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Chapter 6

The next few days without Stefan were a flurry of activity for me. Alatris minded Shard as the three doctors examined almost every inch of me and checked and rechecked their notes. Catalysts, formulas, products of reactions, timing of reactions, drawing of different arcane circles over and over with different changes, and potions to be made to draw the circles when the time came. This was magic on a scale that I had no reference for at all. In between all this, I visited Stefan's unconscious form for hours, lingering until shooed out by the nurses as they checked on his recovery. I almost filed my claws to the quick in my nervousness, but the doctors kept reporting that thanks to Demonic Energy and whatever magic was in his glaive, he'd be back to normal once he woke up. I even forced myself to call my Queen, Lilith to inform her of recent developments. This conversation, far from the tongue lashing I had expected, was gentle and full of concern for both Stefan and myself.

"Oh! Oh my, Stefan's alright, right Jeanne?!"

"Yes, my Lady," I responded to Lilith's image in the mirror, subdued.

"Jeanne," she gently chided me, "It wasn't your fault. The Reptile Kingdom is known for being a dangerous place after all and Stefan willingly undertook the journey there. Now, yes, I'm a little upset that he's hurt, but I don't hold you responsible for that. You said that the doctors have reported that he'll be fine correct?"

"Yes, Lady Lilith. He should be waking up within the next two hours or so, I intend to be there when he does."

"Awwwwe," Lilith cooed, "You finally found the perfect man for you, Jeanne! That's why you're acting like this! You can't bear the thought that your future husband got hurt and now you're going completely mother hen over this!"

"Lady Lilith!" I spluttered, blushing to the base of my horns. My tail was thrashing behind me and I could feel my claws digging into the stone floor and my wings flared somewhat.

Lilith was giggling like a schoolgirl over her first crush, when a deep male voice sounded from behind her, "I can see you're amused and delighted to tease my subordinate, dear wife, but I do think that you should focus."

"Yes! Of Course!" Lilith coughed to regain her regal demeanor, "Thank you sweetie. Are the children misbehaving?"

"Not that I've heard, though it has been a little quiet for some time now. I'm going to track them down to make sure that they're not up to something."

Lilith turned back to me, "Was there anything else, Jeanne?"
"Well… sort of," I responded, "Do you remember telling me about the fact that I haven't reached my full power potential as a Dragon, my Lady?"

"Yes. I seem to remember that you were rather astonished and perplexed by that fact. What of it?"

"Well, here at the University in the Reptile Capital, I asked around and several of the researchers have heard of something exactly like this, though never in a Dragon Mamono before. They've come up with a ritual to help me reach that.


"The power requirements for it are massive. Especially with the form I'm aiming for. Most of the energy we have or is nearby, but we need a starting nudge, preferably from you."

Lilith's ruby gaze held me transfixed for a moment, "And what, dare I ask, is the new form Jeanne?" I winced; Lilith had that rare tone in her voice that she was becoming slightly displeased by the direction the conversation was going.

"An Elder Dragon called a Fatalis. We found a scale that was confirmed by our new Alatre companion, Alatris and-," Lilith exploded.

"JEANNE! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING?! A BASE ELDER DRAGON IS BAD ENOUGH, BUT THE FABLED BLACK DRAGON THAT SHATTERED CASTLE SCHRADE THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO?! THE POTENTIAL RISK TO YOU IS TOO GREAT! I WON'T SEE YOU GET HURT IN THIS HALF MAD ATTEMPT NOR ANYONE ELSE! I THOUGHT YOU WERE ABOVE THIS!" In the mirror, I could see Lilith's tail lashing in fury and her eyes were hard as she glared at me, Demonic Energy rolling over her form in massive dark waves. But as quickly as the fury appeared, it subsided. Lilith sat down and dropped her face into her hands and sighed, "Jeanne. This carries great risk. I saw Elder Dragons many years ago when I visited Rep's lands not long after the clash between me and the Chief God and their power is great. What are the chances of the ritual failing and harming you?"

"According to the researchers, with your help, there's only a five percent chance of the ritual failing and killing me and an equal chance of it failing and nothing happening, and a ninety percent chance of it working flat out, no issues whatsoever. Without you, there's a forty-five percent chance that this kills me outright, a thirty-five percent chance that nothing happens at all, fifteen percent chance it works, but with repercussions and a five percent chance that it works successfully without repercussions." I waited in tense silence for my Overlord to speak. When she finally did, I was pleasantly surprised.

