Chapter 2

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The sun shined brightly as students entered the school. The building was buzzing with many of them sharing their thoughts with their friends. Among them was a group of four students. Three of them were siblings and had white hair and the odd one out was a boy with pink hair.

The oldest one between the group was a very beautiful female. Her angelic face captured the hearts of the men around her. Her blue eyes were filled with nothing but kindness. Her bright smile melted the cold demeanors of many. Her attractive body caused jealousy in many of her female peers. She had long white hair that reached her back and a short ponytail above her forehead and two bangs framed her face. She was wearing the usual Kuoh Academy uniform for the females. Her name was Mirajane Strauss, the Vice President of the Disciplinary Club in Kuoh Academy.

The other female was the youngest and the shortest in the group. Her short white hair reached her neck. She too had blue eyes like Mirajane. Her body was not in the same league as the other female but in her school, it was enough for the men to drool at her sight. She also wore the Kuoh Academy uniform and had a smile on her face as she passed by the other students. Her name was Lisanna Strauss, the younger sister of Mirajane and Elfman and a first-year student.

The other two were none other than Elfman and Natsu. Elfman was looking around him, making sure no one was throwing inappropriate gazes at his lovely sisters. Natsu was not looking so well. His head was down as he barely dragged his feet to his destination.

"Natsu, you don't look so well. Maybe you should've stayed home," Mirajanes suggested while looking at the man with concern.

"Big sister is right, Natsu. You didn't have to come today," Lisanna had the same look like her sister.

"But if I don't, Erza will have my head. Even if I call in sick, her mom would never let me get out of her sight," Natsu sighed while the Strauss sisters giggled.

"Yep! Our History teacher could be a little clingy sometimes," another voice broke in. When they turned around, they saw a very recognizable face adorned with a mischievous smile.

It was a female in Kuoh Academy's usual uniform. Her ample chest earned her lecherous stares but she welcomed them without a care. Her skin was slightly tanned like Natsu's. Her light brown hair reached her mid-back and two shoulder-length bangs framed her gorgeous face. Her name is Cana Alberona, a third-year student, known as the second most perverted female of Kuoh Academy and bizarrely, a member of the Disciplinary Club.

"Cana! Good morning!" Mira greeted her with a bright smile.

"What's up, guys? And Natsu, you know you could've told me first if you were sick ya know," she pouted at him before gaining a smirk.

"If you need it, I'll nurse you back to full health~" Natsu's ears were blowing off steam while his whole face became a shade of red.

"C-Cana!" said girl just laughed heartily while the rest of the group just sighed.

"Alright guys, I gotta get the newest edition of my favorite magazine from Aika! See you guys at the club! And Natsu, my offer still stands~" she winked at the pink-haired man before walking past them.

"T-That unendurable woman! She'll be the death of me one day!" Natsu shouted with a small blush.

"Indubitably," Elfman nodded.

As the students were having conversations with each other, Issei entered the classroom with a serene expression. As soon as he sat down on his desk, he took out his pencil and a blank sketch paper before beginning his work. Some students eyed the teen while murmuring between themselves. Issei was cognizant of them but didn't pay it any mind. His thoughts were focused on his upcoming date and the small talks with the living entity in his body.

The teenagers quickly halted their speeches when someone made their appearance in the room. It was a female well known throughout the school. Her tomboyish looks were the cause of the attention she received. Her shoulder-length hair was azure as well as her eyes. She was Tsubasa Yura, a member of the Student Council.

Tsubasa ignored the gapes from many of the males and some of the females while walking towards her target. She stopped near his desk and waited for him to note her presence but the man was too into his art. After a small cough, she got his attention.

"Oh, good morning, Ms. Yura! How are you?" Issei asked with a gentle smile.

"I'm doing well. Hope you are as well," she returned the smile.

"Thank you. Well, is there anything I can help you with?" Tsubasa nodded at his question.

"Yes, the President is requesting your presence at this moment," Issei frowned at the news.

"Have I caused any trouble?" the Student council member shook her head.

"Not at all. C'mon, I'll lead you there," Issei got up as he picked up his pencil and paper. Whenever he would leave the classroom, he would never leave his sketching utensils in the classroom. It became a known thing after his odd change in behavior.

As they walked towards the Student Council's club room, neither of them uttered a single word. Issei was conversing with Ddraig while Tsubasa had a neutral expression. As they entered the room, Issei noticed that all of the members were present. He recognized all of them except for a new face.

The new guy had short blond hair and gray eyes. He was missing his blazer and had his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbow. His face contained an arrogant smirk. He slightly narrowed his eyes at Issei as he stood in front of the Student Council President, who sat in her chair with the Vice President standing next to her.

The President was a beauty among the Kuoh Academy girls. She had a slim figure and wasn't as generous as some of the females in the school in the category of size. Her dark hair was styled in a bob cut. She wore a pair of red-framed glasses over her violet eyes, which expressed a strict and cold stare. She was known as Souna Shitori in the school, which was just an alias. Her actual name is Sona Sitri, a high-class devil of the underworld, the heir of the Sitri Clan, and the sister of one of the Four Great Satans.

The Vice-President next to her wasn't far behind in terms of looks. She had raven-colored hair that reached all the way to her knees with split bangs. She was slightly taller than the Student Council President. Her eyes were heterochromatic, the left one being violet while the right one was light brown. Over them, she sported a pair of blue semi-trimmed glasses with square lenses. Just like her President and King, she held a serious expression. Her name is Tsubaki Shinra, also the Queen in Sona Sitri's peerage.

"Good morning, Mr. Hyoudou. Hope you are having a great day so far," Sona greeted him calmly.

"Same to you, Shitouri-senpai," Issei greeted back.

"Thank you. I apologize for the trouble, but I have summoned you here for two requests that I have " she confessed as Issei's eyes gained a look of curiosity.

"Oh, how may I offer my assistance?" the brown-haired teen replied.

"My first request is that I want you to illustrate some works that we can use for decorations in this room. Would you be willing to do that?" Issei showed off a huge smile at her words.

"Of course! If I can help my peers by doing what I love, then I have no issues! If you want something specific, please let me know," Issei happily accepted.

"Will do. Thank you for your cooperation. And my other wish is for you to participate in this year's art competition in Kuoh. Your effort brought in many praises to our school last year. We would be honored to have you represent Kuoh Academy this year as well. If you want to decline, that is understandable," Sona spoke.

"No, I'm glad that you personally want me to do it. Last year, I entered the contest due to boredom. This year, I have a purpose. To win the competition as a Kuoh Academy student. Consider it done, Shitouri-senpai," Issei grinned.

"Thank you again, . Now, that we're done, do you have any issues that we can aid you in?" the teen chuckled while shaking his head.

"I appreciate your concern. Currently, my life is very peaceful and enjoyable. If I do have something that comes up, I'll ask for your help. If that's all, would it be ok if I take my leave?" Issei stood up from his chair as Sona did the same.

"Yes, please inform us if that happens. And you are good to go. Have a great day, Issei," Sona said as Issei began walking towards. Before he turned the knob, he looked at Sona and gave her a small smile.

"Farewell, President," after he left, every female in the room turned their attention towards the only male in the room.

"Saji, did you get his scent?" Sona asked the male, who grimaced while shaking his head.

"No, President. It appears that he wore cologne today. I can recognize the same cologne on many other students," Sona just sighed at her misfortune.

