His words echoed in my head for many times. I shook my head in disbelief but I did hear him loud and clear.

"W-What did you just say?" I asked him again.

"I suggested we get married."

I let out a short laugh thinking that I did miss hearing his words. "That is what you said, right? I thought I heard wr-" then his words repeated in my head. "No, wait.. Kyoya, have you lost your mind?!"

He kept that poker-faced expression as he answered me back, "I'm perfectly sane."

I scowled at him. "I'm not saying you're abnormal but marriage? That doesn't make any sense."

"Why not? I have a duty and responsibility to my child."

My face contorted with rage as I know that this man infront of me will not back out from an argument. "I told you this baby is not yours. This baby is mine."

He decided not to answer back and let out a heavy sighed. I can see that he's hurt from what I said that the 'baby is mine'. I would never want to hear him this way but I can't take marriage as an escape route either.

I exhaled. "If you don't have time tonight, please give me a call so we can set up a time to meet." I know that this man can do other methods to convince me to marry him so I need to talk to him properly. "We need to take time to.."

"Where did he go all of a sudden?" I heard the Principal's voice and before I could react he was already at the corner coming straight to where we are.

Without thinking, I immediately grabbed Kyoya's suit and pulled him closer. I can feel both my hands trembling in fear, I know that I have to think of an excuse to cover up what they've seen.

"Mr Chairman?" the Principal called.

"Haruhi?" Kyoya whispered as he looked down at me.

I slowly move away from him trying to control the embarrassment that I felt. Once that we are a few feet away, I force out a laugh.

"Uh, thank you! I almost fell over so thank you for catching me!" I can see that confused expression on his face. "I was clumsy, sorry about that. I thought you were my friend and I just realize that I made a mistake."

"Ms Fujioka?" The Principal called me.

I pretended that I didn't know they were there already. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you standing there, Mr Principal."

The Principal came closer to Kyoya, "I apologise Mr Chairman, it seems that Ms Fujioka didn't know who you are and made a mistake. Can we continue with our meeting for today?"


I fell silent as the word 'Chairman' was used by the Principal. He was looking at Kyoya whenever he said that word but the Ootori Group was never interested in Education so how can he be the Chairman of the school where I'm working.

"Can you please head up to the office first? I'd like to continue my conversation with Ms Fujioka."

"Ah, yes Mr Chairman but do the two of you know each other?"

Kyoya shifted back to me and grabbed one of my hands. "Yeah, she's an old friend."

"I see. Ms Fujioka, you should have said that first. I'll be waiting at the office then."

As soon as they were gone, I removed his hold from my hand. All of a sudden, I felt dizzy. I didn't expect that Kyoya was the Chairman of this school and I was stupid to even talk to him that way earlier. This coincidence is too bizarre. I raised my head and gazed at his face, does he think that I'm going to try and get money out of him by using this baby as an excuse, so he's trying to nip it in the bud first? Could he have already put a plan into place to fire me?

I disregard my negative thoughts as I know that Kyoya was never that kind of a person however if he does have plans to fire me then that isn't right. He fell for my clumsy attempt to seduce him and then took the lead himself. My forehead creased as I glared at him with determination, I won't let him fire me.

"Did you have something you wanted to say?"

"I need to head back to prepare for my next class."

"What? But we're not done talking yet."

"Don't you need to head inside as well? The Principal is waiting for you." and I took a step past him.

"I came here to speak with you."

I turned my head to him. "..To speak with me?" I clarified in a cold tone. "..I think I have an idea of what you wanted to talk about." I circled to face him and grabbed his neck tie. I pulled him a bit closer to me to show him that I won't back down. "I.. I plan on submitting my resignation letter before the end of the first period. I can make sure I never appear in front of you ever again, so you better not bring me up to the principal."

His eyes went round in surprise however I can't show any sign of weakness in front of him. I continued, "If I quit, it's because I choose to do so. Furthermore, I plan on taking care of my baby by myself." my grip against his tie tightened. "Are we on the same page now?"

I didn't bother waiting for him to react. I let go of his tie and continued to walk away with pride. I can't let anyone push me around even if they are the richest family in this country.


"What that guy was the Chairman?" Momoka screamed in shock, it was a good thing that it was just the two of us in the faculty room. "So what else did you talk about?"

I gazed at my empty table, "He said that he wants to marry me and take responsibility."

"Well that's the responsible thing to do."

"But I refused."

"What?! Why?"

"A marriage without love, how can I accept such a thing?" I understand that Kyoya wanted to take care of our child but entering the Ootori Family is much more complicated. "The Ootori Family is not something I wish to enter besides I'm just an ordinary person and that man deserves someone else with the same status."


I forced a smile. "It's fine. I'll head to my class now. See you later."

"Hey, don't forget about the dinner later."

I was already at the door, "Yeah, don't worry."


