I lost a competition with my friend, and the loser has to write a chapter of a fanfiction of the winner's choice. So, here is chapter one of my competition loss fic lmao. This is not beta read.

"I still don't know why you insisted that we come as a family, Alice." Jasper stepped from the car, fidgeting with his tie.

"Stop playing with it." Esme scolded, getting out of the car and smoothing her dress. "We came as a family because we Dr. Martin asked us to."

"We could have come up with an excuse." Jasper crossed his arms over his chest, his bottom lip jutting out. He was nervous.

"Jasper, you'll be okay. I know you're nervous, but you've been more controlled that you've ever been. Give yourself a break, live a little, and enjoy the wedding reception." Esme said.

"Besides, I don't see anything happening. And we have to do out best to make a good impression on Dr. Diego."

Jasper didn't say it, but it didn't comfort him that Alice hadn't seen anything happen. He didn't put quite as much faith into her visions as everyone else, these days. Still, he appreciated the sentiment.

"Thank you again, for inviting my family to the ceremony." Carlisle's voice slipped in through the murmurs of the humans around them. "They should be right outside."

Jasper didn't need to feel her emotions to see her brighten. Her smile became immediately more relaxed, her posture straightened slightly, and her eyes shone a little brighter.

"There they are!" Carlisle, who had been busy settling into his new job and hadn't been home in a while, also visibly brightened upon seeing Esme. He sent her a dazzling smile, before smiling at Jasper and Alice too. "Dr. Martin, this is my wife, Esme, and our children Alice and Jasper."

"My my! How nice to finally meet you!" Dr Martin greeted. He could not have been older than 55, but it was clear that he had earned his position as the head surgeon at Carlisle's new hospital. "I've heard all about you from Carlisle. My name is Diego Martin. Please call me Martin here, it is my daughter's wedding! No need for formalities. Carlisle, that means you too." The man let out a deep belly laugh, one that reminded him of Emmett. He should call him. He could use a wrestling match. He shook Dr. Martin's hand. He didn't even tense. Alice sent him a proud smile.

"Carlisle, when you were telling me about your family you failed to mention the pure beauty of your wife and daughter. And your son! What a handsome man. How old are they, anyway? Why, you don't look a day over 25! Surely you're not old enough to have children in their 20s!"

Carlisle chuckled. He was posing as a man of 35 this time around, and they had still decided to go with the adoption story.

"Jasper here is 21, and Alice is 19. We adopted them when they were small children." He gave a gentle smile.

"Ah, I see! Well, what a wonderful family. Please, this way!" Dr. Martin kissed Alice and Esme's hands before leading them through the grand entrance into an elegant ballroom. There were two many people. Jasper didn't mind, not really. He was well under control, but he was still socially inept and hated small talk."

"You'll be fine." Esme whispered. He sent her a smile.

"This is your table, for dinner. Feel free to wander about, but make sure you eat here for dinner. We had some other people with diet restrictions, so this is diary free zone!"

"Thank you, Dr. Martin. We appreciate your willingness to work with my daughters intolerance."

Dr. Martin slapped Carlisle on the back, with enough strength to surprise Carlisle, though it obviously didn't hurt, Carlisle still gave a face stumble forward. For appearances. "Diego, Carlisle, please. And it truly was not a problem. Now, I need to make some rounds so please, enjoy the party!"

"He seems nice." Esme said, taking her seat. "And I'm so glad we don't have to consume dairy.

"I wish we didn't have to eat anything at all." Jasper grumbled. One of the reasons he had started college this time around, instead of high school, was the increasing awareness of their lack of eating. It made more sense to not eat on a college campus, than it did high school.

Esme sighed, "I agree, but it is better to not have dairy, than to have it."

"I agree." Alice nodded heavily. "Too bad Emmett isn't here. I love watching him scarf human food down." She and jasper giggled, remembering the last time that had happened.

Emmett and Rosalie had been happy to avoid the wedding when the had heard about it. Though, they wouldn't have been invited, anyway, because this time they did not exist in the construct of their false identities. They were on an extended honeymoon in Europe. Though, the house was far quieter than anyone was used to, they even missed Edwards endless brooding. Or may Jasper didn't as much miss the moods.

Jasper and Alice were playing a game of hangman on one of the spare papers on the table, and he was giving it his best try, but damn was it hard playing games against a seer, whether she was trying not to look or not. He was hoping she wouldn't guess 'a.'

"A." She said.

