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Chapter 4: Plot Hurts My Brain

Part 1

It's been years since I befriended Masumi. And during those years, I've grown quite close to her. She's like the little sister that I never had. My father also seemed to take a liking to her and our families were pretty close because of that. Her family was actually pretty well-off just like mine which made my father like Masumi more.

"Hurry up lazy idiot! We're going to be late for our first day of school."

And like any typical sister, she constantly nags at me. Man her voice can be loud at times.

"Slow down Masumi, this old man is not as young as he used to be."

"What are you talking about? You're only 13 you idiot."

She gave me a deadpan stare while telling me that. Hey I resent that, I'm not an Idiot. And technically she's not correct. I'm actually a 30 year old man in 13 year old's body. I would love to say at her, but it's highly unlikely that she'll believe me. She'll probably think that I'm messing with her or that I'm crazy.

"Hey idiot, stop spacing out were going to be late."

During the years, Masumi has gotten comfortable around me and with that comfort came the insults. Ah I miss the times when she wouldn't even dare to talk shit to me. Welp, I still know to handle her personality though.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say my cute rival."

"I-I told you to not call me that in p-public!"

Masumi blushed once I praised her. She's still easy so to tease, even after all these years.

"So it's okay to call you that when we're alone together then?"


Masumi blushing face bacame even redder. She stopped talking and was quite for the rest of the trip after that. I'll say it once again, Masumi is very easy to tease and has a cute reaction. Typical of a standard Tsundere.

Part 2

So you guys are probably wondering what I've been doing the last 5 years right? Well I'm gained a multitude of Monsters, Spells and Traps. Cyberse Quantum Dragon and Topologic Bomber Dragon to name a few. Yes, the Topologic Bomber Dragon that was used by Revolver in the Yugioh Vrains anime. It's a extremely powerful Link-4 that can destroy every monster on the Main Monster Zone.

I've also learned that Thor, Loki, and Odin are literal gods in the universe. They are not affected by monster effects of regular monster's like Castel or Diamond Dire Wolf. The shitty Goddess, Mithra told me that only fellow Divine-Beasts or anomalies like Z-arc or Shooting Quasar Dragon can affect them. They could still be destroyed in battle though and Spells/Traps still affect them which sucks.

They're still pretty broken in a sense. But not as broken as the Wicked Gods or the Egyptian Gods. Like Obelisk who can make its own ATK Infinite and cannot be Tributed (Which means no Kaiju.) and is immune to all other card effects! Maybe I should have gotten the Dark Magician Structure Deck. I'm starting to second guess my choices. Welp it's too late now.

By the way, I didn't only spend on myself. I also gave a couple of cards to Masumi. Block Dragon, Gallant Granite, and the entire Fossil Fusion line-up that I got from the Booster Pack - Rock Excavation. Yes, Rock Excavation it the set that I got from befriending Masumi. The cycle.

Yup, I'm truly a good friend. Masumi was so happy that she gave me hug that regretted later on. The NPC girls in my former school teased her constantly because of that.

Now then. You're probably wondering about my [Quests] and [Challenges]? Well they are all progressing quite smoothly. Synchronicity is now level 5 while Linker is level 3. I also did this challenge called Nope! that gave me the anime-only card Effect Shut, which is a utterly broken Quick-Play Spell that stops a monster from activating its monster effects, then destroys the said monster afterwards. It's like Divine Wrath, but less shitty.

As for the [Quests], I was able to finish Graduation which gave me 100,000 Dueling Points that gave me just enough to buy Sabitel - The Philosopher's Stone (Anime ver.). I also gained a few new ones during the years. I'll give you some examples.

Side Quests

The Stars Align


Become friends with Hokuto Shiijima.

Quest Completion:

Hokuto has a increased chance of becoming a Lancer in the future. (You will only gain this if you do this Quest under a year.)

"Booster Pack: Star Gazer" is unlocked.

Quests Failure:


Time Limit:


Sword of the Stranger


Become friends with Todo Yaiba.

Quest Completion:

Todo has a increased chance of becoming a Lancer in the future. (You will only gain this if you do this Quest under a year.)

"Booster Pack: Bladed Battlefield" is unlocked.

Quests Failure:


Time Limit:


Yup, I need to befriend the other members of the LDS Trio. If you didn't know already Masumi was the third person of that group. Also, I like the anime reference of Yaiba's [Quest] who ever is the one responsible for this. Kudos to you.

Synchro Standard


Show the world that you're the best Synchro User in Standard.

Quest Completion:

You will gain a D-Wheel. (Your choice.)

You will gain the D-Wheeler ability.

Quest Failure:


Time Limit:


Yup a D-Wheel. I'm definitely finishing this. If you're wondering which D-Wheel I'm going to go for it's definitely Valhallander (Team Ragnarok's D-Wheel.) because to fits with my deck. But how do I exactly prove myself here? Meh, I'll figure it out later.

Changing Fate


Defeat Mieru Hochun in a duel.

Quests Completion:

Meiru Hochun becomes a Love Interests.

Meiru has a increased chance of becoming a Lancer in the future.

"Booster Pack: Fates Decree" is unlocked.

Side Quest: Fated Lovers is unlocked.

Quest Failure:


Time Limit:

1 year

As soon as I saw this Quest, I thought to myself. Is this really worth it? You're going to have Meiru Hochun fangirling over you, are you really okay with that? Yes, more the fighters we have the better. Also why is she already a Love Interest once I beat her? But as began to think I through, I really shouldn't be surprised about this. She was like this in the anime when it came to Yuya. Once Yuya beat her in a duel, she instantly fell in love with him. Typical "I beat you and you fall in love with me" anime trope.