"Seems like I can't confirm if he is a Sacred Gear user or not," Sona pinched the bridge of her nose. However, her attention was drawn to the door opening, which revealed Rias and Akeno entering the room.

"Good morning, Sona. Seems like you are in a bad mood," Rias thought out loud while giving her friend a smile.

"You're right. It's good to see you as well, Rias, Akeno," the latter two sat on the couch while Sona sat across them, her whole peerage standing behind her. Rias' face was caught in an expression of surprise when her eyes landed on the sole male among them.

"Oh my, you have a new member on your peerage?" Rias stated while Sona nodded.

"Yes, that was one of the reasons why I called you here. Rias, meet Genshirou Saji, my pawn. Saji, as you may already know, this is Rias Gremory, a high-class devil and the heir of the Gremory clan. And her companion is Akeno Himejima, the Queen of her peerage," Saji's squirmed for a bit.

"N-Nice to meet you, R-Rias-senpai and A-Akeno-senpai," he stuttered as Akeno giggled.

"I could say the same to you, Saji," she replied.

"Now that we know you have a new member, what else did you want to share?" Rias questioned.

"Well, I have very concerning news for you," Rias frowned at her statement.

"What may that be," Rias asked while her eyes narrowed.

"Sacred Gears aren't the only thing humans have as a self-defense tool. They also have this power called Stands," Akeno tilted her head.

"Stands? What may that be?" she lost her playful demeanor.

"Stands are the physical manifestation of your fighting spirit. These Stands can have many abilities. They can be used to defend their users or harm innocents, which is why it is concerning. I informed the higher-ups at the Underworld about this discovery and sent them proof. They confirmed it. They claim that a bunch of intricate arrows had caused much violence between a group of humans many years ago. All of their whereabouts are unknown except one, which Lord Beelzebub was able to acquire through heavy search. He used it on a bunch of captured stray devils but they died soon after they were stabbed or nicked with it. With his experiments and the proof that I possess, I believe we have more Stand users in Kuoh Town," Rias and Akeno gaped at the revelation.

"Wait, by saying you have proof, do you mean that you met a Stand user yourself?" the red-head inquired, which earned her a rare smirk from her friend.

"Well, you can say it like that," she cryptically answered before she put her attention on her brand new servant.

"Saji, would you-" she was cut off by the blonde male.

"Say no more, President!" he gave her a thumbs-up before looking at the guests in the room. Said guests soon widened their eyes when a presence erupted from Saji's body and formed into a body.

It was a humanoid figure. It wore no clothes. Its body was dark purple with white lines forming a checkered pattern. Some of its checkered portions were black. It wore a pair of yellow wrist bands on both of its wrists. The knuckles on both of its hands had yellow capsules. Its eyes were also yellow with no pupil and black vertical lines crossing it. Its upper lip was purple like its nose while the bottom one was white. On its chin resided a yellow ornament, which resembled the ones that the Pharaohs wore.

"This is my stand, Highway Star!" the body then split into many slices, now resembling a large group of moving footprints. Rias and Akeno were clearly shocked at its manifestation.

"S-So, this is a Stand?" Sona nodded at Rias while Akeno kept staring at Highway Star.

"Saji, I would appreciate it if you don't interrupt me from now on," the blonde male flinched at the glare that his King gave him.

"Now, please explain your Stand's abilities," she added on.

"R-Right," he cleared his throat before continuing, "Highway Star's main ability is to track someone by their scent. Thus I also have an advanced sense of smell myself. It can travel at around 37 miles per hour, making it a very fast Stand. It can split itself into many pieces, which ables it to easily dodge melee attacks and attack a target from different angles all at ones. Although its brute strength is slightly better than mine, it could be overwhelmed by a Rook's strength. Also, it has a great range. I could be out having lunch while my Stand keeps chasing its target," Saji explained. Rias nodded while still looking shocked.

"That's not all. Saji, tell us about your other ability, would you?" Saji began sweating as his nervousness was clear to everyone.

"Y-Yes, President. My other ability is to steal life force to heal myself," the red-haired female and her servant gaped at his other ability. Saji took a deep breath before explaining.

"I can create a room on any surface I desire, in which I cast an illusion to lure in victims. Each victim will see an illusion to specifically to get them to enter the room. After they do that, my stand pieces leech onto the victim to weaken them greatly and start consuming their life force, which I can use to heal myself faster. Highway Star has the ability to drain them until they become an emancipated husk," Rias nodded but her curiosity grew once more.

"Wait, since you know pretty much all about your abilities, did you actually steal the life force of a human?" Saji tensed at her words. Before he could give a response, his King already began to doit herself.

"Yes, he used to on Kusaka while she was coming back from a contract," Saji gained a dejected look in his eyes while Rias and Akeno held expressions that demanded further explanation.

"I was...almost mugged by a thug. I used Highway Star on him but got stabbed multiple times. His energy wasn't enough to heal me. I then saw Kusaka walking by and trapped her with my Stand. It took a lot of time to weaken her due to her Devil body but when I started to get the Life Force, President came by and stopped me. After hearing my reasons, she offered me to become her servant as a Devil, which I accepted. Kusaka, I'm sorry yet again," he bowed his head at her, who just shook her head.

"It's ok, Saji. We're comrades now, aren't we?" the brown-haired female gave him a small smile, which he returned.

"Okay, now onto the main problem. Rias, have you been noticing the disappearances of the outlaws and stray devils in Kuoh?" Rias nodded.

"Yes. For the last six months, every time I am notified of a Stra Devil that needs to be eliminated, they just vanish before my peerage and I get there. The same thing happens to those thu- wait, you don't mean…" Rias frowned while Sona sighed.

"Yes, I am afraid so. It most definitely is the work of a Stand user. Every time I went to those scenes, I never felt residue magic in those locations. That is why we have a bigger problem, Rias," Sona explained.

"Ughh, this just became so much more complicated," the Gremory clan heir groaned.

"I have a question," everyone looked at Akeno.

"Do you know any other Stand users?" Sona shook her head.

"Unfortunately, we don't. Also, I should let you know that Stand users can only be seen by other Stand users unless you're a human magician or another race of the Supernatural. Humans are the only ones who can have Stands so far from our research. And Saji has one because he manifested his while he was still a human," Sona informed them.

"Well, we shall speak about this matter at a later date. Classes are about to start in five minutes. All of you should get going," the Sitri female ordered her servants and advised her guests, who nodded and began packing up their stuff.

While the Devils were trading information, Issei was walking nonchalantly through the hallway. He had a soft smile on his face. If anyone passed him, no one would be able to ascertain that he was actually having a conversation with someone.

'Issei, be on your guard from now on. I think these devils are catching up,' Ddraig warned his host.

"Ddraig, rest assured for once, will ya?" he waved him off.

'I, Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor, am not joking here. All of the adversaries you faced so far has been way below your level. The Gremory heir and the other one in that council, most likely a Sitri, would be able to demolish you at your current level. Why? It's because their strength in numbers clearly outmatches ours,' Issei mentally chuckled.

'Have some faith in me, jeez. I've been taking care of my body over the last year. I even got into-' Issei couldn't finish his sentence.

'WATCH OUT YOU FOOL!' as he turned left in the hallway, someone collided into him. Although he had to take a few steps back and drop his drawing tools, he didn't drop to the floor, unlike the other person. Soon, his right arm and pectoral felt very wet, and the heat in those parts of his body suddenly increased tenfold. He had to bite his own lip in order to keep quiet while holding a grimace back. He looked down to see who dropped their coffee onto him and unfortunately, his art.

