Jillian Zinman's life after finally ridding herself of Slappy became one of wonder for her after her episode of The Strange Report aired, and she became the talk of the town. She couldn't go anywhere in town without being noticed by kids and families who watch The Strange Report. The 6th Graders who shunned her, felt guilty and once again loved her and forgave her, which made the rest of the school year after Spring Break much easier for Jillian.

As time went on Jillian managed to spend more time with Kris, Lindy, Amy and Trina. Each family was very welcome to Jillian into their homes, as were The Zinmans to the other girls. It took time, but Jillian managed to get used to Dennis and Trina's twelve dummies as well. (Rocky was Jillian's favorite.).

Over the time her episode of The Strange Report became regarded as one of the best. She even managed to send in a recorded update for the show letting them know of the blog that lists the spells to defeat Slappy if he ever returns.

All was well for Jillian as she lived a much happier life, but unfortunately...

Fourteen Years Later

"You've been a wonderful audience! Thank you, good night!" announced Jillian to the crowd as they gave her a standing ovation.

The now older looking Jillian still had her same long raven-black hair except now it's in a ponytail, and for her act she wore a black turtleneck sweater with black jeans and black tennis shoes

She took a bow and put the microphone on the stand, and took her exit through the red velvet curtains. Backstage an older-looking Harrison, Amy, and Trina awaited her after her performance, all wearing formal clothes

"Awesome show, sis!" complimented Harrison happily. Harrison Cohen was still tall and muscular - very much taller than Jillian. But his hair was now short and tidy, and he sported a long dark beard on his still serious face.

"I loved that bit on schools." Trina added. Trina O'Dell's red hair is much more frizzy than curly and longer now, along with being a bit more slim since her teen years. "Why would they make them wear uniforms?"

"That was my idea to add, by the way." Amy put in, proudly. Amy Kramer's black hair was now in a shorter cut, and she wore white glasses now. However she still was tan, but shorter than the taller Trina and Jillian. "I think some props should be thrown this way." she chuckled.

"Thanks guys." said Jillian smiling at her friends. "You guys help so much with my material."

"All for you, sis." said Harrison giving a high-five to his best friend.

Throughout her young life Jillian desired to be a clown. She enjoyed making others laugh and for a profit. But when her act went wrong thanks to the horrid Mary-Ellen, she gave up being a clown but still always wanted a career of being a comedic entertainer. During her High School years, she discovered different comedians and learned more about being one. And through her college years she learned more about psychology and the art of comedy through performance.

"I wish Kris and Lindy could've made it." sighed Jillian.

"You know them." chuckled Amy. "They're away training for the Boston Marathon."

"Do they ever stop competing?" asked Trina, sound exasperated and amused.

"Who knows?" Jillian said laughing. "I'd rather them compete that way instead of who can help me write the funnier jokes."

While the four friends laughed and continued talk about the show, a large security guard was ushering a family backstage. The Zinman Family. Bob and Connie still retained their normal looks, except their faces have became slightly wrinkled, and Connie had slight gray hair along with Mr. Zinman's black beard having hints of gray in it. Katie and Amanda, now twenty, were very much taller and nearly Jillian's height. Katie still tied her hair back and Amanda's hair was longer and still flowed. Once they looked more like miniature versions of Jillian, now all together the sisters looked more like triplets. Jillian immediately rushed to hug her family with a smile on her face.

"Loved the show, Noodle!" Mr. Zinman chirped happily to his daughter still hugging her.

Jillian released herself from the hug and groaned playfully. "Dad, I'm twenty-six." she groaned with a smile on her face. Harrison, Amy, and Trina found that amusing.

Mr. Zinman chuckled too. "But you'll always still be my Noodle." Mrs. Zinman was next to speak.

"Do you have to curse so much, though Jill?" she asked sounding exasperated but still amused. "I can't stand softy parents, either. But sheesh, Jillian. Sailor mouth!"

"I liked her act!" protested Mr. Zinman playfully. "We need more comediennes to tell it like it is!"

"Right on, Mr. Z!" put in Harrison.

The Zinman Parents, Amy, Trina, and Harrison began to have a conversation and talk more about Jillian's act, while Jillian shifter her attention to Katie and Amanda.

"How's college for you two?" she asked brightly. "Being college sophomores has to be rough."

The twins groaned. "Finals, finals, finals." sighed Katie in her higher-pitched voice, still coming through in her annoyance.

