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Chapter 99 -

"Well, this is nice," Daphne smiled as she and Harry sat together in the room of requirement, both of them resting on a sofa that the room had kindly provided for them, each leaning on each other and they both had a book to read. "we look like an old married couple."

"An extremely attractive married couple." Harry corrected as he turned a page on his book.

"Damn straight." Daphne agreed before lazily fist-bumping Harry without either of them looking away from their books. "Have you finished your homework?" She asked.

"Yep," Harry nodded. "finished it up yesterday, what about you?" He asked.

"Yes," Daphne answered after turning a page on her book. "I finished my charms homework yesterday."

"Did that two days ago," Harry told her. "I had finished my herbology homework yesterday."

"Herbology," Daphne sighed, remembering doing the homework herself. "that was boring."

"I know," Harry agreed. "I prefer it when she sticks to the more dangerous plants."

"You would." Daphne snorted in amusement. "So, do you have any plans for today?" She asked him, looking towards him with a smile on her face. Harry, sensing her gaze on him, looked away from his book and into her beautiful, blue eyes.

"Not really," Harry admitted with a small shrug of his shoulders. "I had only been hoping to spend the day relaxing and spending some time with you. Unless you have something else planned?" He asked questioningly.

"I was hoping that we could talk," Daphne admitted, placing her book down on her lap as she sat up so that she was no longer leaning on him.

"What do we have to talk about?" Harry asked in a slightly wary voice as he raised an eyebrow at her.

"I want to talk about Tracey," Daphne answered. "it's important."

"Is this about her crush on me?" Harry asked knowingly.

"Ah, glad to see you have finally learned how to understand women," Daphne smiled at him.

"Understand women?" Harry scoffed disbelievingly as he put his own book down. "I will never ever claim to understand women, but I've learned enough that I'm not completely hopeless." He added with a small grin.

"Hmm, you're right, you're only mostly hopeless." Daphne joked.

"Meh, still better than everyone else."

"Either way, we're getting sidetracked. About Tracey..."

"You see, I have two ideas about where this conversation could go," Harry said. "let's get it out of the way, are you going to try and get me to have a romantic relationship with Tracey?"

"Aw, you do know me!" Daphne cooed with delight, causing Harry to roll his eyes.

"Yes, Daph, I do. this what it's going to be like? You're going to actively search out members for my harem?" Harry asked in a rather neutral tone.

"Harem?" Daphne tutted in a disapproving manner. "Of course not, it doesn't count as a harem if it's only three other people you're in a relationship with, you'll need at least one more person," She said in a matter-of-factly voice. "everybody knows that."

"Of course," Once again Harry rolled his eyes.

"Besides, who says that it would be your harem? Maybe it could be mine."

"Naturally, but let's not get off point. I think that..." A loud pop interrupted Harry, he looked to his right and saw that Flipsy had popped in.

"Forgive little Flipsy, please Master," Flipsy said apologetically. "but Master's vassal told Flipsy to tell Master that an idiot requests his presence. She be saying it's important."

"Oh, saved by the house-elf," Daphne commented before staring at Harry. "I guess we'll be having this conversation later then?"

"Yeah, we will" Harry confirmed as they both stood up, Harry took her hand in his own. "I wonder what idiot I'll have to deal with this time."

"Oh my fuck, it's a Weasley." Harry blurted out upon seeing Percy Weasley of all people waiting outside of the Slytherin common room with two aurors behind him. Standing next to the group was Dumbledore who looked absolutely unbothered by all this, though Harry couldn't tell if he actually was unbothered or was just doing a good job of pretending not to be. Percy was currently arguing with Angela and appeared to have not noticed that Harry and Daphne were walking down the hall towards him.

"This'll be fun," Daphne whispered to Harry who simply sent her a smirk as they continued walking down the hallway. The Slytherin duo began to hear the conversation as they got closer, naturally due to how ears work.

"We need to see Mr. Potter this instant." Percy insisted in an annoyed voice.

