Team seven were ready to leave after accomplishing their fourth mission however Kakashi had other ideas such as breaking the ice between the children. Naruto and Sasuke just couldn't stop their usually meaningless bickering. The topic was generally about Sakura trying to be liked by Sasuke and Naruto trying to be liked by Sakura while Sasuke ignores both. Naruto hated it when Sasuke underestimated him while Sakura despises Naruto's cheerful nature.

Kakashi's p.o.v.

Personally, I do not mind the children's bickering but Naruto can sometimes be a pain in the peach. He literally shouts behind Sakura like there is no tomorrow. Always so cheerful to her and never ceases to not get a hint. Even I pity him sometimes. Still, I can feel something from Naruto, something deep but covered maybe it is because I cannot believe that a kid's life like Naruto's can't be that lively.

On the other hand, there is Sasuke; he has a big obsession to get stronger and he often tries to show us that he divers himself among his peers. He doesn't want to be seen as a kid that's the reason why he doesn't try to befriend his teammates. Also, I don't understand why yet, but he is slightly more hostile towards Sakura while he and Naruto share a never ending competitive spirit although Sasuke had never vocally admitted that he accepts Naruto as his rival.

In the end, I figured it out how to make the team more friendly. I don't care about Sakura's love stuff about Sasuke or Naruto's love stuff about Sakura, I quite like love triangles. So if only I can end Naruto and Sasuke's little fights, I can have a peace of my mind off Naruto's loud voice. I told them that I and Sakura will go to an old lady's house for a whole week in order to care for her. I'm going to tell them that I need Sakura to take care of the Lady's ladylike needs. By this way, those little brats would have to go on the mission where is on the outskirts of Konoha. They will walk half-hour-long way twice a day 'till the end of the week just to reap some weeds. Maybe giving them some time to adjust their personalities would solve the problematic attitude between them.


-Kakashi Sensei! You're late again?!

-Well, I was on an errand Sakura. Now you brat's don't cause any problems to Suzuki-san, she is already old enough.

- Kakashi Sensei, when will you stop giving us such boring missions! And I still don't want to be alone with Teme (As you all know it is Sasuke's nickname from Naruto)

-With an Usuratonkachi (It means light hammer; which also means useless) like you, it wouldn't be so surprising that we get missions as easy like those ones.


-Then, we are leaving don't be late you two.

-Yes, Sensei!

-Hn, you're too loud dobe.

-Tsch, teme...

Well, I'm a little bit worried but it seems okay right?...

Sasuke's p.o.v.

I really am willing to drop off this mission before I go back to my training which is much more helpful than walking a total hour of one long way with the dead last Naruto. Fortunately, there is something wrong with Naruto today, his weirdness started with him not being late which followed the weird occasion of not speaking or any kind of dumbness. Those behaviors are not so common with Naruto and thankfully that makes me less annoyed thank normal. I hope he chooses to continue with his abnormal attitude with a shut mouth. As we go further with our way on a warm early fall day, I simply notice the tree's leaves. They've begun to get yellowish and crunchier. Some of them even fall from the delicate branches of the thick old trees. The sight was appealing to my eyes, I don't particularly like anything but I know how to appreciate a good scene of nature. The ambience of the narrow woods path had made my day a little bit less annoying also with Naruto's blissful silence I can say that I'm pretty content. When we've arrived at the destination, I got a glimpse of the old cottage. It was the moment when Naruto started to beam a huge silly grin and run amok to Suzuki-san's cottage. She was waiting for us on the wide wooden platform of her cottage. When she'd saw Naruto's cocky grin, she started to smile lovingly towards him before she gracefully waved her hands to us. The sudden change in that dobe's actions made me a tiny bit of curious however I wasn't interested enough to dig in and ask so I just went with the flow and asked Suzuki-san what to do about her garden. She quickly showed us her vegetable garden for us to avoid harming them. I kinda understand why this mission takes about a week since there are five whole football fields.

-Naruto-kun could you please take care of the north side of the garden while Sasuke-kun helps the south side?

-Of course Hikaru-baachan!

His enthusiastic manners really make me sick. He immediately returned to his original self but much to my like the dead last was quiet again on the way to home. We instantly separated our ways when our surroundings had become more familiar.

Naruto's p.o.v.

Today was easier to play it off since Sasuke doesn't give a chocolate cake about me. I was able to simply shut my mouth and go on with the way 'till I actually get into my character and be a stupid blond. When you be your natural self for a couple of minutes you get uneasy with your implementation. However, it still works well for an affectionate old lady like Suzuki-san. I'd rather be liked than hated so it is much more beneficial to be an overly determined idiot than a silent smarty-pants.

Nobody likes clever people unless you are freaking good looking like Sasuke. It was impossible with me because I am malnutriting due to money issues. The most balancing food I can afford is cup ramen. I cannot build muscle without proper vitamins. So I could only train my body for flexibility and hidden muscles that will start to appear after I fix my diet. Today I'm going to study my foot moves with a sturdy chakra flow. Firstly I need to memorize the training methods from the guiding scroll which is provided from the academy. A strong foundation of basics is a key starting point for me. My dream is not a pipe dream I am going to be Hokage and get acknowledged by all of the Konoha. I don't want to be known for my powerful chakra reserves and good control over it. I want to be known as the worst ninja for now so my haters will not see me as a possible danger. Their fear of Kyubi is utterly ridiculous, yet I have to bear it. If it is needed I can train at the old training area. There are no interferences such as the hating public. It would be a perfect self-improvement chance for me.