"When did the researchers say that the ritual would be ready to set up? I want to observe and make any necessary tweaks that I as the Monster Lord deem fit. I should be able to mitigate the risk to you by another five percent."

"They said it's ready to set up now, but will take around four hours to set up completely. I was going to wait until Stefan was up and informed until I gave them the go ahead."

"Very well. Give me a moment to inform Michael where I'm going to be and what I'm doing. Hopefully, Baphy won't try to tag along. As much as I like her antics, her in the Reptile Kingdom is just asking for more trouble than its worth." Lilith's image vanished from the mirror spell. Not too long afterwards, a teleportation circle appeared in our rooms and in a flash of ruby red light, there was Lilith herself, in all her glory.

"Jeanne. Let's get Stefan up and then we can deal with this ritual."

"My Lady, I should inform you that only you and I can call him by that name now. He goes by Iaconus now, in light of his new life."

"Very well. Take me to him."

I led Lilith out of our rooms, and after a quick introduction to Alatris, Shard and Viviana, made our way to Stefan's hospital room. He was still out, but breathing fine and there were a few doctors in the room.

"Miss d'Arc, you made it just in time to- Madam Overlord! It's an honor!"

"Yes, yes, let's get our young friend here, up shall we? There's a ritual I have to check over and oversee and I don't want it to take too long lest my daughters get up to mischief in my absence." At the mention of the word ritual, one of the doctors sent an orderly scurrying off to Dr. Petrovski. They turned and began to stimulate his hands. There was a shift in his body. I strode over to try.

Gently cradling him, and running my fingers through his hair, I gently, and softly whispered, "Sweetie, it's time to wake up, please. Lilith's here and she's pissed."

From behind me I heard Lilith protest, "I am not pissed, Jeanne!"

Stefan snorted and jolted a bit and then his eyes slowly opened. He blinked a couple of times to bring his eyes into focus. There was something behind them, faintly glowing, but it vanished in a flash.

"Jeanne," he said in a raspy voice, "It's good to see you. Water, please." I handed him a glass which he downed quickly. He smiled.

"Jeanne, what happened? Is the Deviljho dead? Where are we?" I couldn't resist any longer, and pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Don't ever do that to me again!" I cried, "First the Skull Crawler, now this, you big idiot!"
"I'm your idiot, remember Jeanne? I fully intend to marry you." He tweaked my nose a bit and gave me a full-on kiss. Our tongues clashed and my toes curled and I moaned. When we separated, I was panting heavily and he was smirking.

"Hi Lilith. Did we give you a nice show?" He teased her.

"Sex is never far from my mind, Iaconus. My husband will be very happy once I return home in a few hours. Can you stand?"

He grunted, and hoisted himself up, the doctors, in a moment of professionalism, gave him a screen to change behind. This left me open to teasing from Alatris who started humming something along the lines of, "Here comes the bride, all dressed in white."

I scowled, but then regained my demeanor once Stefan rejoined us, dressed, and armor on except for his helmet and throat guard.

"So, Lilith, not that I mind seeing you, what's going on? We have a new friend here, that looks like a Valk, am I correct?"

Viviana introduced herself, "Yes, I'm a Valk. The name's Viviana by the way. We're in the University in the Reptile Capital in you're wondering."

Lilith cleared her throat daintily, "Yes, well, I'm sure Jeanne has mentioned to you about a little conversation that she and I had?"

"Yes. If you mean that, she found a Fatalis scale and wants to find a ritual to become a Fatalis Mamono."

"Good. Then we'd better get it ready. Time's a-wasting and we need to get it done before my daughters get into trouble and I get too horny."

"Ready? You found one?"

"You found one?" I asked, staring at Jeanne.

"The researchers here have records of similar situations to mine. They've spent the past three days working on it. They say it just needs a starting nudge of power from Lilith," Jeanne answered me, her tail flicking side to side as we headed down a hallway, an orderly guiding us to the researchers I assumed. We were led into an office where two Mamono and one man in lab coats were flipping through their notes frantically. They paused as we entered.

