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~Changing the Past, Altering the Future~

:: chapter 1 ::

Kaoru bustled around her kitchen, putting the final touches on her dinner. She tasted a sip of her soup: perfect! Those lessons have really paid off.

She wanted tonight's dinner to be ultimately special, since she and Kenshin would be dining together. It was the first day in two months that they were able to be alone. Sano was off gambling, Megumi was in Aizu for a medical conference with Dr. Genzai, and the sisters Ayame and Suzume were gone with their grandfather. Yahiko had been a bit harder, but after bribing him with a meal that night at the Akabeko, Yahiko willingly agreed.

Kaoru snickered to herself. She knew that boy too well: the only things on his mind besides training to be as good as Kenshin were food and Tsubame. It had been easy to get him out of the house for the night.

She placed a few sakura petals on the table. Perfect. Walking over to the door, she made sure on the way that her kimono was immaculate. "Kenshin, dinner time!"

Kenshin popped his head around the corner. "Already, Kaoru-dono?"

Kaoru smiled mischievously. "Yes, Kenshin. Come on, already!" And with that, she grabbed his wrist and half pulled, half dragged him to the dining room.


She plunked Kenshin down. "Taste it!"

He glanced down warily at the new type of food that appeared before him. "Er, if sessha may ask . . . is this unagi?"

"Yep! Taste it! I promise it won't poison you like the soup I made last time."

Kenshin sweatdropped, remembering that incident two months ago.

He picked up his chopsticks and poked warily at his food. He picked up a small morsel and put it in his mouth. He chewed, and swallowed. "This is good, Kaoru-dono!"

Kaoru grinned and started eating as well. "Really?"

"Yes. It tastes almost as good as the ones Tomoe used to make."

Kenshin sweatdropped. Oopsie.

Kaoru felt tears filling up in her eyes. Even now he was thinking of Tomoe.

"Kenshin, I don't feel so well. I think I'll go sleep early." And with that, she ran out of the room, trying to hide her tears.

"Kaoru . . ." Kenshin said to the slamming door. He sullenly glared at the unagi. "Darn you, unagi. You made sessha get Kaoru angry."

In her room, Kaoru was sprawled on her futon, crying. Why can't Kenshin forget about Tomoe? Even when she tried so hard, she could never beat Tomoe. Sure, she was Kenshin's first wife. Sure, she was a good cook and homemaker. She knew all that from the time Kenshin told them all about his past.

Kaoru hugged her pillow. "Can't I ever take her place? It'll be better if she and Kenshin never met."

A poof of smoke startled Kaoru. She wiped the tears off her swollen eyes and focused on a short old woman in a light pink yukata. "Wha?"

The old woman waved around a wand. "Konichiwa, Kaoru! I'm your fairy godmother!"

"Fairy what?"


"What are you doing in my room?"

The old lady sighed impatiently. "I'm your godmother! I'm magical!"

Kaoru gave the woman a skeptical look. "And that means?"

The woman sighed. "I grant your wish with my magic, since I'm supposed to be looking over you."

"Wait a sec. If you grant my wishes, where were you when I wished that Kenshin wouldn't go to Kyoto?"

"I can't do bad things. After all, Kenshin was saving Japan."

"Ok, then . . ."

"So I see you wish that Kenshin never met Tomoe."

"Well, kind of."

"Yes or no?"

"Erm . . . yes."

"Alright!" The godmother waved her wand around, causing a bunch of sparks at the end to ignite.

"I won't do it myself, since time travel messes up my cholesterol."

"Time travel?"

"Yes. I'll send you back in time, to the day Kenshin and Tomoe met. It's all yours from then on."

"But will I come back to . . ."

The godmother waved her wand around impatiently. "You'll automatically be back in 12 hours."

"12 hours . . ."

"Are you going or not?"

Kaoru hesitated. This seemed fishy. But then, she remembered Kenshin's words. "This is almost as good as Tomoe's . . ."

Tomoe's . . .

Tomoe's . . .


The godmother shot a wave of sparks at Kaoru. She felt an odd sensation on her body, similar to tickling.

And then, everything was black.

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