"And like I've said - repeatedly I might add - Harry is not here." Angela drawled in a bored tone, leaning against the wall behind her with her arms crossed as she lazily inspected her nails. "Are you sure you work for the ministry?" She asked in a curious voice, looking up from her nails to look at Percy.

"What? Of course, I do." Percy pompously replied.

"You know, at first I didn't because of how you weren't listening to me," Angela said in a conversational manner. "but now that I think about it, the inability to listen makes you no different from the other people in charge of the ministry."

"What?! dare you?!" An offended Percy blurted out.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend," Angela said, adopting a mock look of innocence. "it's just that my previous experiences have taught me that you 'high-up' types have the unfortunate desire to ignore the stuff you don't like." She said, glancing between Dumbledore and Percy. Dumbledore winced slightly and sent her an apologetic look, understanding that her particular jab was partly directed at him due to his own disagreements with Harry. Percy, on the other hand, looked quite offended and had opened his mouth to respond when Harry finally decided to make his presence known.

"Percival Wulfric Brian Weasley, what are you doing here?" Harry asked casually as he and Daphne stopped next to the group, causing them all to look at them. Percy's face briefly adopted a scowl before he took a small breath and pumped his chest out slightly while tilting his head up a little.

"My middle names are not 'Wulfric' or 'Brian'." He said in a rather calm voice.

"Oh right, that was somebody else!" Harry gasped with fake surprise. "I got my names mixed up, so who had those middle names? Wait, I know...I know...don't tell me...your dad?"

"No," Percy said in a flat voice, looking like he was a moment away from taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes.

"Oh, well...never mind, I'm sure it's nobody important," Harry added, sending a small grin to Dumbledore who gave him an amused smile in return. "so, what do you want?" Harry asked Percy.

"Minister Fudge has requested to speak with you," Percy informed him. "he'd like to meet you as soon as possible."

"Right...well...I'll send him an owl tomorrow then." Harry shrugged, wondering what on Earth the man wanted now. Percy blinked at him, looking at him like he had just spoken in seventeenth-century Spanish.

"Mr. Potter," Percy spoke with a frown. "I said he'd like to meet you as soon as possible."

"I know," Harry nodded, speaking slowly as if talking to a child. "that's why I said I'd owl him tomorrow." Percy stared at him for a moment before replying.

"What I mean is that he wants you to come in today, right now, to be more accurate."

"Yes, well...unfortunately all of my goodwill towards Fudge is rather non-existent at this point," Harry replied. "I can no longer eat fudge because of him, he ruined that for me. Do you know when the last time I had a piece of fudge was?"

"This is more important than your stomach!" Percy's voice rose slightly before he took a moment and began speaking in a calmer tone. "This is serious, you need to come to the ministry as soon as possible." He told Harry. Harry looked disbelieving for a moment before giving Percy a questioning look.

"Alright, I'll bite, what does Fudge want?" Harry asked.

"That is up to him to tell you," Percy replied, stiffly. "but rest assured it is important and you should come and see him now."

"Will someone die if Harry does not attend this meeting today?" Daphne asked in a slightly annoyed voice. "If not then I'm sure that Minister Fudge can wait until tomorrow for an owl."

"There will be no need for an owl, Mr. Potter..."

"That is Lord Potter as far as you're concerned." Angela cut him off, Percy adopted an agitated look before he responded.

"Very well," He said to her before turning to Harry. "Lord Potter, please, I must insist that you come with us to the ministry."

"Oh, do you intend to force me?" Harry asked, looking in-between Percy and the two aurors with him.

"What? No, no," Percy quickly shook his head. "these two men are here simply for my protection."

"You think you need protection when talking to me?" Harry asked, a thoughtful look on his face.

"Look, just please come to the ministry with me," Percy said impatiently.

"Let me guess, Fudge needs my help," Harry smirked, a knowing look on his face. "am I right?" He asked unnecessarily since the surprised look on Percy's face was a good enough answer for him.

