chapter 1

16,469 years ago... There was a female seeker name Lyra and she was very beautiful. She was a neutral and had the love of her life who was an Autobot. She found her Autobot love who she made love with him. Then it was a couple of weeks later when she found out she was pregnant She was alone with her fellow neutrals and was very heavy she was too afraid to tell her love about the sparkling so she chose to stay away. Soon on a cold winter night as the stars twinkled outside she gave birth to a son. A little seeker he was white, red and had big orange optics. He was precious. "You are to wonderful for words." she told him. "You are Starscream you like that?" she asked.

Time passed and Starscream began to grow. He knew the love of his mother. But one day his mother was killed in an explosion. He was alone after that a Decepticon found him by her side weeping. He heard the child call the femme mother so he thought Starscream was all alone so he decided to take advantage of the child's grief and took him to the base. The Decepticon's name was Megatron. Megatron wasn't very good to Starscream often heaping abuse on him. Starscream wanted his mother she was never coming back. He missed her very much.

Years passed and Starscream continued to grow and grow. Soon he became the second in command of the Decepticons he was tired of the abuse. He wondered who is father was his mother told him she just told him his father was a very good transformer with a big heart and who's honor had no bounds. Starscream wondered much more about his father. Maybe some day he will find out who his father was and tell them about his mother.

Present day. Starscream was now on earth's moon and living with Megatron. Starscream still had lots of questions. Demolisher found Starscream in his room tossing a ball up and catching. "Hey Starscream," Demolisher said as he walked into Starscream's room. He seemed to be looking for something.

"What do you want Demolisher?" Starscream asked looking at the large tank who had just barged in without knocking.

"I can't find my polish," Demolisher told him.

"I see," Starscream said he could tell by looking at Demolisher he was trying to find something because he was looking around.

"Cyclonus suggested using his or yours but my armor can't handle that because it's very sensitive." Demolisher told him as he looked around he wanted to find it badly.

"It's not a good idea to share armor polish," Starscream commented.

"That's what I told Cyclonus but he said I was just being a dummy," Demolisher huffed.

Starscream just sighed and shook his head sometimes he wondered about Cyclonus and if that copter bot ever used his brain.

"I was wondering if you had seen it?' Demolisher asked looking up from his search.

"Where did you see it last?" Starscream asked him.

"I remember putting on the night stand by my bed last night and when I woke up this morning it was gone," Demolisher replied.

"Okay I have a feeling I know where your polish is," Starscream said getting up. He went into Demolisher's room and stuck his hand under his bed and pulled out the polish.

"Wow how did you figure out where it was?" Demolisher asked as Starscream handed it to him. He was amazed how Starscream figured it out.

"I figured you must have bumped it in your sleep and then it fell and rolled under your bed." Starscream replied as he stood up.

"Thanks Starscream," Demolisher told him as he open the tin.

"Anytime," Starscream replied as he left Demolisher's rose m. Then Starscream went back to his room and proceed to toss his ball again and catch it.

"Hey Starscream I'm about to do some target practice you want to join me?" Cyclonus asked.

"Okay I have nothing better to do," Starscream said he had to admit just bouncing a ball could get pretty boring.

Both Cyclonus and Starscream began to do target practice. It was getting late and the day was pretty much uneventful. So the Decepticons decided it was time to get some rest.

Starscream was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and then finally he dozed off. Then he began to dream.

Starscream was looking around and saw many things he was wondering what was going on. He saw his mother and he saw her Optimus Prime they were in love and then he saw them make love. Then a few weeks later she found out she was pregnant and then a several months later he saw her holding him as a newborn. He saw him growing and his mother telling him all she knew. But she didn't know how to tell him who his father was. She told him all she told him that his father was very good bot. Starscream then saw the death of his mother. Then he saw Megatron and his childhood among the Decepticons. He was shocked who was his father was, his father was Optimus Prime and then the dream started to get scary and then a blast from Megatron happened.

"Yikes," Starscream said waking up. He was covered in sweat.

Swindle came up to him and beeped in question.

"Yes Swindle I'm alright it was just a weird dream." Starscream replied as he wiped his forehead.

Swindle beeped in asking about the dream.

"Oh it's like this I saw my mother and saw her in love with Optimus Prime then I saw them well, you know...," Starscream told him but the last part he trailed off because it wasn't easy to put that kind of thing into words.