"It's nearly driving me to tears." Amanda groaned. "Completely stressing me OUT!"

Jillian still cared very much for her little sisters. After what they went through together at young ages, she would make sure their lives would not be spent in turmoil. She could see that the stress of college was getting to them. "Big sister time." she thought. Suddenly, Jillian had an idea.

"Drop by my house tomorrow and I can help you two. My final stop of my tour was here, so I'll be heading home. I can help you guys study and be ready." she said confidently. "We can spend time together."

"Sounds like a plan to me!" squeaked Katie.

"Okay!" added Amanda. The twins still very much liked spending time with Jillian. Especially because of Jillian's schedule as a popular comedienne.

Soon it became time for everyone to leave. The Zinmans, Harrison, Amy, and Trina all departed the now Big Theatre while Jillian went to her dressing room to change and to retrieve her personal belongings. While Jillian walked on her own to the dressing room, she couldn't help but remember that autumn years ago when she saw Jimmy and Slappy arguing.

"Let it go." she thought. "Let. It. Go.". She walked into the tidy dressing room and sat down in her chair at the vanity, fixing her make-up and preparing to leave. She looked down to her phone to answer a text when something caught her green eye in the mirror. Her door cracked open, it creaked and groaned as it opened slowly. And part of a round head - that of a dummy's head, peaked through the small space through the door opening staring at her with a blue eye. A familiar blue eye.

Jillian was frozen in horror. "Please no!" she wailed in thought. She turned around, and saw nothing. The door was closed as if nothing was there. Quickly, she grabbed her phone and purse and looked out. She looked in both directions and saw nothing. She left the dressing room quickly and walked through the darkly lit dressing area to the entrance of the theatre where one of the last security guards in the building who was stationed.

"Um, Joe?" she called.

"Yo!" he responded back. The security guard was a chubby blonde-bearded man in a grey security outfit with a belt with weapons fastened and secured around it. "Loved the show!"

"Thanks." she replied. Jillian was still very much shaken up by who she thought she saw, but hid it. "Listen, did you see anything strange or anyone walking about?"

"No. I walked through the backstage area for one final check just before you came out and I didn't see anyone." he replied. The security guard then eyed Jillian. "Have I seen you somewhere before?"

"Well, I was just on stage about an hour ago." she snarked.

"Strange...and your name is Jillian...Oh! You're the girl from The Strange Report!" he suddenly exclaimed excitedly. "I loved that show as a kid! Your story was the best! It was so creepy!"

Jillian tried to look happy, but was secretly annoyed about being noticed from that talk show and not from her appearances on other talk shows to perform her stand-up act.

"I'm flattered, I think." she said nervously. "But I really gotta go. It's late."

"Oh, well okay then." Joe said looking glum. "Would you at least like for me to escort you to your car?"

Jillian thought for a second. If she did see him then she doesn't want to be alone in handling him. And she still had the words to put him to sleep in her purse. The guard could grab him, she'll say the words and he gets tossed away. ("Alright, here goes.").

"Sure, actually. It is late." she said. "So you saw my episode?"

Joe perked up and held the door open for her and followed her out in through the damp night to her car in the parking lot across the street from the theater. "I did!" he responded as they walked. "I felt so bad for you."

"I appreciate that." said Jillian curtly, looking around her as she walked to her car.

"The other girls' stories were pretty scary. But yours really frightened me. A mean talking dummy and a mean living butt-ugly doll too?! Jeez." remarked Joe, wincing at the thought.

"Well, let's just say they really cut each other up." said Jillian dryly.

"Because of the big blade, your dad had! Nice!" laughed Joe.

Jillian gave a forced laugh with Joe, still feeling concerned. At last, Jillian approached her red Dodge Challenger. "Can you wait here a second?" she asked him.

"Oh sure." he said smiling.

Jillian unlocked the car doors and peaked in backseat. Nothing there. She felt under her driver's seat and under the driver's seat. Nothing there. She then popped open her trunk, and saw nothing there too.

"Thanks, Joe." she said politely as she got in her car.

"No problem!" he called back happily as he walked back to check the theater one more time.

That answer made Jillian shudder a little, remembering what happened the last time she heard that response at the old Little Theater. She pulled out of the parking lot quickly.

"Snacks!" she said to herself in the car while driving. "I have to get snacks for tomorrow."

Jillian sped over to the nearest grocery store to pick up some snacks, still looking very cautious. It was late and she was one of the few people left in the store, which made the store very quiet. She got her snacks for her sisters' visit, but was still looking around feeling very watched.