"Cheater." He mumbled, filling in the correct letters. Esme watched with a quirked smile while Carlisle made more rounds with his coworker.

She looked at the paper, her finger on her chin, trying to scan through every word in the English language. It was a shirt one, but she had only one leg left before she lost. "Jazz." She finally said.

He grumbled, filling in the two z's. "I didn't cheat, Jasper." She gloated. "Esme, do you want to play?"

"Maybe after dinner." Esme smiled, before standing and making her way to the washroom.

"What time is dinner again?" Jasper asked, checking his watch. Time dragged when they were with humans.

"Ten minutes. The bride is making her entrance soon." She said. "Then it's speeches and cheers then food. You ready?"

"I guess." Alice laughed, before scribbling her game of hangman out.

Three minutes later and the music changed from a modern mix to traditional wedding style music and everyone stood. Esme and Carlisle both slipped back to their table, nodding their heads at their new table mates of three humans who they hadn't said a word too, just as the bride and groom entered the room to applause. The bride was a beautiful girl, with her brown hair tried elegantly into some sort of bun, and a dress that made her features pop. The groom was smitten, his eyes never leaving her face. They waved, paused for a moment for pictures before continuing forward.

Jasper was utterly shocked as the bridal party made their ay in. The third bridesmaid, ho had her arm linked through a much taller man, had her face partially obstructed, but it did nothing to mask the sweet, familiar scent of freesia that drifted toward their table. Jasper and Carlisle exchanged a shocked expression, before Jasper turned his head toward Alice, who had a smug smile plastered on her face as she demurely clapped her hands.

"Did you know Bella would be here?" Esme hissed, not maliciously but the sound was still surprising coming from her mouth.

"Yes." Alice responded simply. Jasper shook his head. He knew she had been hiding something from him since they had moved here.

Bella, who looked stunning in the elegantly deep purple bridesmaid dress, passed them without even glancing at their table before taking her spot beside the bride. "I think she's the maid of honor." Alice said.

The crowd was seated, and Jasper was pleased and relieved to see that their table was obstructed from the line of sight of the bridal party. They didn't need some strange reveal. He'd rather not be seen by Bella at all, actually. "Don't run, Jasper. Just trust me."

He nodded stiffly but narrowed his eyes. "I wish you would just share these things with us."

"But that's no fun." She whispered back. Esme sent them a glare and hushed them. Bella stood proudly at the microphone, ready to deliver a speech. He listened carefully but was blown back by the sound of her voice. He hadn't heard it in so long, the effect it had on him was shocking. He immediately felt the old guilt well up in him.

"Hey, Everyone." She said, a bright smile on her face. It had been seven years since they had left her. She had grown beautifully, and it seemed his family thought so too. "I can't believe this day is finally here! After two years of postponing the date." She laughed when the groom said, 'Shut up bella!' "Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I kid, I kid. Truly, I am so happy to be here with you all, to share this special day with you and to celebrate my two best friends. Truly, Liliana and Nick, I am so happy for you. I feel like it was just yesterday that it was sophomore year, I was studying on the quad with Lily and suddenly a ball was hitting her head and I was being tripped over by some weird, shirtless guy. There I lay, a fresh cut on the top of my hand where his shoes had dug into it, my head aching, and my leg crushed by this guy that had fallen on to me. And all he cared about was the beauty sitting next to me. And I don't blame you, Nick. Lily is stunning. Anyway. In case you all didn't know, that's how they met. He fell on top of me, didn't notice for 45 seconds, and they fell in love immediately. Though they danced around each other for a year before they even started dating."

"Please don't tell them about our first date." The bride said, her face turning a brilliant red.

"Let me tell you about their first date!" Bella said, waving her friend off. The crowd laughed. Jasper couldn't take his eyes off of this woman, off of Bella. The last time he had seen her, she was a frail girl, just 18, and she had had fear coming off of her in waves as she gazed at his pitch black eyes. He pushed that aside. "How many of you know about their first date? No one? Okay. Excellent." She laughed lightly, though evil mirth was rolling off her.

"They invited me. I don't know why. Maybe because I was a mutual friend. She was scared he was scared I don't know. But they asked me to come. And he asked me to drive. He reached into the glove box because he's a snoop. "You have condoms in your glove?" he asked me on the way to pick her up, to which I replied with a 'yes, of course. You can't have sex in my car, though.' He nodded his head, his face turning green as we approached her dorm. She was waiting outside. And she looked so cute, in a little white sun dress and sun hat. Truly, a sight to be seen, though she always is." Bella sent the bride a smile, who tried to glared back. "Anyway. She gets in. He moves to the backseat. I am now, officially, their free chauffer.

