Staring...Patrick! He's super strong and super stupid.

Sandy! She swims like a squirrle.

Squidward! His attitude is as bad as his clarinet playing.

And SpongeBob! With the power to...annoy.

Today's episode is: Road to Ruins

Our heros are in front of the Krusty Krab, washing Mr. Krab's boat.

SpongeBob: Why are we washing his boat? =S

Sandy: 'Cause he's too busy countin' his money like a cowboy countin' his cattle! =P

Mr. Krab: Hey! I heard that, lassy! I want ya tah make me boat shine like a treasure ches' full o' BEEEEEEEEEEE-autiful golden coins! ~^_^~

Barnical Leaguers: EEK! DON'T SNEAK UP ON US LIKE THAT!!! >=(

*Squidward sprays the Super-Duper-Ultra-High-Powered Hose at Mr. Krab*

*Mr. Krab gets blasted onto the open road*

Mr. Krab: Quit messin' 'round, ya barnical heads! >=(

*A submarine runs over Mr. Krab*

Mr. Krab: *Meekly* Sub...X_Q

*Tartar sauce is thrown out of the sub's windows*

Patrick: Hey! That person's polluting!

Plankton: Mwahahahaha--*Cough!**Gag!**Wheeze!**Choke**Hack!*--ha! I shall find out the secret ingredient of the Krabby Patties! >=]

Barnical Leaguers: It's Plankton!

*They run to the now clean boat*

Barnical Leaguers: *In unison* I GOT FRONT SEAT! =O

*The Barnical Boat drives off to stop this diabalocal protist*

Mr. Krab: *Gets run over* Boat...X_Q

Narrator from the show: Zhirty minutes later...

Barnical Leauers: *In unison* Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream...Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life's but a--

Squidward: Look! It's that stupid Plankton! =O

Plankton: Do you some fries with yer order of fish sticks and tartar sauce? >=]

*Squirts tartar sauce at the front of the boat, which blocks the Barnical Leaguers' view of the road*

Barnical Leaguers: HELP!

*The boat swerves into random buildings, knocking down stuff outside*

*They go over a cliff*

Sandy: Looks like this is my stop. Sandy, away! =D *Swims off*

Squidward: I hate it when she does that. T_T

*The boat lands upright*

Plankton: Now I shall know the secret ingredient! Cue the evil antagonist theme music! >=D

*"The Battle of Shiloh" by C.L. Barnhouse (which is concert band music) starts playing*

Plankton: Okayyyy...I was hoping for something by Richard Wagner. o_0;;

Sandy: *Swims by the driver window* I prefer country music! =D

Plankton: WHAT THE?!! o_0 I thought that Mrs. Puff was on the Barnical League.

Sandy: She can't stand SpongeBob! =P Bye, partner! *Swims away*

Plankton: Okay, then. Bye, Sandy! ^_^ *Looks at the road* Uh-oh! O_O;;

*The sub falls into a ditch and explodes*

Sandy: *Swims back to the group* What kinda evil sea creature would use TARTAR SAUCE!?

Squiward: I don't know, and I don't care. T_T