Chapter Eight


Bonnie, Caroline, and Tyler were painting on the old Volkswagen bus. While the rest of the student council committee were hanging streamers around the school. Tyler handed Caroline the glitter gun to finish up. He was rushing them so they could go get lunch. But Caroline wanted to keep working on decorations. Leading Tyler to mention Liv and Rebekah, which then caused Caroline to drop the glitter gun.

"Wait what?" she asked firmly.

Tyler realized he said something horribly wrong. "Look Care, I'm umm, taking Liv to homecoming." Caroline blinked hastily.

Bonnie knew Caroline wasn't ready for this. For Tyler to move on yet. "I thought we were doing a group thing, me, you, Matt and Bonnie." Tyler's eyes downcast.

"I asked her this morning, it was spur of the moment, she's the new girl. I wanted her to feel welcome. Plus Matt's taking Rebekah."

Caroline looked at him in horror. Bonnie knew she was going to have to fess up about Kai sooner than later. Even though she hadn't asked him nor had he asked her. They did have a promise date, Bonnie thought they'd go to homecoming as their first. "I can't believe this" She moved to pick back up the glitter gun. "Fine, have fun. Bonnie and I will go together." This left her cringing.

Tyler threw up his hands in exasperation. He stormed off saying he had practice soon. Bonnie was left with Caroline, who was quiet. "Care, you know I love you but you have to move on. You and Tyler broke up over a year ago. He deserves to be happy, so does Matt. I know you love them both, but they have a right to date other girls."

Caroline was silent for a moment, and seemed to be mentally weighing her options. Finally, she said, "You're right." Maybe it was time to tell the whole truth.

Bonnie cleared her throat apologetically. "So about us going together." Caroline stood waiting for the other shoe to drop. "I'm taking Kai Parker."

"Really?" she chirped far too brightly. "Wait, are you two?"

"Well, er..." Bonnie and Caroline exchanged a brief glance, "It's new, we kissed a couple weeks ago. Then he and his family just moved to Mystic Falls, so we haven't had our first date yet."

Caroline narrowed her eyes at Bonnie. "How are you just telling me this?"

"I was afraid to tell you. Kai's not like other boys from around here. He's different." Kai is someone Caroline would call a weirdo freak to his face. She was quick to judge, and she had a specific type, she loved those athletic boys, like Matt, Tyler, Stefan, even Damon that one time. Bonnie was far more open in her taste for boys, she really wanted to be happy and be loved. She felt like Kai could give her everything she'd dream for.

Her confession left her best friend pouting. "Well that's true. But Bonnie, I want you to be happy." Caroline put a comforting hand on Bonnie's arm. "I'll go to homecoming by myself."

"Ask Jeremy." Caroline was baffled by this request. "The rumors about him and Luke aren't true and he's being harassed, if you take him maybe some of the other kids will lay off."

"Very well," she said reluctantly, clasping her hands together. They went back painting the bus. Bonnie was pleased at Caroline's acceptance. Right now she just wants to secure herself a date with Kai for homecoming.

"Please be my homecoming date?" Standing close to him by his locker, was Bonnie Hopkins, beaming up at him.

"Wait, really?" Kai retorted.

Bonnie smiled triumphantly."Yeah, I already told Caroline we were going together, but I forgot to ask you to take me." She told her friends about them.

Opening and closing his mouth, trying to think of what to say. "Bonnie, of course I'll take you." Homecoming was Friday night, normally Joshua didn't want any of his kids dating. But Kai knew that his father wanted them to rub elbows with the elites of Mystic Falls, so he'd allow him to go.

"Should we color coordinate?" Bonnie asked as she linked her arm with his.

Kai shot her a lascivious grin as they began walking the halls, which were almost empty due to school being out. "Why not, I bet you're into pink."

"Well, I do have this sexy little powder pink lace up dress, I've been dying to wear it." she replied with a glorious toss of her head. Kai had all types of images in his head of Bonnie wearing a lace up dress. "But you don't have to wear anything pink for me, keep it simple." Kai might have just the thing for this dance.

After school, Kai decided to meet up with Valerie at the grill, Bonnie was stuck at cheer practice and told him she'd call him later. Once he arrived he was met with a shocking reveal. There was his sister Liv, in a waitress apron taking orders at a booth from an elderly couple.

Making his way over to the bar where Valerie was making drinks, he had to ask. "When did you hire Liv?"

Valerie looked at him. "About an hour ago, she begged Kelly for the job. Sweet talked her way right into it." Valerie handed over a tray of drinks to her co-worker. "She told me you got some fancy position with the Mayor."

He shook his head. "More like his wife's cousin, she works at the Founder's Library, doing paranormal research, I started Monday." He informed her.

"Also heard about the big move from Liv. Did you plan on telling me any of this?" It's not like Valerie was someone he could text or call up. She didn't have a phone, and her father was an asshole if you'd call the house. Kai hadn't been by the grill in over a week, so they hadn't talked since last time there was a crowd.

