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Chapter 1: Prologue

Part 1

"Welcome Leon! To the universe of Yugioh Arc - V!"

Part 2


I groaned as I was suddenly woken up by to the really annoying voice. But I was slow to get up due to my body hurting like hell. It like it was hit by a truck or something.

"What happened to me?"

I asked myself as I looked at my surroundings.

"What the fuck?"

My surroundings were pitch black. The only think that I could see was myself and another person on the other side of the room who sitting on throne of some sort.

"Hey Leon! It's good that you are finally awake! Welcome to the universe of Yugioh Arc - V!"

The person that greeted me was a woman was in her early twenties. She had long blonde hair that reached down to her hips. She had pale white skin. She also wore a white dress and was barefoot.

"Yugioh Arc - V?"

I remembered that anime. Yugioh Arc - V was a show that I watched a couple of years back. To sum it up, it was the Game of Thrones of the Yugioh Spinoffs. It was so good in the beggining, but it was ruined by horrible writing during the end.

I remembered that show that show vividly in my mind and now this woman is telling me that I was in the said shows universe. I instantly thought of this woman as a nutcase.

"You are probably thinking that I'm crazy right!"

After she seemingly reads my mind, she stands up from her throne and made her way towards me.

I started to sweat a little. I didn't know why. She wasn't threatening, far from it actually. But something about her irked me. It felt like was a dinosaur that was looking down on an ant. And the ant in that scenario was me.

"Hey back up! Don't come any closer! I'm huge believer in gender equally! I'm not afraid to punch you in the face woman!"

I raised my fists and went into a boxing stance. My paranoia is making making me say those weird things.


She smirks arrogantly before disappearing from my line of site. I panicked and started to look around when she suddenly appeared behind me.



I swung my fist at her due to my surprise but it just phased through her. This caused me to swing more wildly. She was ghost! A fucking ghost!

"Stay away you fucking ghost!"

I'm not good with this type of shit. I have always been afraid of ghost ever since I was a kid. Damn it! What did I do to deserve this!?

"That's rude you know! I'm not a ghost, I'm a goddess!"

I stopped swinging my fists when she said that to me. A Goddess? Is that why I was so afraid of her? No, she's bullshitting me, I just know it.

"Prove to me then. Prove to me that you are a god."

The self proclaimed Goddess snaps her fingers and in a instant I was transformed to my 10 year old self. I was 17 for those who were wondering.

"Holy shit!"

I shout in surprise as saw my newly de-aged body. This is not what I was expecting. Holy shit. She's really a fucking God.

"There? Do you believe me now?"

I nodded dumbly. What else could I do? So this person in front of me was a goddess. Cool... Wait... NOT COOL! Something'not right here.

"Hey Goddess... Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure! Ask me anything! I'll gladly answer you!"

I grin wryly as I was trying to calm myself down.

"Am I dead?"

The cheery goddess smiles at me. Her smile was able to calm my nerves down for a bit. That wouldn't last for long though as she gave me the answer that I didn't want to hear.

"Yep! You are dead!

" I see... Hehehe... I'm actually dead..."

I fell to my knees due to my despair. I'm dead? How am I dead? I don't remember dying. How did this happen? I asked those questions to myself before the memories of my death slowly came back to me.

Part 3

"Watch out kid!"


"Oh shit! His head is busted open!"

"Call an ambulance!"

"No it's to late. His brain is scattered on the ground."

"Oh God! Leon please be alive! Please be alive!"

"I'm sorry I didn't mean it! My truck just turned on it own!"

Part 4

"Fuck! Why?!"

I died in the most anime way possible. Truck-kun of all things kills me! I'm feeling all kinds of varying emotions right now. Joy, due to the hilarious way of my death. I couldn't help but laugh it. Sadness, due to not amounting o anything in my life, I haven't even finished highschool yet, which fuckin sucked. Anger at myself, due to not looking both ways before crossing the road. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

"This is such bullshit!"

I told myself as I was banging my head onto the hard ground. Seeing my sorry state, the Goddess decided to give me hug whilst rubbing the back of my head.

"There there. Everything will be alright child. Your getting reincarnated after all. A new chance in live. There's nothing to fear my son."