"Lady Lilith! We weren't expecting you! Give us a moment to-," she waved them off.

"I need to look over what you have so far. I should be able to eliminated even more risk from the ritual. Give me some time here."

The doctors didn't protest, after all, who would if the Overlord herself was requesting something? They puttered about as Lilith read over the ritual and made some minor notes and changes to the circles and potions and double checked the Fatalis scale we had found. Her eyes narrowed a fraction as she examined the scale, but she shook her head and didn't say anything. After walking the researchers through the changes that she had made, they started drawing out two massive arcane circles in the next room using the potions that they had, under Lilith's exacting directions.

I stayed out of their way. Not knowing a thing about this, I didn't want to screw something up. This process took around an hour to complete. After Lilith spent another thirty minutes examining everything in minute detail, the scale was placed in one circle and Jeanne started taking off was little clothing she was wearing as a Dragon Mamono. Seeing her naked like this for the first time ever quickly made a large amount of blood rush downwards to a particular part of my anatomy which bulged and throbbed with need. I gritted my teeth and tried to ignore the instinctive drive to pounce upon Jeanne's naked, seductive and curvy form and ravish her. The ladies sniffed the air momentarily, catching the scent of my arousal.

Jeanne, for a split second, briefly tried to cover herself; but her Mamono instincts reasserted themselves and she strutted to the center of the second circle, her pussy a massive raging camel toe, her round ass almost jiggling, though not stupidly large or out of proportion. Her muscular thighs and long, slender, graceful legs that ended in those massive three toed, taloned, but slender and almost dainty, feet and toes, her plum and obsidian tail swishing provocatively behind her.

"Lilith, preserve me," I muttered, though I heard Lilith herself giggle at this, "Jeanne, this is already hard enough. Can you wait until after we get married or at least engaged to do that?"

Jeanne's more innocent nature came to the for as she squeaked in embarrassment and attempted to cover herself again. This had the opposite affect and I had to shut my eyes lest I lose control.

"Lilith," I groaned, "Can you please get started before I lose all control and take Jeanne right here and now? I would prefer, and I'm certain she'll agree, that our first time together and the loss of our virginities be in a private and more romantic setting."

This set a fire in everyone. When I opened my eyes, Lilith was chanting something in an unintelligible tongue, her thigh length locks of white hair blowing in a nonexistent breeze, her ruby eyes lit with a demonic glow. Gone was the sexy, friendly succubus Overlord of Mamono, now she had the appearance of one of the Demon Lords of Old. Fiendish, diabolically enticing, fearsomely powerful, a ruler of bloodthirsty bestial beings hungry for man-flesh. I could feel in my bones the power flowing into the arcane circles and pentagrams, which were light in an eerie green light.

Jeanne was lit with this glow and as the chanting ended and the power that I felt before began to flow into her, dissolving the Fatalis scale, she started moaning in ecstasy, collapsing to the floor, supporting her body with her hands. As the energy from the ritual flowed into her, Jeanne trembled, groaning in arousal from it. Just then, we heard something go crack and she cried out, "AHHH! OH! NO! YES! AHRRGH!" A guttural moaning cry came from her as her form twisted and writhed.

We could hear Jeanne's bones cracking and shifting in her body, growing thicker, stronger, longer, reforming. Her body, before it vanished behind a cloud of smoke and dust was distorting as her bones grew and shifted, cracking and breaking and setting into something new, like boiling water was underneath her very skin.

I sank to my knees as the ritual took hold of my body. I watched as the bones in my hands distorted, becoming longer and thicker. My claws retreated, becoming the fingernails of my human form for a moment, then they elongated into massive, jet black talons built to rend the flesh of even the strongest of monsters. Dust and smoke enveloped me as the pain, which was previously pleasurable enough to make me grow wet in my most private of areas and my nipples to become rock hard, changed to agony as my bones grew, cracking and distorting my form.

My blood burned as though it was fire. I could feel my body shifting, though this was different to the shifting that I felt when I returned to my normal giant Dragon form. That had a vague awareness of the shifting, cracking and growing bones and muscles, I knew it was going on, but didn't actually feel it. This I felt one hundred percent. By Lilith, how it hurt! I cried out in agony and my vision blurred as my face distorted as I moaned in pain. Hearing the very bones of my face creak and crack as they grew, vaguely seeing my face slowly grow outwards into a fanged dragon face and new horns sprouting was the last thing I felt before my mind retreated inside somewhere dark.

