Hey everyone. I'm Tom and this is my first fanfic so I'll take all criticism (constructive hopefully) and try to improve with every chapter (if this goes well). Also I'm not a native English speaker so there mite be some mistakes. Without further ado lets get to reading.

Luz had awoken early that morning, in truth she had difficult sleeping. After all this invading the Emperors castle and rescuing Eda made her tired but incapable of sleeping more than a few hours.

She started going down the stairs to the living room, when she saw something under the door. "What's this? A letter?" She opened the mysterious to be met by a message from "AMITY?" she yelled not expecting to read a letter from all people Amity who was supposed to be in her bed resting. "She wants me to meet her at the park?" She read the letter. "Isn't she still hurt?"

As she's finishing reading the letter Lilith comes down the stairs (she's living here now since you know betrayed the EC /) "Good morning hu-Luz. You've woke up early."

"Hi Lilith." She said, obviously still mad at Lilith

"What do you have there?"

"Doesn't concern you."

"Okayyy." The tension was so tense that it could be cut with a knife.

"Do you want me do make you breakfast?"

Luz without the cheery-good attitude that she usually has instead with a hateful look stares at Lilith for a minute than finally saying. "Look Lilith, Im glad you help us rescue Eda BUT that does make us friends. More so I can make my own breakfast."

Lilith stares at Luz with a sorry look. "Ok I get it you don't like me, and you have a good reason to. I'm sorry that I did what I did and I know just saying sorry won't change my actions, but I can't change if you don't give me a chance."

Luz stares to Lilith then to the floor and after a big sigh she mumbles "Breakfast would be nice."

Lilith shows a small smile and heads to t kitchen.

"Now what to do with you" Luz thinks after looking back to the letter.

And this is it for the first chapter. I know this is against Luz's natural character but I think anyone would act a bit hostile to Lilith (the whole fandom 2 weeks ago) Please do comment the things I've done wrong and did right so I can improve. And if you want this to continue just say.