Logan walked into the mansion after a long, quiet ride on his motorcycle.  He'd been doing that a lot, lately since they got back.  And that was a week ago.  He saw Xavier move his wheelchair toward him, a smile on his face.  "Ah, Logan.  I was hoping to find you."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing.  There's just someone who wants to see you."


"Yes.  Follow me."  Logan nodded his head and followed the Professor to the elevator.  From there, they went down into the subbasements.  Logan furrowed his brown, wondering who would want to see him.  Xavier led him into a room Logan had never been in before.  It was just as clean and metallic as all the others, but there was something about this room that made him feel… warm

A door on the other side of the room opened.  Logan was blinded by a bright light, but he could she a silhouette of a woman walking toward him.  The smell of sun-ripened raspberries filled his senses and he stood there in shock.  It could be.  Could it?  "Kara?"  He asked, the door behind the woman closing to let him see the woman before him.  She smiled her beautiful smile, her blond hair shining like gold in the ceiling lights.  It was Kara and she was alive!

"Hello Logan."  She said, softly.

"Is it really you?"  He asked.



"Logan, you're not the only one with a healing ability."  She said, simply.

"That's you're other ability?"

"Yes.  Of course, it's just only fully manifested.  Because of what you did, you helped me to engulf my new power.  I'm not just a destroyer anymore."  She walked closer to him.

"But, you still did terrible things.  You almost killed all of us."

"I didn't do them on purpose, Logan."  She looked at Xavier who explained what had happened.

"William had a chip implanted in her head, just below her brain stem.  She was under his control the entire time."

"And now?"

"The professor is giving me a second chance.  I've put Cerebro back the way it was, and Hank will no longer be a problem."  She said.

"You did all of that?"

"I'm not proud of it."  She took a few steps closer.  "Everyone's forgiven me… except you." Logan didn't know what to say.  He was surprised by all of this information.  "What do you say. Logan?  Can you ever forgive me?"  She was now standing right in front of him, her hands resting on his broad chest.  She looked up into his eyes and he looked into hers.  He felt as if it had been an eternity since he's looked into them.  He let a small smile creep to his lips.

"How could I not?"  Her smile widened as he leaned down for a kiss.  "What about that love potion… thing?"  He asked.  She just smiled.

"He wanted me to use one, but I couldn't.  There was just something in side of me that told me that I wouldn't need it.  I guess that little something was right."  She reached up and they kissed again, this time, more passionately.

Logan could help but wonder how long something like this would last.  He couldn't really remember ever being in love like this.  With Jean, he figured, it was only lust, but there was something in Kara that made him want to be better.  And because she'd done that, he knew he'd love her forever.


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