Oh yeah, I'm getting reincarnated. That's cool, but that leaves me with a few questions though.

"What about heaven or hell? Do those places even exist?"

"Yes, but their only filled with old people and it can get pretty boring at times. You wouldn't want that now wouldn't you?"

I feel like she's not telling me the whole truth. It like she's not allowing me to go to heaven or hell.

"Why me? Why am I getting reincarnated? Am I special or something?"

She walks close to me and started wisphers into my ear.

"You death was an accident actually."

"An accident?!"

I shout in anger/surprise. How was my death an accident!? How can someone's death be an accident!? Death's are predetermined?! What kind of bullshit is that?!

"Not so loud! I don't want the higher ups to hear about this."

She tried to calm me down. But from the words that she stated, I began to realize something. I then decided to point my finger at her in a accusing manner.

"Your the fucking reason I'm dead aren't you!"

"Tch! I was careless! I let it slip out!"

She didn't even deny it. Her cutesy/caring goddess act was gone in an instant. It was now replaced with an ugly scowl and a bitchy glare.

"I'm guessing that you an apology right?"

"Of course I want an apology!"

She scoffed at me and began to "apologize" in a disingenuous tone.

"Well I'm sorry you suck at looking both ways before crossing the street! You see, I was actually trying to save the truck driver that ran you over!"

She was trying to save him? What about me then!? Why didn't I get saved!?

"Like you, that idiot of a truck driver wasn't supposed to die that night! So I decided to change the direction of his vehicle, so that he wouldn't crash into a building! It's your fault for getting in his way! It's your fault that you're dead, not mine!"

She said to me in a bratty manner. Now she's blaming me! Fuck this bitch! She's really pissing me off now! How can someone like her be a Goddess?!

"Why am I not allowed in Heaven or Hell then?"

The shitty Goddess started to explain whilst doing her nails

"Heaven and Hell can only hold a certain amount of souls. That's why I'm sending you to world of Arc-V so that my superiors won't find out!"

"So because of your fuck up you to send me to Arc-V of all places?! Just to save face!? Why couldn't you send me somewhere cooler instead!? Like I don't know the Nasuverse or the universe Highschool DxD!? Those places seems awesome to live at!"

Plus I want to have a harem of Servants and Devils.

"Hah!? Only a gross virgin like you would dream of something like that! Man you're so disgusting! Well it's to be expected of a gross virgin like you!"

Shit. This woman can actually read minds. I'm slowly losing my patience on her.

"Of course I can read minds! Hello, I'm a Goddess. Man you're so dumb. This is why a childhood friend left you for that guy! Your just a gross idiot that will never amount to anything in life!"

I lost my control when she mentioned my past. I couldn't take the verbal abuse that I was receiving from her anymore . So I charged at her. Ready to punch her annoying face.




My whole body stiffened and I fell, face first onto ground. Dammit! I forgot that she has superpowers! She was somehow able to stop me from moving my limbs.

"This is for your own good Virgin-kun! I'm now going to send you to Arc-V as Shingo Sawatari!"

My eyes widened at her proclamation. She's going to reincarnate me as the clown of Arc-V!

"No! Why him?! Out of everyone in the cast, why did you choose that idiot?!"

Shingo Sawatari, a Duelist in Arc-V that has never won a significant duel in the show. He's delusional loser that keeps adding things to his name to make himself sound cooler. He's like Manjoume from Yugioh Gx but worst.

"You and him are both of you are losers! He's a perfect candidate for your new life! Puehehehe!"

I gritted my teeth in annoyance. This woman's really a piece of shit. How could someone like this be a goddess? As I was struggling on the ground, I gave her the most menacing glare that I could muster. She flinched everso slightly one she saw my angry face.

"You asshole! I'll make you pay for this! A bite your neck and spit your throat out!"

"Good bye~!


Part 5

"Phew! That was close one!

That annoying virgin was noisy. I thought I was going to get caught there.

"Nice! That old geezer didn't notice a thing!"

"Nope, I heard everything."

I turned my head around saw the big boss man himself. When I saw him giving me one of his - You are such in deep shit smile. - I knew that I was in lot of trouble.

