I stared blankly on the white tube that was placed on top of my sink. I closely wait as the red line begins to become visible. In my mind, I continued to hope that I was wrong. That none of my assumptions were real and this was all just my mind playing tricks on me - Yet, destiny starts to play tricks on me. The one line that I was expecting begins to form another line that indicates one thing. My mind couldn't admit it. It was too much for me to take.

To some, two lines could be the best news and to others those two lines could be the worst news. I can feel my whole surroundings spin as if I was riding a roller coaster ride.

"This can't be right." I mumbled weakly. "Let me take another test."

I reach for the other white tube that I have bought from the store. It all started about a month ago.

"I'm getting married, Haruhi."

My whole world shattered as I heard those words. Tamaki and I have been dating for a while now and hearing him marrying someone else made me feel as if I was drowning in the middle of the sea.

"W-What.." it came out as a statement rather than a question.

"I'm sorry, Haruhi."

Terror overtook my face. I don't wanna hear another word. From the beginning, I already know that me and him are from two different words however I still believe that love can bloom between two things that should never coexist. I gather the strength that I have left and stand from my seat, maybe a part of me knew this would happen someday.


"C-Congratulations." I choked the words out of my throat.

This will be the last time and I can't remember how I got out of the restaurant or how I got home after that. All I can remember was I cried a lot. I cried until there were no tears left to shed. Wayback in High School, I never imagined that I would fall in love. My friends convinced me that I should give love a chance and I ended up heart broken.

I never thought of being reckless enough to have a random one night stand just because of my heart break that is until I saw the announcement of his engagement went public. Seeing the two of them together and seeing how happy they were made me feel a little betrayed. A part of me knew that there wouldn't be a happy ending for the two of us. I didn't know what happened or how I got there, all I could remember was a low voice telling me 'Who says I can't be happy?'

Yeah. That night, I decided that I was about to end the pain that I felt.

My conscience brought me back to reality. No matter how many times I tried to redo the test, the results were the same. All I see are two lines.

"What do I do now?" I asked myself stupidly.

While I was in deep thoughts, someone suddenly burst through my front door. My eyes widened in shock.



The woman whole burst through my doors and is now standing in front of me with her eyes burning with anger. It was a scene of a mother and a child who is about to be scolded.

I raised a hand to greet her but then she suddenly launched herself towards me and captured me in a tight embrace.

"You idiot! What have you been doing lately? Do y'know how worried I was?"

I forced a smile. "Sorry, I got you worried." There was a smile on my face however there's a part of me that doesn't want to let go from her embrace. I free myself from her embrace, "How was your vacation?"

"Vacation my ass! You tell me what happened to you?"

"I.." The light on my face starts to fade. I could never lie to this girl. "H-He's getting married."

"What?! Getting married to who?" she screamed at my face. "Haruhi, don't tell me you're okay with this? I mean Tamaki-kun and you had been together for.."

I bit my lips, not letting it tremble as I speak. "That's his choice. I mean, Tamaki and I are from two different worlds anyway."

"You're too kind that sometimes I hate that about you. Don't be like this, if you like him then.."

"It's okay. We're over." I assured her.

I couldn't look her in the eyes, I know that Momoka will immediately see right through me. The coward inside me.

"Hey, what's that?"

I raised my head to see where she was looking at then it hit me, the white tube.. I remember that I had many pregnancy test tubes scattered on the sink. Before I could snatch it from her it was too late. I could read her face, it was a mix of surprise, shock and horror.

"Momoka, you see.. What happened is.."

"You mean you and Tamaki.."

"No, it's not what you think.."

"So who's the father?"

"You see..I..I.. I'm not sure." I mumbled. I think I heard her say the f* word but it was too weak that I wasn't sure I heard it right.

"You what?!." Her hands grabbed me on both shoulders and shook me hard as if I was some wet clothes that needed to dry off. " You don't know who the father is?! What are you saying?!"

"I mean I know who he is but.. I don't think I can tell you now."

She finally let me go. "Are you kidding me right now?! Explain it in a way I can understand!"

"What I'm saying is I went to a bar.."

"Don't tell me you had a one-night stand?"

I didn't answer and just nodded my head to confirm her guess. I saw her expression hardened. Momoka was quiet for a few minutes, I knew that she'll be more shocked than I was.

"What time are you off work today?" she suddenly asked without looking at me.

"I should be able to get off around five.."

"Then, wait for me. Let's go to the clinic today."


After that Momoka didn't ask me anything but I could feel that she's more hurt than I was. We've been friends since college and we became so close like we're sisters. If she's not here with me right now, I wouldn't know what to do.

That afternoon, Momoka came to the school where I work to pick me up and bring me to the clinic to have a check-up. That time, I decided to wear formal office attire with big eyeglasses in dark shade to make sure no one recognizes me. The clinic that we went to was just a few walk from the school where I work so I might have ended up meeting familiar faces.

It's a good thing that the clinic was empty when we arrived.

"I don't think you need to wear that anymore." Momoka suggested as she looked around.

I took off the shades that I was wearing. "I need to make sure no one recognize me and we're lucky no one's here today."

"You'll stick out more with those on and so what is you;ve come to see a gynecologist?! It's not like you've never seen one before!"

I signed, I knew that Momoka can be strictly like mother's are.

"That's the reason why I brought you to a luxurious clinic where you won't worry about bumping into people you know, so stop worrying, okay?"

That's when I realized, the clinic is way expensive for ordinary people to go to. "Thanks for thinking ahead of time."

I was run out of words, I knew I was causing her so much trouble already. I decided to check my phone while we wait for the doctor to call us. I saw a message that my father sent last week and noticed that I haven't sent him a reply yet. I was so messed up that I forgot everything around me.

"Do you have any info on that man?"

I was surprised by her sudden question. "W-Why?"

"You're pregnant. Shouldn't you try and contact him? What are you going to do by yourself?"

"I.. I don't have any intention to contact him."

"Haruhi, don't tell me you planned on raising that child alone? You're not alone anymore! You have a small child living inside your body and whether that man likes it or not he has to support you."

"I know.. I just.." My mind can't take this anymore. I stood from the couch. "I'll take some fresh air first."

I saw that Momoka was concerned about my and the child's future and what she says does make sense but I can't contact that man. If he knows that she and I will have a baby soon, I don't know what he'll say to me.

I was about to enter the elevator when I saw from the corner a child that was familiar to me. As I was standing in front of the elevator, my eyes continued to follow the little girl. She was definitely familiar to me. The girl wasn't alone, a man appeared and put his hand on the girl's shoulder and I was certain that I could read on her face that she doesn't like it.

"Wait. I don't like the look of that.."

As I heard the bell of the elevator, my body suddenly moved on it's own. There's something off about them that made me nervous. The little girl's face looks like she was about to cry.

"Wait, Haruhi!"

I heard someone called my name but my body wouldn't stop from running towards the little girl. As soon as I was on the same pace as them, I immediately pushed the guy's hand and hugged the little girl.

"S-Sensei?" The little girl mumbled as tears fell from her eyes.

"Megumi, what are you doing here?! Don't worry, sensei's here." I let go of the child and placed her behind me. "Hey you!" I grabbed his black tie pulling him closer to my face as my hazel eyes burned with anger. "You've got guts doing that to my stude-"

As soon as I saw his face, my whole body froze. My brain knows that face even if I closed my eyes. That was the same face as the man I met that night.

"Wait a minute?!" I screamed loudly in my head.