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Some people spend their entire lives building up to a moment, and never realize when that moment passes them by. Others know exactly when that moment arrives.

Naruto knew.

Yes, his goal was to become Hokage. He wanted to prove to all of the people of Konoha, and mostly to himself, that he could do it. Both to protect the people he cared for as well as to prove to everybody that he was more than just what he contained.

Yes…all of that…..they are admirable goals. But since that fateful day, years ago when he made his "promise of a lifetime", he knew that what he was building up to wasn't just to become the Hokage, but to bring his brother in all but blood back home. It was all building up to this very moment

So there he was. Exhausted, beaten, and with little to no chakra left at all, staring into the eyes of Sasuke Uchiha. He knew what happened next would decide everything. It would decide the very fate of the world. If he didn't stop Sasuke here, there would be nobody else who could.

Using the last of his chakra, he created one final rasengan as Sasuke charged up one final Chidori. They jumped towards each other, meeting halfway, connecting their attacks one final time.

'This is my last chance! I can do this! Just a little more!' thought Naruto.

He kept pushing, feeling his rasengan failing, putting everything that he had into it. Finally after what seemed like ages, everything went white.

Naruto opened his eyes and looked around him, noticing that he was in the valley of the end, or rather, what it was before the world shaking fight that had taken place at that very place.

"Huh, where am I?" Naruto asked while looking around him.

"Naruto. You're at your end my boy." said a voice behind him. Naruto looks behind him and sees the Sage of Six Paths himself Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

"Huh, Super Gramps Sage, what are you doing here? Didn't you say you couldn't stay in the world of the living any more?" Naruto asked confused.

Hagoromo stared at Naruto for a moment, his face taking on a much darker tone, "Naruto, I'm not in the world of the living anymore…..and neither are you."

Naruto froze, his mind running a mile a minute, trying to piece together what the Sage of Six paths just said. Then suddenly everything snapped back into place. He remembered what happened prior to him waking up here!

"Wait! I was fighting Sasuke. What do you mean Im not in the land of the living anymore?! I cant waste anymore time! I have to make sure that Sasuke doesn't do anything stupid!" Naruto stated before starting to frantically look around. 'I can't just let Sasuke go again! I have to bring him back. This is my last chance!'

Hagoromo then takes on a very sad look. "Naruto" he says, "You have passed away. I'm sorry. The last connection with Sasuke proved to be too much for your body to handle. Kurama just didn't have enough chakra to heal you."

Naruto's breath hitched in his throat. "W-what? No…..no no no. You're wrong. I…I have so much left to do. I…" Naruto trails off, unable to continue. He thinks back to all of the promises that he has made in the past.

"All those promises! How am I going to keep all of those promises?!" Naruto finally breaks, tears streaming down his face as he looks at Hagoromo.

"Naruto my boy…..You have kept every promise you can. You have done so much for the world." Hagoromo says softly. "You may not be able to become Hokage, but you have done everything else that you could. You said you would keep the people you love safe. You did that to the best of your abilities. Sasuke has even seen the error of his ways!" Naruto jolted at this.

"What? He changed? He lived?" he asked completely shocked.

Hagoromo chuckles slightly, seeing a little bit of energy seep into Naruto's voice. "Yes Naruto, it has actually been a little over a year since that day now. After you passed, he felt a deep amount of remorse for what happened. I couldn't explain it even if I tried but he must have come to a realization.

"After that pink haired teammate of yours arrived and healed his injuries, he immediately went about dispelling the Infinite Tsukuyomi from all that were caught in its grasp. He released the rest of my children- the biju- and asked for their cooperation in freeing everyone rather than forcing it upon them." Hagoromo described to Naruto. He knew that Naruto would need to hear what happened for him to be able to accept it.

Naruto slowly starts to smile, before it becomes an outright grin. "Really? I guess I was able to change him then…he can finally lead the happy life that I know he deserves" Naruto then stops and thinks, "Wait how is he readjusting in Konoha? I know it must'a been rough with how long he's been gone and all!"

