It was cold, even though it shouldn't be surprising for the former paladin, after all it was to be expected when he was encased in ice and the fire that was coming out from his body did little to help him warm up. However, that was not as important to him as to what was about to happen to the outside world and, in particular, the Scourge he was trying to keep contained.

Bolvar Fordragon led an exceptional life, it started from a regent of Stormwind when king Varian Wrynn went missing and watched over his son Anduin who, in some ways, regarded him as his own. In time, the king did return but he was not the same Varian and in time he learned that he was split in two different yet similar people thanks to the efforts of lady Katrana Prestor or, as he later learned, the black dragon Onyxia. Thankfully though, she was slain by the recompleted Varian Wrynn and seeing him return to ,,normal'' brought joy to the Highlord and for a time there was peace until the Scourge arrived to destroy Stormwind in the name of the Lich King. Bolvar personally led the defense of Stormwind and later the invasion force at Angrathar the Wrathgate alongside the Horde with Dranosh Saurfang.

Unfortunately, that encounter would change him forever. When they confronted the Lich King, Dranosh charged but he easily fell to Frostmourne, much to the shock of the combined armies. Sadly, that was not the end as a rogue faction of Forsaken led by Grand Apothecary Putress launched an attack with an experimental plague which wiped most of the united forces, and forced Arthas to retreat to his citadel and left Bolvar to die on the battlefield. But in an interesting twist of fate, that was not the end of the line as he was burned beyond recognition by the red dragonflight with their flames of life and afterwards he was taken prisoner by the undead to be tortured mercilessly by the former prince of Lordaeron. Yet, the paladin never yielded and was eventually rescued by the champions of the Alliance and the Horde led by his longtime friend Tirion Fordring, but that sadly would not last. As the spirit of King Terenas Menethil grimly explained, there must always be a Lich king and with the death of Arthas, at first Tirion was about to pick up the cursed Helm of Domination when Bolvar intercepted and insisted on becoming the new Lich King not out of desire for power, but to protect Azeroth as his last act of service from the rampaging Scourge. Tirion was against it, but he had already made up his mind.

''You will not be forgotten… brother.'' Tirion said to reassure Bolvar, but he was against it.

''I MUST be forgotten, Tirion! If the world is to live free from the tyranny of fear - they must never know what was done here today.'' the former paladin said for the last time(at least to himself) as his own person.

And then, the deed was done. A new Lich King has risen but one who would try to keep the Scourge confined to Northrend as much as possible from the Frozen throne, encased in chilling ice. It was a difficult process for Bolvar to assimilate to his newfound powers and state of being as his point was proven by Sylvanas Windrunner when she took the remaining Val'kyr for herself and the autonomous Scourge forces and the Cult of the Damned at the Plaguelands. Despite these setbacks, Bolvar managed to control the Scourge for the most part, but almost every day was a torture for the former paladin. He couldn't sleep, eat or even walk without causing a stir that might be felt across all of Azeroth. But perhaps what was even worse was that he couldn't see his own daughter, Taelia, and often wondered what fate befell her. Yes, he had a daughter with a wife whom he loved dearly but, sadly, was taken from him by the undead and, fearing for the safety of his ''shining star'', sent her to Kul Tiras to protect her from the horrors of the Scourge back in the Third War. It's almost ironic how he has to watch over the same monsters that took away his beloved. Another downside to being the Lich king is that he has to see countless dark visions of a place filled with unspeakable horrors and a being far more terrifying than even the Old Gods themselves. Furthermore, there are other visions of other places which Bolvar can only assume belong in the Shadowlands and perhaps maybe even that dark ''prison'' is in there too. On the bright side, if there even was such a thing, he still ''aids'' the people of Azeroth in some ways, such as when the Legion invaded for the third time, but unfortunately his ways of helping are… controversial namely the recreation of the Four Horsemen for the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

True, they were vital to the defense of his home planet, but the individuals that were chosen to be raised in service of the Deathlord have more or less conflicting stories: Nazgrim was once a general of the Horde loyal to the tyrannical former warchief Garrosh Hellscream, however he still had honor and loyalty, qualities that Bolvar appreciated; Thoras Trollbane was a former king of Stromgarde who gave everything for his people, even leaving the Alliance of Lordaeron, but then he was sadly murdered by his own son. Known for his prowess in battle and sacrifice, the Lich King saw him as the perfect warrior and told the Deathlord to raise him to become an even more powerful asset to them. Next in the line was the high inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade Sally Whitemane. Many in the Ebon Blade, including Darion Morgraine, questioned why they would need her, but the former paladin argued that her zealous power of will and her connection to the Holy Light were needed in order to strengthen the Horsemen. And so, the Ebon Blade launched an attack on the Scarlet monastery to retreive her and in the process wiped out what remained of the Crusade or so Bolvar thought. If there was one thing he learned in his life is that fanatics will always return, but even still, he secretly enjoyed seeing their bastion burn as he held no love for them even in his previous life. When Whitemane joined, it was time for the final member of the Four Horsemen to be initiated – Tirion Fordring. The leader of the Argent Crusade died on the Broken Shore at the hands of the Legion and he deserved his rest, which made what the former paladin was about to do even worse. It hurt him to disrupt his personal rest, but he knew it was necessary for the sake of Azeroth.

Many did not agree with his decision, including the Deathlord and Darion, but they knew that it was a price that the living couldn't pay and only they could afford to make that sacrifice. And so, a small force infiltrated Light's Hope chapel, but they ultimately failed to bring Fordring back due to the Light's interference. On the other hand, though, the mission wasn't a total loss as it provided the Lich King with a fourth horseman, which to him was quite ironic – Darion Morgraine, the son of the previous leader of the Four Horsemen Alexandros. After a few months though, the Ebon Blade, along with other order halls, managed to do the impossible – they defeated the Burning Legion for good on their own home planet Argus. Even though he wasn't there, Bolvar was satisfied that those monsters and their demonic master Sargeras, who was imprisoned at the Seat of the Pantheon, met justice. Still, this did not bring peace to the Lich King and perhaps it never would, as he felt that there was imbalance in the spirit world, but he didn't know how. He knew it was because of the actions of the former warchief of the Horde Sylvanas Windrunner and yet it was unknown how she accomplished it. He had his suspicions raised when the spirit of the former warchief Vol'jin asked if he was the one who whispered him to name the Banshee queen warchief on his death bed. Bolvar denied it, although he was even more intrigued on the concept of how the troll was even at the Frozen Throne and what kind of power he wielded. Nevertheless, he pushed him and the other leaders of the Horde – Baine Bloodhoof and the soon-to-be queen of Zandalar Talanji – and their Speaker out of Icecrown Citadel. That encounter and the later betrayal by Sylvanas to the Horde, spurred Fordragon into action by creating a new generation of death knights and he hoped or rather prayed that it would be enough.

Time changes everyone including Bolvar Fordragon, when once he was a great paladin of the Alliance, he became the Lich King to protect Azeroth from the Scourge and, most important of all, from himself. Now though, he had to prepare for the coming reckoning led by the same dark force he saw in his visions and the former champion of Stormwind wondered one thing: ''Will I ever see you again, my shining star? I hope we do and by the time that happens I will have relinquished this cursed helm and maybe, just maybe Azeroth may be at peace''. Little did he know was that the Helm of Domination would soon be removed from his head, but Azeroth won't be at peace, far from it in fact and that would be done by the same Banshee queen who took away his Val'kyr…