The individual on the floor was a female. Her well-endowed chest and athletic figure would've caused Issei to sent inappropriate gazes towards her instantly if he never changed. Her brown hair reached her mid-back and it was styled in drill-like curls. Her blue eyes and beautiful face held a pained look currently. The coffee also dropped on her shoulder cape although it was just a small spot. Issei recognized her. She was a third-year student and the captain of the Tennis Club, Kiyome Abe.

"Oww," Abe rubbed her head while getting up, wincing when she realized that her coffee was gone. She then looked at Issei, concluding what happened as she noticed his shirt and face.

"I'm so sorry!" she apologized quickly.

"N-No, it's on me. I should've watched where I was going," Issei reassured her but she disagreed.

"I ruined your shirt and your art! They mean a lot to you, don't they?" she frowned.

"Yes, but I just started on this one so it's fine anyway. Plus your coffee is gone because of me. How about I get you a cup of coffee in repayment, Abe-senpai?" her eyes widened but she rapidly shook her head.

"I can't do that! I should be the one in that position," Issei then grabbed her shoulder, which made her blush slightly.

"I insist. If I don't, I'll feel guilty for a while. Would really want to make me go through that?" Issei then used one of the most devastating techniques that could be used in these sorts of situations, the puppy eye face. Abe couldn't do anything but give in.

"O-Ok. How about after school?" she suggested.

"Anytime you want!" he grinned at her. She smiled back at him.

"Alright then. See you later, Issei!" she passed him and took off. Issei was surprised that she knew his name. He just smiled back and started picking up his stuff, which was basically trash right now.

"I better get changed," he started walking back to his class.

It was lunchtime at Kuoh Academy. The whole building was buzzing due to all of the students chatting with each other. Across the Writing Club room was the Disciplinary Club room. Inside the room were four individuals, with only one of them being males. Erza was sitting on the chair behind the huge table with Mira across from her doing her paperwork. Lisanna, Elfman, and Cana were having their lunch in the cafeteria. Natsu was at his own mini desk, catching up with the work he had left as the huge stacks of paper proved it.

"Man, why does Gray get to go but I gotta stay?" Natsu moaned.

"Dear, it'll be better for you to finish that as soon as possible. And I heard that you were feeling ill so I'll come over and make sure that you're well-fed and taken care of along with your sister," softly spoke a woman with a slight accent, who was sitting on the couch.

Physically, she looked to be around her late-twenties to early-thirties but in reality, she was much older than that. Her thigh-length scarlet hair was put into five thick braids, three in the back and two in the front over her shoulders. Her skin was smooth and very light. Her eyes were the color of chocolate brown. Her voluptuous body gained her lecherous gazes from men and looks that could kill from envious women. She was wearing a black long-sleeve button-down shirt that was tucked into her gray knee-length skirt. She had black stockings that were knee-length as well. On her feet, she sported a black pair of high-heeled shoes.

She was well-known throughout Kuoh Academy. Not only for being an instructor but also for her looks and body. Her name is Irene Belserion, Erza Belserion's mother. She was a History teacher in the school and also the Advisor of the Disciplinary Club. She was currently having a cup of tea while sending Natsu a gentle smile, who had a shiver go down his spine because of it.

"Y-Ya know Irene, you don't have to be that protective," Natsu nervously chuckled while scratching the back of his neck.

"First of all, it's Ms. Belserion in school. Outside of it is fine. And no young man, I have to make sure that my cute student is in good health," she giggled. Natsu's cheeks took on a light hue of red at her remark.

"Whatever," he grumbled.

'I sometimes wonder who is worse, her or Cana?' he mentally asked himself while doing the paperwork.

"Aww. I remember back in the day when you were little, you used to get so excited to see me! And now look at you, looking at me like I'm worth no more than saltine crackers," she pouted and began fake crying.

"Oh come on!" Natsu rolled his eyes out as Mira giggled while Erza sighed.

"Really mom?" Erza deadpanned.

Their conversation was soon interrupted when the 4 students entered. Two of them were females while the other two were obviously males. One of the females grabbed each of the boys by their necks and dragged them in. Her uniform was missing the shoulder cape and the corset, leaving her in only the button-down white shirt and magenta skirt. Her skin was mildly tanned, a bit more than Natsu but lighter than Elfman. She had a slim figure and an above-average chest size. She had dark brown eyes as well. Her hair was black and it reached her lower back. It was parted in the middle of her forehead. Two bangs framed her face as they also went past her shoulders. There were also two buns on her head.

She was known as Minerva Orland, also one of the meanest and grumpiest second-year students in Kuoh Academy. Even though a bunch of the boys found her attractive, they were scared to approach her due to her demeanor. Currently, she wore an annoyed face while holding onto Matsuda and Motohama, who looked like they just woke up from a nightmare. Erza instantly realized what happened and glared at the two.

"You two? Again? What did I tell you yesterday!" she shouted at the Perverted Duo, who flinched.

"S-Sorry," Motohama weakly apologized.

"W-We promise we won't get caught next time," Matsuda didn't realize what he said and held his hand over his mouth.

"Oh really? Alright, for the next two weeks, you will be cleaning the gym along with the Boys Basketball Team on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On the other two days, you will be spending your time here in detention!" the redhead barked at them. She then grabbed two pieces of blank paper and shoved it towards them along with a pen to each.

"You will write, " I will not look at girls in a perverse manner.' a hundred times while facing the opposite way. If I even see you turn around for a bit, I will be very, very angry." her glare caused them to pale while nodding rapidly. They immediately got to work. Natsu let out a snort at the two.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Gray isn't studying in the library for a test. I saw him playing basketball with the team," the other female informed them.

Her skin tone was very pale. Her extremely voluptuous figure earned her the most attention from her opposite gender in the room except for Mira. Her dark purple hair was mid-back length and two bangs went past her shoulders. Her eyes were red. She wore the proper Kuoh Academy uniform for girls. Her name was Ultear Milkovich, a third-year half Japanese and half Russian student. She had a very bored look in her face currently.

"I see. If he told me the truth, I still would've let him go since he finished his work yesterday," Erza frowned and looked at Natsu before an idea popped up in her head.

"Natsu, you don't have to stay after school today. Whatever you don't finish in this period will be done by Gray as his punishment," Natsu cheered but quieted down quickly when Erza threw him a menacing stare.

"Just because you're good to go doesn't mean you are gonna be sitting here and doing nothing. If I see you slack off, you won't get off the hook either. Do you understand?," Natsu squirmed under her intense gaze.

"Y-Y-Yes ma'am," he squeaked out.

"Oi, turn around! Now it'll be 125 times!" Minerva yelled at the two perverts.

"They never learn no matter what," Ultear sighed.

"And I don't think they ever will," Natsu agreed.

"Ultear, do you know if Kagura is coming to the club today?" Irene questioned.

"I don't think so. I saw her sparring today," the pale woman replied.

"Oh, then she definitely isn't coming. Guess a surprise is waiting for her then," the mature female shrugged. Ultear's curiosity grew.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Ah, you weren't here! Well, since he isn't feeling so well, we're going straight to Natsu's house today!" she cheerfully claimed.

"W-Wait, I told you I'm fine!" Natsu assured them but it didn't work.

"Natsu, are you trying to say that we're not welcome in your house anymore?" Irene frowned while Natsu began sweating.
"No! O-Of course not! That's preposterous! Heheheh," he awkwardly chuckled.