After she checked out from the cashier, she quickly sped from the store to her car quickly. She popped the trunk open carefully to put the groceries in, still looking around her as if he would pop out and grab her. She went to driver's side-door and opened itand sat down.

As she began to start the car, a tiny gloved hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. "Gotcha!." said a raspy voice as he began to chuckle. "Sorry, I couldn't resist." Horrified, Jillian turned around and saw...

"SLAPPY!" she yelled in disbelief. "Wha-? How?"

The dummy then shook his head and rolled his blue eyes. "No. The name's Wally, doll face." he purred. "I'm not that idiot Slappy, Jillian."

Jillian didn't care, frantically she tried unbuckling her seatbelt to run away. But with a snap of Wally's fingers, the car doors locked immediately and Jillian's seatbelt tightened. Jillian was trapped. Trapped in the car with who she thought was Slappy. She tried to move, but she was fastened in tightly. She wanted to scream, but instead immediately summoned courage.

"What do you want?!" she choked out wrestling in her seat.

"Help." rasped the dummy. "Sorry for the scare, but you're the only person I know who could help and I can't have you running off.". This dummy's voice was very much like Slappy's, except it wasn't as tinny. His voice was slightly lower, but still raspy and hoarse.

"Help you?!" snapped Jillian. "I'd rather help Michael Myers!"

The dummy snickered at that remark. "I see why you're a comedian." the dummy said in an oily tone. Much unlike Jillian ever heard Slappy speak in. "I saw the show. You're a real Georgia Carlin."

"Slappy, I told you once and I'll tell you again. I-WILL-NOT-BE-YOUR-BRIDE!" she roared.

"And I'll tell you again, I'm not Slappy!" the dummy screeched back at her. "My name is Wally!"

The dummy then climbed through the middle of the seats and adjusted her mirror. "Look at me!" he rasped loudly. Jillian looked in the mirror. The dummy was identical to Slappy, but he had a blue bow tie instead of Slappy's red one. And he wore a blue boutonnière on his dark grey lapel and had on white gloves. He didn't look as beat-up as Slappy did either. His face wasn't chipped and he looked as though he was recently made.

Jillian was lost of words. "I-I-I" she stammered.

"For goodness' sake." groaned Wally. His wooden face was looking more annoyed. "Just watch." The dummy reached inside the hole in his back and pulled out a phone. He climbed from the backseat into the seat next to a stunned and frightened Jillian. He tapped on the phone furiously, searching for what he wanted her to see. "Look." he demanded.

Jillian was frightened but curious. 'Wally' wasn't behaving like Slappy. He wasn't hitting her or spewing insults. And Slappy was maniacal in her mind, but he always was proud and would make sure his presence was known. "Fine." she breathed. The dummy tilted the touchscreen phone sideways so she would see the video full screen.

The video played and the bewildered Jillian looked on.

It was night time in the video. Wally turned the camera to him. "So someone wants to be a Mr. Badboy, eh? I'll show this to Jillian." he whispered as he tiptoed through the grass. He was approaching a building called the Morton Applegate Jr. Borderville Youth Center.

The phone was facing down as he crept through the back door, and quietly made his way to the backstage area close to the door. The other acts had joined their families in the audience, which made Wally remark, "Whew!".

Wally hid to the side in the dark, and pointed his camera to the act on stage. The camera was focused on two boys. One was a wavy-haired kid, and the other was older and sitting down. He was a short, thin, freckled-face boy with straight brown hair and eyes. The boy looked very friendly but distressed, and for good reason. For on his lap...was Slappy. Slappy was alive and back. And being ruder then ever.

"Don't stand so close," Slappy had growled to the kid. "Your breath smells like dog poop."

The boy just looked blank, and frightened.

"Don't be afraid, I don't bite." Slappy then told him sweetly. His face becoming an easy and friendly smile.

Slappy suddenly leaned closer to the boy, with an evil glare. "Oh yeah...I do!" he cried loudly.

The kid then let out a scream - a yelp of pain, as Slappy clamped his long wooden jaw onto the boy's wrist. An adult ran on stage to stop the chaos. "Jackson, stop it now!" she shouted. "Get him off!". But Jackson then bit the adult while Slappy still was biting the boy!

Wally let out a slight chuckle. "Got you, Slappy." he rasped quietly and cut the camera off.

