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Chapter 3 -

After getting over the shock of Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, having a snake of all things, Bathsheda took Harry to Diagon Alley after Harry spent several minutes convincing her that his relatives wouldn't mind and would come back home much later in the day. But before they did that Harry had discussed the pet rule with Bathsheda, according to his letter he was only allowed to have an owl, cat or toad for a pet and Harry refused to go to Hogwarts without Jet.

Thought that was fixed quickly when Bathsheda cast a spell over the two that confirmed Jet was not a pet and was in fact a 'familiar', which meant that Harry and Jet were in fact bonded. Harry found that he quite liked that, as far as he was concerned he would be friends with Jet forever. Jet also liked it for the same reasons, but also because he had decided that being a familiar meant that he was better than any other pet - not that he wasn't already as he was a bloody snake after all - plus it meant that he was bonded with the boy that he was convinced was going to be a very powerful wizard.

The two -plus Jet - arrived in Charing Cross road via apparition, which Bathsheda had explained to Harry before they took off. It was apparently like teleporting, though it did not feel anywhere near as fun as it sounded. Harry had nearly thrown up but barely managed to avoid doing so while Jet, who was hiding under Harry's clothes, began hissing in an irritated manner.

"Sorry," Bathsheda said apologetically. "don't worry, the first time's always the worst, after a little bit of practice you barely feel it."

"It felt like my whole body was shoved through a tube and tossed in a random direction." Harry said as he shook his head to clear it.

"Yeah, I felt the same way my first time." Bathsheda replied. "Because I was side apparating you as well, it feels worse than normal. A lot of people throw up the first time."

"Can't imagine why." Harry said dryly, earning a small chuckle from Bathsheda. "You okay Jet?" Harry asked Jet, who hissed to say he was alright.

"Come on," Bathsheda said to Harry as the two began walking. "I'd recommend keeping that pet of yours a secret." Bathsheda suggested.

"Why?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"I'll tell you later once all of our shopping is done," She said just as they arrived outside an odd looking black shop. "this is the Leaky Cauldron." Bathsheda said, "muggles can't see it."

"Muggles?" Harry asked.

"It means a non-magical person, anyway we go through here into Diagon Alley." Bathsheda answered before they entered inside, the Leaky Cauldron definitely looked better on the inside, much cleaner too. Harry took a look around and saw that most of the people here were wearing robes of various different colors. "Give me a sec." Bathsheda said to Harry before waving her wand over her clothes, her clothes suddenly transformed and she stood in front of him, wearing dark red robes.

"Whoa." Harry blurted out.

"Cool isn't it?" Bathsheda grinned.

"Yeah," Harry nodded before looking at his own clothes, he was wearing simple black trainers, blue jeans and a grey shirt under an open black hoodie. "do I have to change my clothes?"

"No, you'll be fine." She said, "I had just changed my clothes so I could come to your house and not attract attention." She explained before they walked in.

"Ah hello Bathsheda," The Bartender greeted. "can I get you something?" He offered.

"No, thank you, Tom. I'm on Hogwarts business today." She responded.

"Bless my soul," Tom gasped when he saw Harry. "it's Harry Potter!" He blurted out. Instantly all conversation in the room stopped as everyone turned to look at Harry, the silence only lasted a few moments before the customers all began swarming Harry in an attempt to shake his hand, touch him and talk to him.

Bathsheda frowned when she saw this, yes it was Harry Potter but he was also an eleven year old and these adults should show some more control. She looked at Harry who was looking stiff as a board, and realized that he was probably the only one who disliked this more than she did.

Bathsheda grabbed Harry by the shoulders and lead him outside, before Harry or his snake could lash out. She didn't realize how close it was, Jet who had his lower half wrapped around Harry's bicep and his head resting on Harry's wrist, had been mere seconds away from striking out in defense of his master who clearly not been liking all the people swarming him.

"Are you alright?" Bathsheda asked once they had gotten out of the back and into an alleyway that also appeared to be a dead end.

"What the hell was that?!" Harry all but demanded. "What did they want with me?!"

"Probably just to tell people they've met the boy-who-lived." Bathsheda shrugged.

"The what?" Harry repeated.

"You don't know?" Bathsheda blinked.

"Know what?" Harry asked.

"Oh..." Bathsheda facepalmed, she was barely able to stop herself from cursing out loud. She knew he didn't know much about the wizarding world but she had thought that he would have at least known about why he was famous and the fact that he was famous. "...okay. I thought you would have known, um...give me a sec. Okay, let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up."

"Princess Bride?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What? It's a good film," She said defensively. "anyway when you were a kid you lived with your parents, James and Lily Potter."

"Their names was James and Lily?" Harry asked in an interested voice.

"You don't know their names?" Bathsheda gaped.

"My relatives don't talk about them much." Harry said in a tone that said 'move on', thankfully Bathsheda understood and did so.

"Anyway, one day this really bad wizard goes after them. He kills them, but then he finds you. Keep in mind that this wizard was so dangerous that people were scared to even speak his name, they called him he-who-must-not-be-named or you-know-who."

"What was his real name?" Harry asked.