"It's decided then! And Natsu, I'll be making the Scotch Pie that you love so much!" Irene's happy mood was back in an instant.

"That lucky bastard!" Matsuda gritted his teeth.

"Why is he so fortunate and not us?" Motohama whispered back.

"Shut it! 15 more times added!" Minerva yelled at them.

"Y-Yes ma'am!" the two got to work as fast as a bullet.

The school day was over. Now came the weekend. Issei knew that he had to prepare for his date tomorrow even though he doubted it was gonna go well. He was currently sitting in the bleachers of Kuoh Academy's gym. The only reason he was here was because of Abe's request. During lunch, she found and told him to wait for her at the gymnasium after school and that's exactly what he was doing. There wasn't really anyone near him, a fact that he liked. On one half of the court were many girls who were either conversing with each other or keeping their eyes glued on the other side. Speaking of the other half, there were four individuals there, all males. They all were a part of Kuoh Academy's Boy's Basketball Team.

The shortest of them was only around an inch shorter than Issei, about 5 foot 7 inches. His body was well toned. He had spiky raven-colored hair and dark blue eyes. Currently, he wore a red pair of J's and white shorts with red stripes on its sides. On his upper body, he only had a necklace that resembled a sword with a stone in it. He was Gray Fullbuster, a second-year at Kuoh Academy. He was one of the adoptive brothers of Ultear Milkovich, a member of the Disciplinary Club, and a member of the Basketball team.

Speaking of his brother, he was present as well. His body was slightly slimmer than Gray's. His height was also the same as Issei's. His hair was a shade of light bluish to silver. Most of his hair spiked upwards except for the left side, which pointed downwards and partially covered the left side of his face. He had a snowflake earring on his right ear. He wore a white Nike t-shirt with its logo in black and a gray pair of shorts. On his feet, he had a pair of black and red Adidas sneakers. He was Lyon Vastia, the other adoptive brother of Ultear Milkovich and a member of the Basketball team. He was also a second-year like Gray.

The second tallest guy, about two inches taller than Issei himself, had a lighter skin tone than the rest. His face had a strange red birthmark over his right eye. He had messy blue hair and black eyes. He wore a purple tight-fitting Nike t-shirt and navy blue shorts that were much shorter than the rest. He wore knee-length black socks and a pair of black and white J's. He was a third-year student known as Jellal Fernandes, a member of the Basketball team and a very close friend of Erza.

The last and tallest among them, who was about 6 foot 2 inches, was arguably the best in the team. His black spiky hair was slicked back and reached his mid-back. He wore a red head tie on his forehead. He had piercings between his chin and lips and on his eyebrows. His skin was very tanned. His body was very muscular. He had a blue tank top on his upper body and a pair of black joggers on his lower body. He sported a pair of gray Nike basketball shoes. He was Gajeel Redfox, a second-year student and often referred to as the Delinquent of Kuoh Academy, even though it's not backed up by evidence. He was also the captain of the Basketball team.

The four were currently participating in a 2 on 2 basketball. Gray and Jellal teamed up against Gajeel and Lyon. Both were trading baskets back and forth. They weren't interrupted once in their game until Ultear gained their attention.

"Gray!" she yelled over at them, which finally caused the four halt for the first time since they began their game.

"What is it?" Gray yelled back.

"Erza wants you in the clubroom right now!" Gray looked shocked for a moment before he ran over to his sister. Since Issei was seated near them, he could fully listen to their exchange.

"What do you mean she wants me there? I finished all the work yesterday!" Ultear smirked before answering.

"She found out that you lied to her about studying and went to the gym instead. Now she wants to punish you by making you do Natsu's leftover work," her eyes gained a mischievous glint.

"How the hell did she-oh I get it. It was your doing wasn't it?" his glare just caused her to snicker.

"You don't wanna keep her waiting now, do you?" Gray began to pale and turned around to run and grab his stuff. He looked at Ultear once more with a menacing expression. Issei then ignored the duo and went back to his illustration.

"I promise you that I'll get you back tenfold!" he gritted out before running back. Ultear just chuckled at him and took a seat in the bleachers, right next to Issei. The brown-haired teen still kept his attention on his art and hadn't even realized that someone was looking at his work.

"Boo," the artist jumped up to his feet. When he looked at the perpetrator, who was giggling, he let out a sigh.

"Really?" he deadpanned.

'Ddraig! Why didn't you warn me!?' all Issei received were a bunch of snores that greatly aggravated him.

"Hello to you too, Hyoudou," she smirked at him.

"Good afternoon, Milkovich-senpai," he gave her a small nod.

"So whatcha drawing in there?" Ultear saw a colored sketch of the entire Student Council in front of Kuoh Academy's school building. Souna was in front of the group while the rest of the members were behind her. Ultear's eyebrows rose and when Issei noticed it, he was able to deduce why.

"I'm doing this for Shitouri-senpai, she wanted me to make some art for her club room's decoration," the purple-haired woman's eyes widened in realization.

"Oh, that explains it. Anyway, you're never in the gym. So why today?" she asked.

"Actually, I'm waiting for-" his words were cut off.

"Oi Hyoudou!" someone called out to him. When he looked at the owner of the voice, it turned out to be Gajeel.

"Wanna fill in for Gray?" Issei began contemplating.

"C'mon, it's just one game," Jellal added. Issei figured that he could play with the guys until Abe showed up.

"Alright, just wait a moment," Issei took off his jacket, shirt, and shoes, which exposed his developing muscles. Some of the girls on the other side noticed this and blushed slightly, which was ignored by the teen. Since he didn't have his gym clothes or sneakers, he understood that was the best he could do. Before leaving, he looked at Ultear for a moment.

"Senpai, are you gonna leave now?" she shook her head.

"I'm gonna sit around for like an hour probably. I gotta wait for Gray and Lyon ya know," she responded.

"So if it isn't a bother, would you watch my stuff?" Ultear gave him a small smile.

"Don't worry about it," Issei smiled back at her before running off. When he reached the three athletes, one of their eyebrows furrowed.

"Don't you have sneakers?" Jellal questioned.

"Left them at home. This will have to do for now," Issei replied.

"Alright, it's gonna be me and you against these two," Gajeel pointed at his teammates.

"What's the winning score?" Issei inquired.

"It's 11. You score outside the 3-point line, it's two points and inside the line, it's one. Know how to play?" Issei nodded.

"I've played before," that information slightly surprised the group but they figured he wasn't that good. It was known in the school that Issei only did the required assignments in the PE class and nothing extra, so he was never seen playing a sport be it soccer, basketball, kickball, or volleyball. So they didn't really expect Issei to know how to play.

"You ready?" the brown-haired teen nodded to the Captain.

"Alright, they get the ball first. You're gonna stay on Lyon while I guard Jellal," Gajeel ordered the teen. Jellal picked up the ball and stood right outside the 3-point line while Gajeel stood across him but inside the line.

They checked the ball and Jellal held onto it while jabbing to his right a few times. He then bounced the ball off to Lyon, who looked at Issei straight in the eye while wearing a smirk. He bent his knees and prepared to elevate. Issei jumped and raised his right arm. Lyon stopped his movement and blew by him, taking very hard dribbles on his way to the basket with his left hand. Gajeel switched over to the moving player. Lyon took two steps before taking off from the floor. Instead of attempting to score, he threw the ball around his neck to the blue-haired third-year student, who softly hit the ball against the box in the backboard and got a point. Gajeel just let out a sigh at their score.

