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This is a Highschool DxD x Fairy Tail crossover with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure elements. The Fairy Tail characters will not have their magic. The protagonist of the story will be Issei and Natsu will be the deuteragonist. I posted this on the FT and DxD crossover category since the story will revolve around the characters from those two works. Without further ado, let's begin.

Chapter 1

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Kuoh Academy in Kuoh, Japan:

"Alright class, that'll be it for today. Make sure to complete your homework and submit it in time or you will get a zero. Now go ahead and enjoy your lunch!" a raven-haired man instructed, who had a lanky build, wearing a gray button-down shirt with long sleeves and a pair of black slacks.

The sounds of students rustling were evident throughout the whole building in a matter of seconds. The clicks of opening and shutting lockers welcomed itself soon after. Soon, the classroom was empty save for 5 individuals.

"Oh no! I got work at 6!" one of the individuals cried out.

"Better finish the assignment as soon as I get home. Getting my ass kicked by big sis is not manly!" shuddered another man, who received a nod from his companion with a grimace.

The man who spoke was very large and muscular for his age. He has tanned skin and spiky white hair. He sported a white long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings. He had a black ribbon on his collar. He had black pants on his lower body and black shoes to go with it. His black blazer with white accents was draped over the chair he was sitting on. His pal had the exact outfit as him except that his blazer was still on him. He was much smaller than him. His skin was a little lighter and while his hair was also spiky, it was pink.

There were soon surprised by the arms that grabbed around their necks. When they turned around, they groaned inwardly at the owners of the said arms.

"Hello there, fellow men!" a bald guy appeared with another male who had black hair slightly parted in the middle and wore a pair of glasses. They both had lecherous grins on their faces.

"What a great day we have today!" announced four-eyes.

"So we wanted to ask you," nudged baldy.

"Would you like to join us in our adventure?" his partner finished.

"To one of the greatest sights in the world!"

"Also known as heaven!"

"To appreciate the beauty!"

"Of the female body!"

"Excuse me?" a look of dread appeared on both of their faces when they heard the voice. When they looked at the owner of it, their lives flashed before them at the menacing expression at the person's face.

She wore a long-sleeved white button-down shirt with vertical linings, just like the boys at the school. She also had a black ribbon on her collar. The rest of her outfit consisted of a button-down black corset, black shoulder cape, and magenta skirt with white accents.

Her face was one of beauty. She was admired by many of her peers for her looks and her slender figure in the school. Her long scarlet hair was rare and her eyes were chocolate brown. Even with the scowl placed on her face, it didn't diminish her attraction. The two paling teens forgot about their upcoming predicament as they let their eyes target her chest, causing both of them to drool and giggle. The other two males near them just facepalmed and sighed at their antics.

"My eyes are here," she glared at the two of them, who flinched at her growl.

"S-Sorry, Ms. Belserion," four eyes whimpered.

"Please punish us till you are satisfied~" the bald male drooled as he was imagining God knows what. Ms. Belserion's eye twitched at his response and she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Matsuda!" the bald male jumped up in surprise, " And Motohama!" the male with glasses shook like a leaf, "Both of you will have detention right now and after school! I better see you in our club room in 5 minutes? Got it?" she demanded the two, who sprinted out of the classroom as soon as she finished. She then turned towards the other males, who just gave her an apologetic smile.

"Must be tough being the President of the Disciplinary Club, eh Erza?" the pink-haired student spoke, who received a sigh from the now named Erza.

"You don't know how much stress those two give me. I've received complaints from almost all of the girls in the school due to their lecherous actions," she replied before turning towards the white-haired student.

"Elfman, Mira will be held back because of how much work we have left. She said you can go home with Lisanna and don't have to wait for her. And Natsu, we need you to stay after school for a bit," she stated. Elfman nodded while Natsu shook his head.

"Sorry, I can't today. I have work at 6 o'clock," Erza frowned at his response but nodded nonetheless.