Swindle nodded to let Starscream know to continue.

"Then I saw my mom choosing not to tell him out fear she was pregnant ,and then she gave birth to me," Starscream said and Swindle nodded again. "and then I saw my early years with her and then I saw her death happen again," he said as a tear came in view. "and then Megatron taking my into the Decepticons and my years of dealing with the abuse," he said trying to hold back the tears. Swindle touched Starscream's leg and patted it to reassure him. "and then I saw many other things I couldn't understand it was frightening and then a blast came from Megatron and that is when I woke up," he finished.

Swindle beeped again.

"I know Swindle it may have been a dream but mother never mentioned much of who my father was, but all my life I have had questions." Starscream replied as he leaned back.

Swindle beeped again.

"No," Starscream said.

Swindle looked at him.

"I mean questions about who I am, who I am meant to be, and why am I certain way, my family's history and my heritage and who my father is who the rest of my family is," Starscream explained to his partner.

Swindle beeped in shock.

"These questions have been turning in my head for as long as I can remember." he said.

Swindle beeped and got a worried look.

"I am glad you care so much Swindle I am lucky to have you as my partner," Starscream said hugging his mini on. "I think it's time I find my answers." he said.

Swindle beeped and jumped up and down.

"Of course you can help," Starscream told him.

Swindle was about to beep again until Starscream put his finger to his mouth.

"But we must be quiet Megatron will skin us alive if he found out what we are up to," Starscream whispered in concerned tone.

Swindle beeped very quietly and nodded in agreement.

Starscream snuck into the medical bay and drew some of his fluids out. He put it in a test tube. "Okay maybe with this I can find some answers." Starscream said to himself.

He knew he need something from Optimus to check for CNA match with his. He knew Cyclonus kept chunks of metal that got knocked of the Autobots as a collection so he snuck into Cyclonus' room and scrapped a piece of metal from Optimus and then snuck out quietly. Then he got out his CNA scanner and calibrated it to do a paternity test. He even place something that had his mother's CNA on it to he lined them up and started to the scan.

The CNA Scanner did it's work. It was taking a while to load. "Come on, come on," Starscream whispered in a panicked tone. He really didn't want to wake the other Decepticons. So he had to be quiet.

Finally results came in. He took a look. He almost cried out in surprise but he bite his tongue and stayed quiet as he could but inside he was freaking out. He saw Optimus Prime was his father. He printed out the results. Then carefully put them in his subspace pocket. He then hid everything else. Then turned off his light and then quickly and quietly went to his bed and pretended to be asleep. Megatron opened the door. "Hmm I was sure I heard Starscream was wake in his room I guess I was wrong." Megatron said and went back to his room.

That was too close! Starscream thought as he looked at the door. He had to get out of there. He then left the room. Without realizing in his rush to hide his things the CNA scanner was sticking partially out from under his bed.

Starscream started to tap out the coordinates in the warp gate. His hands were shaking he was so nervous and scared. He wondered what would happen when he got to his destination. Then he heard something and he turned around and saw the Star saber minicons. "You startled me," Starscream gasped.

The trio beeped.

"Are you saying you want to come along?" Starscream asked looking at them curiously.

The trio nodded.

"Okay but we all must be very quiet." Starscream whispered. "Last thing we need is to wake the whole base." He explained in a whisper and finished punching in the coordinates. "There it will erase in ten minutes now let's go," he told the minicons.

Starscream, Swindle and the Star saber minicons went through the warp gate and made it to earth. It was still dark out.

Starscream was in the forest and then found a quiet place to rest until morning.

The sun soon started to rise. Starscream opened his optics. "Come on we better get moving," Starscream told the minicons. Starscream transformed and the Star saber minicons followed him while Swindle rode on his back.

The Autobots picked up Starscream on the scanners. "Look Starscream is flying around outside," Rad said Pointing at the screen.

"What could that con be up to?" Smokescreen asked with a glare he was unsure why Starscream was out by himself near the base so early in the morning.

"He's not acting hostile," Scavenger answered Smokescreen by looking at the way Starscream was flying.

"Then why is he flying around here?" Hot shot asked scratching his head.