Those the are the more relevant Side Quests. The other's are pretty mundane and give very shitty rewards. They're not really worth talking about. Now-

But as I was busy with my inner monologue, Masumi decides to interrupt me.

"Shingo were here."

Me and Masumi were currently in front of Maiami Second Junior High School. In the anime, Masumi didn't Maiami Middle, but her in this universe she followed me here. And I have to say, Maiami Second's school uniform suits her quite well. Masumi was basically wearing a uniform similar to Yuzu Hiragi in the anime, except that she wore it with a blazer unlike Yuzu.

"I never told you this, but you look cute in that uniform."


I decided to tease her a bit. Her reactions are always funny to watch.

"Why did you suddenly praise me like that!?"

"Hahaha! Your reactions are always the best."

My childhood friend was blushing up a storm when I told her that. In response pouted and started to hit me with her fists.

"Hey now, there's no need to get violent."

I mused as her hammer fists weren't painful. Far from it actually. Masumi normally does this kind of stuff when her embarrassment meter is at maximum.

"Shut up..."

She whispered those words to me. While I don't mind doing this kind of playful stuff, it is giving us some unwanted attention.

"Damn that cute girl is already taken."

"What does a loser like him have that I don't?"

"Dude that's Shingo Sawatari!"

"The son of that Politician?"

"Damn it, I hope he didn't hear us."

These mother fuckers. Of course I could fucking hear them. No calm down Shingo, you wouldn't want to get expelled on your face day now would you? Damn it, I really don't doing this kind of stuff but I don't have a choice.

"Let's go Masumi!"

"Wait Shingo! What are you whaa!?"

I grabbed hold of her hands and dragged her to our classroom. Also I didn't see Yuzu or Yuya anywhere. They're probably at different classes just like in the anime.

Part 3

Later that afternoon...

In the world Arc - V there are two types to of educations. Dueling Education, which teaches students things about Dueling. Examples of this are You Show Duel School and the Leo Duel School, LDS for short. The other type of education is the regular one that teaches Math, History and etc. Examples of that is the school that I was currently in, Maiami Second Junior High School. Now you might be asking. Why am I telling you this? Because me and Masumi were currently making our way towards LDS right now.

"Hey Shingo, aren't you excited that we're going to enroll at LDS?"

Masumi asked me as she walked by my side. To tell you the truth, I'm not. I'm only enrolling at LDS because of the multitude of [Quests] that are related to it. But I can't really tell that to Masumi.

"Hey Shingo, are you even listening to me?"

"Sorry but what were you saying?"

I pretended to not hear what she was saying.

"Geez, why are you like this?"

Masumi continued to nag at me until we finally reached the LDS building. If I wasn't fon of her, I would have probably ditched her already.

Part 4

The enrollment process of LDS was not what I expected. There wasn't any exams or even duels. The requirements needed to enroll in LDS is cash. That explaind why amost of the LDS Duelists are shitty when it comes to dueling. Well It doesn't matter anyway. I'm only here for the [Quests].

"It seems that this is where we're going to have tosplit up Shingo, see you later and good luck in the Synchro Course."

"Yeah good luck Masumi."

After we both finished with our enrollment. Musami gave me a smile and the two of us parted ways. Masumi went to the Fusion Course and I made my to Synchro Course.

"Well then. It's time to show these fucking third-rates what a true duelist is like."

As I was making my way through the hallways towards my destination, I saw a Duelists that I recognized from the anime. He was the Constellar user Hokuto Shiijima. He's also one of the students that I have to befriend. And he was currently standing infront of a guy that I didn't recognize.

"You're Yu Sakuragi right?"

"Yes? Do you need something from me?"

Yu Sakuragi? Wait that bishounen over there is Yu Sakuragi. He's the guy in my [Quest] that I have to defeat! Shit this is interesting. I'll observe them both for a bit.

"Yeah, I want to duel you! I want to prove that I'm the strongest XYZ user in LDS! No scratch that, I want to prove that I'm the best duelist in LDS period."

Oh? Shiijima is challenging him? Interesting, let's see if Sakuragi agrees to Shiijima's challenge.

"I have no interest in Dueling weakling like you."

"Weakling!? I'll have you know that I've never lost a duel in my life!"

So this Sakuragi fellow is a high and mighty arrogant prick. Nice! I could probably do that Strongest of you Generation [Quest] today because of his personality-type. Nice nice.

"If your done talking I'll take my lea-"

"What's this? The Yu Sakuragi is afraid to duel an upstart?

I decided to provoke this pretty boy. Fuck his face annoys me for some reason

"Tch! Another kid who doesn't know his place. Who are you exactly? Are you his friend of something?"

Yu Sakuragi asked me whilst pointing at Hokuto Shiijima. In response, I gave him an arrogant smirk.

"What are you smirking for?"

Sakuragi asked me with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Good I'm getting into his head.

"Answer me!"

"Heh, my name is Shingo Sawatari. Pleasure to meet you Suckuragi."

Sakuragi's face contort when I mocked/butchered his name. I was correct about my assumption of his personality. He's so high and mighty that a few shitty taunts can annoy him to no end.

"You arrogant brat!"

Yu Sakuragi face was red due to his anger. He then cocks his fist back and tried to deliver a punch on me. But unluckily for him, I was able to effortlessly catch it due to my Rune Eye. I love having the Gamer ability.