"I almost forgot about your schedule. Well, make sure to make up for it tomorrow instead," she ordered him.

"Of course, President," he smirked at her. She just rolled her eyes but had a small smile on her face. Her eyes then fell upon the last occupant in the room.

He had spiky brown hair with two short locks behind his head. His skin was slightly tanned but lighter than Natsu's. His light brown eyes were squinted as he put his whole attention on his paper, in which he was picturing something. His body was slightly muscular. His face was calm. His uniform was the same as Natsu and Elfman's but without the jacket, which he folded and put it on top of his bookbag.

Erza stepped towards the unaware teen and got his attention when she stood behind him while watching his drawing. He turned around and gave her a gentle smile once he recognized the viewer of his work.

"Oh, hello President Belserion. How are you?" he softly inquired.

"I am doing well, thank you for asking. How about you, Mr. Hyoudou?" she replied.

"Just spending my time doing what I like, you know. Not that I'm upset to see you, but is there anything I can help you with?" he stopped his drawing and Erza was able to get a good look at his art. She recognized the restaurant and the street. It was the northern area of Kuoh and the place Natsu worked at as a Line Cook, Paradiso Gloriosa. It was an Italian restaurant.

Kuoh Town was very diverse in terms of ethnicity. Many people of European descent called this place home. Among them, Italians were a huge part. Natsu himself was mostly Italian. He had Japanese blood in him due to his father being half Italian and half Japanese. Plus the restaurant was co-owned by his father.

The location that the restaurant was located in used to be the most dangerous location of Kuoh. Thugs and gang members would always stick around that side. Reports of theft, rape, and murder were common too. The police didn't really do much. That all changed a little over a year ago. The violence started to dwindle. The cause of this was due to the disappearances of the thugs. This spread from the north side of Kuoh to the whole town. The town was experiencing the most peaceful time it has in a while. Nobody knew why they decided to run off.

The illustration consisted of the view of the street at nighttime. Out there, people could be seen walking and having a great time with their love interests, families, or friends. This was on the left half of the paper. On its opposite side was the same location but instead of the tranquil sketch, it was violent. There was fire everywhere and some people seemed to be exploding. This brought a frown on Erza's face but she admitted inwardly that the guy was skilled with a pencil.

"Can't I check on my juniors once in a while? No wonder you won the art competition last year. I know we didn't start off on the right track at the beginning of your course at Kuoh Academy, but you have brought amazing improvements upon your character. And you are doing your utmost best to represent our school at the top with your artistic capabilities. The Disciplinary Club is proud of you and I am proud of you, Issei Hyoudou," Erza complimented with an assuring smile. Issei's eyes were wide at her declaration but he returned the smile.

"Thank you very much. It means a lot coming from someone like you," he showed his gratitude.

"No worries. Just keep working hard like you always do. See you around, Mr. Hyoudou," Erza then brought her attention back to the other two males in the classroom, "And you guys, remember what I said," she exited the classroom right after that.

"Ugh, I gotta stay after school tomorrow," Natsu groaned

"Man, I don't even know how you got into that club. You used to be such a troublemaker back in the day," Elfman chuckled.

"Whatever. You know people change over time, right?" he retorted.

"Yup. Got that right…" Elfman looked towards the other teen in the room, who was oblivious to their conversation.

"Remember when he used to be a part of the infamous 'Perverted Trio'? I mean, if you look at him now, you would never believe he used to be such a perv," Elfman whispered to his friend, who nodded.

"Yeah. Ever since his parents died, right?" Natsu questioned, to which the white-haired male nodded.

"Plus, his cat got run over by a car just a few days after that. Ever since then, the poor guy's character did a 180. He's been ignoring girls and put his mind into sketching all the time," Natsu gave Issei a look of pity.