3rd person's p.o.v.

On the sixth day of the Naruto and Sasuke's mission, something very bizarre occurred. The duo had already finished their job at the cottage and was on the road back to home. However, they started to hear screams of young women from the considerably deeper parts of the woods. They are educated ninjas with their overwhelming confidence so they rushed to the screams without a second thought. When they finally reached the women they'd figured it out from their chakra circulations that the captors of the women were indeed trained a couple of chunins (Naruto and Sasuke are genins which are the lowest rank of the ninjas. Chunins are a rank higher then them and jounins are two ranks higher than them) with a jounin accompanying the pair.

Sasuke's p.o.v.

-We had to be in stealth so for this time don't be a usuratonkachi and be useful.

Well, I expected a teme who do you call a dead last or something but all I got was a quick nod.

-I will find a way to distract them so I need you to evacuate the ladies Sasuke, I know you can do it.

I was quite shocked with him but there was no time for me to express my feelings so I just did what he told me while I helped the girls to run away but when Naruto gets caught I jumped into their way and in the end, we were both in a fight that there was no single chance for as to win or stay alive.

Hanae's p.o.v.

Today is one of the lovely early fall days. I love the season's melancholic atmosphere so I decided to continue my trip at the beautiful woods of Konoha. It was my first visit to this city and I can say that I'm very excited about it. As I get the deeper parts of the woods I saw a hiking group of young girls. I stopped for a while to greet the girls even though they looked terrified. They came onto me so suddenly and I nearly stumbled down but what they said quickly helped me to gain my balance back and run for the little kids that got into the big chocolate cake. When I found the root of the fighting yells, I saw the little duo fight for their lives. They were utterly exhausted and covered with countless cuts. The only reason they were not deadly injured was probably that the older ninjas wanted to see them suffer. This picture was well enough for me to finish off the three evil man. I took my rifle from my back and transferred my chakra on to the bullets, chakra transmission is a specialization of Uzumaki clan which is my family. I shot them clean on the head. Their head was smashed on the air. It wasn't a pretty scene but was the quickest to deal with them. Without wasting any more time,we summoned my middle-sized dragon Akari to carry the children. I really don't remember how I rushed to the hospital but when we were at the hospital the children were alive and that was all it matters.

Sasuke's p.o.v.

When I woke up, I realized I was alive which was pretty unexpected since we were beaten up to death. Naruto was staying the bed next to me. The hospital's antiseptic smell filled up my nostrils then I noticed the red-headed woman who was sitting on a chair between us. She seemed asleep, did she not sleep to wait for us? Why would a stranger do that?

Suddenly she fluttered her eyes then she looked at Naruto and said;

-I know you're awake blondie.

After that claim, Naruto gave away a "tsch."

-Who the hell are you? Asked Naruto.

-Basically, I'm your savior since I blow that three ninja's heads up.

If what she said is true that means she is more capable than a jounin. This was a frustrating situation because we don't know the reason why she helped us.

-What do you want from us, don't expect too much we both are orphans.

-Well, I already got what I want.

-What do you mean?

-After I rescued and looked after you for a whole day they said if I want I could get my citizen registration.

-So all you want is citizenship?

-No, I wanted to be you guys' foster parent!

With giving me a happy go after grin she pulled out two formal-looking paper pieces.

-And I always got what I want.

-Are you nuts?! Did you think you can get us without our permission?!

-No, I'm pretty healthy and yes I can get you without your permission since you are registered as orphans anyone can adopt you.

-What is wrong with you and the government?!

Naruto rightfully questioned the non-existential reason of the people and it was the first time I completely agreed with him.

-Nothing of course! Oh, how rude of me to not introduce myself; I'm Uzumaki Hanae, also I am 25 years old.

-What? You are an Uzumaki too!

-Yep, I actually was travelling all around the globe to find a living Uzumaki and after I found out that you were one of my kin I reached my life long goal. Oh, is it that weird for me to want to look after my only kin?

-No, but if you say both of you I naturally would question your sanity. I understood why you want to care for him, not me.

-Hmm, the more the merrier? And I have a tendency to go with the flow. You are the last Uchiha, right? So Naruto and I are, we are the rare specimen we got to stick to each other right, right?

She spoke with such an enthusiasm which made me sure that she is related to the dead last.

-I still can't believe that I have someone that I have a blood connection...

Naruto's voice was filled with sadness and emptiness it even made me feel bad about it since I share the same situation. If I found a distant relative too I guess I would feel the same...

-Oh, you can't image what I feel blondie! I freaking searched for you like all the time...

Anyways enough of sad stuff, I was planning to move your stuff to my house I bought a really big one kids!

-How did you afford it?

Well, he is asking very good questions today so I will leave the talking part to him for now.

-I'm an inventor, it gives me a fair amount of cash.


-So you guys won't have any money related issues anymore plus three meals a day. I'm a pretty awesome cook!

She winked us awkwardly then stand up just to ruffle our hairs.

-Rest well kids I'm gonna move your belongings to our house.

We both did not utter a word then she silently quit the hospital room.

And this was the beginning of the duo's new story with in a real family.