"What the hell?!"

"There's no need to resort to violence Suckuragi."

A crowd started gather around the two of us. Sakuragi wasn't able to notice them though as he was busy focusing his attention to me.

"How about we duel instead?"

Sakuragi pulls his hand from my grip then gives me a look of disgust.

"Why would I duel someone like you!?"

I smiled at him before turning my attention to the crowd that gathered around me and Sakuragi.

"Everyone! Look at the so called best duelist of LDS! He's to afraid to duel someone so insignificant like me. Me a student who just recently enrolled at the LDS Synchro Course! Who knew that th great Yu Sakuragi was such a cowad!"

I made sure that everyone in the vicinity heard my voice. Yu Sakuragi panicked slightly when realized that there was a crowd around us.

"Damn it. You planned for this!"

"Huh? I don't know what you're about talking."

Sakuragi was fuming from what I'm seeing from his face. He's can't back down now. If he doesn't duel me, rumors of him running away from me will spread. It doesn't matter if they if the believe it or not, the rumor will still be out there and with a personality like his, he's not going to like it.

"Hey Sakuragi why you afraid of a newly enrolled student? I guess your win against me was a fluke."

"Shut up Ryou! Don't butt in to this!"

Nice a student that he's not in good terms joined in. Now we'll just have to wait for Arc - V's smooth brain mob characters to give there stupid input.

"Maybe Sakuragi is not that good at dueling after all."

"That'd be pretty disappointing if that were true. He has a pretty handsome face after all."

"It's always the pretty boys with you girl."

"Stop running Sakuragi, prove these idiots wrong! That Sawatari guy is probably just a loser that wants to make a name for himself!"

Whoever the last one was fuck you! If we ever get a chance to duel I'll fucking destroy you with my God's!

"Fine I'll duel you brat! But, it has to be an Action Duel."

"Wait... Action Duel?"

Welp, I'm definitely going to use my God's. Action Duels are one of the most fucking bullshit ways of dueling. Wait... You don't know what action duels are? Don't worry Uncle Shingo's got you covered. Action Duels is what I would call a plot convenience... We're you expecting more? Well though luck, I'm too lazy to explain that shit.

As both me and Sakuragi left. Hokuto Shiijima was left with hanging with his mouth wide open.

"Wait... What about me? What about my duel?! I was the one who asked for it first!"

Part 5

After I parted ways with Shingo. I made my way towards Fusion Course. I was so excited about this because many of the worlds top Fusion users came from this place.

"This is exciting."

As I entered the classroom that I was assigned (Class 1 - A) for the Fusion Course I was greeted a adult male. He must a Professor.

"Ah! Your Masumi right? I'm Marco, a professor of the Fusion Course. Please take a seat next to..."

He scanned the area for some empty seat. I to looked at the room saw it was jammed pack. The room had fifty students atleast. And of those a fifty, only 30% will remain.

"Okay, there's an empty seat! Masumi, please take a seat right next to miss Serena."

The girl he pointed to had indigo colored hair which was tied into a ponytail. But one thing confused me. Why did Professor Marco call her miss? I she somebody important? Maybe.


I nodded at Professor Marco and sat right next to "Serena". She didn't even acknowledge my presence so I did the same.

"Okay, now that everyone is he-"

"Marco this is bad!"

As Professor Marco was about to start his lesson. He was interrupted by person that I assumed as another Professor.

"Oh? What's wrong Jeagar?"

"A newly enrolled student challenged Yu Sakuragi to a duel!"

Professor Marco gained a confused look when Jeagar told him that. A new enrolled student? Don't tell me that idiot.

"Is there something wrong with that?"

"Sakuragi lost in a single turn Marco. A single turn."

Some of the students around me became excited when they heard that. They began chatting amongst themselves like excited children. Who was this Sakuragi guy anyway?

"This is bad look for LDS. A newly enrolled student beating the best student of our school... Jeagar, who defeated Sakuragi?"

"His name is Shingo Sawatari."

My eyes widened momentarily. I should have expected this. Shingo always doing reckless thing like this ever since we were kids. But as was busy thinking about Shingo, the girl who sat right next to me, Serena stood up from her seat and made her way towards the classroom door.

"Um... Miss Akaba, is something wrong?"

Jaeger asked the indigo haired girl. She's an Akaba? That would explain why she's being treated with a lot of respect.

"I'm going to duel that Sawatari guy."

"No! You can't beat him miss Akaba! He's not a normal duelist!?"

"Are you underestimating my dueling skills Jeagar?"

"No! I'm not underestimating you! The monster he used to defeat Sakuragi was not normal!"

"Not normal?"

"Yes, he called his monster a God, and it was able to injure Sakuragi."

This was news to me. I've dueled to Shingo more times that I could count, and during those duels I've never been injured and he's never summoned any God of the sort. Damn it, he's keeping secrets from me.

"Injure? That makes me want to duel him even more. I'm going and you're not going to stop me!"

Damn it Shingo! Why are you always doing stupid things like this!?

"I'm going too! Shingo's my friend and I want to know what happened in the duel!"

Serena takes notice of me and smiles. She then motions me to follow her.

"He's your friend? Good, you can point his face out to me."

I nodded and followed the girl. Damn it Shingo! What are you doing?!

"Ah... This is really bad. Alright all of you, classes dismissed for today."