"I think I kinda know how he feels. If something like that happened to Happy or Carla, I would be devastated as well. And mom is, ya know, in a better place. And I heard that he lives by himself too. His misfortune makes me realize how grateful I am for still having a family who I can spend my time with," Elfman and Natsu didn't speak anymore after that explanation and continued with their lunch.

Unbeknownst to the two, the topic of their conversation heard every single word that they uttered. They also failed to notice the cracks that appeared on Issei's pencil.

Occult Research Club Room, Old School House, Kuoh Academy:

At the Old School building of Kuoh Academy resided the Occult Research Club's facility. The room itself was very fancy. The walls, couches, and the floor had the appearance of a victorian style room. There was a huge table in the back of the room and a large bathroom on its opposite side. Between the couches was a tea table. Currently in that table was a chessboard. On either side of the board sat two women.

"Oh my, is everything alright, my lady?" the black-haired female asked. If one would take a look at her, they will admit that she was undoubtedly beautiful. Her eyes were of gentle purple color. She had long hair that was put into a ponytail and reached her ankle. Her body was something that many men would kill for. She also radiated a mature and elegant aura, which added more to the list of what made her so attractive. She is the Vice-President of the Occult Research Club and also known as one of the 'Big Sisters' of Kuoh Academy, Akeno Himejima. Currently, she was playing a game of chess with her friend and unknown to many, her master. Said master was currently looking very irritated about something.

"Akeno, you already know what's going on. Why won't they stop pestering me for the marriage? It's getting on my nerve right now," sighed Akeno's master. She was also a gorgeous woman. Her status was along the same lines as Akeno in the school, if not, higher. Her voluptuous figure made her the center of many men's imaginations. Her thigh-length crimson hair added to her beauty. Her graceful blue eyes showed exasperation. She is known as Rias Gremory, another one of the 'Big Sisters' and the President of her club at Kuoh Academy. In the Underworld, she was known as the 'Princess of Destruction' and a high-class devil. She was also the younger sister of the Satan Lucifer, Sirzechs Lucifer.

"That is troublesome indeed," Akeno nodded.

"I've been meaning to ask, what can you tell me about him, you know who?" Rias inquired.

"Issei Hyoudou, right?" after Rias confirmed it, Akeno continued.

"When he started as a first-year student, he was a part of a group called the 'Perverted Trio', who was known for peeping on girls around the school. He was very open about his carnal desires, which disgusted many students here. That all changed when his parents died during their vacation in Brazil two months into his school year. It was reported to be a vehicle collision, but I'll get more into it later on. If that wasn't the worst case, his cat ended up being run over by a car just a few days after his parents were deceased. His outlook on life completely turned around right after that event. He dropped his licentious actions since then and has been sketching and drawing instead. In fact, he won Kuoh Town's Art Competition last year," Akeno informed her master, who mused for a few moments before speaking.

"You said there was more to his parents' death. Can you elaborate on that?" Rias requested, to which Akeno's eyes narrowed.

"Yes. There were sightings of Fallen Angels around the location of the Hyoudous' demise. Some speculate that they were responsible for their deaths because they had a motive to take something from them," Akeno finished her explanation.

"What would they be looking for from two ordinary humans? If it was a Holy Sword, we would've sensed the energy," Rias thought out loud.

"I couldn't find out anything about them being related to the Supernatural World. I am also confused about why the Fallen Angel would attack them if they did," Rias' Queen confessed.

"I agree. And checkmate," the red-haired princess smirked.

"Aww, that was mean!" Akeno pouted.

"Anyway, I also suspect that Issei Hyoudou is a wielder of a Sacred Gear. That's why I have been keeping an eye on him and Sona is willing to let me take him. I need to strengthen my peerage now more than ever," Rias shared.

"Ufufufu. Maybe I should let Koneko know that she should keep an eye on him," Akeno suggested, to which Rias nodded.

"Definitely. A couple of months ago, I noted a Sacred Gear user unlocked their power and emitted a ginormous amount of energy. I presume that the Sacred Gear could even be one of the 13 Longinus," Akeno's eyes widened at the last statement.