Hagoromo knows that Naruto wont like to hear this, but he knows that he wont be able to lie to him about this. "Naruto all of the villages maintained his status as a missing nin, with the desire for him to answer for all of his crimes….including him killing the savior of the world, as everyone has decided to start calling you. He ran after releasing the world from the genjutsu. He has since been attempting to repent in a way. He has taken to ridding the Shinobi Nations enemies before they have the opportunity to harm anybody, stopping fanatics from attempting to resurrect the Akatsuki, negotiating with the lesser Hidden Villages and attempting to bring peace to the best of his abilities."

With a saddened gaze, Naruto thinks on this. "Well, I wanted him to be home with the people that care about him…..but I guess if he is doing things for the good of people then even that is better than nothing." Naruto then thinks of all of the villages and their leaders, "Hold on a minute! Granny and Gaara wouldn't just let that happen! They know that I wouldn't want that right?"

"Well." Hagoromo starts, adopting a thinking pose. "Tsunade isn't the Hokage anymore. It appears as though Kakashi has taken on the role. He is coming along quite nicely as well it seems." Hagoromo then looks back to Naruto, "Naruto you must understand that many people were deeply hurt by your death. Even your last teammate, Sakura, was prepared to kill Sasuke when she found you lying next to him as you were. Releasing the genjutsu was the only thing that stopped her. Kakashi is attempting to sway the other Kage into simply leaving Sasuke as exiled while working as an outside agent for all of the villages, as he has requested."

Naruto is at first angry, but then remembers back to when Jiraiya was killed by Nagato. He then understood Kakashi's viewpoint. The villages may not be able to trust Sasuke again, but to remove any bounties and ensuring that Sasuke wouldn't be labeled as a terrorist would go a long way in breaking the cycle of hatred.

Seeing the contemplative look on Naruto's face, Hagoromo decides to give Naruto one last piece of good news. "Naruto it appears as though the other Kage are willing to allow this. Your friend Gaara has already agreed. All they need is one more kage to agree." He then chuckles a bit, "And it appears as though Bee has been pestering A relentlessly in favor of Sasuke. Things are going fine Naruto…The world is peaceful."

Naruto lets one more tear fall as he listens, remembering all the good things he has experienced in his life, as well as the bad.

"I guess I cant complain too much then, huh?" Naruto then remembers one more detail. "So what happened to Kurama and the rest? How are they? I'm sure they are all enjoying their freedom right?"

Hagoromo sighed, "They are indeed enjoying their freedoms. Though I regret to inform you that Kurama died with you that day." Noticing the panicked look on Naruto's face he quickly adds, "He will reform! In a couple of years he can reform. But this does bring me to the reason that I am speaking with you today."

Naruto perks up at this. "Huh, you mean you aren't just trying to catch me up with everything that has happened? What's the big idea?"

Hagoromo gazed at the waterfall in front of them, picking his words carefully. "Naruto, my mother wasn't the the first of her kind. And she certainly wont be the last. She came from a clan, the Otsutsuki clan from a far off planet. This clan invades unprotected planets, seeking to consume the world trees of these planets. My mother was sent to this world on a mission. Whether it was to consume the world tree herself or simply to identify and scout, I don't know. But she turned her back to her clan, originally with good intentions. And there is a chance that they will come to complete what my mother did not."

Naruto is extremely confused by this. "You're saying that there are more like Kaguya, just as powerful? That doesn't make any sense. Kaguya first got here so long ago. Why have they not come sooner?"

Hagoromo looks back at Naruto, "Naruto I have no answer to those questions, only speculations. I believe it is entirely possible that the other Otsutsuki members could be even stronger than Kaguya. As for why they haven't come yet? My best guess is that they are immortal, and therefore their sense of time is distorted compared to ours. It could even be that they forgot. There is a number of reasons as to why they have not come before now. I truly don't know, but I do know that the threat of it is very real. And Sasuke would be unable to defeat them himself."

"So then how the hell do we fix that?" Naruto asks. He was beginning to get frustrated. There was just never an end to the amount of threats that there were to face.

"Well short of you coming back to life there is nothing we can do to prepare this world for the Otsutsuki. And we both know that the dead cannot return to their world after death. It would upset the balance far too heavily."

Naruto is a combative genius. He can turn most combative situations in his favor given the chance. He knew that his faults lied in other areas of knowledge. But even then he still was able to determine that they aren't left with any other options that he is aware of.

"…..Then what the hell are we supposed to do!" Naruto slaps his hands to his face, frustrated with the situation.