Marco decided to stop the 1st year Fusion Course for the day. He can't really start the class if Serena Akaba is not taking part in it. A teacher should not normally play favorites when it comes to students, but Serena is an Akaba, she's an exception. Himika Akaba the owner of LDS would throw a fit if she found out that her daughter didn't attend her classes after all.

Part 6

Moments earlier...

As I entered the Real Solid Vision is was impressed. The place was fucking huge. I couldn't help buy whistle at the sight.

"I'm impressed, as expected of LDS."

They a have ton of money thanks to the rich students enrolling here. Greedy fucks.

"Oh is this your first time seeing something like this? No don't answer that. Of course a lose-"

"Yeah yeah yeah, shut the fuck up and activate your duel disk."

I decided to cut him off because I didn't want to hear his voice. He gave me a look of disdain before activating his duel disk. I did the same and activated my own custom made Kaiba like DSOD duel disk. Yes, I'm going to keep bringing that up because I have DSOD Duel Disk.

" Fine. Professor Jeagar, activate the Action Field."

"Are you sure about this Sakuragi?"

"Don't worry Professor! I'll make short work of this!"

"Haaah... Fine."

Professor Jeagar relents and actives the Real Solid Vision system.

Action Field: On

Sky Palace

The area that I was in transformed into into large floating castle in the sky. After the Action Cards scattered around the area we were in. Some in the castle and some in the clouds.

"Duelist locked in battle! Kicking the earth and- Hey, why aren't chanting with me?"


"It's traditional to do that during Action Duels!"

"Then do it yourself. I'm not much of a traditionalist."

Sakuragi grits his teeth in annoyance. Man, I feel like I'm the villain here. Welp! I don't really fucking care!

"Fine then! No chants!"



Shingo Sawatari VS. Yu Sakuragi

Sakuragi's Turn

Sakuragi's LPs: 4000

Sakuragi's Hand: 5 cards

"I'll go first!"

Sakuragi looks at his five cards then smirks arrogantly at me. Let's see what type of deck he utilizes.

"I'll Normal Summon Spellbook Magician of Prophecy in ATK position."

(Spellbook Magician of Prophecy/WATER/Level 2/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 500/DEF 400)

A young mage that was wearing a long blue robe appeared of Sakuragi's side of the field. Oh shit! I remember now! Sakuragi was one of the duelists that was wrecked by Obelisk Force in Maiami Championship. The shitty Spellbook user that used Hierophant of Prophecy.

"When Spellbook of Magician Prophecy is Normal Summoned, I can add 1 Spellbook Spell from my Deck to my hand."

The young mage clad in blue raised his arm as he activated his effect.

"The card that I will add to my hand is Spellbook of Knowledge!"

Okay let's see where he's going here. Let's see if he's less shitty than his anime counterpart.

"Now that I'll reveal 3 Spellbook Spell from my hand..."

Sakuragi showed me Spellbook of Fate, Spellbook of Wisdom, and his newly added Spellbook of Knowledge.

"...to Special Summon two monsters from my hand! Appear my High Priestesses of Prophecy!

(High Priestess of Prophecy/LIGHT/Level 7/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 2500/DEF 2100) x 2

Two identical female spellcasters appeared appeared side-by-side on Sakuragi's field. He's going to XYZ Summon then.

"Now I'll overlay my two level 7 High Priestesses. The successor of the legendary magician! Make your presence known then eradicate those who stand before me! XYZ Summon! Come! Rank 7! Hierophant of Prophecy!"

(Hierophant of Prophecy/DARK/Rank 7/Spellcaster/XYZ - Effect/ATK 2800/DEF 2600/OVL 2)

A mage wearing a black and gold robe appeared next to Magician of Prophecy. He actually did it. I personally wouldn't have done an XYZ Summon, but to each there own I guess.

"How is that rookie? Are you impressed by XYZ Summon?"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever Suckuragi."

I waved him off dismissively. I really like annoying him for some reason. Maybe I have a sadistic side to me.

"Grrrr... I'll activate Spell book of Knowledge by sending Spellbook Magician of Prophecy to graveyard. In doing so, I can draw two cards."

Sakuragi draws two cards. He smiles at cards that he drew.

"Heh! I'll set all four of my cards and end my turn!"

Sakuragi's Hand: 0 cards

For set card appeared on his Spell/Trap Zone. He's really walling it up.

"Kyaaah! Sakuragi you're so cool!"

"Show him why you're the best Sakuragi!"

"Beat Sakuragi down Sawatari! Knock that arrogant asshole off his thrown!"

Oh yeah. I forgot that we had spectators. Also to that last guy, don't worry Shingo's got you covered bro.

Shingo's Turn

"My turn draw!"

Shingo's LPS: 4000

Shingo's Hand: 6 cards

I looked at the card I drew and grinned. Well then, this is going to be a quick duel.

"I'll activate Sabitiel - The Philosopher Stone! By paying half of my LPs..."

Shingo's LPs: 4000 to 2000

"...I can swap Sabitiel with any card in my Deck! And card that I'm going to swap it with is Heavy Storm!"

The Sabitiel in my hand swapped places with the Heavy Storm in my Deck. Sakuragi's eyes widened in surprise once he heard what I said.

"What kind of card is that!?"

I grinned at him and started to explain what Sabitiel was.

"Sabitiel is a Philosopher Stone. A legendary alchemical substance that is capable of changing base metals into gold. But in my case it can change itself into any card in my Deck."

The crowd around us started to chatter amongst themselves. They were also surprised by my the effect of my card.