'Partner, you don't stand a chance against them,' Ddraig finally woke up.

'Jeez, what's up with you not ever believing in me?' the brown-haired teen grumbled.

'I am merely stating the truth,' the Welsh Dragon responded.

'Now I'm determined to prove you wrong. We're gonna win, and Gajeel won't be the only one doing work,' Issei challenged him.

"What? Had enough?" Lyon mocked him. The other two rolled their eyes at him.

"No, I am sorry. Let's continue, shall we?" he replied.

They continued their game. The score was now 7 to 4 in Jellal and Lyon's favor. Gajeel was the only one scoring and Issei missed a couple of shots. He knew he could've played better in shorts or sweats and a pair of sneakers but he also knew that this wasn't the time to find an excuse. His form and playstyle looked average but in this situation, he was up against very high-level opponents, which made it seem as if he wasn't that great.

Gajeel was able to pass Jellal and take it all the way to the rim with Lyon contesting but it bounced off. What no one expected was Issei jumping up from the back and putting the ball back in while still being in the air. Gajeel gave him a shit-eating grin when they made eye contact.

"Finally," they high-fived each other. In the next possession, Lyon's defense was way more aggressive on him. Gajeel handed it off to him when he passed by, causing Lyon and Jellal to switch on defense. Issei invited the challenge and took it straight at his new defender, scoring over him with a floater. Jellal just looked at him with a small smile.

"Jellal, you could do better than that," Lyon complained but he only got a shrug as a response.

In the next possession, Lyon intercepted the ball from Gajeel and immediately drove to the basket and scored, causing Issei to hit the ground due to the force he felt while defending against Lyon. Lyon stared him down on the floor and ignored him when he brought out his arm to get picked up. Fortunately, Gajeel came to his rescue.

In the next 10 minutes, the game became much more physical. Gajeel was able to make a 3-point shot and Jellal made a jump shot inside the line putting the score at 10-8 with the other team still in the lead.

Issei moved around the court to get some space and receive the ball from Gajeel, in which he was successful. He then dribbled inside to score a layup. On the first step, he gripped the ball and put it behind his back, which caused Lyon to look the other way since he expected a pass to be thrown to Gajeel. Instead of doing that, he brought the ball back and held it with both of his hands on the second step. He then finished with a lay-in after and everyone realized that Lyon took the bait and fell for it. This brought some cheers from the crowd that formed to watch their game, which Issei didn't even notice. Jellal and Gajeel openly gaped at him. Lyon's face was red from anger and frustration as he gritted his teeth.

After that play, no one scored for around five minutes. Lyon seemed to be a lot more physical defensively. The brown-haired teen didn't really have a chance to get closer to the basket because he was locked down and Gajeel couldn't make the layups due to contests from both of the players of the other team.

The score was 10-9. If Jellal or Lyon scored again, they would be victorious. Jellal was dribbling the ball while putting on some moves, which didn't even faze Gajeel. He was however unable to stop his senior from being able to get close to the hoop. In the meantime, Lyon moved around the court and spun away from Issei, losing him and cutting to the basket. Jellal noticed this and passed it over to him. Everyone believed that the game was over at that moment.


What they didn't expect was Issei catching up to the light blue-haired teen and rejecting his shot, blocking it off of the backboard. The energy behind the block made it bounce off over the 3-point line, right where Gajeel was standing by himself. As soon as he got a hold of the ball, he let it fly out his hand.


The oohs and aahs could be heard from their audience at that point, mostly because of the artist's hustle. Issei and Gajeel then did a leaping shoulder bump as a celebration. Jellal congratulated them soon after.

As Issei prepared to leave, his shoulder was grabbed and it forced him to turn around. Then a ball was shoved into his face. He then looked at the person behind those actions, Lyon, having a very cold and emotionless expression.

"One on one. Me and you. Right now," his tone left no room for argument.

"Give the man a break, will ya? Y'all could play another time," Gajeel retorted.

"Look, I would be glad to, but I have somewhere to be right now. I think I'm already late," and right on cue, his name was called out.

"Issei!" all 4 of the boys looked at the bleachers and saw Kiyome sitting right next to Issei's stuff and waving over to him. He waved back at her with a bright smile. He then looked at the other three males near him.

"Thanks for letting me play. See you guys later," Gajeel smirked at him while Jellal gave him a two-finger salute with a genuine smile. Lyon ignored the man and walked away grumbling. Issei quickly ran over to the female that called him over, whose cheeks were the same color as Rias' hair, mostly because of his bare upper body.

"I'm so sorry senpai! You must've been so bored sitting here. How long have you been waiting here?" Abe waved off his apology.

"It's fine! I've been here for like 15 minutes and you've managed to keep me on the edge of my seat in every single minute of them," she smiled at him. Issei then let out of a sigh of relief and returned her smile afterward.

"I'm glad you're not upset. Please excuse me, but I need to clean myself up. Think you could wait for 5 more minutes?" Abe nodded happily.

"Don't sweat it!" she agreed.

Issei returned exactly 5 minutes later, with his coffee-stained shirt. He quickly grabbed his jacket and put it over it.

"Ready to go, senpai?" he smiled at her.

"Yeah, let's go," she got up from the bleachers as they started walking out of the school building.

"I never thought you would know how to play," she said.

"Surprised you there, huh? Well, I expected that. Sketching isn't the only thing I do in my free time, ya know?" he ran his hand through his hair as he replied.

"You're right," she agreed.

"So, where do you wanna get your coffee from? Or whatever you desire at this moment," he chuckled.

"I told you it was my fault but you won't listen," she pouted before speaking again.

"And the cafe in the upcoming street will be fine," she added.

"As you wish," Issei nodded. They reached their destination in no time. Kiyome ordered a medium-sized black coffee while Issei got Espresso for himself. Issei obviously paid, despite the protests from his companion. After they got out, they walked towards the park and sat on a bench to enjoy their drinks.

"Now I feel satisfied as I managed to make up for the blunder in the morning," he spoke after taking a sip.

"Yes, thank you for this," she gave him a small smile.

"Senpai, now that I got you your coffee, you don't have to hang out with me if I am boring you in any way. I can walk you back home if you want," she rapidly shook her head.

"N-NO! I am enjoying this honestly!" she almost shouted.

"Oh, thank you. I don't really have any friends that I spend my time with. Matsuda and Motohama, now dubbed the 'Perverted Duo', you must have heard of them?" she groaned at his words.

"Uggh, yes. They are so annoying," she thought out loud.

"I was a part of their group ya know?" he questioned.

"But you improved yourself and became a nice and respectful person," she argued.

"I try my best to have a quiet, successful, and peaceful life. I'm so ashamed to admit that my actions were similar to theirs in the past. Even still, they were the only friends I could talk to. At least near me. But now, they barely converse with me anymore. Even when they do, most of the time they try to convince me to rejoin their erotic deeds," he sighed after his confession. Abe looked at him with a sad look.

"That's so terrible! I mean you guys were close, right?" a nod from him confirmed that.

"So don't you have any siblings?" Issei's body became tense at that and his gentle expression turned into a cold one, unnerving the Tennis Club's captain.

"I was supposed to have two siblings, but they were stillborn. My parents died a little over a year ago. My cat Shinji also met his demise soon after. I only live by myself for your information," he answered without any emotions.

"I-I'm sorry," she apologized as Issei's calm demeanor made its return.