Hagoromo stares at Naruto before giving a resigned sigh, "Naruto, you have gained the respect of all my children, and you worked closely with all of them in your battles with Obito, Madara, and Kaguya. Can you take a guess as to which of them is the strongest?"

Naruto suddenly grins. "Yep! Definitely Kurama! And I ain't just saying that because he is my partner either!"

Hagoromo chuckles, "Yes you're correct there. Kurama had the misfortune of inheriting the Juubi's hatred. With that of course came aggression. Kurama actually accounts for about a fifth of the Juubi's total strength. Of course I had to ensure that it didn't go to his head. I ensured that the more level headed ones could stand up to him if the need arose. Saiken, Chomei and Gyuki could all definitely push Kurama should he have ever gotten out of hand." Hagoromo pauses, realizing he was rambling.

"Ah but anyway, the point is that Kurama is the largest concentration of energy on this planet. Even Gyuki has only three quarters of what Kurama has. I have determined that the only way to take our planet off of the Otsutsuki's radar would be to remove Kurama from the equation so to speak."

"Eh?" Naruto exclaims. "But old man he is your kid! You cant just get rid of him like that! I thought you were better than that!"

Hagoromo suddenly looks sheepish, bringing a hand to the back of his head. That had sounded a lot better in his head.

"I apologize. What I mean to say is that I have already spoken to Kurama. He has agreed to traverse to a separate world under one condition."

Despite his confusion over what Hagoromo was implying, he is saddened that Kurama would be willing to leave his home world.

"Well what is his condition? If he is going to sacrifice so much for our world…he needs to be properly thanked!"

Naruto's fists clench at his side. He is determined to do what ever it takes to get his friend what he needs to do this. His love and respect for Kurama has skyrocketed just hearing that he would be willing to go to these lengths to protect the people he loves. Sure its for the whole world, but Naruto had a feeling that the nine tailed fox let Naruto influence his decision a little more than he would ever care to admit.

"Naruto his condition is you." Hagoromo states, setting a somber mood.

Naruto jolts, completely taken off guard by this statement. "Huh? Uhhh care to run that by me again?"

"Naruto his condition is that you go to this new world with him. He would never admit it but I can tell he has missed you. You are after all his first true friend. The two of you were separated from each other far too soon." Hagoromo says with a gentle smile, his pride for Kurama making a true bond clearly written on his face.

Naruto pauses, thinking on this. On one hand he wouldn't normally hesitate at all for the chance to help his friend. He was already dead after all! The only thing stopping him though….

Hagoromo places a hand on Naruto's shoulder in understanding, "Worry not Naruto. The afterlife is a universal connection. You may live out your life there and still be connected with ALL of your loved ones when the time comes."

Naruto slowly lets a bright smile spread across his face, "That's a relief! It will be great to see Kurama again." Naruto states, giving his silent agreement.

Hagoromo claps his hands together with a smile. "Fantastic! Now before we continue there is quite a bit of information that I must part you with."

Naruto looks at him curiously, "Like what gramps?"

"Well first is going to be the biggest obstacle for you. I had to pull quite a few strings to pull this off, but the world I'm sending you to is technically considered a protected planet. Meaning that it is protected by one or more divine beings. Do you understand?"

Naruto sweat drops, giving Hagoromo a blank look. "Uh….Sure"

"Excellent! Now I say technically because the divine beings have not personally been to this planet in thousands of years. Some in the afterlife say that it is an experimental planet, others say that the gods that created it have forsaken it. I haven't a clue which is true but I was able to make contact with the gods and negotiate this little erm…..shall we say transaction. They were quite fine with Kurama coming to a planet of theirs. Energy levels of Kurama's calibre is nothing to sniff at even by a gods standards. However the issue arises in your presence in the matter."

"Hey are you saying they have an issue with me!" Naruto yells.

Hagoromo sighs, knowing that what he is going to say next is going to anger Naruto a great deal. "Quite frankly Naruto, yes they do. They have agreed to allowing you into their world as well, but just freely providing you with the power that Kurama possesses is something they seem to be extremely cautious of. I have gotten the feeling that these two gods in particular have quite a bit of distrust in regards to humans."

At this point Naruto is starting to get worried. "What are you trying to say Gramps? Kurama wants me there doesn't he? Can't you just tell them that I don't actually control him? He is allowed to do what ever he wants!"