"Ah shit... I'm in trouble aren't I?"

"Yes you are, Yes you are."

Part 6

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sawatari! He's a healthy baby boy!"

As I opened my eyes I saw character from Arc-V that I recognized. He was Furio Sawatari, my new father in this universe. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. From what I remember, he was an asshole that would even use his own son to further his career as a politician. But from what I can see, as of right now he seems to be genuinely happy in seeing me.

"What should we name him Furio?"

A mature female asked my "father". I turned my head slightly to see who it was. I was slightly surprised once I saw her. She was a much older female version of Shingo Sawatari. I've always wondered why he didn't look like his father.

"What if we name him Shingo? Is that alright with you Mio."

My newly named mother, Mio smiled at my father's suggestion. She brought me closer to herself and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"Shingo? I like it."

My mother smiled at me and I did the same in return. Maybe getting reincarnated as Shingo Sawatari wouldn't be so bad after all.

Part 7

Seven years later...

It's s been year since my mother passed away due to a illness that she had. I never bothered to ask what her sickness was because it was a sore subject to father.

Speaking of my father. He changed because of that event. My father slowly but surely was turning into the jerk that I remembered from the show. He wasn't a jerk to me though. But he's also barely around house anymore. He's s a high ranking politician here in Maiami City. And with my mother's death, he began to bury himself into his job more and more. My father was man possessed.

Currently the only people that I see in a regular basis were the servants. They were all kind to me, but I could tell that they also feared me. They were probably afraid of inciting my father ire. He can be pretty scary at times.

My father cares for me a lot and he is willing to buy me almost anything that I want. Case and point, my Deck. This was the world of Yugioh Arc - V after all. I needed a deck to a part of society. The only people that didn't have a deck were kids that were 4 years old and younger.

My current deck was a Armed Dragon Deck. You are all probably wondering why that's my deck. Well It's because my father said that I was too "young" for Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz monsters. In my opinion that's utter bullshit. I think its his pride that's preventing him for buying me those Extra Feck monsters. From what I could tell, my father can only do Tribute Summons and regular Special Summon, which was really pathetic for someone his age. He doesn't want his son to surpass him yet. But I digress. I really wished that I had my Rokket deck in my previous life with m right now. That would have been so cool if had Link monsters here Arc-V, I would been praised by the masses by being the creator of Link Summoning! Sadly that will never come into fruition.

"I miss my old Rokket deck."

Anime Z-arc wouldn't have been a problem because he can be affected by the effects of Link monsters, that is as long as it doesn't make him leave the field. Borreload can reduce his attack 500 or steal Zarc entirely. Borrelsword can OTK him because he's one of if not the best OTKers that has been created in this games history, Borrelguard in walking Book of Moon. and lastly Borrelend is nigh indestructible monster that can't be destroyed by battle or by card effects, he cannot be targeted by monster effects, and lastly he's also a walking Breakthrough Skill. Just thinking about those cards is making me excited.

"Master Shingo! You're going to be late for school!"

A servant of mine called for me. I hate this faccet of my life. Grade School. Doing once was hard enough, but twice.


I mutter to myself as I got ready to go to my school. This is going to be a long day. I could feel.

Part 8

It was currently 10:00 in the morning. During that time is the only enjoyable part of my school life, Dueling Class.

"Shingo and Masumi! Your two are up next!"

Our duel proctor stated. Me and my opponent followed his orders and made our to dueling field. Said opponent was Masumi Kotsu, the Gem-Knight Duelist that defeated Yuzu and in turn made her want to improve her dueling skills. She was relevant for the first 40 episodes of Arc-V but she immediately disappeared after that.

"I'll go first!"

Masumi told me me in a cheery tone. At first, I was surprised to find out that she and Shingo knew each other since childhood. But then I remembered how much of an idiot Shingo was in the show. I couldn't blame Masumi on not wanting to associate herself with him.


I replied in a laid back manner. I didn't want to attract attention, so decided to have the quiet kid persona when I was at school. I loved attention, just not by kids.



We both exclaimed and activated our duel disks. Hers was a normal factory made duel disk whilst mine was Custom one made to look like Kaiba's in the DSOD movie.