"Hmm I think something is bothering him," Scavenger said looking closely. He figured that is why Starscream was out there so early.

"What makes you think that?" Fred asked looking at Scavenger.

"The way he's flying," Scavenger replied to the boy.

"What about the way he's flying?" Billy asked with a questioning look.

"I agree with Scavenger I know a lot about flight body language, and something tells me Starscream is nervous, or something is on his mind that he wants to talk to us about," Jetfire said as he observed Starscream's flight patterns.

"Well let's find out what that con wants," Blurr said looking away.

"I'll go I will meet him up in the sky." Jetfire said heading out.

Jetfire went out to meet with Starscream. He was up in the air and came over to Starscream. "Starscream why are you here? What do you want?" Jetfire asked.

"I want to talk," Starscream told him.

"Talk about what? And to who may I ask?" Jetfire asked.

"One- I don't feel comfortable of telling you at the moment because I am ready nervous enough as it is. Two- Optimus Prime," Starscream replied in nervous tone.

"Are going to attack as soon as you are done talking?" Jetfire asked and if he was in bot mode his optics would be narrowing.

"No," Starscream replied nervously he was already nervous and anxious enough without Jetfire's questioning.

Jetfire saw Starscream's wings were quivering in mid-flight he could tell Starscream was extremely nervous. It was making him anxious just looking at him. "You seem really anxious maybe Red alert should take a look at you before you talk to him, you are practically shaking are you alright?" Jetfire asked worriedly.

"I don't know to be honest," Starscream told him. "ever since late last night my mind has been speeding and could barely get a wink of sleep last night after I woke up in the middle of the night," he told him.

"and I feel like I am going to throw up because I am so nervous." Starscream said.

"Then let's get you to the base before you spew," Jetfire said he was concerned something must be going on to get the normally confident seeker so nervous .

Jetfire escorted Starscream inside the base. Once Starscream transformed he was still visibly shaking. "Whoa Starscream you look like you've seen a ghost." Hot shot said as he looked at Starscream's shaking body.

Then Starscream stifled a gag and swallowed. He was really nervous and scared Jetfire decided to have Starscream checked over before he pukes.

"Red alert mind taking a look at him? I think he's about to have a nervous break down or panic attack." Jetfire asked.

"I agree," Red alert said after seeing how nervous Starscream was.

Once in the medical bay Red alert listened to Starscream's spark and elctropulse. "Starscream your spark and elctropulse are racing, you need to calm down," he told the jittery seeker.

"Sorry I have been nervous and jittery since late last night," Starscream replied rather shakily.

"It's okay," Red alert reassured him.

He checked everything. "Starscream a lot of things are elevated because right now you are under a great deal of stress you really need to calm down." he told the seeker.

"Okay," Starscream replied nervously.

"Take some deep breaths." Red alert told him calmly.

Starscream was kind of hyperventilating. "Slowly, slowly," Red alert explained.

Starscream took in slow deep breaths and let them out slowly. Then his shaking slowly stopped the tension in his frame ceased and he was more calm now.

Optimus came in. "How is the patient?" Optimus asked.

"He's finally calmed down." Red alert replied to the commander.

"Okay Starscream what do you want to talk about?" Optimus asked the seeker.

"It's complicated." Starscream said.

"When I was little my mother told me much about my absent father but she never mentioned who he was or she left him or if he left her. " he started to explain.

Optimus nodded for Starscream to continue.

"All she said was he was great, good and kind bot and she never mentioned his name or if he was neutral like her, Autobot or Decepticon. She was very quiet about it." He continued.

Optimus nodded again.

"So when she was killed in a large explosion I was all alone and Megatron found me and took me to the Decepticons there I suffer lots of abuse physical and emotional. Then last night I had dream and saw my mother and her with an Autobot and they you know..." Starscream said.

"Ah, continue," Optimus said.

"Then a few weeks later she finds out she is pregnant and didn't tell the Autobot because she didn't know how too, and was afraid too, then she had me and told me my father's good qualities, then I witness her death and my horrible childhood all over again." Starscream explained trying to avoid eye contact.

"Continue," Optimus told him.

"Then the dream became truly frightening the Decepticons I was called allies turned on me and I had no one as an ally not even an Autobot to help me. Then Megatron blasted me a point blank range and I woke up." Starscream explained.