Jillian still restrained, stared at the dummy in horror. Slappy was back and ruining another's life and what's worst is that she was trapped with another living dummy. "You're...W-Wally?" she spluttered.

"No, I'm one of Jeff Dunham's dummies." he sneered. "I'm the bald, cranky one."

Jillian rolled her eyes at that remark. "Look, I only really knew about Mr. Wood. I never knew about you." she said trying to muster courage.

"Of course not. My brother would never mention me or that crazed lunatic." growled Wally.

Jillian's fear changed to curiosity. The dummy did behave much differently than Slappy. She took a deep breath, and summoned courage. "Okay, how did you find me?" she asked.

"You're a comedian with your tour dates." he rasped. Any other questions?"

"How are you alive?" quizzed Jillian. "Who spoke your spell?"

"Pawn shop owner." answered Wally. "An old man woke me up. And I can tell by your expression you're worried if I hurt him or not. I didn't, he's okay. I used my powers to trace Slappy and to come back and find you."

Jillian was stunned. This dummy sounded to her that he was plotting a plan against Slappy for what sounded like for years. It caused her to have more questions about the strange dummy.

"How did you even know about me?" she demanded.

"I watch TV. And I love The Strange Report. The host was a little saccharine for my taste." replied Wally calmly. Jillian just looked in disbelief. "Come on, I just don't play dead, all day. A dummy gets bored too."

"So why did you search me out? How did Slappy return?" demanded Jillian again.

"Simple. There was another Slappy made." Wally explained dryly. "Slappy was the ancient sorcerer's favorite creation. There's only one me and one of Wood, but there's two of him. The Slappy that was destroyed by your sister's doll was the original. The dummy you just saw is another him. A copy. But the difference is, this one doesn't know you. Not you, the blondie twins, the Bob Marley fan, or the redhead."

Jillian went pale. Two Slappys in the world. TWO. She beat one with help, and beat him for a second time in a mental battle. But not only is there a second Slappy but another dummy who looked just like him was in her car with her. She felt helpless and scared. But she remembered her twelve-year-old self. She remembered that she never gave into Slappy, and she wasn't going to back down to this dummy. But her mind then shifted to the boy in the video. Slappy is terrorizing another child. And once again someone's life is being ruined all because of the dummy's undying evil spirit. Jillian still had more questions more the mysterious living dummy before any idea of saving Jackson could be processed to fruition.

"Okay, okay, okay." breathed Jillian. "So there's another Slappy, and that's awful. But you didn't answer why you came to find me."

"You hate Slappy, I hate Slappy. Brother or not, I HATE him. And I know you can defeat him." he rasped pointing at her eye. "I saw the show. You had a blue eye like mine and his, which led me to believe he was in the darkest recesses of your mind. But I saw your advertisements, your talk show appearances. Your eyes are both that lovely shade of green. That means you beat him. Twice. And doll face, that is no easy feat. Those girls, and us two can work together to kill him for good. You can't tell me that you don't want revenge." he finished darkly.

She thought about that. She does hate Slappy too. She no longer felt alone or the desire to isolate herself. But she always had a level of resentment towards the dummy for ruining her school life and making her hurt people and herself. For hurting her soul and scarring her young life. And she could only fathom what the Jackson boy could be going through right now.

"What is he doing to Jackson?" asked Jillian her tone returning to normal.

"I've watched him but I can't get too close." He said shaking his head, he turned to Jillian with narrowed slits for eyes. "But I've heard him call Jackson, son." Wally told her with a serious expression.

"That's horrible." she moaned. "His son?"

"Yes." growled Wally. His big blue eyes fixated right on Jillian's. "What's worse is that his sister is in cahoots with Slappy."

Jillian didn't speak. So far this dummy has proved to be more truthful and reasonable with Jillian, which sparked a wave of thoughts to flood into her mind. And she thought about her misery when Katie and Amanda took turns doing horrible things to her because of Mary-Ellen. And now Jackson was doing horrible things like Slappy.

"Why is Jackson doing these things?" Jillian wondered and said out loud. "Why is she helping him?" she choked out.

"Mind control and jealousy. Little Rachel doesn't like that her brother is more beloved for being a good kid. She collaborated with Slappy and now they both take turns ruining Jackson's life." answered Wally immediately. His face was just as intense as Slappy's but to Jillian he looked very serious and perhaps...concerned. She definitely thought this new Slappy sounded a lot more devious than her Slappy. Jillian was very worried for the boy and understanding of horrible little sisters, but she didn't let her guard down and still had questions.

