Third person point of view

I own nothing, but what little bit of plot I will try and include in this. Percy Jackson and the Olympians are the property of rick riordan. Digimon belongs to its creators, I don't know who that is off the top of my head, but it doesn't belong to me.

A beautiful young woman could be seen running through the city, carrying a young child in her arms, she was being chased by a grotesque monster. The monster looked like a dragon, with its scaly green skin, thick tree trunk like legs, a long tail, sharp razor like nails on each of it's four lower limbs, with constantly morphing animal heads, right where it's waist connected to it's upper body. The upper body was, what appeared to be a woman. She had snakes for hair, two arms, wielding two wicked, curved scimitars, that dripped with a horrible, liquid, acidic green poison. This being, was Kampe, a monster, straight out of Greek mythology, but no just any monster, oh no, she was one of the oldest, strongest, and most feared. She was born from Gaea, and Tartarus themselves, she was the jailor, of the elder cyclops, and the hundred handed ones, children of Gaea and Ouranos. Two of the primordials. Beings of immense, unimaginable, pure, raw, unadulterated power.

Kampe was chasing the woman and her child, for the child was not an ordinary child. He was a demigod, a son of Poseidon. She could practically taste the child's power, for it was so great, and it would grow even greater, if said child was left intact. Her master had already given her strict orders, she was to get the boy, and deliver him to the rogue demigods, those who turned their backs on the gods, this child was to lead them against the gods, he was to be both the sword and vessel of the vanquished, and eventual reborn king of the titans, Kronos. The titan lord of time.

Kronos, despite having fallen to the Olympians, three thousand years ago, and appearing in the dreams of man since, had not fully risen yet. But soon, and once he did, his army would march on, towards mount Olympus, to claim the thrones of the gods, for himself, and once done there he would set out to conquer the other deities, and claim their lands and influential homes as well, he would have it all. Kampe would be there to not only witness it all, but she too would be leading an army, the monsters in the army, she would invoke primitive, raw fear into man, and god alike. She would be despair and terror incarnate. Once again monsters would rule the world, she could already see it.

Looking back, Sally could see Kampe was gaining on them, no longer content with this game of cat and mouse, she was fed up, and Sally was running out of breath, her legs were burning, her lungs screaming for air, for rest. She paled, not seeing anyway to get out of this, or away from the monster, there was no help to be found. She started to pray to a god, not just any god, but Poseidon, even Apollo, Hermes, and Hephaestus. Not that it did her any good, because if they heard her, they did not care. The boy in her arms made a whimper, obviously scared, and really, anyone looking at the horrible monstrosity chasing him and his mother, would understand completely. Sally looked, while passing a store, Sally noticed a portal, and despite not knowing where said portal led to, Sally made the choice to jump in it, after all, it was either jump into the portal, or collapse in the street, end up an appetizer for the dragon lady behind her, and who knows what to happen to her son.

The world blurred into a mixtures of colors, blues and greens, yellows, reds, browns, and pinks, everything was a whirlwind, all of a sudden it all came to a crash down. Before blacking out, Sally heard what sounded like people calling out names. Her last thought, was I hope Percy is okay. All went dark.

Sally awoke later, not sure of how long had passed by. It could have been minutes, or it could have been hours, she had no way of knowing. She looked around, after thinking for a minute, calling out desperately, for her son "Percy, Percy where are you? Perseus Alexander Jackson, if you don't show yourself this minute, you will be grounded for a lifetime." she heard a rustling noise, and after turning to look in the direction, she had seen a weird creature walk in through the odd building. It was definitely unlike any being she had ever seen before. It was short, had blue eyes, a creamy underbelly, red and blue fur with some ends sticking up at the back. It looked sort of similar to a hedgehog, or perhaps a little bit like a wombat, but not by much. Just as she was about to open her mouth, however, to ask just what this...thing was, it beat her to it.

"hello there, I am glad to see you are better, you see when you fell out of the sky, and landed here in primary village, we were quite scared, we weren't sure if you would be okay, oh where are my manners I am Elecmon." the newly identified Elecmon introduced himself.

"what are you exactly, and primary village, where Is that, how did I get here, and WHERE IS MY SON?"Sally started off, kind, if somewhat a bit overwhelmed, but that quickly became hysterical, at the sight of her missing child. Elecmon, was quick to reassure her.

"I am a digimon, short for digital monster, primary village is the home of all baby digimon, and located on file island, you fell out of the portal, that appeared in the sky, and by son, I am assuming you mean the child that was located with you? He is currently out playing with the small, young, baby digimon. We mean you no harm." Elecmon's words were soothing, and calm.

Sally quickly calmed down, and with great patience, asked "would you be so kind as to direct me to these...digimon, so that I may personally check to see to my son's, person?"

"certainly, follow me, but please be kind, and gentle, the digimon are young, and innocent, they just hatched after all, so they get frightened, rather easily, might I add." Elecmon said, and with that the two of them then left the building, and headed off to the little cribs.

So this will be a percy/female harem most likely, and I already have about two or three picked out. Send suggestions, and give reasons and I will consider it, just make sure they are good reasons, and not shes hot. Also I want to point out, I will be attempting to merge multiple elements of seasons 1 adventure, season 2 adventure, season 3 tamers, season 4 frontier, and season 5 data squad together, as well as some elements from some of the games, such as digimon world ds, dawn, and dusk, maybe from the that one digimon manga, that had taichi as the protagonist, who had a veemon.