"It will be a huge gain if you can recruit him, President," Akeno stated, to which Rias nodded.

"Let's just hope for the best," Rias spoke before getting up and grabbing a towel on her way to the shower.

Life was quiet and peaceful for Issei Hyoudou. Although he has been living by himself for over a year, this portion of his life was where he achieved the most success and discovered an actual hobby. He was relieved that he came to his senses from his previous intolerable demeanor. Peeking on females and dreaming about their bodies wouldn't help him step forward in life. It took him to lose his three family members to realize this fact. And now he had a new goal in life as well. To find the ones responsible for his tragedy and make them suffer.

Flashback: 15 months ago:

The reality that he was facing devastated him. How is he going to move forward and deal with this? Before his parents died, he presented them with no redeeming qualities. Instead, they had to deal with the complaints about his behavior from their neighbors. Even with all of these conflicts, they never failed to show how much love they had for him. And his lovable cat Shinji, the cinnamon-colored ball of fur was gone forever because of his ignorance.

He should've spent at least a little bit of time with and kept an eye one Shinji rather than locking himself inside his room. He should've checked if the front door was locked. He should've made sure that Shinji wasn't hungry. If he put in a little effort to keep those things in mind, maybe Shinji wouldn't have been run over by a car. Now all that remained of him was buried in his backyard. The only thing he felt was regret. Regret for not making his parents proud. Regret for ignoring the poor feline, who was probably just looking for some food.

Well, it was time for a change, he decided. He would change his ways and become the boy, no, the man that his mom and dad wanted him to become. The magazines, games, and posters would have to be disposed of. This is the least he could do for the only two people in his life that stayed by his side all the time that he disappointed continuously. No more peeking, girls, or harem. His new goal in life was to have a successful and peaceful life. To be the man that would make his parents proud.

His musings were halted by the sound of the doorbell. He was confused since his family didn't really have any living relatives nearby. His grandfather was half German but he wasn't really on the best terms with the family in Germany, according to what his father told him. The friends, neighbors, and coworkers that heard the news already came in to send their condolences. So Issei was confused as to who would be here. He walked down the stairs and reached the front door to open it. It turned out to be a mailman.

"You are Issei Hyoudou, correct?" the man questioned. Issei took a moment before replying.

"Y-Yes?" he stammered.

"A package has been delivered to you," the man handed him a wrapped 8 by 4 package and left quickly while grumbling about slowpokes.

Issei ignored the guy's attitude and returned inside immediately. He looked at the sender but there was no information there. He ripped open the package and removed the packing peanuts and the discovery was bizarre. It was a broken arrow, well the bottom half was broken. Ignoring that damage, the arrow itself looked very antique and like an artifact. It had a beetle-like design on its head. As Issei observed the arrow, a folded piece of paper caught his attention. He then grabbed the paper and was wide-eyed at what was written on its folded back.

It was the handwriting that shocked him. He would recognize it anywhere and at any time. It belonged to none other than his father. It read, 'To Issei'. Why would his father send him a letter if he could've just texted or called him? It didn't make any sense. Dread started to fill him as he opened the letter.

Dear Issei,

If you received this letter, then that means your mother and I are dead. First of all, please forgive us for leaving you and Shinji. We can't imagine how much pain you must be in. Once again, we are sorry. Now you must be wondering why you have that arrow and why we didn't call you to let you know beforehand.

It's very simple. Someone is after this arrow and they are willing to dispose of anyone that gets in the way. If that arrow is in the wrong hands, then our world will be filled with nothing but darkness. That is why your mom and I took a vacation to Brazil once we got the knowledge of our pursuers.