" That card is really broken dude."

"Who that heck is he?"

"I've seen him before. He's the son of Furio Sawatari, the Politician, if remember correctly."

"Oh shit, is that why he has that card? His father must have bought it for him."

"That's impossible. My father is richer that his. If a card like that was for sale I would have already gotten one."

There seems to be some confusion with the mob characters. Well I'll leave them be and continue on with my turn.

"Now I'll activate my newly acquired Heavy Storm and destroy your backrow!"

A large tornado formed and destroyed every Spell/Trap on Sakuragi's field.

"Damn it! My Set cards!"

His backrow consisted of Bottomless Trap Hole, Dimensional Prison, Spellbook of Wisdom and Spellbook of Fate. That could have been a fucking problem for me.

"Sabitiel has another effect. If I activated the card that I swapped with it, I can return Sabitiel to my hand."

My Deck glowed and broken Spell Card returned back to my hand as if it never left it.

"What the!? It returns to your hand!"

"Yes. Then I'll Normal Summon Dverg the Nordic Alfar in ATK Position!"

(Dverg the Nordic Alfar/EARTH/Level 1/Warrior/Effect/ATK 100/DEF 1000)

A brown colored spirit manifested to my side of the field. It has blue colored eyes and a long beard. Sakuragi narrows his eyes at my monster.

"Nordic Alfar..."

It seems that Sakuragi is more wary of me now. He seemed ready to an Action Card.

"After I Normal Summon Dverg, I can Normal Summon another monster in addition to my Normal Summon or Set! I'll Normal Summon Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar!"

(Ljosalf the Nordic Alfar/LIGHT/Level 4/Spellcaster/Effect/ATK 1400/DEF 1200)

This time it was blue spirit that appeared on my side of the field.

"Now Ljosalf's effect will activate. When he's Summoned, I can Special Summon 1 monster from my hand who's level is equal or lower to that of Lhosalf and another monster I control. Ljosalf and Dverg have a combined level of 5, which means that I can Special Summon a level 5 or lower monster from my hand! Appear my Tuner monster! Level 5 Svartalf of the Nordic Alfar!"

(Ljosalf the Nordic Alfar/DARK/Level 5/Spellcaster/Tuner - Effect/ATK 1400/DEF 1600)

A pink colored spiri manifested right next to the other two. He looked more mischievous than the previous two that I summoned.

"A Tuner monster! Your going to Synchro Summon!"

Thank you captain fucking obvious. Now let me Synchro Summon in peace.

"Now I'll tune my level 5 Tuner Svartalf with my level 4 non-tuner Ljosalf and my level 1 non-tuner Dverg! Whimsical god born from the stars, show us your absolute power and laugh at the world! Synchro Summon! Descend! Level 10! Loki, Lord of the Aesir!"

(Loki, Lord of the Aesir/DIVINE/Level 10/Divine-Beast/Synchro - Effect/ATK 3300/DEF 3000)


A tear in fabric of space an time appeared and out came from it was Loki. The trickster god of Norse mythology made his presence known whilst sporting a grin.

"DIVINE? Divine-Beast? I've never heard of that attribute and monster type before. That in tandem with that broken Spell Card. Who are you exa- Wait! What's wrong with your eye!?"

Oh shit! I forgot that It activates when I Summon a God onto the field. RIP. I can't really hide now.

"It's called the Rune Eye. It's proof that I'm the rightful owner of the God of Trickery Loki."

I could tell that the audience didn't believe me. Why you might ask! Because they were fucking shit talking me!

"Is this guy serious? He must be a chuunibyou."

"Yeah and the Rune Eye thingy must be contact lens."

"Gross... I hate guys like him."

No Shingo, calm down. Don't let these brain dead mob characters get to you. Just continue on with your turn.

"Now, I'll activate the Quick-Play Spell Trap Booster! By discarding Sabitiel - The Philosopher Stone, I can then activate the Trap Card Divine Relic Mjollnir from my hand!"

A massive hammer appeared and appeared in the hands of Loki.

"Divine Relic Mjollnir will a allow a Divine-Beast-Type monster that control to attack twice during each Battle Phase!"


Sakuragi panicked instantly went for an Action Card. I'm not going to let him though.

"Loki attack Hierophant of Prophecy! Vanity Bullet!"


Loki gather dark energy onto to tips of his finger. He then shoots the said energy like a bullet. The magical bullet then races through the air before it hits its target.



Sakuragi's LPs: 4000 to 3500

Sakuragi was sent flying by the resulting explosion.

"Why did that hurt so much!? I only took 500 damage."

Sakuragi wondered out loud. I almost forgot that the Gods do actual damage to my opponents. Welp, Sakuragi will probably get injured when I'm done with this duel.

"When a monster with Mjollnir destroys an opponent's monster by battle, it will inflict 1000 damage to my opponent!"

Yu Sakuragi's LPs: 3500 to 2500


Sakuragi was clutching his chest in pain due to the power of Mjollnir.

"Now onto the finale! Loki attack him directly! Vanity Bullet!"

As Loki gathering energy onto his finger tips, Sakuragi stood up and raced through the castle and was able to grab an Action Card that was nearby.

"Nice! I'll activate Action Magic: Sky Kings Mirror!"

A large mirror appeared infront of Sakuragi, and as that happened Loki unleashed his bullet but was blocked by said mirror.

"Sky Kings Mirror has the effect that when my opponent declares a I direct attack, the damage that I would have normally taken is returned back to my opponent instead. You only have 2000 rookie! It's my win!"