"Sorry, things have gotten so crazy lately." He decided to break it down for her, from the party, the fight, his dad, the move and getting the job. Briefly mentioning Bonnie in-between. "My life changed so quickly in two weeks. New home, New job, a girlfriend."

"That is crazy, still she is the Mayor's daughter. Can't imagine Joshua's intentions with Mikael and the Mayor to be good."

"I'm staying far from it."

Stefan and Klaus entered the grill and made their way to the bar. "The usual?" Valerie asked them.

"Yep." Stefan turns to him, "Hey, you're Kai Parker, Bonnie's friend?" He asked, Kai just nods to him. "I never got to thank you for saving me from Tyler. You and Klaus really came through for me."

Kai shrugged. "Dude is a dick." Kai didn't care for Tyler, especially since the other man was lusting for his sister. "They're still giving you trouble?"

"Not anymore, Klaus seems to scare Ben and his friends off." Kai looked over at Klaus, who was making sure not to make eye contact with him. A strange fella, and even if Kai did wanna make friends, Klaus's brother Kol was bullying Luke. And it seemed like the younger man was out of control, with Mikael pulling so many strings in Mystic Falls, everyone was afraid of the Mikaelson family.


"I'm sorry about Kol." Klaus finally spoke. "He's a bit of a hot-head. But his feelings aren't shared with me and my sister." If Klaus was referring to Luke's sexality, he didn't say. "Rebekah spoke to him, but…" Stefan also wore a look. There was no talking to Kol, Kai realized that.

"Luke is tough, he can handle himself." he immediately said to conceal the oddity of the moment.

"So is Jeremy." Stefan piped up. "I'm just sorry to see him suffer more." It must be odd for Stefan, since his brother killed Jeremy's sister, who was also Stefan's girlfriend.

Klaus patted his arm comfortingly. "It will all work out." Stefan smiled in response and settled himself in the seat in-between Klaus and Kai.

Running a hand over her hair, "You guys are sad sacks at this point. Senior Year, the time of your lives." Kai raised his eyebrows and gave Valerie a stern stare. "I'm just saying stop all the worrying about other people."

Stefan shrugged. "You're right, what more do I have to lose." A thoughtful twinkle came over Stefan's face. "Valerie, come to homecoming with me?"

"Stefan, you know I'm a lesbian." Valerie stated, staring after him.

He nods, "I know, but I need a date, you deserve a good time. Plus they'll be plenty of single girls waiting to be enchanted by you."

The blue-eyed girl giggled, "I do have my eye on someone." she said cheerfully. "I'll go with you."

Klaus looked aggrieved by this whole scene. "Great, we just need to get Klaus a date."

The blond scowled. "No thank you, I'll be home enjoying my night with Oscar Wilde.

Kai snorted. "My sister Jo is looking for someone."

"There, it's a date." Stefan cried out happily. "Me and Val, you and Jo, Kai and …" Stefan paused, one eyebrow raised. "Who are you going with?"

He gave off a dismissive shrug and took a sip from his glass of pepsi. "Bonnie Hopkins."

Stefan's jaw dropped. "Principle Hopkins' daughter." This was the first time anyone had referred to Bonnie as the Principal's daughter rather than the Mayor's. "You are a brave man, the Bennett women are no joke. Lucy Bennett is the toughest of them, she broke my uncle Zach's heart." This was interesting information, he was already afraid of Lucy. And holy shit, did he just set his sister up on a date without even asking. He was in deep shit.

Kai was eager about homecoming. He kept it simple with black dress slacks, a white shirt, with a black jacket and white tennis shoes. He didn't have a formal suit, but he knew if things kept going well with Bonnie he'd need one. Joshua Parker was proud of him. It's a weird turn in their relationship, his father was no longer snarling at him, instead, singing his praises. So when the man heard about his homecoming date with Bonnie, he was over the moon, so was his mother. The real shocker was when he announced that Klaus wanted Josie to attend as his date. Jo wasn't mad, she was actually excited, getting close to Klaus meant getting close Esther.

His parents were irked that Liv was taking Tyler Lockwood, the former Mayor's son, Kai decided to convince them Tyler was still worth it, since he was connected in Mystic Falls and was rumored to be scouted to play football professionally. Luke even managed to get someone to go with him, Sarah Salvatore, that only made Joshua furious. Until last night when Kai heard his parents in the kitchen talking about Luke's sexuality being a phase and maybe there's still a chance he likes girls.

Kai scoffed, if it helps Luke, he'd cover for him. He and Bonnie agreed to meet at the dance, he still had to chauffeur his sibling and their dates in their Land Cruiser. First getting Sarah, meeting up with Stefan in the driveway with Valerie, who told Kai she had Nora and Mary Louise covering for her. Klaus hitched with them, since Stefan had a two seat porsche. They drove over to the Sheriff's place, Tyler was taking pictures of Matt and Rebekah in the driveway, on the side was Caroline with Jeremy. Caroline was not looking pleased at all to be there.