"I see," Optimus said. "Is there more?" He asked.

"Then after talking to Swindle I decided it was finally time to get some answers to the questions I have had my entire life." Starscream explained. "First I went into the Decepticon medical bay and took some of my own energon and then I snuck into Cyclonus' room and grabbed a chunk of metal belonging to Optimus from the many chunks from the other Autobots he collects." he explained.

Optimus and Red alert stared at Starscream of the mention of Cyclonus' collection.

"I didn't want to know why that lunatic collects them," Starscream replied answering their silent question. "I find it strange too," he added.

"Go on," Red alert said.

"I scraped of a small sample from it, I had to be careful not to wake Cyclonus and I quickly and quietly left his room and I went to my room and grabbed something I kept from my mother an old metal shard from her body and took a sample of that and used my CNA scanner," Starscream asked.

Optimus and Red alert looked at Starscream again.

"I wanted to be a scientist when I was little," Starscream said. "Then I turned on my scanner and set to do a test to make sure my dream just wasn't some dumb fantasy that my exhausted mind made up to freak me out. It took a while and the results came in," he said.

"About the results." Red alert asked.

"My CNA matched my mother's and Optimus Prime's the scanned showed above Optimus Prime's name was the word father in big bold letters. After that I heard Megatron coming and I quickly hid everything turned out my light and went to m bed and pretended to be asleep. Megatron opened my door and looked around he muttered about him thinking I was awake and left I breathed the sigh of relief and then I crept to the warp gate and put in coordinates and the star saber minicons followed me and Swindle naturally came with me. I spent the remainder of the night in a nearby forest and then I flew all the way here and you know the rest," Starscream said.

"How do we know you are telling the truth?" Optimus asked looking at him critically.

Starscream pulled the test results from his sub space pocket. Then he handed them to Red alert. "It says you are the father Optimus, but I can run test here if you like," Red alert said looking at the paper.

"I would like that very much." Optimus answered.

"Fine with me," Starscream told him.

"I also want a sample of the mother's CNA," Red alert said.

"Here I still have the metal chunk from her body," Starscream said handing it to the medic.

"That will work," Red alert said taking the piece of metal. Then he took samples from Optimus and Starscream.

They waited for the results. "Got the results." Red alert said. "It's true Starscream is your son Optimus," he said.

"I can hardly believe this, me a father?" Optimus gasped. "I think this is too much," he said.

"Um Optimus," Red alert said he was concerned.

"I can hardly believe it, I don't understand how, I know how this kind of thing happens but I don't think I can handle how this got dumped on my lap and I..I.." Optimus ranted.

"Optimus!" Red alert snapped.

"What?" Optimus asked in a loud voice.

"Turn around," Red alert told him.

Optimus saw Starscream had tears in his optics. Then Starscream was about to run out and he was crying.

"What is going on in here?" Scavenger asked coming in and Starscream ran into him.

Starscream then hugged Scavenger and began sobbing. "Mind telling me what is going on?" Scavenger asked as he put an arm around Starscream.

"I can explain," Red alert told him. "Also I think Optimus needs to hear somethings out." he explained.

"Hey what is going on here?" Jetfire asked hearing the shouting. "Why is Starscream crying?" he asked looking worried.

"I know why," Red alert told him.

"Right now I think this youngling needs something warm to drink can you take care of that Jetfire?" Scavenger asked the sub commander.

"Okay come on Starscream," Jetfire said as he lead the sobbing seeker away.

"Now can you fill me in?" Scavenger asked as he came up.

Red alert explained and Scavenger scowled at Optimus. "Optimus, he's already been through so much in the course of his young life, first losing his mother, then growing up in abuse and intense training and forced to be a soldier as teenager and going through more abuse and not given any respect he is worth, he risked much to come here and to tell you and he was already frightened enough as it is and the last thing he needs is more rejection especially from his own father." Scavenger scolded.

"Your right," Optimus replied with sigh he never felt so ashamed. "It was just the shock of it all," he said.

"I understand but right now Starscream needs you and he needs his father to help him get past all his pains and scars from the past and learn more things and how to accept his true heritage." Scavenger said.

"What should I do now?" Optimus asked.

"Apologize to him and make it up to him," Scavenger said.

"I will," Optimus said.

Optimus left to find Starscream.