Masumi's turn

Masumi's LPs: 4000

Masumi's hand: 5 cards

"I'll activate Gem-Knight Fusion!"

As expected she started of with her trademark Gem-Knight Fusion card.

"I'll fuse Gem- Knight Tourmaline with Gem-Knight Garnet! The Yellow Gem with the power of lightning and the Red gem of eternal flame! Become one to form the knight of retribution! Fusion Summon! Appear! The gallant knight of justice! Gem-Knight Prismaura!"

(Gem-Knight Prismaura/EARTH/Level 7/Thunder/Fusion-Effect/ATK 2450/DEF 1400)

A white armored knight appeared on my opponents side of the field. What's the point of summoning that card, she should have saved it for her next turn. Anime duelists are really dumb.

"I'll follow that up by activating Gem-Knight Fusions other effect! By banishing Gem-Knight Tourmaline, I can return Gem-Knight Fusion to my hand!"

Judging from how she dueled in the anime, she's probably going to do another Fusion Summon.

"Now I'll activate Gem-Knight Fusion once more!"

Yup, I was correct. She did another Fusion Summon. She's really annoying me now, using all of those cards when she couldn't even attack this turn is such a waste.

"Nice one Masumi!"

It didn't help when our proctor encouraged her. She's not going to learn from this if that idiot doesn't stop praising her like this.

"I'll fuse Gem-Knight Sardonix with Gem-Knight Sapphire! The gem made of pure water, the gem of magma! Fuse and form blazing new future! Fusion Summon! Appear! The burning knight that protects his people! Gem-Knight Citrine!"

(Gem-Knight Citrine/EARTH/Level 7/Pyro/Fusion-Effect/ATK 2200/DEF 1950)

A second knight, now clad in bronze armor appeared next to Prismaura. They both nodded at one other, showing their respect at the other knight. I wondered if I was the only one who saw that. Meh, whatever.

"After that I'll activate Gem-Knight Fusions graveyard effect once more! This time I'll banish Gem-Knight Sapphire, to return the Gem-Knight Fusion in graveyard to my hand!"

Masumi's hand: 1 card

"After that I'll end my turn."

She smirks confidently at me as if she's already won the duel. This is why I hate kids. They should fucking respect their elders. Granted I'm a the same age as her, but you get the point. I'm 24 year old man living in a 7 year olds body.

Shingo's turn

Shingo's LPs: 4000

"My turn draw."

Shingo's hand : 6 cards

I looked at my hand and I couldn't help but smile when I saw the card that I just drew.

"I'll activate Dark Hole!"


Masumi and everyone of my classmates exclaimed in shock. A black hole suddenly appeared above Masumi's monsters. Then monsters bodies were torn apart by the said black hole.

"Citrine! Prismaura!"

Masumi shouted to her monsters but to no avail. This is why you shouldn't overextend when you don't have protection. Shit like happens.

"How do you have a legendry card like that!?"

I tilted my head in confusion. Dark Hole is a legendary card here? Sure its powerful, but legendary? Huh?

"Answer me!"

Masumi shouted at me in a bratty manner. I shrugged my shoulders and gave her the answer.

"My family is rich."

I told Masumi. The young Gem-Knight users left eye began to twitch once I said that. Her mouth also hanged open due to her disbelief.

"Close your mouth. A bug might fly into it."

Masumi blushed in embarrassment once I told her that. She closed her mouth instantly then gave me the coldest glare that she could muster. Sorry Masumi, but a kid is not going to scare me with something like that.

"I'll Normal Summon Armed Dragon LV3!"

(Armed Dragon LV3/WIND/Level 3/Dragon/Effect/ATK 1200/DEF 900)

A tiny dragon with Orange scales appeared at my side of the field.

"I'll follow that up by activating Level Up! This will allow me to send a LV monster that I control to graveyard to Special Summon a LV monster that is listed in sent monster's text! Level Up Armed Dragon LV3 to Armed Dragon LV5!"

(Armed Dragon LV5/WIND/Level 5/Dragon/Effect/ATK 2400/DEF 1700)

Shingo's hand: 3 cards

Armed Dragon LV3's body grew larger. His once Orange skin transformed to that of Red and Black. The dragon then glared at Masumi which caused the young girl to back of slightly.

