You'd never driven faster. Okay, not exactly true, but it definitely ranked top three. It took you half an hour to arrive at the address from the picture. You pulled into a storage facility and took a moment to breathe in your Jeep. You could feel the familiar nausea build up in your stomach but muscled through it. There were more important things to focus on. Quietly closing your door, you walked down the aisle of metal doors. There was a thin dusting of snow on the ground, which provided perfect visibility to identify units that had been recently opened. Due to the fact that it was a one-way-in type of place, the element of surprise was not on your side. Not a problem. Just go in smart. You're not the same stupid kid. You've talked your way out of worse. Finding the only lock that had been wiped clean from recent use, you readied your weapon.

The door rattled with a gust of wind and you used your opportunity to open it slightly, gaining earshot of what was happening inside. You could just make out Sam's voice, along with a higher-pitched tone. Exhaling slowly, you focused on heightening your hearing to figure out what you were walking into. Sam was speaking.

"I don't even know who you are!"

"Doesn't matter! Look, I'm sorry okay? It's really not about you, you're just the bait!"

"What, Dean? Look, I'm sorry if he didn't call you back, but don't—"

"Not him! It's about my sister!"

"Excuse me?"

"That's enough talking! Y/N will be here soon anyway."

"You've made a mmmmmmm-". Time to step in. You slid the ribbed metal upward slowly, revealing exactly what you had feared: Sam (overly) duct taped to a chair and the only face in the world that could actually throw you off your game.


"Oh my actually came. I didn't think this would actually work..." You took a step in her direction and her eyes widened. "Don't move!" She brandished a firearm (that she clearly had no previous experience with). "I have a gun! This gun!" She pointed it at you and you could tell even she thought she was in over her head. Keep her calm.

"I'm here. We're all okay. You're in charge, tell me what I can do." You made your tone as soothing as possible, trying to de-escalate Sarah's increasingly manic state.

"What you can do? You're asking what you can do?! What the hell happened that night!?"

You stared at the woman losing her mind, showing no resemblance to the girl you left alone all those years ago. The memories were painful...that house...the black eyes…

"What do you want to start with?" You said. She gave a small laugh, brinking on the edge of a breakdown.

"Start with? Start with?! Ok, let's see, I come home and head to my room for a few hours, come downstairs and oh look! Mom is on the kitchen floor! There's blood everywhere and it's dripping down your fingers. You took her from me! What in the hell would possess you to-"

"A demon."... she paused "Excuse me?"

"I didn't kill her. It was-"

"-I thought you said your sister was dead?" You looked to see that Sam had interjected into the conversation. The duct tape had peeled off his face from the sweat pouring down his temples…

"She is?" you responded, wondering why this was relevant at the moment. He motioned with his head to Sarah. "She looks very much alive to me." It hit you. "Wait, Sarah's not-"

"I don't know what kind of game you two are playing, but it's not gonna work! Now stay focused or your brother pays for it!" You inhaled slowly, trying to comprehend how this conversation became so muddled. You weren't related to anyone in the room for Christ's sake! You looked back to Sarah.

"Okay, well let's start with the fact that you're not my sister and that's not my brother."

"LIAR! I heard you in the parking lot!"

'I think dad's mad'…

"Guess we found our nosy neighbor." He muttered.

She turned the barrel towards him. "This isn't a joke!" You glared at Sam and intercepted. "Okay. Okay. I get it. I'm here. But why bring Sam into it? You had me. You had opportunity. Why didn't you use it when you had the chance?"

"Kill you? Death is too good for you! You ruined my life! My mom, my sister, I spent years in the system, the only thing getting me through was fantasizing about what I'd do if I ever saw you again! You deserve to know the pain of losing your family."

Sam spoke again at this point, "We've all lost someone Sarah, and I know it's hard for-"

"Sam shut up! I have it under control! (Turning back to Sarah) You think I don't know? How do you think I got there, kid? I was just trying to help you, I swear."