In the darkness, I felt my mind fracture for a time. All I was was just rage, a mad rage and fury at everything and anything. That's what I felt around me. A feminine voice chuckled darkly and I spat a massive stream of fire out into the darkness. The voice chuckled again.

"Well, well, well. What have we here? A lost little Dragon, trying to rise in power and strength. Ufufufufufu. Well, child, you've succeeded, well mostly."

As the voice spoke, well, more like taunted, my rage and fury subsided. I looked myself over in the blackness. I was in my human form, no draconic traits whatsoever. I was also dressed, not in my usual purple and silver armor and battledress. I was clothed in a more sinister, black and glowing red outfit and plated high heeled boots. I mentally called for my sword and immediately felt it's comforting weight in my hand.

"Who are you?! Show yourself!" I shouted into the blackness.

"Ahhhh, I don't think so little Dragon. You see, you've succeeded in becoming a Fatalis Mamono, at least in power. But you granted me an opportunity to rule once more. I'll be taking your body for my own now. Good bye little Dragon. Prepare to become the host for a Goddess." The voice said smugly, and then I felt a presence rush over me trying to force me to submit.

The pressure was intense. I was soon forced down onto one knee but the pressure just increased, trying to crush me into nonexistence. I wouldn't give up. My future was ahead of me and I'd be damned if I let someone else take that away from me. From my friends, from Stefan, my mate, my husband!

"Like hell, bitch!" I spat, forcing myself to stand. "This is my mind. My body! No one gets to do anything with it that I don't want them too!" I lashed out with my sword and sparks flew then a scream of pain. The pressure vanished almost immediately and the blackness lightened somewhat to a stormy volcanic grey.

"Well, I must say, Little Dragon, you certainly had more fight in you than I was expecting. Perhaps I'll have to do things differently then. You see little mortal; I am a Goddess. Not that annoying little stuck up tart that is your Monster Overlord's nemesis. No, I'm something much different. The last of my kind you could say. Fufufufufu, a dark goddess would be apt. You see, your little ritual caught my attention as my spirit was floating in the void, waiting to either be found or fade. Very few ever have the strength or will power to try and become an Elder Dragon through a ritual, and none dared attempt to become a Fatalis before. So, here we are. Your scale, while of a fine quality for its age, was flawed greatly and damaged after all these years so the ritual wouldn't have worked the way you planned. Oh no, no, no, no, not at all! But there isn't really a way for you to fix that now, at least, not by yourself."

"And you can fix it, I take it?" I asked cautiously. "And who are you?"

"Of course! I am after all, a goddess. Or was. And I guess you can call me Tia for what it's worth."

"There's a catch to this, isn't there, Tia?"

Tia sighed, "Look little mortal, I'm not going to get anywhere with trying to take over your being. You've made that very clear. My remaining time left in existence is rapidly coming to an end and I would rather not have my strength and powers vanish into the ether along with my being. So, I'm offering to, with the last of my strength, fix the issue with the ritual and improve your strength, making you larger able to fight and defend better, better than any Fatalis as long as you accept my powers and start taking on the mantle of a goddess. Now you don't have to be a dark goddess, even though I would very much prefer if you did that, but these powers will in time, make you a lesser goddess in a mortal form. Considering who you're up against, it should come in handy. So, will you take my offer?"

"There's no other way to fix the flaw, is that correct?" I asked suspiciously, "I'm not going to want to overthrow the Mamono Overlord Lilith or anything right?"

I heard her snort, "Ha! While amusing and would be very pleasing to me, no. And there is no other way to fix the flaw now that the ritual has already been conducted. Time is running short, so make your decision quickly."

There wasn't really any choice. I had to accept. "Alright, let's get this over with."

"So, you can be sensible. Very well, prepare yourself."

I was blasted with power that flowed into me. It welled up, like an empty hollow in stone filling up with water in a monsoon. At several points, I felt like it would spill over and everything would be lost forever, yet it stayed contained within me. I could not tell what changes had been made, but when it was finally done, I felt a pulse of power, on a scale that was similar to Lilith's spiritual and physical strength, but of a divine nature. I looked down; I was nude now, still in my human form.