"She tells me to take us to her favorite food joint. And I was skeptical, because the last time we went there- well, lets just say neither of us came out of that feeling great. We approach, and Nick asks 'What place is this?' to which Lily replies 'It's the best seafood you'll ever have in your life!' He was skeptical, giving the excuse he had never tried it before, but went in anyway. Well. What he didn't tell us is that he is dangerously allergic to shellfish. Like. Deathly allergic." Carlisle scowled a bit.

Lilliana put her head in her hands. "So we sit down, I'm third-wheeling like I never have before in my life, and I take the reigns and order surf and terf for all of us. Impressive, I know, for poor college students. But, let me tell you, when I say we didn't come out of there feeling great it wasn't because either of us were allergic to the food. No, as delicious as that place was, it was closed down a year later because it was not up to standards." Bella laughed. I couldn't look away from the woman standing on the stage. She was so different that the Bella I had known.

"So, an hour in, and Lily becomes really sick. Like. Has to run to the bathroom or she'll explode at the table sick. She's gone for a few minutes, and I start to notice that Nick has been really quite, his voice scratchy, and his face is like. Turning red and swelling. And I'm no doctor, but I've known doctors in my life and I can't immediately tell that something is wrong." Bella laughs, shaking her head, and Liliana groans.

"So I get this text message 'SOS NEED NEW CLOTHES' in all caps, and as I look up from my phone and Nick is like. Passing away. He gestures at his bag that's hanging off of the back of his chair, my phone is ringing as Lily is trying to call me from the bathroom, doing god knows what, and My friend is slowly passing out in front of me."

"Thank God my ex's dad was a doctor. I don't know what came over me, but I was able to stab him with his epipen, call the ambulance and then FINALLY make my way to the bathroom stall, which was a blood bath all it's own. Lily, poor Lily, Is sitting on this gross floor, with mysterious stains on the front of her dress, he hat having fallen into the toilet 'Please don't tell him about this. Call me cab or something' she begs me 'Don't worry. He's gone, uh, I called an ambulance' so I explain everything that happened, give her my extra change of clothes in the back seat of my car, and we make out way to the hospital to make sure he's okay. And here we are, four years later.

"Sorry, I'm almost done"." She smiles, lighting up the room.

"Thank god." Nick laughs.

"Anyway, my dad used to always say that you can't be with someone you can't be your complete self around, and I think the love that Lily and Nicky share shows that. Their first meeting was, well... less than spectacular, and their first date was, well, a complete disaster. But they never gave up. They work at loving each other and being together, as one, and their love is something I admire more than I can explain. I don't know what I look like at my worst, maybe it was my 18th birthday, when I fell out a window," People laugh, we cringe. How strange that she mentioned that "Maybe my 21st birthday, when I was blackout drunk, and it was Nicky that saved me from falling into the fraternity pool, after throwing up in it... Whatever my worst was, or will be, I hope that I can find someone that loves me the way that Nicky and Lily love each other. They are the purest example of love and happiness I've ever seen, and I wish them the most happiness in the world. To Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Liliana Woods." She raised her champagne glass, a sent them a teary smile, before everyone repeated the words and gave a round of applause. "Now, lets eat! And don't worry, Nick, there's not shellfish!"

"Thanks, Bella." He laughed, hugging his new wife to his side and wiping a tear from his own eye.

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed their food, and finally dinner was over. Esme and Carlisle had made their way to the dance floor, Alice was mingling, and Jasper was ignoring the whispers about his appearance. He was trying to decide if he should flee or seek Bella out.

"Carlisle!" Dr. Martin said, grabbing his hand and leading him back toward their table, Alice suddenly appearing beside Jasper. "I have someone I'd like you to meet. Wait here!" His voice was full of mirth, and he was extremely excited about something.

They waited, listening for his voice. They were surprised to hear him say "Don't worry, Bella. You'll make a beautiful Bride one day. But in the meanwhile! I have someone I want you to meet. And his son, he's quite handsome, maybe you'll hit it off!"

Bella laughed, "Thanks, Diego, But you know I'm busy with work and getting my Doctorate."

"I know, I know! But humor me. Loosen up a bit, and meet the guy."

"Okay." She said. "Who is it?"

"My new Doctor! His family is lovely."

And with that, they approached, her head was turned, waving at someone else, when he stopped her.

