Lincoln couldnt feel anything at the moment. The large star outside the window was way too close for comfort, yet his nerves seemed to be fried. He looked at his surroundings. He was in a cramped space, barely sharing any with Lucy. Boxes upon boxes of what appeared to be emergency rations stacked on top of one another were open and eaten, the cardboard like material wilting slightly. There was a few large bottles of water, about one and a half times the size of your average gallon. "Lucy, how long have you been here?". Lincoln looked back at his sister, who was taking a small portion of a ration out of her own backpack. "Eat this. And I dont know. Ever since the hike". Lincoln took the small chunk from her and inspected it. It looked like a compressed block of seaweed. He took a bite. he didnt expect it to be as soft as it was. The flavor was minimal as well. "What about it?" he said.

Lucy looked at him. "They dont fill you up at all. Notice how ive lost about ten pounds? I dont know how, but ive eaten so many boxes of those things and havent gotten any nutrients from them. Sigh, I just want some pizza". Lincoln cleared a small section and sat down. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't understand where he was, why he was there. What happened? His thoughts got interrupted as the vessel violently shook, thrashing Lucy into his lap. He grabbed onto her and held as dozens of boxes fell down on top of them. "Lucy whats going on?" Lincoln yelled, the panic in his voice thrashing in her ears.

"I dont know! This's new to me too". The shaking stopped as suddenly as it started. The back end of it was ripped open, with light peering through. A voice, speaking a language completely unknown to Lincolns ears spoke. The guttural sounds it produced resembled Arabic in motion, yet it rattled the ears that absorbed its noise. The boxes were moved swiftly, they floated away quickly. In the now clear light, stood a figure, surprised to see them as much as they were him. He was tall, slender. The amount of flesh on his bones resembled an anorexic, yet no bones were visible. His orange skin radiated in the light, the pinkish hair he had was scraggly, and the deep brown of his eyes shifted. His iris was a different shape however, more like a goats than anything. He quickly took out what Lincoln could only as a gun from his uniform, and aimed it at them. The weapon was shaped in the same style, yet it didn't appear to be metal, more like an ultra thick plastic. He yelled at him in his language as Lincoln stood up with his arms up high, in a form of surrender. Lucy followed suite. When the man realized they couldnt understand him, he took his left hand off the gun, his 7 fingers reaching into his pocket and throwing something out to Lincoln. He motioned for him to press the button on the tazer looking item and hold it to his neck. Lincoln was worried, however the thought of his sister snapped him out of it. He pressed it and put it to his neck, and braced. The man spoke again. "Good, now, who are you and what are you doing in my cargo bay?"

Lincoln looked at him surprised. This device was a translator?. "My name is Lincoln, and this is my sister Lucy. And we dont exactly know, we kind of just showed up here". The man eyed him up and down before sighing, and letting down his gun. "Traffickers. Listen, both of you were abducted by a species of extreme capitalists. They go to various worlds and take random animals to sell for extravagant prices, no matter the level-"

Lincoln cut him off. "Level?"

The man looked confused. "You know, how we classify planets? The smaller the number the more habitable the planet is?"

"I do not, no"

The man stopped for a moment. He continued hurridly, "Anywho, you both got taken, and these pirates are probably going to board sometime soon to get you. Me and my men will defend you, as is our way. We will get you home, both of you."

(Line cut)

There wasnt any time for many interactions between Lincoln and the mans crew. The mans name wasnt able to be pronounced by Lincoln, so the nickname "Captain" had been given to him. His species though, was engraved into his mind. The "Sincariuns". They have a large population, and are very loving towards every other species they've met, besides a few. And they defend what they think is right down to their last breath. No wonder they decided to help Lincoln without a second thought. Lucy and Lincoln were talking quietly in a small room where the crew usually slept. Inside, a map of the ship. Lucy recognized it as a similar design to Von Braun wheel. However with docking ports for cargo. Meanwhile Lincoln was experimenting with the exponentially less gravity on the ship. It was of the Sincariun homeworlds, however it felt strange. Lincoln could move much quicker, and so could Lucy. "So, what will we do when the pirates get here?" Lucy asked, fidgeting with her hands. Lincoln sighed and patted her on her head. "Im going to help the crew as much as I can. Its only whats right."

Lucy began to speak again, objecting the idea. But before she could, gunfire was heard outside the cabin. It was muffled however, filled with static electricity and voltage rather than gunpowder and power. Lincoln pressed the small button beside the door, and burst out. The speed at which he ran out wasnt as he was used to. he slammed against the wall, before taking off in the sound of the fire. He didnt notice the large dent he had left in the space he hit

Lucy followed, keeping her eyes on her brother, as he zoomed off to the fight

(Line cut)

Men and Women were dead everywhere. Their bodies riddled with holes as a white liquid poured from it. The Captain was the last one left, on his knees, breathing heavily. In front of him, stood what appeared to be a woman. Her body was segmented, the bottom half more insect like and her top more mammalian. 4 legs on both sides of a carapace. The legs themselves looked nearly identical to a spiders, yet more jagged, with the tips being topped with a sharp metallic substance that let them latch onto surfaces with ease. Instead of a spiders head however, the body of a more human like woman began to take shape. Pale skin along with ape like arms. Although there were four, they were only different in appearance in muscle and length. They were bulkier, and longer than the average persons. At the top of this 8 foot tall creature was a fairly humanoid head. However instead of human eyes were 4 sharply slanted eyes with large red iris's. The hair was a deep violet, which contrasted with the flowing green dress like- wardrobe she wore. Beside her were several males of the same species. They were noticibley shorter, with rifles that mimicked the aesthetic the pistol the Captain had eariler. Unlike the woman, they had no hair, very little muscle mass compared to the woman, and 2 less legs.

She spoke, the language sounding phonetic in structure as Lincoln came into ear shot. He didnt have time to take out the translator as he saw the woman turn away and walk away as the men aimed their rifles at the captain. Lincoln leaped, gaining momentum and speed as the guns fired. He felt them hit his abdomen as he was in front of the captain.

The pain was minimal, it felt like getting socked by Lynn. And he had grown used to that at this point. It didnt stop his sister from screaming though. He heard footsteps, and something colliding. Then just a splatter of what sounded like paint dropping from a 15 story building. He stood up, expecting a bleeding wound in his abdomen. The bullet didnt even pierce the boys shirt.

Lincoln looked up with a smile on his face, only to see a gruesome scene. The top half of one of the spider-men were gone. He was splattered against the wall behind him. Lucy looked onward in disbelief as Lincoln watched as she giggled. Something glistened in her eye slightly. The second man screamed as he rose his rifle, the woman behind him looking back because of Lucy's initial scream. Lincoln leaped once again, punching the main square in the chest. Time seemed to slow down as Lincoln felt his hand come into contact with the skin of the man. It was soft. The muscles burst from their seems, the skin parted, and the mans top half was sent flying back in dozens of pieces. It felt like a scene out of one punch man. However, like Lucy, Lincoln felt only one emotion. Unlike Lucy, Lincoln felt a completely different emotion than the goth girls