"I know that Naruto, but they just don't see it that way. In order for them to allow your presence, you must enter the world separated from Kurama. I'm sorry but you will have to search the world for him and find him before being reunited with him. The seal open seal on your stomach will still be present when you do find Kurama." Hagoromo states, bracing himself for the outburst that he is sure to hear.

"What! But…they cant do that! I need to be there for him just like he was for me! That's not fair Gramps and you know it!" Naruto yells. He couldn't believe it! He had gotten so excited to see Kurama again. Who knows when Naruto will be able to find him.

Hagoromo cuts in before Naruto gets into an extended rant, "Naruto I understand, I was frustrated with the demand as well. But we must do this to stop the Otsutsuki from attacking our home. If Kurama is gone then they are likely to mistake the other biju as just culminations of nature energy rather than a product of the divine tree."

Naruto calms down at this, looking at the ground. He knows that this is the only option. He has faced harder tasks and he would be damned if he let this one get in his way either! "Fine. I understand. Anything else?"

Hagoromo smiles. Finally getting to more personal matters. He knows that Naruto would need a purpose in order to remain the kind of person that he was.

"…..I have a more personal request now Naruto."

Naruto looks up at the Sage with determination shining in his eyes, "Anything for you…..anything for this."

Hagoromo's eyes harden, "Don't accept so easily just yet Naruto. This is a tall order to be sure." Hagoromo pauses before relaxing.

"Naruto this world is swarmed by hatred and death. War is prevalent and humanity is but a Remnant of what they used to be. Hope…..Kindness….love… it still runs rampant through this world. But there is just so much that stops it from prospering." Hagoromo's eyes shine with unshed tears. He remembers the darkest days of his life, prior to sealing his mother. Visiting this Remnant of Humanity was a dark reminder to him. "Darkness that usually lurks in the darkest depths of a persons soul roams freely. I sense that there is more to this darkness but I am blind to it."

Naruto suddenly feels nauseous. For this to come out of the mouth of the son of Kaguya, the most fearsome thing he has ever faced…..is truly terrifying.

Hagoromo notices this, and is quick to reassure Naruto. "Fear not my boy. I don't think that the power of darkness or its orchestrator is equal to that of my mother. But it is not to be trifled with either. No, I ask that you try to adopt a role similar to that of mine with our world. Though I feel that you may be more successful than I have been. I urge you to spread Ninshu to this world. Not ninjutsu as my teaching has been bastardized to be. Teach to protect. Help this Remnant of humanity to overcome this darkness. That is my final request to you!"

Naruto reflects back to his childhood. He remembers all the hatred directed to him. Then he remembers the love. Thinking on it….he knows. He would always do everything in his power to eliminate the darkness and brighten the light.

He smiles at Hagoromo, "I would be honored to do this for you. I wont let you down gramps! I will not fail this world."

This sets Hagoromo at ease. He knew Naruto wouldn't be able to stay idle as people suffered, but seeing the conviction in Naruto's eyes was a reassuring sight indeed.

Hagoromo lets out a hearty laugh, "Well now I wouldn't even think to doubt you on that my boy. Now down to the last of our business before I send you on your way. I will be returning your sun mark to you. It was given temporarily to you so that you may defeat my mother. I was limited in how much I could interfere due to Sasuke and yourself being alive." Hagoromo lets out a sly smile and gives Naruto a wink. "But since you're currently dead there isn't much to interfere with now is there?"

Naruto blinks at him completely shocked. He remembered exactly what the Sun Mark is capable of.

"W-w-wow, are you sure Gramps?"

"Yes Naruto. That is just the least I can do. As you are aware, with the sun mark comes the ability to mold Yin-Yang Chakra. You inherently have restorative capabilities due to your talent in Yang release. You have quite a long road ahead of you yet in order to get the creative capabilities of Yin Release. I intend for you to be capable of everything that I am eventually Naruto. You have a lot of work to do in order to achieve that though." Hagoromo states.

It takes Naruto a couple of seconds to process what Hagoromo just said. When he does, his eyes widen, "Wait…..do you mean?..."