"W...well, I cannot say, you'll have to talk to him." Percy blurted out after recovering.

"Very well, I won't send an owl, I'll come straight to the ministry tomorrow providing that the headmaster does not disagree?" Harry gave Dumbledore a questioning look, Dumbledore remained silent for a moment before responding.

"Of course you may go, Mr. Potter." Dumbledore nodded. "Do you wish me to accompany you?" He asked.

"That's appreciated but unnecessary, sir," Harry told him before turning to the common room door. "root weeds." The door opened upon hearing the password. "I believe that's our business done for the day." Harry nodded to Percy.

"Lord Potter," Percy spoke when he saw Harry about to go inside. "forgive me but you don't seem to understand, you need to come now and..."

"Unless there is an emergency that requires my attention, I don't need to come now," Harry cut him off. "I told you, tomorrow, don't make me repeat myself. If I do I might just delay the meeting by another week to piss you off." Harry warned before he walked into the common room, followed by a smirking Daphne and amused Angela.

"Well," Dumbledore clapped his hands together when the door closed. "that went about as well as can be expected." He smiled cheerfully.

"You wanted to speak to me?" Harry asked calmly as he was sat in Fudge's office, opposite Fudge who was sat at his desk. He wore his school uniform yet still managed to look a lot more in control than Fudge, especially with Jet perched on his shoulder, he had been tempted to bring along Thor but had decided it would be better to keep the young thunderbird out of the way and back in Hogwarts since he thought it was possible that something could happen. With Harry was Tracey, Angela, and Daphne who had sat in chairs that Harry had produced with a wave of his wand.

"Yes, but I don't think it's quite necessary for these young ladies to be here." Fudge frowned.

"These ladies are my chief advisors," Harry informed him with a grin. "and I believe that another one should be coming soon." And then, as if summoned, the door opened and none other than Nymphadora 'don't call me that' Tonks entered the room.

"Wotcher!" She said with a bright grin before walking into the room just as Percy Weasley rushed in behind her.

"I am so sorry, Minister," Percy quickly apologized. "I tried to stop her but she snuck past me and..."

"I didn't sneak past," Tonks snorted. "I walked past and you didn't notice me until I walked past you."

"You didn't stop when I called you!"

"Oh, my bad." Tonks innocently replied before settling into a seat that Harry had created for her.

"Oi," Percy complained. "you need to leave and..."

"Weasley, shut your mouth and leave the room," Harry said with a roll of his eyes. "the adults need to talk, if we have need of a puppet then we'll let you know." Percy puffed up in outrage and was more than willing to give Harry a piece of his mind but caught sight of Fudge shaking his head.

"It's quite alright, Weasley," Fudge said, his voice sounding noticeably tired. "I can take it from here." Percy hesitated before giving Fudge a stiff nod and leaving the room.

"So, Fudge, what is this about?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow. "Are you finally going to admit that Voldemort is back?" Harry asked, earning a glare from Fudge. Fudge closed his eyes and counted to ten under his breath before he opened them again, he let out a deep breath before he rested his arms on his desk, steepling his fingers together, he leaned forward slightly before speaking again.

"No, I still do not believe that nonsense," He said, looking like he was resisting the urge to say something much worse. "that is not why I called you here."

"Oh, why did you then?" Harry asked, sounding very interested. Fudge sighed before he spoke again, the words that came out of his mouth were simple words but it seemed that simply saying them caused Fudge great pain based on his face and voice.

"I need your help," Fudge admitted, looking like he had eaten something horrible. "I need your help to keep my job." He coughed, looking extremely uncomfortable. A long silence filled the room as everyone stared at Fudge with varying levels of disbelief.

" basically tried to label Harry as a madman and now you need his help?" Tonks laughed in amusement.

"Yes," Fudge said through gritted teeth. "I do." He added, the room once again became filled with silence. Though this time the silence was broken by a different person.

"HA!" Jet laughed.

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