"Don't be. I should be the one saying that. I apologize if I caused you any discomfort," her face gained a smile at that but a small blush took over right after.

"H-Hey Issei?" the brown-haired male looked at her.

"Yes?" her blush grew a little darker.

"C-C- I mean, i-is this a-a date?" she quietly asked. Issei let out a chuckle.

"Only if you want it to be," he gave her a gentle smile, which she returned.

"Senpai-" Issei was cut off.

"Kiyome. Call me Kiyome," she told him.

"Alright. Kiyome, I'm really sorry about this but I think I need to go home. This shirt is making me really uncomfortable. Would like me to walk you back home?" Kiyome shook her head.

"It's ok. I'll call a taxi. And I really enjoyed the date, Issei," she gave him a shy smile.

"I enjoyed it too. Take care, Sen-Kiyome," he got up and started walking away.

"You too!" she bid her farewell.

Natsu sat in the backseats next to Kagura, bored out of his mind. Irene was driving her white Nissan Altima to his house with Erza sitting next to her. Every time he would try to spark a conversation with his junior next to him, she would get flustered and yell at him, unfortunately.

Kagura Mikazuki was a first-year student at Kuoh Academy. She was a woman with a large chest and a very beautiful face. Her straight purple hair reached the middle of her back and it was in the traditional Japanese Princess hairstyle. Her skin tone was the same as Natsu. She was a member of the Kendo club and the Secretary of the Disciplinary Club. She was adopted by Irene as a 5-year-old, making her the younger sister of Erza. Irene however let her keep her last name.

She was known in the school for her cold and calm personality and the ruthless beating she gave to the 'Perverted Duo'. That however changed as soon as Natsu tried to talk to her. She would gain a blush and her demeanor would take a complete 180 turn. Irene and Erza would giggle whenever that happens and some of the people that are aware of Kagura's odd behavior were very clueless, and Natsu would just shake his head every time her personality changed.

Soon the group of four approached a fairly sized two-story house with fieldstone sidings. The house had a spacious front yard and porch. Irene entered the driveway to park her car, stopping just before a red and black colored Honda Gold Wing.

"When are you getting that motorcycle of yours fixed?" Erza questioned.

"I called a friend of mine. He's coming on Monday to check it out," Natsu replied.

"So you're still gonna have to walk to the restaurant like the past two weeks?" Irene asked with a frown.

"Unfortunately, yeah. At least until it gets fixed anyway. That's why I've been so tired recently when I come back from work. Getting there on foot can be stressful," he sighed.

"Don't fret dear. Until then, I will do my best to help you feel relaxed," Irene assured him with a smile along with Erza and Kagura nodded with a shy smile.

"You guys can be so sweet sometimes," he showed a bright smile full of happiness, darkening Kagura's blush even more. They got out of the car and entered the home without any worries. As soon as Natsu stepped in, the sounds of two individuals running could be heard.

"Big brother!" two female voices yelled out as Natsu was crashed into the floor by two different forces from both sides of his body. When he looked up, he saw both of the girls beaming at him.

The one on his right side was a petit 15-year-old girl with fair skin. Her long navy blue hair reached her waist. Two bangs framed her face and reached her chest. Her hair was styled in twin pigtails, which were held by two animal ear-like ornaments. Her eyes were the color of chocolate brown. She was the adopted sister of Natsu, Wendy Marvell-Dragneel. She currently sported a green sweater over her button-down shirt and black pleated skirt with white linings, the uniform of Kuoh Middle School.

Her partner in crime was clothed in the same outfit as her and was the same age as her too. Her body was slightly more developed than her companion. Her skin tone was also a little lighter than Wendy's. Her face was childlike and innocent. Her eye color was deep blue. The color of her hair was a mix of pink and red. She too put her hair in twin pigtails although hers were much shorter and she used a yellow bow to hold them together. She was Chelia Blendy, the best friend of Wendy and the unofficial sister of Natsu.

"Hey! Get off of him!" Wendy demanded.

"No! You get off!" Chelia retorted.

"I'm his sister!"

"Me too!"

"I've been living with him longer!"

"So? You're not even good enough with how flat you are!"

"Why you…" the two girls clashed each right at that moment, on top of Natsu. Said man began getting irritated as seconds passed by.

"ALRIGHT! THAT'S ENOUGH!" he exploded in a minute, causing the girls to cease their catfight.

"S-Sorry, big brother," both of them mumbled while looking away from each other.

"First of all, get the HELL OFF OF ME!" Wendy and Chelia yelped as they got up in an instant. Natsu stood up in front of the girls and ruffled both of their hair, eliciting a blush from them.

"As your big brother, you both mean a lot to me. I care about you two a lot more than I might show. So no more insults, alright?" both of the girls let out a bright smile after that. Then they both proceeded to tightly hug the man.
"Big brother!" Wendy squealed.

"You're the best!" Chelia added. Natsu just sighed at their affection.

'Thank god Matsuda doesn't know about them. I heard he was a lolicon, but I might be wrong. Even if he did, I'll make sure he won't be able to perv on anyone again. But someone like Cana is a whole different story though," Natsu shuddered at the thought of what the brunette's reaction would be if she were here. A giggle on the courtesy of Irene drew his attention.

"You have such a lovable sister dear! Oh my, I meant sisters!" she added the last part only after the glare she got from Chelia. Erza didn't say anything but her cheeks were slightly red.

"S-S-Such indecency!" Kagura shouted with her face being fully crimson.

"What? Are you jealous that you can't show how much you care about big brother unlike us?" Chelia smirked at her. Kagura's ears were blowing steam now as her mother, older sister, and her crush to sweatdrop.

"Y-Y-Y-You...I-I...AAAAAAGGHHH!" she burst out of there straight to the bathroom. The females giggled while Natsu just sighed.

'Sometimes I can't believe that people have debated over whether she is scarier or Minerva is,' the pink-haired man wondered.

Sunday appeared in a flash for Issei. On the previous day, he preparing for his first official date. The one with Kiyome was one that wasn't planned and it was most likely that the Fallen Angel he was gonna spend his time with had a hidden agenda. Ddraig reminded his host to always stay on his guard despite the confidence Issei showed.

For the outfit, he chose an orange full sleeve shirt that ended right above his navel. His shirt had 6 black buttons, cut in half and each half vertically lined up on the left and right side in the front. On his lower body, he put on a pair of baggy khakis that were tucked into a pair of brown leather medieval pointy boots. Over his shirt, he sported an unbuttoned purple long vest. His gold earrings were of a lion roaring. On his forehead, he wore a purple headband with blue zig-zag lines to finish his garb.

Currently, he was waiting for Yuuma to show up. It was already 10:10, meaning she was 10 minutes late than the time they settled on. He was a little irked about it but did his best to ignore any negative thoughts for now. He couldn't unnerve her if his suspicions turned out to be true.

Out of nowhere, a flyer with intricate design and symbols came into his vision, When Issei looked up, he saw that a very cute girl with short brown hair like him was trying to hand him the piece of paper. She had on a red dress with the bottom of it being white and bat-like wing ornaments on her shoulders. She was giving him a very bright smile as she gave it to him, which he took without care and smiled back at her. Once she was gone, he took the flyer out and observed it.

'Hmm, it's definitely interesting. I can't understand what these ensigns mean,' he mused.

'Partner, that's a Summoning Flyer from a devil. I recognize some parts of the design due to my experience. But I can't tell you if it was the Sitri or Gremory,' the Welsh Dragon helped him out.