"Yes Naruto. Everything. You wont be receiving all of this on a silver platter mind you. You have several limitations. You are naturally predisposed to the Yang aspect of chakra. The physical embodiment of it. Your very nature is to endure, restore, develop, and push forward. For you to learn the polar opposite is going to be quite the challenge for you. You are clever in combat for sure, but raw creativity is something you lack. The sheer emotional trauma required to push you past your limits has not been reached yet. I'm not attempting to discredit your hardships Naruto. But now that you have the capability to achieve a higher level…..it will be like relearning how to walk and talk properly. It will be truly frustrating for you. Especially with everything you have already experienced."

"Even then…..you're saying that I have the ability to awaken all of your powers? Even the Rinnegan? That's…. that's insane! I will be fine just as I am Gramps!" Naruto states, unable to comprehend that he is being provided this opportunity.

Naruto's confusion is understandable. It does seem excessive, even to Hagoromo. But Naruto seems to be forgetting a key piece of information.

"Forgive me Naruto but this isn't about you."

Naruto is startled by this. "Huh? What do ya mean this isn't about me? You're tellin' me that you're giving me a bunch of world changing powers!"

Hagoromo lets out another laugh. "It's been a while since I've laughed quite this much Naruto. I definitely do enjoy your company Naruto. Naruto, a key aspect to the teachings of Ninshu is balance. Balance is essential. How are you going to teach the Yin aspect of Ninshu, like your non-physical ninjutsu and genjutsu if you can't even perform it yourself!

"I'm giving you this give for balance itself my boy. That is why I say it isn't about you."

It makes an odd amount of sense. Naruto can't argue that point.

Hagoromo, seeing that Naruto has nothing else to add, continues.

"Now, as I said, you will have plenty of limitations and obstacles to overcome. You experienced the wonder of your Yang Release when you reversed the effects of the 8th gate and restored your sensei's eye. But you absolutely must remember that you accomplished that with Kurama's assistance. Using your restorative powers on that scale is truly a miracle, but one that you will suffer dire consequences for should you attempt something of that scale without Kurama's assistance.

"Fatigue, minor injuries, and other things of that nature should be the extent of your use of Yang Release until you gain practice and have Kurama to mitigate any unforeseen consequences. Do you understand?"

Naruto takes a couple of second to respond. "Hmmm, I think so. Basically if I try to do really fancy stuff with Yang Chakra, itll throw my chakra system out of wack?"

Hagoromo's eyebrows raise at this. "Oh ho. I see that you retained some of that inherent knowledge of chakra from when you last had the sun mark eh? Impressive. Yes, while you definitely have a leaning for the Yang aspect of chakra, your system is still made of an equal amount of both. To expend too much of one could be extremely damaging to your chakra system. Similar to your Senjutsu training. Too much and too little is dangerous regardless of which you use yes?"

Naruto nods rapidly to this. "Uh huh, uh huh I got it." 'I really hope I remember all this later. There is just so much' Naruto thinks, inwardly panicking.

Hagoromo sweat drops, noticing the slight panick in Naruto's eyes. "….Right. Well. Lastly, when you do make your breakthrough on Yin Release, you will also gain the moon mark on your left hand. I'm unsure as to why, but I feel as though having both will be useful to you in the future. Now come closer. Allow me to provide the mark to you so that we may proceed."

Naruto approaches Hagoromo, who extended his right hand. Naruto lifts his arm, placing his right hand on Hagoromo's. There is no physical feeling, but Naruto cannot mistake the feeling of the sun mark appearing on his hand.

"Perfect, now let me have your left hand."

Naruto lifts his left arm, and Hagoromo gently grabs it in one hand, using the index finger of his other hand to point at the palm of Naruto's hand. Using wind manipulation, Hagoromo cuts a long but shallow cut into Naruto's palm.

Naruto winces slightly, feeling the sharp pain for a brief moment. Hagoromo then does the same to his own left palm, then places it over Naruto's palm. Naruto feels a slight burning sensation on his hand that quickly fades.

"Huh, what's that for Gramps?" Naruto asks slightly confused.

"Well Naruto, you may carry my blood in you, however faint it may be…..but I find a little jump start to be effective from time to time." Hagoromo says mysteriously, with a smile on his face that just says 'I know something that you don't.'