"Interesting," I heard Tia's voice, it was filled with utter exhaustion, "You've kept your blonde hair. I was expecting you have red hair and glowing orange eyes. You're much purer than I expected. One last thing, you'll need to go through a molt." Her voice faded and then the rage that engulfed me before returned with a vengeance.

It felt like I was in the midst of a raging firestorm as I was battered by the fury and rage. I stood strong and slowly pulled it into and incorporated it into my being. It bubbled and boiled beneath my skin and through my veins, but in time it settled down to a low simmer in the background. My eyes rolled up into my head and my body was lifted from the void place.

When I regained consciousness, I was lying on the stone floor on my belly. I looked around and from brief glimpses, I concluded that I was in my new primal form, at least that's what it seemed, though Tia's comment about a molt remained in my mind. Very little had changed, at least when it came to the basic shape, form and coloration of my body, my size however was a different matter. As I tried to stand on my feet, I found that I really couldn't, on account of the room being a bit too small now. Which was saying something as the ritual room here at the Reptile University had a similar property to the Kingdom in it's so-called "Tardis Effect." It was as large as a mid-sized castle at the least and for this ritual, it had been expanded almost to the size of Lilith's Castle back in the Royal Makai!

A voice got my attention. I looked down and there, looking like an ant next to my massive form, was Stefan. I lowered my dagger tooth filled head down to eye level with him and stared.

"Jeanne," he said, "you're magnificent! Alatris damn near fainted at the sight of you, after saying that you were something much greater than a Fatalis, more powerful. Your eyes are this beautiful fiery amethyst, almost with an evil, sinister cast to them, but I can tell it's you. Umm, you're going to need to shift into your Mamono form. Your kind of sitting on Lilith."

Oops. I immediately began shifting to my Mamono form.

Jeanne's primal form was awe inspiring. But as she regained her Mamono form, she became a vision of power and loveliness. She had certainly changed.

I now estimated her height to be around nine feet tall. Her head had two black horns jutting backwards and curving slightly and two smaller ones jut beginning to push past her hair that when she turned slightly, I saw had merged with her ears. Her wings were massive, black with plum purple ribs and the limbs of the wings and the skin were covered in volcanic black scales with bright silver scales scattered throughout like stars on a clear night. Her hands were human-like, with nails like human nails at least in placement, for they were more claws of a dragon, black and cruelly curved with wicked points and her slender arms were covered at her shoulder in deep purple scales as were her large breasts, which had scales coming from her side to cover the sides of her boobs to the nipples. Jeanne's sides, back and legs had various amounts of these deep purple scales, mainly around her wings and feet, except around her nether regions of her thighs which had plumped out marginally and as she moved were mainly muscle. Her fair skin glowed momentarily, and her face was still as fair as ever and I could barely pick out some scales just above and in between her breasts that matched her skin tone so well it was hard to spot them. Jeanne's legs had also changed. They were similar to her former legs, digitigrade in stance, but were much more muscular and her feet had lengthened as did her toes, of which there were four main toes tipped like her hands with wicked talons and a shorter fifth dewclaw that was also rather stocky. And her tail was extremely long, longer than most Dragons and I found out quickly, rather dexterous and had small spines at the tip as she used it to pull me closer to her, but not so long that it was out of proportion.

I was yanked by her tail from where I was standing admiring her new form. Before I knew it, I found myself in Jeanne's embrace, my face squished into her well endowed upper C sized breasts. Once I freed myself from my personal heavenly moment, I looked at Jeanne. Her eyes were still that beautiful amethyst, though with a bit fierier flame in them and her hair was still blonde, though her braid had come undone and was now flowing loosely down her back and her lovely lips were the perfect pale pink that I had grown to love on her.

"Jeanne. You look, wonderful my dear." She smiled and then pulled me into a deep kiss. Her tongue fought with mine as we both moaned in pleasure, each trying to devour the other through kissing. I felt Jeanne's grip on me tighten as I squeezed her boobs and she started to cry out when we were interrupted by Lilith.

