroyed, his precious Bellatrix had been destroyed. Bellatrix. That was the name of his snake, right? It mattered not, he had just lost a horcrux! That meant he only had ten left...was it ten? Thirteen? Two? He did not know, he could not remember, nor could he think! Not with all of the horrid voices constantly yelling at him!

"Tom," A feminine voice whispered, her voice scratching against the back of his head. "Stop this, silly boy, are you trying to give your poor mother a heart attack?"

"Shut it, Lucius!" Voldemort snapped before a second voice boomed in his ear.

"Now, now, Son, that's hardly any way to talk to your mother. The poor rapist is already dead,"

"Leave me alone!" Voldemort screamed desperately, covering his ears as he wandered down the tunnel before stumbling into an area he once knew better than any living person. Looking around, the place was familiar, he felt like he knew what it was, it seemed important but the answer always remained just out of reach for him, he could not grasp it, no matter how hard he tried. The snake statues suggested it probably belonged to the founder of his Hogwarts house, Helga Hufflepuff. Along with the snake statues was a wall that was a giant carved face of a bearded man, and standing in front of it was one Harry Potter. "It's time to end this," Voldemort snarled before a forked tongue flicked out of his mouth and licked his lips.

"You couldn't be more right, Voldemort," Harry agreed. "But before we do, there's someone who wants to talk to you. I took the liberty of cleaning up his chamber, the old basilisk corpse wasn't a good look. Still, I'm getting off-topic," A wave of his wand cancelled a disillusionment spell, revealing the floating portrait of one Salazar Slytherin.

"Aunty?" Voldemort blinked, staring at him hard. Salazar let out a deep sigh before looking at Harry.

"You told me he was fucked, not this fucked," He sighed deeply. "This is almost worse than the time I left Godric and Helga alone in a bar with that leprechaun."

"AH!" Harry said sharply, a stern look on his face. "I don't ever want to hear that story again! Move on!"

"I'm moving, I'm moving," Salazar told him before turning back to Voldemort. "Tom, don't you see what you've become? I warned you countless times that there are consequences for your actions,"

"Lord Voldemort does not face consequences!" Voldemort shouted angrily.

"We all do, in this life or the next," Salazar said sadly. "I was once so proud of you, but that boy...he's long gone, I fear. Now, whatever's's not him...or maybe it's just what he really was all along, who can say for sure?"

"You think your words matter to me?!" Voldemort demanded furiously. "I've gone further down paths of magic than any would dare dream! I am the most powerful wizard ever to exist! I am Lord Voldemort!"

"You needed to fuck up your magic and body with shit tons of rituals," Harry reminded him. "I did a decent amount and left it there. You're not even a monster anymore, Riddle, just a very powerful joke. You're nothing more than my last great hurdle!"

"I...AARRGHH!" Voldemort collapsed to his hands and knees, breathing heavily and deeply. His whole body appeared to shake and he looked like he had just gone twelve rounds under the cruciatus curse. "What have you done?" He whispered, sounding horrified. He looked up at Harry, bits of his skin flaking and dropping off of his face. " horcruxes!"

"All of them, all gone," Harry confirmed. "It turns out that basilisk venom and fiendfyre are not the only ways to damage a horcrux, a thunderbird's lightning apparently also does it."

"I...this...will not stand," Voldemort growled out, trying to stand up, only to stumble and fall.

"Neither will you, apparently," Harry said calmly, raising his wand as Voldemort forced himself onto his knees.

"AVDA KADABRA!" Voldemort screamed, only for his wand to explode, blasting him back several feet.

"This is getting sad to watch, he just butchered his signature spell," Salazar sighed, staring at Voldemort who was trying and failing to get off his back. "Potter, finish this, for all our sakes."

"Happily," Harry agreed, walking forward to Voldemort who forced himself to look up.

"I...I will kill you, Harry Potter..." Voldemort breathed out heavily. "...I will kill each and everyone you love...I offered you me! You left me everyone else! I hate you."

"For what it's worth, though I hated the choices you made, I respected the wizard you once were. It's a shame you tried to destroy the world instead of make it better," Harry aimed his wand right at Voldemort, the tip of it glowing with lightning.

"You can't kill me," Voldemort growled, staring hatefully up at Harry. "I'm Lord Voldemort...I'm immortal! I'm never going to die! I can't die! I won't! I'm immortal, Potter! I'm immortal!"

"We should probably double-check," Lightning shot out of Harry's wand, slamming into Voldemort. Harry poured more and more out, Voldemort's screams didn't take long to die out. Eventually, Harry cut off the lightning and stared down at Voldemort who looked burnt from head to toe. Parts of his skin were falling off of his body and ascending to the air, his body was slowly turning into ash. Suddenly, Voldemort's head shot up and stared at Harry who had taken a step back and quickly raised his wand, ready and waiting.

"You...think...that will kill me?" Voldemort croaked. "I'm immortal...Father...I'm...I'm..." He trailed off and stared up at the ceiling above him, his legs and arms now gone in the wind, his body following suit. "I' me..." He breathed out before finally collapsing into ashes, blown away into nothing.

"Damn," Harry breathed out, looking around the chamber, half-expecting Voldemort to suddenly pop back up and surprise attack him. "I don't know if I should laugh or cry. It's's finally over."

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