"Oh damn, you're going to make me say it." She sighed. "I'm only going to say it once so pay attention, his name was was 'Voldemort'."

"Voldemort?" Harry repeated.

"Yeah but don't say it." Bathsheda replied. "Before you were born there was a war between you-know-who's forces and everyone else. But then when he tried to kill you, something happened, I don't know really know what but apparently the spell he used backfired and killed him. That's why you're famous and that's why they call you the boy-who-lived, because you not only beat this unbeatable wizard as a baby but you also survived a spell that nobody had ever survived. Harry?" She asked when she suddenly saw him look stiff.

Some hissing was heard before Harry raised his arm up and began hissing angrily at his wrist, where she knew the snake head was. After several moments of this Harry calmed down and took a few deep breaths.

"Sorry about that," He apologized while also making a mental note to tell the Dursley's how happy he was to have them tell him his parents were drunks who died in a car crash, Harry decided to leave the thought of his parents for later, once he was calm he would think about it properly. "this spell, what spell was it?" Harry asked.

"Well..." Bathsheda bit her lip, looking very reluctant to speak of it. "it was the killing curse."

"Killing curse?" Harry repeated.

"Does what it says on the tin," Bathsheda nodded. "it's a forbidden spell, instant kill, one of the worst spells out there and only used by some of the most evil dark wizards and witches. If you ever use it then - no matter what age you are - you get sent straight to prison for life." She paused before shaking her head. "But enough about that, come on, let's get started with your shopping." She said before she moved to the brick wall opposite the Leaky Cauldron. She tapped her wand against bricks in a pattern, a moment later the bricks began moving and Harry's jaw dropped ever so slightly when he saw Diagon alley. "Yeah, a lot of people look like that the first time." Bathsheda grinned before gently nudging Harry forward and the two began walking.

Harry couldn't help but look all around, the place was filled with witches and wizards, various animals ranging from bats to toads to owls. Adults were talking and kids were running, there was food and sweets and cake. There were also various different magical products being sold, including flying brooms of all things.

"Alright, we're going to go to Gringotts bank first." Bathsheda began explaining. "Now usually that's where wizarding families keep most of their money, I imagine your mother and father would have left you quite a large amount. Professor Dumbledore, who is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, gave me the key to your trust vault. That's the vault you'll have access to while at school."

"Wait, why did the Headmaster have my key?" Harry asked quickly.

"I..." Bathsheda frowned, she hadn't thought about that. "...I'm not sure. Perhaps your parents gave it to him, like I said I'm not sure. I can ask him later and give you an answer after." She added the last part, hoping he wouldn't get angry and 'shoot the messenger'. Fortunately for her, all he did was nod, though he did look very thoughtful. "Now before we go to Gringotts I should warn you that it is run by goblins."

"Goblins?" Harry echoed, wondering if he had heard right.

"Yes," Bathsheda nodded as they stopped outside a white building, which happened to be Gringotts bank. "now they're very smart but not the nicest of creatures. Now a lot of new magical children will try being really nice and hoping it will make them more likeable, don't try doing that. When you speak to them, be honest and keep your words short. Don't be disrespectful but don't be overly polite. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"I think so." Harry nodded.

"Good, now follow me." She said as they walked towards the bank, when they got near the entrance Harry saw some rather interesting words inscribed into the door.

'Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn

Must pay most dearly in their turn

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.'

Harry couldn't help but think that there were probably simpler ways of saying 'don't rob us' but it did at least get the point across. Harry and Bathsheda entered the bank and walked towards the head teller. The goblins were very interesting looking creatures, they looked like small humans for the most part, none of them went higher than Harry's chest. They had long fingers with long nails along with pointy long nose and a pair of pointy ears, their teeth were sharp and like tips of daggers.

"I got a letter here from Professor Dumbledore about the you-know-what in Vault you-know-witch." The man in front of them said to the goblin teller.

"Hagrid?" Bathsheda asked.

"Eh?" The man turned around, Harry was doing his best not to gape. The man in front of him was probably the biggest and widest man Harry had ever seen, he had a big black beard as well along with long shoulder length black hair. If it wasn't for his kind smile then Harry would have been much more worried. "Ah hello Professor." He grinned.

"Hagrid, what are you doing here?" Bathsheda asked.

"Doing some work for Professor Dumbledore," Hagrid said proudly. "and what about you? If you don't mind my asking."

"Just introducing a new student to Hogwarts."

"Hmm," Hagrid looked down at Harry before a bright smile appeared on his face. "Harry? Is that you? My goodness, I haven't seen you since you were a baby. You were the cutest little thing."

"You knew me as a baby?" Harry blinked.

"Yeah, I had met you a few times." Hagrid smiled.

"Giant," One goblin walked up to Hagrid. "follow me." He said before turning around and walking away without waiting to see if he was following.

"I'll see you all later then, feel free to pop in for a visit when you get to Hogwarts." Hagrid said, he nodded to them before walking off behind the Goblin.

"How may Gringotts help you?" The goblin teller said to Bathsheda and Harry as the two stopped in front of him.

"Mr Harry Potter wishes to make a withdrawal." Bathsheda said in a respectful voice.