Our calls and messages could be traced back to you and you would be in danger. As your parents, we could never let that happen. We lured our hunters to Brazil in order to get them away from you. This arrow is not a normal arrow. It is an artifact that can give you powers that you could only dream of. Your grandfather handed it down to me. You already have that kind of power since we have it too. As a last request, we are asking you to guard that arrow till you pass it off to your own children. We were discovered because we let our guard down. Make sure to keep that arrow tucked away and obscured from the rest of the world. And I'll tell you one thing and believe, the supernatural is real. We don't have much time on our hands so I have to end the explanation here. If you want to learn more about this, you can do it after you are done with school.

Now I know your mom and I always chastise you for your perversity. Even so, we want you to know that we'll always love you and be in your heart. We are proud to call you our son, Issei. Remember to listen to your heart all the time.

Much love,

Gorou Hyoudou and Miki Hyoudou

Tears were flowing down Issei's cheeks like a river. His parents paid their own lives in order to protect his. They were murdered for some power-giving artifact. He clenched his empty fist so hard that it began bleeding. Now he had another goal in his life. To find whoever killed his parents and make them pay tenfold.

Flashback End

'Mom, Dad, would you be proud of the man I've become?' Issei wondered to himself while watching the cars driving in and out of the city. School was already over and he finished the homework there as well. He had a lot of free time so he didn't know what to do. He figured that a cup of coffee would be nice. The closest place to get that would be Paradiso Gloriosa.

"U-Umm, excuse me?" his train of thoughts was broken when his eyes landed on the person that called out to him.

She was one of the most beautiful girls he ever met. Her skin was light and seemed very soft. Her silky black hair went down to her hips. Her eyes were bright violet. Her body was very slender and she had a huge bust. If Issei was like himself back in the day, no doubt he would be drooling and ogling her form right now.

She wore a dark red jacket over a white undershirt. A golden 'P' was stitched on the left side of the jacket. There was a red bow in the collar of her shirt. She sported a green skirt with a white stripe on its lower portion. Her socks were white and calf-length.

Issei was confused since he never saw or knew of a school whose uniform had an appearance like hers. Thankfully, his perplexity was soon cleared.

'Partner, that's a Fallen Angel. I'm sure of it,' a voice interrupted his musing in his head.

'Ah, Ddraig. It's good to hear from you. And perfect timing as well. If you don't mind, would you give me a moment?' Issei waited for a few seconds and when no voice was heard, he proceeded to answer the girl.

"Hello there. How may I help you?" he asked with a smile. The girl blushed before speaking again.

"I-I am Yuuma Amano, and I've had f-feelings for you f-for a long time now. I-I want to ask if y-you would like to go on a d-date with me?" she half stuttered.

"Hmm, that's surprising. I've never seen you in my life but I suppose I can accept it. After all, I have to listen to my heart, right? It'll be like a blind date," Issei agreed with a smile. Yuuma put on the brightest smile she possibly could and to Issei and Ddraig, it was evident that she was faking it.

"Thank you so much! How about this upcoming Sunday at 10?" she inquired.

"That works for me. See you on Sunday then!" Issei grinned.

"O-Okay! Enjoy the rest of your day!" Raynare turned around and skipped her way back, much to the amusement of the guy she just asked out.

'So, I'm guessing you already have a hunch on why she did that?' Ddraig broke the silence.

'Absolutely. With enough observation, you could tell that she was faking most of it,' his partner answered.

'You don't care about having girls anymore. So why did you accept that crow's offer?' the brown-haired second-year student chuckled before answering.

'I would've said no if you hadn't told me what she really was. Ya know, thank you for being there, ya old geezer. I'm grateful for being your host. And you're the one who warned me about these possible dangers right after a few days of our mental connection. Don't you remember?' all Issei heard was some grumbling for a few seconds.

'Memories must be getting foggy. I just remembered. Now, what will you do if she turns out to be like the kind we are speculating?' the Welsh Dragon questioned.

'Well, then maybe she'll join those pests that we've been cleaning up,' a shit-eating grin appeared on Issei's face.

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