"Yes, yes, I'm certain you too would like to continue your reunion, but you'd best take it to a private room. Oh, Jeanne, here, this ought to fit you." Lilith handed Jeanne a set of clothes, in particular a white of the shoulders and arms white dress held in place by a blue strap around the neck and gave a lovely display of cleavage that billowed about the legs and had a long seductive slit up the side to show of the legs of the wearer. She also handed over some other things in a box as well as a pair of shiny black close toed stilettos of four inches in height that would most likely fit Jeanne's human form perfectly.

"While you share similarities with a Fatalis, something is different. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm sure it is nothing. I dare say you'll have to figure out the limits of your new strength. And one last thing, it's unofficial until you have a ceremony, but I now pronounce you husband and wife. Now, ta-ta enjoy your mate now!" Lilith clapped her hands and vanished in a flash and we were led to our rooms.

Contrary to what I had expected, the University was quite happy to let us use their extra rooms for the duration of our stay. Our quarters had a shared common room and kitchen, but there were three bedrooms, with two beds each, though the room Jeanne claimed quickly had its beds replaced with one larger bed, and each bedroom had a full bathroom.

I was too out of it to understand what was going on, but Jeanne quickly shoved me off into the shower while she and Alaris saw to Shard. It felt heavenly to bath in hot water and soap. Once I was done and had changed, I returned to the room to find Jeanne, having washed up and changed in Alatris' bathroom, fast asleep on the bed. Shaking my head, I let her be and entered the common room where Alatris, Shard and the Valk who had introduced herself as Viviana were at.

Shard made his way over to me, squawking out a rudimentary greeting as I picked him up gently.

"Hey buddy. Good to see you. Momma Jeanne's sleeping right now." I ran my fingers through the sandy brown and grey streaked fluff that coated his body and he cooed in pleasure and relaxed, curling up and just letting me pet him as Alatris caught me up with everything going on.

"So, aside from my little nap and Jeanne's transformation, we're looking pretty good. Well, I want to explore the Capital somewhat. Maybe find someone who can help interpret those damn visions I keep having."

"Visions?" Viviana queried me, raising a silver-grey eyebrow.

I explained what they were, and the Valk was perplexed.

"I've heard of folks having visions, but what they mean and all is beyond me. And I would not know where to start. As for me, I would like to travel with your little group here. It gets a little lonely out in the wilds after a time. As you've seen, I can fight if need be."

I shared a quick look with Alatris, it didn't bother me. She shrugged and didn't say anything. "Alright. Having more folks to travel with should help keep us all safe, and someone new to offer insights is always welcome. And for things you can't handle on your own, as a group we should be safe."

We chatted for a few more hours, and only retired when Alatris let loose a jaw splitting yawn. Separating into our rooms, I settled Shard down in a little nest bed and joined Jeanne in ours. She didn't stir a bit as I climbed in and snuggled up next to her and reaching around to her back, ran my hands over her purple scales and membranous wings. She pulled me close in this state and I just had enough reach to douse the lights as exhaustion hit me.

I awoke the next morning to a very pleasurable sensation on a very particular part of my anatomy. I opened my eyes and found that Jeanne had divested herself of all her clothes and was in her natural glory giving me a blowjob with her pointed, long, slightly barbed and dexterous tongue.

"Jeanne," I groaned. She paused in what she was doing and gave me a sultry and impish smile.

"Yes, my mate?" She purred, slithering up to my face. The sensation of her scales on my bare skin was wonderful. Her skin was silky smooth and I barely restrained a groan as Jeanne wiggled her hips enticingly over my pelvis.

She giggled mischievously, "Oh, it seems your happy to see me this morning." She ground her hips against my very erect penis which throbbed and pulsed with need. She ran a taloned hand down it, teasing me and my hips twitched at the stimulating sensation. "Perhaps I should, relieve that for you." Her voice had the barest hint of an alligator's mating growl beneath it at that moment and her amethyst eyes lit up with an inner fire in excitement as her tail lashed about. She licked her lips hungrily and gazed into my eyes with her slit ones. I felt her clawed toes digging into me slightly, and the strength in her muscles was enormous even though Jeanne was being as delicate as she possibly could. I made up my mind seeing the slight manic hunger in her beautiful smoldering amethyst eyes as her tongue licked her lips. I wanted to make Jeanne mine. And I could tell she wanted to do the same. I leaned my face into Jeanne's and captured her mouth in a searing kiss as our tongues began to dual. She reached down and quickly divested me of my underwear completely and then we began the most intimate act I had ever undertaken.