"Now remember Naruto, with the sun mark, your senjutsu will be empowered quite a bit. Your Six Paths Senjutsu will be just as strong as you remember it. But you will not reach your previous potential until you find Kurama. I must send you off now. You will arrive at exactly the place and exactly the time that you are supposed to. I have made sure of it"

Hagoromo takes a moment before finally stating, "When you arrive, ask to speak to the man cursed by the brothers.…..Please…..do your best for this world! I don't expect to see you again until you're just as old as I!" Hagoromo says with vigor. He knows that Naruto can give Remnant the chance it deserves. There isn't a doubt in his mind.

Naruto smiles, forgetting all this new stressful information momentarily. "Don't you worry old man! I will bring peace to this world just like Sasuke is trying to do here! Believe it!"

Naruto notices the world around him beginning to fade, he spares one last look at the Sage of Six Paths, knowing that this will be the last thing he sees connecting him to his world until he finds Kurama.

Hagoromo gives Naruto a reassuring smile before stating, "I believe every single bit of it Naruto."

Naruto's view is completely encompassed in white, before becoming completely dark.

Naruto finds himself on a pitch black ground, with darkness everywhere around him.

In front of Naruto, a single gigantic blood red eye opens, and a deep voice rumbles, "Naruto, you better not keep me waiting too long. I'm a little…..incapacitated at the moment. It's cold….so very cold…I must sleep for now…..Don't keep….me…..waiting."

The eye slowly closes, the voice letting out one more shudder before falling silent, and suddenly Naruto is falling.

Ruby Rose is a rather short teenage girl standing at about 5 foot 4 inches, with a rather pale, but fair complexion. She had black hair, that turned to a deep red at the tips, extending just to her shoulders. She wore a tan long sleeve shirt, the collar stopping just at the middle of her neck. Over the shirt she wore a black corset and skirt with red underlinings. She had black bracers over her wrists, a black red lined belt to hold her ammo, black leggings with a rose printed on the side of the left legging, covered by a rather sturdy looking pair of black boots with red soles. To complete her outfit she wore a red hooded cloak that appeared to have seen better days, a rose emblem pinned to the scarf and buckles…so many buckles. Her most notable feature though, be it for their history, power, or some would even say their beauty, are her Silver Eyes.

She was in the kitchen of the house that self-named team RNJR, Qrow, and now Oscar Pine are staying in, helping her friend Lie Ren cook dinner. They were expecting to have plenty of company over. Her Uncle Qrow was out gathering as many of his huntsman colleagues as he is able to so that they could convince the Headmaster of Haven academy to lead a raid against the Branwen tribe in order to secure the Spring Maiden.

Maidens….Ruby still had a hard time believing everything that she and her friend's had been told. It just seemed a little too…Fantastical.

She was interrupted from her musings by Ren, "Alright, the first batch is just about done."

"Awesome!" Ruby says, deciding to focus on the task at hand. "Now we just need Qrow and we'll be all set."

Nora chimes in from her position across the kitchen, "Do you really think he is going to be bringing that many people? This is a looooot of food!"

This causes Ruby to pause. She really hopes that they get as much help as possible. A whole bandit tribe?! It's a little intimidating to think about.

"Uhhh, I don't know, but it sounds like we could use all the help we can get."

"I'm back!" another voice cuts in from near the front of the house as Ren looks over to see how Ruby is doing with her 'assignment'.

Ruby looks back and yells, "Be right there!"

Ren finally cuts in, "Uhh Ruby I think you're going to overcook that."

Ruby, knowing she was distracted, but not wanting to admit it states, "No I'm not shut up!"

"Uh Ruby!" Qrow yells, sounding more than a little impatient.

"I'm coming!" Ruby yells back as a cloud of black smoke erupts our of the pan she was using. She blinks twice at the smoke, before giving Ren a slightly annoyed look and stating, "Fine! You take over."

Ruby grabs a tray full of refreshments from the counter, and makes her way to the living room to greet Qrow and whatever guests he had brought back.

Walking into the room, keeping her focus on not spilling the tray, she explains to Qrow, "Soooo, we didn't know how many people were coming so we just cooked all of it."

Finally looking up, she sees two very familiar women standing next Qrow. Her partner, Weiss Schnee, and the sister that she left in her hometown, Patch. She lets out a gasp, dropping the tray, the glasses on top shattering on the floor.

