That's what you had to do. You were going to head back to the motel and pack your crap. You could call Bobby on the way, or not at all, it didn't matter. You just knew you had to get the hell out of this hospital and fast. You made a B-line to the right, not even trying to avoid the nurse cart and successfully knocking her and it out of the way. Her metal instruments slammed to the floor with a loud CLANG and you pushed your legs harder. The nurse turned to yell but you were long gone. Seeing the elevator, you made a hard left, straight into a doctor, who steadied you. "Is everything okay, miss?" You ripped your arms out of his and finally made it to the open doors. You flipped around and pressed the button continuously, just hoping that it would speed up the process. You saw the doctor getting closer and closer, his steps echoing your heartbeat. Finally, the doors shut and you were alone. You tried to steady your breath with very little success. You screwed up. Again.

The doors slid open to the lobby and you booked it outside, flagging down the first taxi you saw. Public transportation wasn't a habit of yours, but you were fresh out of options. You practically yelled the name of the motel to the driver and he looked in the rearview, clearly suspicious of someone who had just fled from a hospital. You didn't have time to waste, so you pulled your gun. "Just go!" He finally stepped on the gas pedal and you turned to make sure that the automatic doors you had just gone through remained shut. You were in the clear…at least for the moment. This should've never happened. I should never have gotten involved in the first place. One mistake, dammit, it was one mistake!

Arriving at your room, you paid the driver and grabbed your lock pick. You didn't have the room key with you and knowing that the cops were well on their way after the taxi incident, you didn't have time to spare. You worked faster than you ever had before and the door was practically ripped off its hinges as you slammed it shut behind you. Grabbing your duffel from the corner, you ran into the bathroom and threw all necessary toiletries inside. You made your way over to the couch and just as you were retrieving the gun taped under it, you heard the door thrown back open…

One Day Earlier…

"Awh, Y/N, c'mon that's gross!" You couldn't control the laugh that escaped your mouth. Sam's Christmas present had finally arrived and the two of you spent the entire day in the motel parking lot washing your car and applying the Jurassic Park sticker to the side of your Jeep. There was a silence for just a bit too long before you let immaturity get the best of you. Dipping a single finger into the adhesive, you wiped it on Sam's face, thus resulting in his outburst. He violently licked his finger and tried to rub it off, you losing it the entire time. At some point even he cracked a smile and there was no going back.

"Okay, okay, fun's over. We should send a picture of it to Bobby. I bet he'd get a kick out of it." Doubt it, but let's see what happens. Almost immediately, his name lit up on your phone.


"Y/N/N, what in the hell are you thinking? It's bad enough I got the boys driving that shiny neon sign around, but now you go and pull this crap? Do you know how easy it would be, 'Oh yeah officer, she was driving a Jeep with a big Jurassic Park sticker'. I should smack you senseless for even thinkin' that was a good idea."

"Whoa there, let's ease down, soldier. I rarely drive this thing much anyway. You know I can cover my ass and—"

"Not if you keep spending time with those morons. Maybe it's time to go solo again, resharpen those skills a bit. I don't want those jackasses rubbin' off on you." Sam feigned offense and spoke up, "Wow, Bobby, tell us how you really feel."

"I feel like you lot are just a buncha idgits who need a good kick in the ass!" You and Sam just stared at each other until he cracked a smile and both of you once again began to laugh. You walked away knowing Bobby was about to lay into you, prepared to give the 'yea, you know what, you're right' at the ideal moment. Surprisingly, however, he hung up the phone, cutting you off before you could. Turning towards Sam, you yelled, "I think dad's mad at us."

"Ya think?" Sam said as he threw a wet sponge at your T-shirt. That son of a bitch. He's gonna get it now. Wiping the stray suds off your face, you slowly picked up the sponge and stared at Sam. Noticing one hint of fear, you lunged, dousing him completely with the water bucket standing only inches away. After shaking his hair out of his face, his eye twinkled with mischief. You looked down at your swamped apparel. White was a bad choice. Time to run.

The two of you continued until the sun set just behind the mountain, and you briefly noticed how carelessly happy you were…until a black Impala pulled into the lot. Alas, all good things must come to an end. You snapped your head just in time to see curtains shut fervently in the room just behind Dean's car…

Someone was watching you.

"Hey, why wasn't I invited to the wet T-shirt contest?" You ran your arm over your forehead, wiping the strands of wet hair from your face. "The judges heard about what happened last time and you've been banned.", You said as you cracked a smile, but never took your eyes off the door of the Peeping Tom. "Hey, I was never criminally charged for that." He pointed a finger at you and mirrored your grin. You walked over to the fence where two towels lay, throwing one to Sam and trying to wring out your hair with the other. Both boys grew serious at the look on your face. You gestured for them to meet you inside the room. Dean unpacked the food and the three of you gathered around the coffee table.

"What's going on?" Sam questioned. You lowered your voice, careful of the motel's thin walls. "I'm not 100%, but I think I caught the tail end of a stake out. Room 124 shut their curtains a bit fast for someone who wasn't doing something suspicious." Dean thought for a moment and then chuckled. "Y/N/N. You guys were literally having a water fight in the parking lot…You're wearing white… It was probably just some dude trying to get his pay-per-view without the pay. Which brings me to my next point. For someone who is borderline paranoid—"

"It's not paranoid if you're right."

"—For someone who is borderline paranoid, why in the hell are you and Sam putting on a show for the whole town to see anyway?" You and Sam exchanged glances and he answered, "We were just putting the sticker on her Jeep. Got a little carried away I guess."

"It's on?" He lifted the curtain and peeked outside. "That's awesome." You were still glaring at him, unamused at the 'paranoid' comment. "What?"

"Well if you're done with your Bobby impression, can we get back on point? Look I know you think it's nothing, but seriously, I know the difference between someone being pervy and someone being suspicious."

"Y/N. Listen to me. Not everyone is out to get us."


"Look, we'll just keep an eye out, okay? Nobody is gonna get the jump on us when we're expecting it."

"Fine." You sighed in resignation, still not completely satisfied. You knew arguing with either of the Winchesters was a waste of time. You were just going to have to be careful enough for the three of you.