"So it's like Magic Cylinder then. Cool, but it's pretty useless against though Loki."

"Useless? What are you talking about?"

As Sakuragi asked that the mirror that was protecting him from Loki's attack slowly started to break.

"What!? What's happening?! Why isn't his attack being reflected back at you!?"

"Loki is the Trickster God after all. Once per turn, when my opponent activates a Spell or Trap during the damage step. I can negate that cards activation and destroy it."

The mirror that was protecting Sakuragi shattered.



Sakuragi was directly hit by Loki's attack and was sent flying to the wall. He was likely injured from the look of it. Shit, I didn't mean to rough him up this much.

Sakuragi's LPs: 2500 to 0



1841 Dueling Points

Quest Completed: Strongest of the Generation

Title: (King of LDS) acquired.

50,000 Dueling Points

New Love Interest (Because you used a Polar God in the duel.)

Nice! Fucking nice! This is awesome! 50,000 Dueling Points! With that kind of money I can buy more packs!




I turned my attention to see who it was responsible for clapping. But I panicked slightly when I saw said person. Shit! I need to calm down. I don't the man in front of me to think I'm he's enemy.

"Magnificent Shingo Sawatari."

The man in front of me was Reiji Akaba. The best character in Arc - V in my opinion. Oh yeah, he had his employee Nakajima with him.

Part 7

Moments later...

After I finished my duel with Sakuragi. Reiji Akaba and lackey Nakajima led me to what I could have guessed as is his office.

"Go inside the office and don't try anything funny."

Nakajima told me in a serious tone. I shrugged my shoulder not really caring about any of his threats. Look at this fucking irrelevant side character trying to threaten me. Laughable!

As all three of us made ourselves comfortable in the office, Reiji started off the conversation with a question.

"Shingo Sawatari, where did you get that card that you called a God?"

"I didn't get them. They chose me instead."

I lied, I was the one that chose them when I was picking my Starter Decks. Reiji studied my body language to see if I was lying.

"You said 'they' does that mean that you have more?"


I added the three Polar Gods from deck to my hand. Then I showed all three of them to Reiji. This is a sign of trust from my part.

"Interesting, all three of them are Synchro Monsters. Shingo Sawatari, I'll be blunt. Do you know about the other dimensions, specifically the Synchro Dimension?"

Straight to the point huh? Okay how should I answer this? Do I answer him honestly or do lie to him? Ah shit, why not. I'll answer honestly.

"I know about them."

I answered nonchalantly. Nakajima tenses whan I said that. After that he activates his duel disk.

"Chill man chill. I'm not your enemy."

"Nakajima calm down and deactivated your duel disk."

Nakajima reluctantly agrees to his bosses order. What a good corporate slave you are Nakajima. Good for you.

"Now then. Are you from the Synchro Dimension Shingo Sawatari?"

"Nope. I'm not from Synchro, XYZ, or even Fusion. I was born here, in good old Standard. You can check for my birth certificate in Maiami Central Hospital if you want proof."

"So how do you know about the other dimensions then?"

Reiji asked me in a calm manner. Fuck he's such a badass. Damn it! Must not fanboy!

"Would you believe me if I told you that I'm from the future?"

"The future?"


Yep, I decided to bullishit him with future bit. I'm not telling him that he's a an anime character in my past life. He'll probably think I'm crazy.

"Okay, tell me about this 'future' then."

I decided to tell him about the plot of Arc-V, or at least the parts that I remembered. With this my chances of survival will greatly increase. Reiji will be able to plan out counter measures on what was about to happen and my life would be smooth sailing after that.

But you might be asking. Why did I wait this long to Reiji about the future events? Simple, I didn't want to inform Leo Akaba about my presence. Plus I wanted to enjoy my life first before all the crazy shit happens.

"Pendulum Summoning, Academia Invading the XYZ dimension, the Original dimension and Z-arc."

Reiji ponders while Nakajima didn't believe a word that I said.

"Boss, I don't trust this kid. He could be a spy from Academia."

"Nakajima don't talk for moment."

"But bos-"

Reiji glares at Nakajima which causes the man to shut his mouth. Heh! Serves you right mother fucker!

"Shingo Sawatari, I believe your story. Because a lot of what you said was true, Including the part of Yusho Sakaki using my experimental interdimensiol travel decice."

Good, I got him to believe me. This is good. If Reiji is my ally Academia will be a piece of cake.

"But you're wrong on some parts. My father is not the one leading of Academia, he's never been leader. My father, Leo Akaba opposed the leader of Academia and was killed by their leader."

What?! Leo's dead and is not the leader of Academia!? What the fuck is going on!? Did fuck I something up!? No that's impossible!? I've only been in standard!? I've never been in Fusion Dimension. No calm down.

"That's impossible. Who's the leader of Academia then?"

"The one that you told me about earlier, Z-arc."

Oh... Oh fuck... Oh fuck me in the asshole. How is this possible? Wait what about the Yu boys then? Do they exist.

"Reiji, does Yuya Sakaki exist here in Standard?"

"Yes, Sakaki Yusho has son named Yuya Sakaki. But from what you told me about Z-arc's true identity. I don't know how his existence is possible though."

The mysteries keep on piling on. Damn it, I'll ask Mithra about this later. If she answers me though.