"And does Mr Potter have his key?" The goblin asked.

"It's here." Bathsheda said as she handed the key to the goblin who inspected it.

"Everything seems to be fine." He said in an almost bored voice, "a teller will be up to take you to the vault." He said as he handed the key back to the Bathsheda.

"Thank you," Bathsheda nodded.

"May your enemies die by your blade." The goblin nodded to both of them, Bathsheda was about to respond when Harry spoke.

"May all of your enemies have their nipples ripped off and shoved down each other's throat." Harry said. The goblin blinked at him before nodding appreciatively.

"Indeed." The goblin smirked.

"Right...well now that that is done." Bathsheda said.

"Ahem." Harry coughed, stopping her from putting the key away, he held out his hand.

"Huh?" Bathsheda blinked before realizing he wanted his key. "Oh," Well she supposed it was fair, it was his key after all. "oh yeah, sorry. But do me a favour, do not lose this. Never give it to anyone else, never lose it either. Because worst case somebody will steal it, best case is you have to pay seven galleons for a new one."

"Ten galleons now." The goblin teller absently corrected as he went back to doing paperwork.

"Ten galleons now," Bathsheda amended. "do you got it?"

"I have got everything but the key." Harry nodded, Bathsheda smiled at his answer before handing him the key.

A while later Harry and Bathsheda had finished getting Harry's money and explaining to Harry how the money system in the wizarding world worked. They exited Gringotts and were walking around Diagon Alley, getting supplies and robes for Harry.

"Alright, you just need to get your wand now." Bathsheda said as she gestured to a wand store called 'Olivander's'. "I'll go get your potions supplies for you, I'll make sure to get you the best equipment available." She said, she would do it if only to give Snape one less reason to complain.

"Alright." Harry nodded before he walked into the shop, it was plain looking but it did have character.

"I sense someone." Jet hissed quietly.

"Hello," A voice said just before an elderly man walked into the room. "I was wondering when I would see you Mr Potter. It seemed only yesterday your mother was buying her first wand, ten and a quarter inches of willow with a unicorn hair for her core. Excellent for charms work, your father on the other hand had an eleven inch mahogany wand with a dragon heartstring, his wand was better suited for transfiguration." Olivander said as he began looking around shelves for a wand. He picked one up and gave it to Harry. "Just give that a wave." He instructed. Harry frowned but did so, he waved the wand and ended up accidently destroying a vase.

"Oh crap." Harry said under his breath.

"Probably not that one." Olivander said dryly as he took the wand out of Harry's hand before waving his own wand to repair the vase. "Do not worry Mr Potter, I'll find you a wand." Olivander promised.

An hour later and Olivander was still looking for a wand for Harry, he had been very disappointed for some reason when the holly and phoenix wand didn't work.

"Hmm," Olivander looked thoughtful after Harry's last failed attempt, Olivander walked into the back and came back a few moments later with another wand box. He opened it, reveling a beautiful looking black wand. "try this one." Olivander said.

Harry picked up the wand and a burst of energy hit him, the experience was amazing and indescribable, the closest that Harry could come to explaining it would be if a man with one arm suddenly gained another one. Bright lights and a big burst of wind shot out of the wand, going all around the shop before dying down.

"Wow." Harry grinned as laughter burst out of him.

"An impressive wand," Olivander said. "fourteen inches of yew with not one, but two cores."

"Two?" Harry asked.

"Yes, indeed, two cores is rare but can happen." Olivander nodded. "This wand is an odd one, it had been made from before my grandfather started working in this shop. One of its cores is a horn from a horned serpent, they are exceptionally powerful and sensitive to Parseltongue. It can also warn its owner of danger by emitting a low musical tune according to some. The other core is a Thunderbird tail, powerful and difficult to master, particularly prized by Transfigurers. They can also sense danger and cast curses on their own.

What you have in your hands is an exceptionally powerful wand Mr Potter, use it wisely."

"Um...thank you," Harry said as he calmly handed Olivander the money for the wand, though internally he was ecstatic, his wand sounded brilliant and he could feel that Jet was also happy. Harry nodded and then walked out of the shop. "I can't wait to use it." Harry grinned, Jet hissed excitedly at Harry who licked his lips in anticipation.

"Harry," Harry turned when he saw Bathsheda walking towards him while holding a cage that had a white, snowy owl inside. "I've got you a little present." She grinned.

"You..." Harry froze with disbelief. "you got her for me?" He asked quietly, as if was unable to understand why she would do that.

"Of course it's for you," Bathsheda replied, resisting the urge to frown. When she goes back to Hogwarts she would talk to Dumbledore about Harry's relatives, various little things and a few big ones were beginning to add up and were starting to worry her. "since Jet is your familiar, you can still bring a pet. Is this owl alright? If not then I can get you a cat or..."

"No, no, it's fine." Harry said quickly. "But are you sure it's alright to buy this for me?" Harry asked.

"It'll be fine, your birthday is coming up soon so consider it an early birthday present." Bathsheda smiled as he took the cage and looked at the owl with awe, Bathsheda could hear some hissing, which for some reason sounded like jealous hissing to her.