Carlisle and Esme were equally nervous and excited, having not seen the girl they considered another daughter for seven years. Alice was plotting, and Jasper was terrified. Her blood smelled as sweet as he remembered, though not as tempting this time around. He was terrified because the last time she had seen Jasper, he had almost eaten her. Her 18th birthday, where she 'fell from the window.'

"Bella, this is my new Doctor!" Dr. Martin started, interrupted by her shocked voice.


Her emotions began melting around one another; confusion, shock, upset, anger, loss, slightly broken. Strength. Triumph. Confusion again. Her head snapped around, looking, no doubt, for the three missing from out party, before she sent them each a confused look.

"You know them?" Dr Martin asked, his voice alight, excited.

"Yeah, uhm, Diego, I appreciate you wanting to set me up with their son, but we've actually already dated before." She laughed awkwardly.

"Oh! You dated Jasper?"

Bella's eyebrows shot up, her eyes making their way toward him. "No," She said, not breaking eye contact, "I dated Edward."

"Edward?" Dr. Martin asked. Esme was suddenly scrambling, trying to find an excuse for the absence of this new son. "I didn't know you had another son."

"He's uh, he's not often around." Carlisle said, clearing his throat.

"Oh, where is he?" Dr. Martin asked. Bella look at him briefly before her eyes scanned them again, full of confusion.

"He's, uh," Carlisle started, but was interrupted by Alice.

"He's actually in rehab!"

Humor coated over Bella's confusion, but she didn't say anything. Esme scolded, "Alice!"

"What, it's true." Alice shrugged her shoulders. Esme was slightly miffed at the accusation of Edward, but nothing could be changed now.

"Oh, well. That's too bad." Dr. Martin said. "Well, I suppose you know Jasper, then, Bella! You could still go on a date!"

"No, I couldn't, he's already, with A-uh.." Her eyes danced between Alice and I, and I shook my head minutely, so much so that I don't know if she even saw. "Dating someone?"

"They broke up last year. You should dance with her Jasper!" Alice pushed Jasper toward Bella, who backed away in shock, but didn't turn it down. She took his hand.

"Good! Good!" Dr. Martin clapped his hands. "Enjoy the dance, Bella! Carlisle, walk with me. I'd like you to meet my daughter!"

Jasper, leading Bella to the dancefloor, sent Alice and Esme a look. He wasn't sure if the confusion he was feeling was his own or Bellas.

Alice sent him a wave. Esme sent a nervous, but loving, smile.

He cleared his throat before putting one hand on her waist and taking a hand in his other. Bella was soft, and warm, and she smelt delightful. She was nervous, but not scared. She seemed to be thinking of something to say.

She didn't say anything. The stood in silence, looking at one another as the music started to play.

"Lead!" he heard Alice hiss. He snapped out of it, pulling her into a simple waltz, perfect for the music playing.

"I'm not good at dancing." She finally said.

"It's okay." He flashed her a smile, causing her eyes to widen and her heart to race, "I'm a good leader."

She nodded her head, silent again. They stood at a safe distance, and he sensed her discomfort. "Bella, I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable. I know the last time I saw you was, well, I was at my worst, but I promise I'm in control."

She made eye contact quickly, before she smiled at him. "Jasper I'm not scared of you. I never was."


"Jasper, you're an empath right?" he nodded. "So that means you feel other's emotions?"

He nodded again.

"Well, that night, no one was more tempted than Edward was, but everyone…well, everyone was a little focused on the giant wounds on my arm, but you were feeling all of that. Five vampires, suddenly thirsting for my blood," She whispered, looking around to make sure that no one was close enough, "No, that wasn't you. You were feeling five other's emotions. I was never scared of you, Jasper."

He had never thought of that before. All these years, all the struggles he's had resisting the allure of human blood. He hadn't even noticed that it was less strong when he wasn't around the other. And the fact that Bella as Edwards singer? He had truly never realized the effect that must have had on him. Why hadn't anyone known?

She looked deeply into his eyes. They had stopped dancing, standing somewhere in the middle of the dancefloor. He didn't move, and neither did she. Her emotions were pure, he could feel that she was being honest. She was nervous, but not scared. She wasn't scared. "I was never scared of you, Jasper."

No one had ever been so honest with him.

No one had ever not been afraid of him, or of him making a mistake. He was used to fear being directed at him. But this, this was a first.

He blinked involuntarily.

"Thank you, Bella."

She beamed.