'Oh really? Whoever it is, they must be keeping a very close eye on me,' Issei replied. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that his date appeared. Her attire consisted of a short light purple dress with a black skirt that reached over her knees and simple black sandals. She waved at him with a huge smile and once she got closer, she was able to look at his clothing with much clearer and she blushed, which was genuine.

"Hi, Issei! I'm so excited about us hanging out!" she spoke happily.

"Yes, I also expect a great time with you! So you ready to get started?" after a nod, they began their date.

Issei took her to the arcade first, where they plaid many games, got their picture taken in a photo booth, and had fun in general. Issei would be lying if he said that he wasn't enjoying it. Unknown to him, the girl he was escorting was also having the same thoughts and was surprised but she didn't show it.

They then walked around the town for a bit. It was getting close to lunchtime so Issei took Yuuma to the best restaurant he could find near him, Paradiso Gloriosa. They both entered the Italian restaurant and immediately noticed that the place was buzzing with people. Issei figured that many people had free time due to it being a Sunday and came here to spend time with family, friends, or lovers. Fortunately, the two found an empty table and claimed it without wasting a single second.

They didn't have to wait long for a waiter or waitress to take their orders. The identity of the waiter caught Issei off guard. The waiter also had the same reaction as the customer.

"Dragneel?" Issei asked with surprise.

"Issei? Wow, I never would've thought I'd see you here, but welcome anyway. And who's- ah, I understand. What would you both like to have?" his face gained a smile. Yuuma looked at the menu for a few seconds before speaking.

"Can I get a Roasted Tomato Crostini and Cotoletta Alla Milanese? Also for dessert, I would like to have a Panna Cotta?" Natsu quickly wrote down her order before turning to Issei.

"The same as her," he said nonchalantly.

"Alright, two of them coming up in 10 minutes!" Natsu smiled at them.

"I never knew you worked here," Issei stated.

"Yeah, that's expected. Look, I would love to chat and all but we're busy today and I think you should give the lady more time," he smirked before going away. Issei then looked at Yuuma, who had a cute pout on her face.

"He was right you know," she huffed as she looked away from him.

'My my, please forgive me for my rudeness," the brown-haired teen chuckled. It didn't take Natsu that long to bring them their food. They enjoyed their meals while having a small talk, sharing their likes, dislikes, and ambitions. Simply, the pair were having a good time. The couple finished eating and left Natsu a hefty tip, which the pink-haired worker was very ecstatic about and thanked them a million times before they exited.

Next, Issei took his date to go shopping. His wallet was filled with an abundant amount of money. He didn't really go out that much since his friend list was basically zero and he liked his life quite and simple. Sometimes, people would pay him for drawing their portraits. Issei would decline the money every time it was offered to him but some of them were too stubborn. He didn't spend money on those stupid magazines and games anymore. Plus his parents left him with an absurd amount of money.

Yuuma bought a couple of outfits that included dresses, pants, and a few sweaters. Issei got her a yellow wristband of his own choice, which seemed to make the Fallen Angel happy. She would always get attires that were a size bigger than what fits her, which managed to confuse the Red Dragon Emperor. He figured that she liked loose-fitting clothes even though that wasn't the case with her choice of outfit today. Maybe she was trying to impress him or something?

The couple was on their way to the park when they finished, but Yuuma halted in her steps.

"Hmm? Something wrong dear?" Issei asked as Yuuma's face gained a shade of red.

"I-I need to use the restroom," she quietly replied.

"That's fine. I'll wait for you then. Go ahead," Issei smiled gently. He took a seat on one of the benches. That's when he noticed that there was someone sitting next to him.

It was a girl around 4 feet 6 inches tall. Her hair was white and it went a little past her neck with two bangs going over her shoulders. On both sides of her hair, she had black cat-shaped hair clips. Her eyes were a shade of bright gold. Over her petite body, she threw on a black t-shirt and a pair of pink short shorts. He recognized the girl. She was Koneko Toujou, the 'Mascot' of Kuoh and a member of the Occult Research club.

'That girl is a part devil and part Yokai. She might be a servant of one of the two Devil Clan heirs that reside her. Be careful, Issei,' the Red Dragon of Domination commented.

'Ho, they're spying on me? Well, let them do it as much as they want,' Issei replied with a smirk.

She was currently eyeing the ice cream store with a blank face. She still didn't notice the teen next to her. Issei understood better after observing her for a couple of seconds. He put the bags on his bench and walked up to the store. He got two cones and stepped towards the white-haired girl, who stared at the host of Ddraig with suspicion. That was soon replaced with surprise as one of the cones was held in front of her.

"You wanted one but probably didn't have the money, right?" she still didn't take it from him.

"Hurry up or it's gonna melt," after a moment of contemplation, she accepted his offer.

"Thanks, Hyoudou-senpai," she said without any emotions.

"Oh, you know about me? How wonderful! But stop with the senpai stuff. It makes me feel a little old," he chuckled before continuing.

"I'm sorry but I don't want to keep my date waiting. I'll take my leave now. Take care and enjoy the ice cream!" he walked back towards Yuuma's bags. The dark-haired woman returned within a minute and she was given an ice cream from her boyfriend, which she took delightfully.

The duo walked through the town and provided each other with enjoyment. The evening was nearing in Kuoh town. Yuuma asked Issei to take her to the park and he obliged without a question. After that, there was an awkward silence between them. Issei noticed that as they walked, the number of visitors in the park kept diminishing.

'Partner, I don't know what she's cooking up. Get ready!' Ddraig shared.

'I also have a bad feeling,' Issei responded mentally.

Yuuma finally stopped in front of the water fountain in the park. There was no one else at the location beside the two. She just stared at the well for a few moments before opening her mouth.

"Hey, Issei?" she didn't even turn around.

"What is it dear?" he asked with suspicious eyes.

"Are you willing to die for me?" she questioned. Issei's body tensed up at that moment but he didn't let her know.

"Come again?" he enveloped his voice with surprise.

"I said...ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR ME!?" at that moment, black crow-like wings sprouted from her back as she took flight. In mid-air, her outfit ripped off since her body grew larger and matured a bit. Her size in proportions increased as well. Her clothing was changed into straps of leather around her chest and lower regions. Her shoulders now were equipped with spiked guards. Her face morphed from an innocent girl's into a mature woman with an evil aura and darker eyes. She descended from the air and sat down in the water fountain. Issei's eyes were filled with shock but internally it was totally a different case.

"What? Never thought you'd see something like this?" transformed Yuuma smirked at the brown-haired teen.

"I have to say, I did enjoy the date. Thanks for that! Also, those clothes and the wristband are greatly appreciated, HONEY!" her tone became one of mockery.

She then prepared a spear of red lightning in her hand and aimed it at him, who showed nothing but shock over the development.

"It was your naivety that led to your death, y'know? Don't blame me for getting killed. If you wanna blame someone, blame God for giving you a sacred gear. Now, goodbye!" she threw it at the male without any hesitation and turned around as soon as her weapon left her hand. She just stood there without looking at her target. For some reason, this was the first time that she felt, even if a little, regret over her actions. She also didn't want to confirm her handiwork visually and opted to do it with her hearing instead.

She expected a shout of pain and the sound of flesh being pierced. She was getting confused since it shouldn't take that long for the young man to die. Suddenly, she heard a few chuckles behind her, freezing her on the spot. Those chuckles transformed into maniacal laughter in a matter of seconds. A considerable amount of fear was instilled into her by those laughs. The Fallen Angel gained courage and turned around to see what was happening. The view that awaited her shocked her to the core.