I'll not put down those two hours or any similar act in this writing as those are absolutely private moments and are not fit to be shared. This is a recollection of our travels, not a book of pornography. Though I was indeed able to make Jeanne scream in pleasure several times.

Once we had, in Mamono terms, married, we needed a shower as to not overwhelm our other companions with the scent of sex. Jeanne had calmed down greatly and after bathing and a dressing for the day, was back to her normal self, though a little more self-confident and assured and much more at ease with everything, especially her place by my side. I had taken her as a somewhat confidant in the past weeks, but now she truly was the only one I would confide even the darkest of moments with.

We left our shared room and found that the others had yet to emerge, and little Shard needed to eat so after leaving a note, went to find the wagon where some of our more, carnosaur friendly foods were, then headed to the mess hall to feed Shard and get some food for ourselves, though Jeanne protested that with our recent activity, she didn't really need to eat, but at a remark about her bodily figure from me, she rapidly changed her mind.

It wasn't long until Alatris and Viviana joined us. As they sat down, Alatris glanced at me, and then Jeanne, and smirked.

"Well, well, well. Aren't you looking particularly satisfied, Jeanne! Care to share or are you still taking in the delight and joy of having a man take your virginity?"

Jeanne spluttered and blushed slightly as Viviana laughed and finally, she answered the Alatre, her amethyst eyes flashing, "Alatris!" She shrieked, "Must you be so crass! I thought you had more decorum than that to ask in public about a private and intimate moment!" Jeanne stood up scowling, her long tail lashing behind her in fury, the tip creating on occasion, whip cracks with how violently it was moving which was frightening on account of the amount of force that was there.

Alatris provoked Jeanne once more, "Ah, you forget Jeanne, we're Mamono! Gossiping about and thinking about sex is part of our nature. Now do share what you got up too." Jeanne gritted her teeth growling and then launched herself at Alatris with a feminine roar.

"Eeep!" Alatris squeaked, and she took off, Jeanne chasing her as fast as she could.

"Alatris, get back here! I'm going to teach you to act like a proper lady!"

"Like hell, Jeanne! There's no way I'm letting you try and pound me to a pulp or beat me senseless with that sword of yours!" Jeanne was already slashing her sword at Alatris as she chased the Elder Dragon around the room.

"Grr, stay still, would you! The more you run the more I'm just going to knock to senseless later!"

"Yeah, with your boobs there, Jeanne!"

Around and around the room they went, eventually, I had to snag Jeanne around the waist to stop the madness as the commotion had attracted a bit of attention. Jeanne was still glaring heavily at Alatris who was snickering behind her hand. I distracted Jeanne with a lovely kiss and started braiding her long hair so that it wouldn't get knotted.

Eventually, we started to make plans on what to see in the Capital, but then thunder rumbled and when we glanced out the window, rain started coming down in torrents. Giving up our plans for the day, we retreated to our quarters. Jeanne and I went to check of Thornshield and the wagon and finding all was fine left and in our quarters worked more on notes and sketches. I found that Jeanne had retained her human form from before the ritual and the clothes that Lilith had given her before she departed suited her perfectly. There was a moment where Jeanne was stretched out on the couch, her legs crossed at her ankles and her feet bare as she sketched and the rain which was still coming down started lulling me back to sleep. I fought this, but soon ended up on the couch with her as she drew and she would on occasion, tickle me with her toes. After a while, I eventually grabbed a slender fair foot and started tickling it mercilessly which caused Jeanne my beautiful Dragon to giggle and laugh and squirm.

Eventually, as the weather grew worse, we all started to doze for a bit. Alatris and Viviana were stretched of on the carpeted floor with Shard curled up in the crook of Alaris' arm and Jeanne and I snuggled on the couch. I ran my hand over her smooth skin, and gently caressed her face.

She fluttered her eyes at me, "Iaconus, you're so gentle. Please, let's just-," the rest of the sentence was cut off by a jaw-splitting yawn which she hurriedly covered with a dainty, elegant hand. She shifted her body closer to mine and soon we dozed off, listening to the sounds of the rain on the window and the thunder as it came and went.