Part 8

After my discussion with Reiji. He made me a Member of the Lancers and He also tasked me into helping him recruit potential Lancers. It's good that Reiji trusts me. But that's the one flaw that I remembered from him. He was too trusting and let Dennis infiltrate the Lancers. But that won't happen in this time line.

Also before I left, I gave him my Decode Talker to study. Yes the Lancers will likely get a there own Link Monster. I told Reiji to not release them to the public because Academia might have a chance of stealing them. I don't want Academia to gain Link Monsters.

Yes, I'm not going to have that epic Link Summon that I want. But I am going to get credit for it though. Plans change after all. I can't play around now with Z-arc alive and leading Academia.

"There you are Shingo Sawatari! I challenge you to a duel!"

Oh cmon. I don't want to have a duel right now.

"Okay! Who the fuck is the one challenging me this time?"

"Me! My name Serana Akaba! I challenge you and your God to a duel!"

Oh yeah, Reiji did say that his family adopted Serena 4 years ago after his father sacrificed his life to save her from Z-arc. Yup, Leo is really good dude here in this timeline.

"Shingo you idiot... I watched a replay of your duel. So you're been holding back against me all these years."

Ah fuck. Masumi's also here? Damn it, I made it her sad. I hate doing that to her. This day is getting worse by the minute. Fuck man, and to think it started of so good.

Part 9

Later that night...

"Man, what a long day."

After day of comprises (I promised to duel Serena tommorow.) and promises (I promised to go shopping with Masumi during the weekend as a way of apologizing.) I was finally able made it back home.

And after I finished my dinner I decided to head to my room and look if there were any new [Quests] for me to do.


Side Quests

Fierce Cat


Befriend Serena Akaba.

Quest Completion:

Serena Akaba becomes a Love Interests.

"Booster Pack: King of Beasts" is unlocked.

Side Quest: Moonlit Lovers is unlocked.

Quest Failure:


Time Limit:


Befriend Serena huh? This is tricky. From what I could tell from my brief interaction with her. She's mostly the same as her anime counterpart. This is going to be hard.

Under the Mistletoe


Make Olga your girlfriend. The Polar Gods are worshipped in her culture so this should be easy for you. (Unlocked by Summoning a Polar God during the Strongest of he Generation Quest.) (HINT: She will trasfer to your school in a week. Be prepared!)

Quest Completion:

Olga Valentina becomes your girlfriend.

1 x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Quest Failure:


Time Limit:


This chick is that Glacial Beast user that was carded by Yuri in the anime. She's that Love Interests that I unlocked? That's mildly disappointing. But Trishula isn't though. Damn it man, why is it locked into a girlfriend [Quest]?

Glory of the North!


Train Olga in Dueling.

Quest Completed:

Olga has a increased chance of becoming a Lancer in the future.

"Booster Pack: Frozen Waters" is unlocked.

Quest Failure:

Olga will have a high chance of being carded.

Time Limit:

1 year

I'll definitely train her then. Another Lancer is always welcomed. Plus I don't want her to get carded.

That's all my new [Quests] at moment. Well then... It's time to buy some packs!

50 opened packs later...

I didn't get any relevant cards except for another Block Dragon. I'll probably give to Masumi like I did the last one.

"It's 10:00 PM already? Okay its time to talk to Mithra about what the fuck is going on at the Fusion Dimension."

I closed my eyes and entered the place that I dubbed as the Free Duel Zone.

It took me a just a second to enter that place. Now to hound this fucking Goddess who was drinking a bottle of wine? How the fuck did she get that in here?

"Yo Mithra! What the fuck is going on!? Why Leo Akaba is dead!? Why is Z-arc is the head of Academia?!"

Mithra gives a uninterested look before she let's out a huge sigh. I really fucking hate this dismissive attitude of her! Only I can do that!

"Do know about the Multiverse Theory?"

I mind froze for a second when she said that. Oh fuck...

"Oh fuck..."

When she said the Multiverse Theory, I realized that I wasn't in the original Arc-V timeline. This is a totally different Universe than the show. Which means that my knowledge is almost useless here. Fuck fuck fuck! (Also for those confused, Dimensions are different from Universes. Dimensions are part of a Universe. Multiverses is a group of different Universes.)

"It seems that I don't need to explain to you what the Multiverse Theory is to you. Now shoo! Go do your Free Duels and don't bother me!"

This shitty goddess is really a piece of work. But... Wait a minute...

"Why the fuck did you send me here and not the original timeline!?"

"Hah? Did honestly think that I would bother and that? There a millions of different timelines, do you honestly think that I have the time find the original for a loser like you? You must be stupid!"

This mother fucker! That's it, fuck her! I took Mithra's bottle of wine from her which in turn caused her to panic.

"No give that back! It's been years since I drank wine! Please give it back! I used all of my savings on that!"

She shrieked like a banshee as she struggled to take it back from me. Once again, I would like to thank the Rune Eye ability for my enhanced reflexes. She chased around for half an hour before Mithra gave up and cried in a corner. I knew she was faking though as she kept on looking back at me. She probably thinks I'll pity her. Pfft! Laughable! I hid the bottle of wine in my [Inventory] and left the Free Duel Zone much to Shitty Goddesses displeasure. Fuck her!

Part 10


In the innermost sanctum of Academia was throne room. And in that room was a man, he was Z-arc the demon duelist that almost destroyed the Original Dimension. He was currently having a conversation with one of his generals.

"What is the current progress in XYZ Dimension Edo Phoenix?"

Zarc asked the Commander-and-Chief of the Invasion Force for the XYZ Dimension through his communication device.

