Chapter 1: Unexpected

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Story Info: Alright, so everything up to Eclipse holds true but then my fic starts veering off canon. Bella disappears with the Cullen's after the wedding and isn't seen again for 6 years. Where has she been? What the hell happened? Also, i will be drawing inspiration not only from the canon books but other JxB fanfiction stories.

Warning: The story is going to venture in to some dark territory, but I will list trigger warnings for each chapter as they come. Also, be prepared for future lemons and general naughtiness. This story will be rated M.

A/N: Full disclosure, this is my first fanfiction. I've never loved a character/ship the way I love Bella/Jacob, so until now I'd never really felt inclined to write my own. I have read all of the original canon books and have watched the movies countless times, but wasn't actually that big of a fan during the time they all came out(I was like 7 when the first book was released, haha.). It wasn't till this past year that I really started fixating. I'm not that big of a fan of the canon story, but man do I love twilight fanfiction and other content made by fans. I have a lot of feelings/opinions when it comes to Smeyers and the choices she made with the canon universe, but I'll save those for another time. Just know that my story will probably not be Edward friendly, and very Jacob heavy. I will also be using Bella's character as a self insert (just like Smeyers had originally done when she was writing Twilight). I am a trans queer person, so that will be reflected in my writing.

*I will also be picking songs to go along with most chapters!

Closer by Kings Of Leon is where Jacob is at mentally.

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Jacob stared through the wet green foliage, every muscle twitching and jumping as the adrenaline in his blood raced. His breathing was heavy, the cold air around him turning each exhale into little clouds that danced in the corners of his vision. His eyes darted around the back of the house, he'd been staking the place out for what he assumed had been at least a couple hours. He'd wait as long as he needed to, sitting rooted to the spot until she came out. He wanted to see her with his own eyes. His teeth grated together with a harsh noise and he couldn't help letting out a low growl. He still couldn't believe this, couldn't wrap his head around the truth that laid before him. It was all just so unexpected, after all these years. She was alive, she wasn't a vampire, and she was a mere 30 feet away. His attention trailed up to the second story window like they'd done a million times since he'd got there. He'd come through that window so many times in the past. He let out a dark thing that only resembled a laugh, he'd been such a stupid kid. He rolled his eyes, who was he kidding? He was still being stupid. He wasn't even sure what he would do when she finally appeared, he just knew he needed to look her in the eyes. He needed to see for himself that they were still the deep brown he remembered, and not the blood red color that had so often painted his nightmares over the years. He knew already what he would find though, because even from where he crouched outside he could hear her heartbeat. It was like music, bells ringing steadily around him.

His fingers dug into the wet cold earth, frustration and impatience growing in his gut. What was taking her so long? Was she planning on staying in that house all day? Also, who the fuck was the guy in her room? He'd seen him pass the window again and again, every sighting winding him tighter until he thought he'd burst. Jacob had debated crashing through that window more than once during the evening, but every time had somehow managed to reel himself back in. He wasn't sure how much longer he'd last though.

The man in her room pressed his forehead against the window before his face disappeared behind a curtain of fog gathering on the cold glass from where he'd obviously let out a long breath. Jacob watched in morbid curiosity as the guy started drawing something, disgusted at how it made memories of her bubble up in his mind. He'd watched her do the same thing from the exact same spot so many times during their youth, usually when he'd been checking on her during patrols, always when she had a lot on her mind or when she was trying to comfort herself. He'd always found it endearing, but now he only felt malaise and hate as he watched this stranger, uncomfortable with the way he mirrored his memory of her. Jacob turned his attention back to the scrawl, and then felt his heart squeeze before it plummeted into his stomach. The man was drawing stars across the glass, just like the stars she'd always drawn. His nostrils flared with anger as he tore his eyes away in revolt. He ripped his palms deeper into the soil around him, his wolf clawed inside of his ribs.

"Fuck!" Jacob hissed, his brow knitting into a scowl. He'd lost her to that Leech nearly 6 years ago, and now here she was with a new man. Obviously they'd been intimate enough that she'd even let him see the things she only did in private, Jacob hated him with his entire being. The sound of the back door swinging open made Jacob jerk his head up from where he'd been burning a hole in the ground with his eyes. The stranger clambered out onto the porch, his face hidden by a black and white striped scarf and jacket hood. Jacob scoffed, the "man" he'd been watching couldn't have been over 5'2" from what he could tell. He was puny, swimming in his oversize black jacket and chunky black boots, but dammit he smelled just like her. The boy's own masculine scent was masked in honeysuckle and vanilla; it made Jacob shake with rage. She'd been all over him. He watched him pull out a cigarette, light it with shaking hands, and then trot out into the yard and towards the woods.

Several things happened then, before Jacob even realized he was doing them. He burst from the trees, movements silent and precise as he grabbed the boy by the back of his jacket and dragged him into the shadows. He didn't even have time to scream before Jacob had him pinned against the ground on his back, hand on his throat. Jacob let out a snarl, using his other hand to tear away the guy's scarf so he could get a good look at his competition. He would always be competing for her wouldn't he? Never enough, never. He hated this stranger, hated the way her scent rolled off his jacket in waves, hated him for having everything he'd always desperately longed for. Hated himself for letting her get away.

He stared down at the shaking boy, baring his teeth in a feral furry. That's when he noticed freckles that danced across the strangers button nose, and the uneven and battered lips. He stared at them, just as the bottom lip disappeared behind teeth. Suddenly what was left of Jacob's world came crashing down around him. He flinched, falling back in a crouch as the ground spun under him. No, this couldn't be right.

"Jake? What the hell?!" The little voice sounded like it was far away, but Jacob looked up anyways. The boy sat up slowly, the hood of his jacket falling back and allowing him his first good look at the stranger. He gulped, maybe he wasn't such a stranger after all.

"B-..Bella?" the word tumbled from his lips, falling somewhere between them in the growing shadows of dusk. A nervous awkward laugh too loud for that quiet place echoed around Jacob, and he felt his heart squeeze. He wasn't sure if it was from pain, or something else.

"I haven't heard that name in years." Jacob finally met those huge familiar brown eyes, and felt like the wind was sucked from his lungs. "It's Ben now."

Jacob could only sit in silent shock as he stared at the familiar, yet new. He looked into those eyes for what felt like the first time again, and he felt like gravity had suddenly moved. Something deep inside of him clicked into place, and he realized the only thing keeping him from floating away was this person in front of him. It took him a moment to register the sound of distant howls, and he couldn't help but find it appropriate. His pack had felt the wave, and they could see through their alphas eyes that it was true. This all really was, truly unexpected. Jacob Black had imprinted, not on Bella, but on...