Kakashi's p.o.v.

The kids were complaining about the missions' easiness so we will do something a little bit cooler this time. It is just a D rank but they seem happier since it is a guarding mission. Tazuya san seemed to be displeased with kids as his guard but it's okay I think. We were going to start our journey afternoon after eating Ramen at Ichiraku but Uzumaki-san has invited us for lunch. Even Sasuke is bragging about how good of a cook she is. Ho bad it could be?

Sasuke's p.o.v.

Why is ne-san inviting that two nuisances too? She could just ask us to come to get our launches why the hell asking them too! Anyways, I'm pissed off to Naruto too, he doesn't even seem annoyed about this. He should be, I mean we could have eaten alone for god's sake... Not that I want to be with him it's just easier for both of us, um I think so at least? That good for nothing is actually happy!

-Hana-ne it's us!

-Naruto! lead your teammate and Sensei to the table.

I just hate his fake happy grin, the real one is a hundred times better. At least the launch is good she made pizza and pizza have tomatoes.

-Wow, when children said you are an amazing cook they weren't wrong, this is delicious Uzumaki-san.

-Oh, Sensei you can call me by my name. We aren't strangers anymore!

-You are right then please don't call me Sensei anymore, just Kakashi is fine.

-Do you like food Sakura-chan?

-It's so tasty Hanae-san. Thank you for inviting me.

-Honey, you can come for dinner whenever you want!

-Does that include me too?

-Haha, why not?

That nut job! Is that piece of chocolate cake hitting on our ne-san?! He will be dead even if he dares to try. When our launch is over Tazuya-san come to the destined point but he wasn't happy with us. He even called Naruto a chibi(dwarf) although he got taller after living together for a month! I really don't like many things but this old man has a special place in my list, negatively. Whatever we walked and we walked some kiri-ninjas has attacked us and Naruto got poisoned his hand. We were about to go back to the village for removing the poison but that crazy dobe cut his wound open and let it bleed. He even shrugged it off by saying "I heal fast" like hell you heal fast, can't you see how deep that thing is! At any cost, I didn't let my expression change since I don't want to be mistaken as I care for his well being. Yeah, we are friends and all but I don't see any boys that will hug and cry over his friend's cut. And I'm not gonna be the boy that goes and hugs his friend before crying for him. I still tracked him with my eyes though. He isn't the brightest crayon out in the box... But I'm here to look over him I guess? Friendship and all that good chocolate cake. When we learned that this mission was at least B rank we still stayed. Kakashi Sensei got attacked too but this didn't prevent him from training us. He called us for teaching us how to wall on a tree. But Naruto and I already were able to do it. I simply said I know how to do it and made a quick demonstration. However, Naruto had seemed surprised about me knowing how to do it. I was about to yell what the hell but he just gave me the shut up look. He and Sakura were doing it 'till the evening but Sakura finished it even before us. It took our two days to do that. But Naruto was up all night trying to fake that he can't. In the end, I got angry and I took his fake exhausted body was actually aching. He must be hurting himself just to make it realistic. I wonder how long his faking will be going on... I just want him to prove himself as much as I want to avenge my clan. The next morning we ate then Kakashi asked me to come over for a second. He questioned me for Naruto's faking but all I could say was that he doesn't trust you. It was true if we think it thoroughly. He sighed and let me go, I didn't even bother myself to ask how he got it. It is obviously experience and Naruto's bad acting skills. I just want to have some time with him so it won't be too much to ask for some alone time right? He just doesn't get it... I find myself irritated and comfortable whenever I'm with him, our bickering doesn't even matter for me. He is an annoying but a warm source of distraction for all kinds of insecurities. Don't get me wrong I never feel insecure, I'm an Uchiha. Uchihas doesn't feel any kind of sadness or sorrow we feed on anger. Anger and vengeance is my only goal, not that I didn't think about the rest of my life. After I honour my family, I'm going to resurrect my clan by children but there is no need for girls now, I can deal with this issue later. I'm getting stronger day by day thanks to ne-san, she is a good teacher and knows how to push my limits. Probably she is going to teach me some real deal justsus after our essential main courses as well as Naruto too. He and I still insult and fight but we are on better terms when we get cosy. Like today, there are even times that I want to be alone with him but no one else. Just the two of us relaxing in our bed, feet are tangled, hands inside our jumper's. Smelling the beautiful smell of earth and falling into a deep sleep with the warm mass. God, I missed that... We need to end this mission immediately, as soon as we can, if it is possible... NOW!

3rd p.o.v.

As Sasuke got shot from Haku's attack Naruto lost himself and let his consciousness slip away from him just to past it on to the demon fox. It crept from the deepest part of his mind and an enormous red chakra covered the blond's entire skin. Now he really did look like a demon, he probably didn't mind to be a true monster for helping out his only friend... His best friend. Sasuke had thrown himself to protect the jinchuriki. And now Naruto was relentlessly smashing and destroying every single thing that has a movement. A voice called out to the hysteric kid shouting that Sasuke was alive, the said boy calmed down like a little kitten the red cacoon of chakra blown away from him. He reached out to his laying friend whose head was upon the lap of Sakura. Sasuke had a faint smile with happy eyes, Naruto took him from Sakura and cradled his head before asking him why he saved him.

-My body just move by itself.

It was the lamest answer that he got from the raven boy but Naruto didn't mind, gave his brightest grin and he leaned down to his friend. Gave him a sloppy kiss onto his forehead then baby kisses to his temples, the corner of his smiling mouth, his sickly pale cheeks because of the loss of blood, the bloody nose, there was just a single place where didn't get a kiss on Sasuke's now flushed face. His lips... They've been left unkissed but it was normal considering their age and gender and relationship and friendship. But why Sasuke felt blank and spacy by the lost of skinship? Sakura was looking at the duo marvelled by their show of affection at one another. She didn't even recognise their friendship before but now when she looked at them they were like brothers... Something like a family of the two. After that incident, Haku was shot down by the boss of the Zabuza Momochi. However, in the end, Zabuza took his revenge and killed all the men of the evil boss that kept the bridge's building process, unfortunately, Zabuza died along with Haku. All of the action seemed too much of for the kids so they took off after burying the honourable shinobis. Later when Naruto and Sasuke arrived home with a raven who was bandaged like a mummia Hanae was utterly devastated. She yelled both of them before assigning Naruto for taking full care of Sasuke.

Sasuke's p.o.v.

That's what I want, I'm pretty sure that being massaged in a large bathtub with a lavender scented bath bomb and relaxing bubbles while having a blond slave scrubbing my hair with my also lavender-scented shampoo.

-Hmm... Dobe can you apply more pressure on my back.



I was just about to take a nap and he washed me off the bubbles and wrapped me up then the blond carried me to our bedroom. He put me on bis bed then brought me my pyjamas.

-Thanks, slave.

-Whatever you want, princess.

He was just about to ruin my entire mood but before that massacre, he came into the bed and hugged me like I was the most precious thing in the world for him.

-You are the most precious thing in the whole world for me...

I was wordless, shocked, meaninglessly joyous, and felt overwhelmed by a stranger sensation. It must be "caring."

-It hurts, stop squeezing out of me.

-I see, sorry.

How can I deal with someone important to me? Just how?... I don't want to befriend him but I already am. He just got into my skin and I can't even say a word for that. What would I say anyway, it's not like I would toss him aside to be sequestered from love. Preciousness is an invaluable experience for me, an invisible wall that I try to break but in the end, lean on. He gave me trust and I'll give him back though can't interpret myself as an eloquent individual.