"Battle! Armed Dragon LV5 attack her directly! Armed Buster!"

Armed Dragon LV5 clocked back his left fist before delivering a powerful punch which sent my opponent flying.


Masumi's LPs: 4000 to 1600

From that point on, the duel became a one sided beat down. Masumi didn't even get a chance to do a counterattack against me.

After I won my duel against Masumi. I've come to a conclusion that the duelists in Standard Dimension are really bad at dueling and deck building. My Armed Dragon deck beating a Gem-Knight deck was the proof of that.

Part 9

After I finished my classes. I decided to go home. But on my way there was Masumi Kotsu, who blocking school gate preventing me from leaving. She was currently glaring at me and had her arms crossed.

"Duel me again!"

She shouted attracting the attention of those nearby. I let out a sigh of annoyance. This is why I hate kids. They don't care about their surroundings and are always causing a scene.

"Duel me again! I want a rematch!"

I heard you the first time brat. God she's annoying.


I quickly tried to go through her side but she was able to block my path with ease.

"I'm not leaving until we have our rematch!"

Damn it! She's so stubborn. From what I could remember in the show, she was always like this. Especially when it came to her precious Marco sensei. It seems like her stubbornness was with her ever since she was a kid.

"Look. I'm tired and I just want to go home. Can we do this another time?"

I tried to reason with the 7 year old girl. Which I quickly found was useless because kids are unreasonable.

"No! I wanna duel! I wanna duel! I wanna duel!"


I reluctantly agreed to duel her once more. If she wanted duel, I'll give her a duel. Also, have I ever told you guys that I hated kids.

One duel later...

After destroyed Masumi for the second time, I decided leave Masumi and go home.

"She even didn't learn from her defeat earlier."

Just like in dueling class, I destroyed her with my "Legendary" Dark Hole card. Yeah I got lucky once again by hard drawing it. But she still overextended, just like on our first duel. What was I supposed to do? Not use my Dark Hole? Well it doesn't matter now.

I decided to go home because I was hungry. My house had professional chefs, by the way, which was fucking awesome. At first I dreaded becoming a Sawatari, but now one of the best things to happen to me. Eat your heart out shitty Goddess.

Part 10

The next day...

As I woke I up, I suddenly saw a menu screen in front of my face. It was oddly similar to that of the Yugioh Tag force series, albeit with a few differences. My eyes widened once I realized what it meant. I stood up from my bed due to my excitement.

"I'm a Gamer now?! What!? How is this possible!?"

I was surprised at first. The Gamer ability basically turns your life into a video game. How did I get this? Did that shitty Goddess do this? As began to study the menu screen in front of me, I saw that the [Message] menu was blinking ever so slightly.



I pushed the [Message] screen and just like I predicted it had a message in it. I know right, who knew that the [Message] menu had a message on it? But from who? My eyes widened once again when say the name.

"From: Yahweh?"

Yahweh, I know that name. Yahweh is the Hebrew name of the God of the Bible. Wait... I remembered that shitty Goddess talking about her having a higher up. Was she talking about Yahweh? No I'm losing focus. I'd better read his message first.

"Shingo Sawatari, formerly known as Leon Page. I would like to formally apologize for my subordinates rude behavior towards you. We are currently punishing the her for her actions. So you don't have to worry about her anymore..."

I couldn't help but laugh once I read that.

"...Now you're probably wondering why you have the Gamer ability right? Well think of it as an apology from my part. As for why you only got this ability just now, well I didn't want to give you this much power to a newly born baby. Well I'm done explaining everything that has transpired. Enjoy your new life Sawatari Shingo. And please, look both ways before crossing a street."

Damn, I couldn't help but feel blessed at this moment. God himself has given me the overpowered Gamer ability! This is so cool! Okay then lets se my [Stats] first.

"Now then."



Name : Shingo Sawatari

Age : 7

Title : Reincarnator

Deck :Armed Dragon Deck

Ace Monster : Armed Dragon LV10

Dueling Points: 0


Gamers Mind: Gives you access to the Gamer menu.