Ruby is suddenly overcome with emotions. Yang had her arm cut off by a psychotic maniac during the fall of beacon while attempting to defend her partner, Blake Belladonna. After the fall, she just hadn't been the same. Blake had left before Yang had woken up. Between her birth mother, Raven Branwen, and the person she viewed as her real mother, Summer Rose, she has plenty of trauma relating to people just walking out of her life. Losing her arm, and with it a lot of her fighting capabilities, as well as another person close to her leaving her…she just hadn't been the same.

Ruby left her.

Ruby knew she was going through a hard time, and she left anyway. She knew that she did the right thing, continuing onward to help prevent another Fall. But that didn't make her feel any better about it.

"Yang I-I-I'm so sorry! I should have stayed! I should have talked to you more! I just wasn't sure if you wanted me around and-"

Yang interrupted Ruby, walking up to her and hugging her. Ruby is shocked, tears falling down her face. She then hears Yang utter the three words she needed to hear the most.

"I love you."

Ruby lets more tears fall, leaning into her sisters shoulder and muttering, "I love you too."

An air of relief and happiness spreads through the air as all the other occupants of the house makes their way into the living room.

Weiss wipes away a stray tear, happy for her teammates reunion. She looks away, though she is happy that the sisters are reunited, she can't help but feel a little left out, and slightly worried as to where her old team stood. She is interrupted by Ruby calling out her name.

She looks to the two sisters, seeing them hold their arms out to her, inviting her into a group hug. Her worries are instantly washed away. Everything would be just fine between them. She rushes into their arms, the sheer happiness she feels at being reunited to the closest thing to family she has ever felt bringing more tears to her eyes.

Their happy reunion is quickly brought to a screeching halt by the sound of a very heavy thump behind Ruby and Yang, followed by a grunt.

Everybody whirls around to the source of the sound, tense and ready for anything. Everybody but Oscar is unarmed, causing everyone to be even more on edge.

They see a blond man, appearing to be approximately 16 years old, well built with three whisker marks on each cheek, laying on his back wearing only a pair of loosely fitting white harem pants, with his hand held to his head and groaning in pain. He attempts to sit up before wincing in pain.

"Ahh dammit!" Naruto grinds out, and the rest quickly see why. While Ruby and company doesn't know where this mysterious came from, it's quite obvious that he arrived…..directly on top of the glass dropped by Ruby just minutes before.

Seeing the glass digging into the man's back, blood starting to leak from the wounds causes all but Qrow to relax. This man obviously did not have his aura activated. How much of a threat could he possibly be?

Qrow knew better. His luck wouldn't allow for this man to be anything less than complicated. He would refrain from making any rash decisions, but he definitely made the decision to slip away momentarily to retrieve his weapon.

Seeing no active threat, Ruby immediately reverts back to the caring girl that she is.

"Oh my gods are you ok! What happened?" Ruby says, kneeling and leaning over the man.

Naruto groans again, eyes clenched shut until he hears the girls voice. He slowly opens his eyes, adjusting to the light after what felt like hours falling through darkness.

Cerulean blue eyes open to meet silver ones. The first thing that Naruto sees in this new world. Naruto's breath catches in his throat, forgetting about the pain in his back and the other people in the room. He had never seen eyes quite like these before. He is completely captivated by them.

Ruby in similar fashion is also taken off guard by how bright this man's eyes are. Sure she had seen several blue eyes before. Jaune and Weiss are just the first that come to mind, but the brightness of this man's eyes are something new to her. They shined with a fire that she knew reflected his character.

Ruby is the first to snap back to reality after a good 10 seconds, remembering that this man is hurt.

"Are you ok? You look like you're hurt." Ruby says, concern in her voice.

Naruto blinks a couple of times, remembering that he has shards of glass stuck all over his back. He gets finally sits up with a grunt, leaning on his hand for support.

"Yeah, yeah I'll be alright. I should be healing up in no time." Naruto says as he starts looking around him, quickly gathering information about his situation. 'Seven people here. Foot steps in the next room, walking back to us. Total of eight. Four exits. I wish Gramps would have given me a little more information about what this world is like.'

Ruby looks at his back, noticing that some of the cuts appeared to be quite deep, with pieces of glass still stuck in his back. The sight may have made her a little queasy if not for the nonchalance the man seemed to handle the situation with.

Nobody but Naruto noticed Qrow walk back into the room, this time with a folded up piece of metal attached to his back.