It was Issei Hyoudou, standing there completely harmless. His posture changed into a confident one. He laughed his heart out as if he won the lottery or something. His laughing ceased abruptly and his face showed a smirk on his face. Yuuma dropped down to the ground and noticed the mini crater that wasn't present before and finally got the grasp of what happened.

'W-W-What's going on? T-That should've been a quick and painless death! For a human, even if they are physically more capable then the average ones, that should've been impossible to dodge! W-Wait, don't tell me he knows about the Supernatural already or is a human Magician? No! That's can't be right! I didn't sense any magic from his whatsoever!' her mind rambled on.

"What was your question again? Am I willing to die for you?" Issei stepped closer to her. She prepared another light spear on her hand, fully on guard.

"How are you still alive!?" she demanded.

"Ah, you see, I'm not willing to die for anyone unless I've achieved my goals. So no, I'm not willing to die for you," he answered her while getting nearer every second.

"M-My plan was perfect! Distract you on the date and completely take you off guard with my real identity! Who are you?" she shouted while running towards the male, intending to finish him off for good.

The hand that she held her spear with felt too hot out of nowhere. Then it was gone in an instant. Then suddenly, an unbearable pain was coming from her left hand. She was really baffled by it. When she lifted her arm to check it, it made her blood run cold.

Where her left hand used to be, now resided a stump on her wrist that still oozed blood. It was basically streaming the red liquid. Her mind wasn't able to process her current predicament properly. Her eyes were widened with anxiety.

"AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!" the Fallen Angel fell on her behind on the ground. Her left hand disappeared out of nowhere. She held onto her damaged wrist as a river of tears were flowing out of her eyes down her beautiful face. She somehow managed to look at her target and for the first time in her life, she felt absolute panic and terror because of a human.

Issei was standing over her with a deadly look. He crossed his arms and put his left leg above while shifting his body to his right a little. That wasn't what really scared Yuuma. It was the figure next to Issei.

The figure was shaped like a human. It stood a few inches taller than the brown-haired teen and had a very muscular body. Its skin was light pink. On its head, it wore a pink crown with two triangular spikes on both sides of it. Its eyes were slitted with the sclera being red while the slits themselves were white. Its thin-lipped mouth was closed. Its visage was very similar to a feline's.

It wore forearm length studded leather gloves on both of its arms. Its footwear were knee-length leather boots that tightly fit its muscular legs and calves. On its waist was a leather garter belt-like band. The back of its shoulders showed four spikes. On its shoulders, the back of its hands, and the buckle of its belt, there was its skull colored in gold. It was currently mirroring Issei's pose.

"All along, you believed that you were the one who was pulling the strings on your little game. Well, for your information, I knew what you were, Fallen Angel. I've had that knowledge since the first time we met. The school uniform doesn't exist. Yuuma Amano doesn't exist. That probably isn't even your real name, am I right? I've done the proper research. You thought you were the puppet master, but in reality, I was the one who had been in control the whole time!" he let out a psychotic laugh at her shock. When he noticed that she was not looking at him but rather the being next to him, his eyebrows rose in curiosity.

"Ho, you can see Killer Queen? Congratulations! You're the 9th individual to see it. All of its other viewers were those stray Devils that are already deceased. Don't worry dear, you won't join them. YET," Issei crouched down next to her. She attempted to crawl back but her strength had already left her.

"What's your actual name, Fallen Angel?" when no words came out of her mouth, Killer Queen grabbed her in a chokehold.

"You must be wondering how your hand vanished. Do you remember my gift that you loved very much?" the image of the wristband Issei bought her flashed in her mind.

"Do you know what a Stand is?" she didn't respond in any form. Issei rubbed his temples while sighing.

"My Stand, Killer Queen, can touch anything, living or non-living, and turn it into a bomb. All I or my Stand have to do is press our right thumb in the middle of our index fingers. And boom! They are vaporized. No remains of a charged object are visible unless I control it. You see, the band that you had on your hand was already charged. All I had to do was activate it. Even if you had your light weapon on your other hand, my stand has above averaged melee-attacking power and speed to take on and defeat Supernatural beings. You were hopeless ever since the beginning," Issei explained to her while she had difficulty breathing.

"Now answer me! What is your real name? Or would you like to meet the same fate as those stray devils?" she squirmed under his hold and tried to nod her head. Once she was let go, she panted and took a few deep breaths. Then sniffles came and she was whimpering. When her eyes met Issei's threatening ones, she began to speak.

"M-M-M-My n-n-name i-is R-R-Raynare! P-P-P-Please d-don't k-kill me!" she begged.

"Now was that too hard? Alright, onto the next question! Do you have any comrades who are aware of your mission? Even if you lie, I have a way to discover them. A false statement would only lead to your and your friend's death if they are here, " Raynare's eyes widened and she slowly nodded her head.

"I-I-In the a-abandoned church. A-A short g-girl w-with blonde hair. A-An older woman with b-blue hair. A-A middle a-aged man with a b-black fedora. P-Please! Leave the g-girls alone! T-They didn't do a-anything!" she pleaded.

"Oh my, throwing one of your own kind under the bus. That's so cruel. Enough with that. Tell me, did you have any other objectives besides killing me?" he demanded.

"Yes! A-An Italian e-exiled nun. S-She is coming to K-Kuoh. W-We are supposed to s-steal her Sacred Gear, T-Twilight Healing. It can h-heal injuries a-and sicknesses. D-Dohnaseek, the m-male F-Fallen Angel, w-was going to t-take it," she confessed. Issei thought for a few moments before opening his mouth.

"To tell you the truth, I really enjoyed the little date we had. If we weren't in this situation, maybe we could've been something. For giving me a good time, I will spare your life," Raynare's expression showed somewhat of a relief for the first time since she attacked him.

"However, I require your assistance. I will have it even without your permission. You are to face the consequences of your actions. Do you want to know where you went wrong with this your fiasco?" the fear in her eyes increased tenfold.

"It was when you tried to disrupt my quiet and peaceful life," he answered quietly with a menacing stare.

Stand Name: Killer Queen

Stand Master: Issei Hyoudou

Ability: Bomb Transmutation + Enhanced Speed and Strength

Desc: The user can touch any object, inanimate or not, and turn it into a bomb. The bomb will activate whenever the user desires. The object in effect will be vaporized after detonation or part of it if the user wants. Also, the stand has above-average speed and melee-attacking power.

Condition: Pressing right thumb against index finger's middle phalanx.

Limit: Inability to pressing the right thumb and range.

Destructive Power: A

Speed: B

Range: D

Durability: B

Precision: B

Potential: A

Stand Name: Highway Star

Stand Master: Genshirou Saji

Ability: Tracking by Scent and Stealing Life Force

Desc: The user can touch remember a target's scent and chase them at 37 mph. The stand can split itself into many pieces to avoid attacks. Also, the user is able to create a room on any surface and lure targets with an illusion in order to suck out their life force and use it to heal themselves.

Condition: Luring targets into a created room or getting their scent.

Limit: While tracking, the stand mindlessly follows a scent. Meaning that it could be chasing the wrong target. Also, the stand can be overwhelmed with higher physical strength.

Destructive Power: C

Speed: B

Range: A

Durability: A

Precision: E

Potential: C

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