Kai glanced at Luke who was trying to keep his attention on his own date rather than Jeremy. Against his better judgment, Kai patted his hand awkwardly. Luke looked surprised but accepted his brother's gesture without comment. Kai told everyone to get back into the Land Cruiser so they can make it to the dance on time. All he thought about on the drive was Bonnie. And how he wished he could have picked her up, instead of meeting up with her. Sometimes being the older sibling sucked.

Once they arrived at the school, Kai quickly spotted a shady-looking bouncer lounging expectantly near a particularly adorned doorway and wasted no time in ushering the girls in first. After they all got inside, he inspected the decorations in the gym which were aesthetic, if not just a tad tacky. It was kind of expensive, and everything was just… overdone.

It wasn't very long before Bonnie found them and was aching to dance with her date. Kai and Bonnie found themselves alone by the punch bowl, he started to whistle appreciatively, he spoke. "Bonnie."


Kai's eyes slowly moved up and down her body. "You look hot." Bonnie was showing off her curves and plump derriere in her dress.

Bonnie looked gleeful at him panting over her. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." Kai stopped, glanced at the dance floor, then back at Bonnie. A challenging gleam appeared in his eye. "Want to dance?"

Answering with a secretive smile of her own. "Love to."

Kai smiled back and led her out onto the dance floor, pulling her into a hold that was very close to comfort. Bonnie allowed herself to settle into with him, the DJ was now playing Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Many people were dancing around them including Liv, Tyler, Rebekah, Matt, Stefan and Valerie. Bonnie was pushing up against him, Kai didn't know how to handle this and he wasn't the most skilled dancer. Thankfully, Jo showed him a few safe moves so he didn't humiliate himself.

"My, my, Parker. I never knew you were such a good dancer," said Bonnie, slightly breathless from their twirling about the floor.

Kai completely stopped for a second. He recovered quickly, then started the dance again, pushing her back a little from him so he could see her face. "Thanks, you're amazing of course."

Bonnie could feel the red creeping up into her face. "You haven't seen anything yet."

Kai looked at her disbelievingly for a moment, one eyebrow raised in amusement. He shook his head and pulled her back in. "Show me what you got."



To say Kai was not ready for Bonnie to throw it back on him, was an understatement. The DJ quickly changed the song to Give Me Everything, by Pitbull and Ne-Yo. Bonnie pushed back onto him, whipping her hair around, grinding on him from behind, and gently touching herself. He prayed that he wouldn't get hard in front of all these people. He tried not to look at anyone else but her. And boy, Bonnie was gorgeous.

"Bonnie, my dance?" asked Caroline, holding her hand out to Bonnie.

Kai willed Caroline to disappear.

"Sure," said Bonnie brightly. "I owe her." she whispered to him.

Damn. Kai knew Caroline wasn't very happy with having Jeremy as her date nor was Luke happy about it.

He watched detachedly as Caroline took Bonnie away from him.

Kai went and poured himself some punch, then took a sip as his eyes roamed the dance floor. Liv was grinding all on Tyler, it was disgusting. Rebekah was doing the same with Matt, many of the cheerleaders were complete showoffs, but none of them were as skilled as Bonnie, except for maybe Tiki. Kai searched for Luke, who was nowhere in sight, his date was off with her group of art friends. Stefan was on the date floor with Valerie, laughing and having a great time. He noticed Klaus was sitting it out, eyes watching Stefan, while Josie sat next to him looking defeated. Looks like their date wasn't working out.

He looked out at the dancing couples again, and this time his eyes were immediately drawn to Bonnie. Her green eyes were shining as they twirled about the gym. She was easily the prettiest girl there. Matt moved over to them and said something and Bonnie threw back her head and laughed that delightful little laugh of hers. Kai felt a twinge of jeal–

"It's not polite to stare, you know," said Jeremy Gilbert, sidling up next to him. This part of his night would get weird.

Kai scowled, and then noticed the other boy's glower. He leaned over to Jeremy. "Don't know what you're talking about. Anyways have you seen my brother?"

"I don't know," Jeremy harrumphed. "He probably needed a breather from Sarah."

"He's not the best at faking it," Kai snorted, "He never was. I hate to see him do this to himself. Just to save face and not lose the only friend he's ever had."

Jeremy narrowed his eyes at him, puzzled. "I got no issues with Luke. He's the one avoiding me. I'm trying to help him."

Across the room, Luke scowled very hard and looked frustrated. He was dancing, or rather, lumbering about awkwardly with an exasperated Sarah, and seemed unable to leave in the middle of it.

"He's trying to protect you. You've been through a lot." said Kai. He smirked and waved his fingers at Luke's far-off menacing glower. "Right now, there's a lot going on at home for him. Our parents don't accept him, this date with Sarah is the only thing keeping him from being in the dog house again" he barked at Jeremy. "If you guys do continue hanging out, my dad can't know. Luke will be in deep shit."

"We can be discreet." Jeremy replied calmly.

Kai with a wicked grin walked away, Bonnie and Caroline fell in step with Kai once their dance was over. "I'm not finished with you. I want a slow dance."

Kai gave the lady what she wanted.

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