"Are you sure about that? That doesn't look like something you just throw a bandaid on ya know? Hehe" Ruby says nervously.

"Huh?" Naruto looks over his shoulder at his back, genuinely surprised that he was still bleeding. 'That's right. I need to find Kurama.' Naruto still healed faster than your average person. But with Kurama, these scratches should have already been gone.

"Well I guess you're right. I guess I'm going to have to take care of that." Naruto says with a sigh.

Ruby starts to get up, "Here I'll go get the first aid kit."

Naruto waves her off, "Nah don't worry about it, just give me a couple o' seconds."

Naruto shifts into a cross legged position folding his finger slightly and touching his knuckles and thumbs together.

Yang, Weiss and Ruby all exchange looks with each other, JNR doing the same. Qrow just stares directly at Naruto, not taking his eyes off of him for even a split second. Oscar doesn't understand exactly what is going on, but he hears Ozpin urging him to stay cautious.

Nothing about Naruto changes, but everybody can feel the shift in the air.

Many things happen at once. Qrow grabs on to his weapon, ready to deploy it at a moments notice, Ruby Yang and Weiss all take a step back from Naruto, not knowing what the feeling in the air was. JNR tenses up, noticing these reactions but not being close enough to understand why their friends were acting the way they were.

The most drastic reaction however was Oscar. He hears Ozpin gasp in his mind, 'Impossible!' before feeling control ripped from him. Ozpin takes his cane from behind his back, deploying it, and walking around to Naruto's front, leveling the end of the cane in front of his face.(A/N From here on out, when referring to Ozpin/Oscar, I will use the name of the person in control at that time….unless it's a secret!)

In a cold voice Ozpin says, "I think you might want to explain exactly who you are."

Ozpin is met with silence for a few moments, before Naruto finally opens his eyes. A hissing can be heard from Naruto's back, the glass stuck in his back being ejected and clattering to the floor as Naruto stares unflinchingly into Ozpin's eyes. The rest of Naruto's back healing before everyone's eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly changes. While it could have been described as heavy before, now it was down right suffocating. Qrow takes a step towards Naruto, his hand still on his weapon, trembling. Ruby, Yang, and Weiss all stumble backwards, falling on the floor in an attempt to gain distance from the two sources of power, seemingly stuck in a battle of wills.

Ozpin gulps slightly, looking not into the cerulean blue eyes that Ruby had just moments ago, but into deep golden orbs with cross shaped pupils. The sheer pressure directed on him is more than he has felt in millennia.

Just as Ozpin is about to attack what he perceives to be a clear threat in front of him, Naruto blinks, his eyes returning to the deep bright blue that they had been before, and the pressure disappears completely.

Naruto just smiles at Ozpin, even while being on the business end of Ozpin's cane, he appears as though he doesn't have a concern in the world.

"Well it's a bit of a long story actually! I can't really explain anything right now. All I can say is that I need to talk to the man that was cursed by the brothers." Naruto says thinking back to what Hagoromo instructed him to say, hoping that this would resolve things.

Unfortunately that seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back. Everybody except for Yang and Weiss' eyes widen, immediately knowing what Naruto was referring to.

Ozpin lets out a yell, bringing his cane back, only to swing it back down, aiming for Naruto's head.

Well guys. It has truly been a long time since I've written anything. Just looking at my last attempt at a story was horrifying. Oh to be younger again. This is an idea I have had in my mind for a while now. I love reading Fanfiction. Sometimes I'll just find a story, like the idea and try to find other stories similar to it. Mostly just to see how other people twist it.

I've always thought that while I love the idea of Naruto entering the RWBY universe, you have to either seriously underpower him to a degree that it just kinda becomes sad, or you have to just remove any opportunity for character development just because he is so strong that he kind of solves all of their problems. I thought on it long and hard and I thought about trying to have him appear later in the show, after the most major of character developments.

Now I decided he still needs to have a little bit of his own struggles. Two of which are obvious. Finding Kurama and mastering all of his Sage abilities. More will definitely be revealed later!

This will of course be a Naruto/Ruby fic. Of course they are each my favorite character in each show, and I have always love the idea of them being together. And I typically don't see many lengthy Naruto/Ruby fics so I definitely wanted to give this one a go. Y'all let me know what you think! I cant wait to hear opinions!