The sun climbed high up into the sky. All through the night, Jessie stayed up with James, refusing to fall asleep. Meowth however, had eventually curled up at James's side and decided to rest. James still hadn't shown any signs of waking up. Jessie could feel her eyelids growing a tad bit heavy and her head consistently leaned to the side, only to snap back up a moment later. "Maybe it wouldn't hurt if I just rested for a moment." She told herself. She took on a new position, with her knees on the ground and kneeling on the side of the bed, rather than sitting on the edge of the bed. She let her head rest on the mattress and within a few moments, was fast asleep.

The minuted very slowly ticked by. And finally, around 11:00 AM, about six or so hours after the whole ordeal, James began to stir. His eyelids very slowly opened up, and he winced. The sun was bright and beat down on him, and his body his head was pounding he just felt a bit faint. He could feel something covering his hand and looked to his side. Jessie was there, her head on the bed, and her hand holding tightly to his own. Did she stay with him all night? He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to remember what had happened the night before. He could remember getting up, feeling sick. And then feeling weak and hitting his head. It was all a blur after that.

He moved his free hand, trying to touch his forehead, but his fingers brushed against something soft. At his other side was Meowth, curled up against his side. A small smile passed his lips. Meowth stayed too? How nice. He touched his forehead where he remembered hitting it. His hand came in contact with something other than flesh. Was that a bandage? And upon glancing about the room, he could see bloody, pink strips in the nightstand. Was that what Jessie used for him? Slowly he began to put the pieces together about what happened. She probably called a doctor, who out a proper bandage around his head and evaluated him. Poor Jessie. She must have been so scared!

He adjusted the grip Jessie hand on his hand and then squeezed hers so that she would be alerted. Jessie shifted and moaned a bit before lifting her head. Her eyes widened and she sat straight up on her knees. "James! You're awake!" She said, shock clear in her voice. "Are you feeling alright? Does anything hurt?" She asked, resting the back of her hand in his cheek. He was still awfully warm...

James shook his head. "I feel alright." He assured her. "Jessie, what happened last night after I hit my head?" He asked. Jessie frowned.

"I had a doctor come to see you. He stitched up the wound and..." Her head turned down to just stare at their hands. "And he told me about your condition." James sighed. It was likely that it was Brock who came over.

"And he told you everything didn't he?" James said softly.

"He did. James, why didn't you tell me things sooner? About the twerp being your doctor? About the condition of the baby? About YOUR condition? James, I need to know about these things, and it isn't fair for you to keep these things to yourself." Jessie scolded.

Now it was James's turn to look down. "I didn't want to make you worry." He said quietly.

"Worry? This is your life we're talking about! Shouldn't I get to know what going on in these cases?" As she spoke, her mind suddenly brought up what James had said just two weeks ago.

Darn it, Jessie! I'm practically dying and you don't even care!

Is this what he meant? He had lied to her, hadn't he? "James don't push me away alright? I'm sorry for all of the things I said to you okay? I'm sorry for getting so angry. But that still doesn't give you the right to hide things like this from me!"

"I didn't care about the baby."

"I don't! But I care about you, James! You have to tell me these things. If you could potentially be risking your life, then I want to know about these things." She brought up her hand and wiped her eyes. "I don't want to lose you, James. I never want to lose you." Her crying was what woke Meowth up. He crawled up on top of James and sat on his chest, looking at him.

"Same goes for me, James. I don't wanna be looking you either. So you gotta tell us these things okay? No more secrets." James nodded. He was extremely relieved. He was afraid that the two of them would be angry with him if they ever found out what he was hiding from them. They didn't seem angry. Just upset. Jessie turned to Meowth.

"Meowth, do me a favor. Go to the kitchen and get some water and the thermometer alright?" She asked. Meowth nodded and hopped from the bed, for once, not complaining about having to do everything around here. Once he was gone, Jessie leaned forward, so both arms were on the bed, and her head was against James's stomach. She knew that Meowth didn't know where the thermometer was so Jessie and James would be able to have a few moments to themselves.

"Two and a half months.." she said softly.

"Indeed," James responded.

"Does it hurt?"


"Do you regret it?"


"Are you scared?"



" Mm-hm. I always have been." He reached out his hand and placed it on top of Jessie's head. She didn't say anything. Just let it rest there. "Wouldn't anybody be?"

"Your right." Without much warning, New tears sprang into her eyes. But her expression didn't change. She continued to lie with him. "I'm scared too." James turned his head to look towards the window. He could also feel small tears beginning to form, but he didn't want her to see them. "But everything's going to be okay right? You're not going to leave me right?" She asked. James didn't answer her. She curled her lips in a bit as the tears started falling. "Right James? Can you promise?" Again no answer. Instead, James brought his free hand up to his eyes to shield his tears. He knew that there was a chance of him dying. He couldn't promise her anything.

Jessie gripped tightly to the bedsheets and moved over. Her head was off of James's stomach and on the bedsheets. She buried her face into them and began sobbing. One hand was on the sheets, while the other still held James's.

"I'm sorry," James said, his voice cracking. "I can't promise you anything right now. I don't know what's going to happen. And I think that's why I'm so scared." It was silent between them for a moment, the only sounds heard in the room being Jessie's crying, and James's occasional soft sobbing. He swallowed past the thick lump in his throat and spoke.

"But.." Jessie lifted her head to look at him. James turned his head again and pushed himself into a sitting position. It made his head spin a bit and his stomach flip but he ignored it, and brought his other hand to Jessie, wiping away her tears. "I can promise you this. I'll do my best okay? I will try not to be weak and I'll do my best to get better soon. But that's all I can promise alright? Is that alright?"

Jessie sniffles and nodded. "Okay James. If you can promise me that much then I'll take it. But I'm going to hold you to that promise you got it?" James chuckled and nodded.

"Alright then. I'll do my best." They stayed like that for a moment before Jessie turned to the door and frowned.

"I swear, what is taking that cat so long?" She muttered.

"Here, let me go check on him." James offered, preparing to stand up. But Jessie quickly put her hand on his chest and had him lie back down.

"Absolutely not." She said firmly. "You're still sick. You're not going to be lifting a finger you understand? You need to get better, and to do that, you need plenty of rest. So resting is exactly what you're going to be doing from now on until you get better. Now stay there." She instructed. And with that, she stood and left the room, hobbling a bit because of her legs being sore from kneeling for so long. James lie back and watched her go. He couldn't help but feel a bit worried. Resting? But for how long would that be? And did Jessie really plan to take care of him for so long? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe...

And thus, mother hen Jessie was born.