"So why didn't you stop him?" she asked angrily.

"Do you know how much power and energy I have to use to stay hidden and to move from place to place with magic? Slappy would rip my head off easily! Plus, I don't know the spells. And I can't get close enough to warn Jackson and tell him of your little blog, because normally Slappy is always near him to control him. And if I could speak the spell, I would go to sleep or burn too. We're tethered to the same spell, Jillian." he answered sounding annoyed. "By the way, it's 2013. The site really could use a massive update."

Jillian was exasperated. She was annoyed for that if only Jackson knew about the site, Slappy could pay. And that it seemed that once again, Slappy was finding ways to annoy her. "Let's say, I help you. Let's say this Slappy gets taken down. Let's say we even save Jackson. What do you gain from it?" she asked, one eyebrow raised.

"We both hate that cretin, don't we?" he asked looking annoyed. "He'll be gone. That's a big enough gain for me."

She could most certainly relate to that gain. Jillian wanted nothing more than for Slappy to be gone forever too and she wanted nothing more than to save Jackson and in the process, ridding the world of Slappy the Dummy once and for all. Jillian sighed. ("I can't believe I'm even considering this.")

"Wally, will you leave me alone and stay out of my life if I help you?" she asked hopefully.

"No deal." the dummy answered indignantly much to Jillian's chagrin. "I know Jackson's address, I know where Jackson lives. I did the work and let me tell you, being this sneaky isn't easy. I'm not telling you unless I get a home.". Wally crossed his little arms and turned his wooden nose in the air.

"A home?" she asked. She expected for the strange dummy to demand for a bride. But once again, Wally's behavior surprised her.

"Yes. I'm tired of dusty old pawn shops and kids mishandling me. I want a home." demanded the dummy turning back to her, his arms still crossed and his face serious.

"Why to ruin someone else's life?" Jillian shot at him frowning. "Because you want to hurt me?"

The dummy's expression turned into an angry frown. He leered at Jillian. "Listen woman! I'm not like that idiot at all!" he screeched at her. "If I wanted to really hurt you or be like him, don't you think I would've done it?!" ("Good point.")

Jillian thought to herself staring at the offended Wally. Slappy openly hurt her because was cruel. This dummy was a little mean and rude, but nothing like Slappy. He complimented her, he spoke to her much more respectfully ("Kinda."), and he didn't hurt her for disagreeing with him and not only that - she felt that she had to save Jackson from being mind-controlled by Slappy. She knew all it would take is a one phone to call to each of her friends and Jackson could be saved from a horrible fate. And she knew Jimmy O'James number and that he had spells, just in case she needed them again or if Slappy ever returned.

Jillian took a deep breath. "I really want to save Jackson," she then shut her eyes. "So you can stay with me for a while as long as you behave." she then grumbled through her gritted teeth.

Wally beamed. Jillian studied Wally's smile. Strangely, she found it not as intense as Slappy's smile. It seemed genuine - well almost genuine. Wally snapped his fingers and the seatbelt holding Jillian tightly was loose.

"So it's a deal? I'll be a good dummy." rasped Wally taking his glove off and holding out his peach-colored wooden hand. Jillian then thought to herself, "I must be insane.". She said nothing as she reluctantly shook the smiling dummy's hand. ("For Jackson.")

"This is the start of a wonderful partnership!" chirped Wally happily as he relaxed in his seat and put his seatbelt and glove back on.

"In a twisted nightmare." Jillian thought grimly.

She switched the car on and the car's engine growled and roared into life. She pulled out of the parking lot and headed for her home down the dark and wet street and soon enough down the wet highway. As she drove down the dark highway, she noticed that the song "I Want To Know What Love Is" was playing on the radio. She took a quick look over in the front seat and saw Wally moving back and forth, humming and enjoying the song. The amused Jillian thought that he looked innocent. Too innocent. But seeing the dummy so happy made her hopeful.

"I hope my friends forgive me for making my deal. I hope we can save Jackson. I hope Wally stays nice - but whether they don't forgive me or if he's nice or not, I'll save Jackson. And I'm not alone." the young comedienne thought, as she drove home to prepare for the next challenge she is going to face with Wally.


A/N: I hope you all very much enjoyed the story as much as I did writing it and rewriting it. Also like Slappy, Wally's dialogue was very much fun to write!