"I SAW YOU! I saw the whole thing… Mom was already gone but I saw you kill Candace! In cold blood…What did she ever do to you, what did either of them do? She was sixteen! She volunteered at the senior center. What kind of monster takes that light out of the world? And why not me too? You're not just some random psycho, you deliberately picked her…but helped me? Why? Why in the hell would you do that!?" You closed your eyes, remembering the trauma you tried so hard to repress. Shuttering, you met Sarah's gaze.

"I know you don't believe me, but I swear. It was a demon. It possessed Candace and killed your mom. Sam and I, that's our job. We hunt those things."

"Just shut up!" As she yelled, her attention was redirected to her captive. She shoved a substance from her hand into Sam's mouth. You didn't need to see it to know what it was. Salt. "This is how you did it right? Didn't even give her a chance to breathe! How does it feel?" She turned to grab another fistful of salt and promptly shoved it in Sam's mouth. White saliva tinted with red blood sputtered from his lips as she went for a third fistful. Your first instinct was to rush her, but she still had a grip on the gun. The next option wasn't smart, but it was a last resort.

"I can prove it!"

The salt sprinkled to the ground and Sarah raised her gaze slowly. Her sudden lucidity immediately set off your alarms.

"Fine. Prove it. Show me a demon, and I'll let you and Sam go right now." stall, stall, stall her dammit.

"I'll do it, but you need to know. Demons are chaos, think of your worst nightmare and then top it. These things aren't meant to be put on display."

"What's the big deal, you apparently took one down before, they should be a walk in the park for you."

"Well they're not. I need preparation, I need supplies. It's a group effort. Are you baptized?" Not that the last bit was relevant, but keep her talking.

"Yes. So was Candace for the record."

"Okay, good. Are you... a... virgin?" You were really reaching at this point.

"Y/N, I'm gonna ask you one more time, or so help me I will smother Sam and shoot you. Either tell me the truth, or prove your point. I need answers." The look in her eyes told you she wasn't bluffing.

"Okay, fine." I can't do this. This is insanity. SUMMON A DEMON?! Nope. Not gonna do it. Crap. I have to. I have to do this. The blood exceeded the saliva at this point. Coughing had stopped. Sam's one fistful away...This is gonna be so bad.

"If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do this safe. I'm in control, no arguments. I need your word on that."


"Okay well first, you gotta keep it together. Any sign of distress or insecurity is like catnip to these things. They will use it against you. Guarantee yourself that Candace's name will be brought up. Probably your mom too." Sarah nodded and closed her eyes, breathing deeply in and out. You know Sam would have objected to this whole thing...had he been conscious. Dean would've literally locked you up...Crap. Dean. You had no idea where he was, but dammit if you couldn't use him at the moment.

"I'll be right back. I need a few things from my car. Don't do anything, okay? Just stay here and don't touch Sam." You turned your back and began to walk.

"Funny, I said the same thing about Candace."

You closed your eyes and paused, forcing yourself to put one foot in front of the other. Confrontation won't help anyone, neither would guilt.

After retrieving the necessary items from your arsenal, you began to draw the Devil's Trap, copying your notes from Bobby exactly. A bead of sweat fell from your brow, sparking an idea. You went back to the Jeep and perused your makeup bag until you found the right utensil. Waterproof mascara; to ensure the Trap couldn't be broken by a leaky pipe or stray snowflake. Not making that mistake again... It was time. You grabbed the bowl and pile of herbs, looking at Sarah.

"Okay. Last step. You still want to do this?"

"Now, Y/N." You exhaled, throwing your match onto the bowl, setting it ablaze. Nothing happened and Sarah loaded her fist with more salt. You raised your hand as a signal to wait. You could feel it; the deep rumble within the earth, announcing the presence of Evil, itself. You closed your eyes, knowing full well what you would see the second they opened. The room went silent.