After work, we went to the restaurant for our staff dinner. The restaurant was empty when we arrived and doesn't show any signs of people that already dined for today. The whole place was clean like they just newly opened.

"Wow. This is the first time that we eat in such a fancy place." Momoka said. "What's going on? I can't believe we\re eating dinner in an expensive restaurant like this one."

"Yeah. I guess the Principal got a raise or something."

"I heard that the Chairman stopped by today. Maybe he decided to pay for our staff dinner." one of my co-teacher said.

"Is that so." Momoka mumbled and gave me that 'good work' look.

"Does this mean the Chairman is coming?"


'No way', I told myself. That guy is not a type of person that will eat with a lot of people. There's no way he'll attend the staff dinner. I pushed away that possibility and focused on enjoying the food.

Momoka and I were at the same table near the door so we can easily ditch them after eating dinner. I remember how horrible the last staff dinner ended and don't want to experience that again. While I was busy looking at the menu, the empty chair next to me moved so I raised my head to see who it was.

"Can I sit here?" It was Mr Yuki.

"Why?" I asked immediately as if I was already giving a hint for him to go to another table.

He gave a half-smile. "I'm pretty shy around people that I don't know."

"C'mon Haruhi, don't be like that anyway he said he's shy." Momoka mumbled completely attracted to him. "Sit, Mr Yuki. By the way, I'm Ms Kurukano. Nice to meet you."

"Thank you, Ms Kurukano." He continued to sit besides me.

"Oh, so that man actually came." Momoka blurted out in shock. Her eyes darted at me. "Here comes prince charming."

"S-Shut up!" I tried to control my feelings. My heart was pumping non-stop as I heard that he was there.

As I turned to my face at the entrance, he was already looking at where I was sitting with that cold expression on his face. Somehow his icy glare sends chills down to my spine. 'Why do I feel like he's mad at something?', I asked myself in panic. I'm the one who should be upset from what happened earlier. I was in deep thought when I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

"Senpai, you look pale."

"I-I'm fine. Please remove your hand."

Yuki immediately withdrew his hand. "Sorry, I was worried that you might not be feeling well."

I ignored him and reminded myself to relax. 'So what if he's here?' I put on a determined look and focus on eating as much beef as I can.

The restaurant staff began serving the food on each table while our Vice Principal stood in the middle and started his speech.

"Thank you for attending this staff dinner to commemorate the start of a new semester. Instead of our usual Principal's speech, we've asked the Chairman, who has graced us with his presence this evening to say a few words."

The room was filled with clapping sounds as the Chairman stood up from his seat. "I think the thing I dreaded the most when I was in school was listening to the Principal speak." I gasped at his words, he's definitely the boss. "There's no need to do something like that at a staff dinner. Let's just eat as much as we want and enjoy ourselves tonight. Thank you." again for the second time the whole room was filled with clapping sounds and cheers. Kyoya really knows how to set up the mood even if it's a large number of people.

"Wow, our Chairman is so cool." Momoka stated as she claps her hands.

"Yes, he is." Yuki agreed.

We began eating after Kyoya's speech but somehow, I don't feel like eating anymore. I stared at the beef quietly as if wishing that the beef would magically transfer to my apartment then I'll enjoy it later.

"Senpai, why aren't you eating?"

"Don't mind me and enjoy your food."

"You should try this, Senpai." without having enough time to react, Yuki suddenly put a piece of beef inside my mouth as if I were a kid.

I forcely swallowed it. The beef was indeed good but he didn't have to put it in my mouth using his chopsticks. I frowned, that was out of line.

"Sorry, Senpai. I didn't mean to.."

I rose up from my chair, "I'll just need some fresh air." and went out of the restaurant to get some air.


It was a cold evening. I can see the icy wind touching my skin even though I was already wearing my tops with long sleeves.

"Yikes. Why is it so cold?" I mumbled to myself.

"Don't you like the food?"

"Waaahh!" I almost jumped in shock when someone just spoke behind me.

"I'm sorry if I scared you."

"Ah, I-It's okay." I avoided his face.

"You just went out, I was wondering if you didn't like the food." His voice is a little more gentle than it was earlier. "I remember you like to eat beef."

I can't help but blush. 'Did he really choose this place because he knew I like to eat beef?' I'm confused by his actions. "What's the big deal, you didn't have to do that." I uttered trying to control the loud beating of my heart.

He didn't respond but instead he took off his black coat and put it on me. It was definitely big but warm. Today, I just noticed how musculine his body was. Without the coat, it was easier to see the perfect shape of his body.

"Have you done a lot of bad things? Why do you get startled so easily?"

I tilted my head, hiding my blushing face. "It's because you keep on surprising me."

"You look cold, just keep it on."

If he was a bit closer he might just hear how loud my heartbeat was. If Kyoya will continue this act, I might end up falling for him. All girls will fall head over heels for him as he's not only rich but also a kind-hearted person. If only we've met in a different situation then things would not turn out like this.