Bound and Gagged

Writer's note: I'm not going to continue this unless I get some reviewers saying they want it continued! I'm surprised that I considered writing this fic. The idea came to me when I was lying awake in my bed at four in the morning. What else was there to do but think about possible stories to write? I'm calling it fluff for certain reason though nothing bad! Just some violence and angst :D Anyways, let me know what yall think!


The crisp, soft blanket felt most inviting after a long day of hard work. *If only I'd have this bed on the Legacy, the work would of been much easier* Jim thought, rolling over to his stomach. The thick blanket soothe his aching muscles. It had been a long day helping build the new Benbow Inn. It was half finished, thank goodness! The hard carpentry work was worth the ache to see the elated smile on his mother's face. She'd have her inn back. He would make sure of that. For now, he was glad of the opportunity Doctor Doppler gave them to stay in his fairly -large- house for the pass six months.

Lying there in a twilight sleep, Jim was barely aware of the world around him. His mind swirled, and became like liquid as sleep covered him. Peaceful and still. The boy hadn't a chance against the creepy figure slithering out of the shadows in phantom fashion. He towered over the boy's bed, a thin cord - almost a string - hung from it's clamp-like hands.

With a quick, swift motion, the clamps seized Jim's collar startling the boy awake. He had no time to scream or let out a call for help. A cloth gag choked his mouth and tied tightly behind his head. Jim struggled now, lashing out at his oppressor with his right hand balled in a fist. But, his hand was caught in a sharp vice. His face winced in pain, and a silenced cry erupted under the gag.

The figure roughly flipped Jim onto his stomach again. His left hand was caught then bent behind his back. He felt the cord being tied around his hands, so tightly it literally cut through his skin. The slithering figure stationed it's many legs on top of Jim to keep him from moving as he then started on tying the boy's feet. It was done in a matter of seconds, the figure being skilled with many years of knowing knots.

Jim still struggled, though barely enough to do any good. He couldn't see his attacker, and he wasn't going to either. As if his hands, feet, and mouth were enough, a cloth resided over his eyes as well. Whoever this attacker was, they did not want Jim to get away or know their identity. He felt a burning heat beat down on his neck, and a hiss assaulted his ear.

"You are a feisssty one, boy. But I'll make sssure that you'll be broken of it."

Jim froze, wanting even more to cry out for help or fight for his freedom. He knew that voice. It couldn't be him! He had floated to his death into the etherium so far away from Montressor!

"I'm not who you think I am" the figure hissed, as if reading Jim's thoughts. "I'm worse."

Jim felt himself lifted off his bed, and holsted onto a shell-like shoulder. He kicked out desperately one last time. The lamp next to his bed fell off the night stand and busted on the hardwood floor. A pinch wracked his side then a swat to the back of the head rendered him unconscious…