"Milord, we have taken over 90% of Heartland now. The pace is what you expected."

Edo was eager to reply due to his success during a mere week. Zarc smiles at his subordinates new.

"Good. But what about the Dark Rebellion card? Were able to locate its user?"

Edo Phoenix nodded through the screen of the communication device.

"Yes milord, we were able to find its user but he keeps on escaping our troops."

"I see, what about the girl that I told you about?"

"The girl was with user of Dark Rebellion."

Z-arc pauses and grits his teeth. He was fuming with anger.

"I see, Edo when you take over a 100% of Heartland, I'll send over my son, Yuri there. He'll be the one tasked to hunt the user of the Dark Rebellion card."

Edo was surprised by Z-arc's proclamation.

"But milord I'm enou-"

"Are you questioning my orders?"

"No sir."

Edo flinches at Z-arc's threatening tone. Nobody in Academia has the guts to question the demon duelist, well except for a select few.

"Good, now continue on with conquest of Heartland, and when your done, report back to me.


Edo Phoenix salutes Z-arc before turning off his communication device.

"Hahaha! You have that boy scared shitless!"

Z-arc turns his attention towards the laughing voice. He was tall and muscular man with long black hair. He was Kagemaru, the second in command of Academia.

"Kagemaru, how was your trip to the Synchro Dimension?"

"It's just as you said, Roget has betrayed us and joined the leader of that place."

Kageru smirks at Z-arc showing the air familiarity between the men.

"Were you able to get the name of the leader?"

"Even better, I dueled the man. He goes by the name of Z-one. I doubt that's his real name though."

Z-arc ponder as he gives Kagemaru a questioning look.

"How strong is he Kagemaru?"

"Very strong. I had to use my Sacred Beasts against him and even after that, I was still having hard time."

Z-arc forms as smile when he saw Kagemaru's happy demeanor.

"So I'm guessing you either tied or there was no result in your duel?"

"Yeah, that bastard Roget interrupted us. When I get my hands on him I'll feed him to Raviel!"

"I see, we'll let the Synchro Dimension be for now. Let's concentrate on the XYZ dimension first."

Kagemaru grins like a mad beast before shrugging his shoulders.

"That's fine by me! But don't forget Z-arc, once you regain your full power, I'll be the first one to duel the you! Uria, Hamon, and Raviel desires it!"



Name : Shingo Sawatari

Age : 13

Title : Mr. Perfect

Deck : Nordic Deck

Ace Monster : Odin, Father of the Aesir

Dueling Points: 61410


Gamers Mind: Gives you access to the Gamer menu.

Rune Eye : Enhance reflexes. You are immune to mind altercations and carding. You can also summon the Polar Gods out of duels.

The Highest Being: You will gain this ability if your Ace Monster is "Odin, Father of the Aesir". If Odin is face-up on the field, you can change your draw during the Draw Phase into a Nordic card instead. (You can only use this once per duel.)

Divine Blessing : You will gain this ability if your Ace Monster is a DIVINE Divine-Beast. Your chances of drawing a brick hand at the start of the duel is reduced by 100%.

Pefectionist : You will gain this ability if your title is "Mr. Perfect". You will gain a 25% boost to your Dueling Points when you don't take any damage during your duel.

Legend : Gives a 50% chance to draw the right card in the right situation. (Once per duel.)


Furio Sawatari : Loves

Mio Sawatari : Loved

Sawatari Family Servants : Respects

Mithra : Tolerates

Serena Akaba : Rival

Yu Sakuragi : Fears

Reiji Akaba : Ally

Nakajima : Suspicious

Love Interests

Masumi Kotsu

Age: 13

Deck: Gem-Knight

Ace Monster: Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond

Likes: Fusion Summoning, Dueling, Strong Opponents, Gems, Shingo Sawatari

Dislike: People who belittle Fusion Summoning, Weak Opponents

Hearts: 8/10

Olga Valentina

Age: 13

Deck: Glacial Beast

Ace Monster: Glacial Beast Iceberg Narwhal

Likes: Winter, Snow, Shingo Sawatari

Dislike: Summer, Warm Places

Hearts: 5/10

Authors Note:

Now before we begin. I would like to have a moment of silence for the nose of the MMA fighter Dominick Reyes, which was flattened by fist of Jan Blachowicz.

Rest In Piece sweet child.

Now then! Let's get into the longest chapter yet!

The Plot is not going to be the same for the most part. Some people might be turned off by this. Which is understandable. I won't really blame you if you leave. But I realized that by having a protagonist that knows everything is really boring. Let's make his life a bit more harder for fun.

Now to the Divine-Beast thing. I wanted to power up the Polar Gods because I don't want them to lose to things like the thing I mentioned up above, Castel. That'd be pretty shitty when Leo Dancer and Ultimate Falcon are immune to all card effects. (The anime version of Leo Dancer is immune to card effects.)

But some people still might think they're too strong. To circumvent that I added the likes of Kagemaru, who has the Sacred Beasts, which are Divine-Beasts in the anime and Z-one who has the Timelords which are anomalies like Z-arc. More characters from other Yugioh franchises will appear. Except from the DM and Vrains. I love Vrains but there's no Link Dimension in Arc-V and I'm not going to add it. Too much work. While DM is DM, I don't want add it. (This might change in future if I ever have a Change of Heart. Eyyyyyy! I'll see myself out now.)

Thanks for the reviews and views! Sayofuckingnara! I'm out! Peace!