"That's it?"

I guess this is given. This is the Arc-V universe. I'm not in a a battle anime after all. I've got no needs for the other stats. Welp onto the next one. I think I'll go with the [Relationships] menu next.



Furio Sawatari : Loves

Mio Sawatari : Loved

Sawatari Family Servants : Respects

Masumi Kotsu : Rival

Huh, so I only have four relationships. My father loves me. That's to expected. The same can be said with my diseased mother. She always made time for me when she was alive. The servants though, I didn't expect this. They respected me huh? Cool I guess, I've always thought that they feared me. Masumi on the other hand thinks of me as a rival? Pfft! This is hilarious! What a total joke! I've beaten her 2 times already! There's no rivalry between us!

"Okay then, onto the [Shop] menu next."


As I opened the [Shop] a message popped up and greeted me. Also the shopping OST of Tag Force games started to play.

"Welcome to the card shop! In here you can buy packs, structure decks, and even singles! But before you can access this menu, you must first select your starter deck!"

Suddenly 3 different quote on quote Starter Decks appeared on the menu. The first had the picture of the Dark Magician, the second had the three Polar Gods from Yugioh 5ds, and lastly the last one had Destiny HERO - Plasma plastered on it.

Structure Deck: Dark Memories

A deck that caters to the iconic Dark Magician. It contains a lot of Spell Cards, a Fusion monster, and 3 Xyzs. You will gain the "Memories of the Pharaoh" ability in tandem with this deck.

Memories of the Pharaoh: Allows you to use the Egyptian God's (Anime version).

A nostalgia choice. I do love them me Dark Magicians and it allows me to use Egyptian Gods! But the starter deck itself doesn't have the Egyptian Gods. I'd probably have to gather them myself. But its still an awesome choice though! Let's see what the other's are offering.

Structure Deck: Advent of Ragnarok

A Nordic deck that contains the three Polar Gods(Anime versions.), a Link monster, and Divine-Beast support. You will gain the "Rune Eye" ability in tandem with this deck.

Rune Eye : Enhance reflexes. You are immune to mind altercations and carding. You can also summon the Polar Gods out of duels.

The anime versions of the Polar Gods and a Link monster! It's probably Gullveig. But sitll it's a Link Monster! Damn! This is so exciting! But let's see the final one first before I make the final choice!

Structure Deck: Destiny's Call

A deck that contains the powerful Destiny HERO archetype. Some of the Destiny have their anime effects. Contains 3 Fusion Monsters and a Link monster. You will gain the "Destiny Draw" ability in tandem with this deck.

Destiny Draw : If your LPs are below 1000 during the Draw Phase, you can add a card of choice from your deck to your hand.

Destiny Heroes! I'm a huge Destiny HERO fan boy, so I was extremely happy when I saw this. Plus Destiny Draw is really useful ability. Damn, another great choice.

"Damn it! All of them are great choices! Why can't I choose every one of them!? No, I must calm myself down and think logically."

I sat down in my bed and I began to think about which deck I was about to play. The Dark Magician deck is very versatile and is a classic. The Polar God's are really powerful once you get them out, and they also revive themselves during the End Phase. Then lastly the Destiny HEROes are unpredictable and are some of my personal favorites. After a minute or so of thinking and deliberation. I finally know the deck that I'm going to choose.

"Okay, the deck I'll choose is...!"

Authors notes:

And done. Whew I'm finally done. Comment on what deck you want Sawatari to use. I'm not going to count Guest reviews though. I'll give you guys a week to vote. If I don't get any votes I'll just pick at random.

What Master Rule am I going to use?

A modified Master Rule 2020. Just think of Master 2020 with the vomit your whole Extra Deck and the Pendulums Scales of Master Rule 3.

Now about my previous fic.

Writer's block. Maybe I'll come back to it in future. Maybe I'll abandon it forever. Who knows? Time will tell so I'm going to leave it open for now.

Why did I decide to start this fic?

I read this DBZ Isekai manga which had person becoming Yamcha. It got me wondering, who is the Yamcha of Arc-V. Shingo Sawatari! Add that with the Gamer! BAM! This shitty fan fic was born!